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    Jordan Berry

      I am a newbie on laundromat and learning new stuff everyday. i am looking to buy my first laundromat that’s why i am using Jordan’s methods of handing out letter of interest to near by laundromats owner. And during this process, i have became friend with an owner because i offered him a hand fixing something a his laundromat. This laundromat is near where I live, i see people washing most of the time I go there. The owner stated that he recently bought this laundromat. Not sure how much he paid for it. He seems not willing to sell yet. I will ask him soon. Within other conversations, the laundromat owner expressed some interest in subletting it or putting me as manager of the store, so that he can spend time his family etc.

      any red flag in this situation?

      Thank you in advance

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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