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    Jordan Berry

      I am currently looking for a laundromat in the Toledo/Bowling Green, OH area, but with little available, I’m shifting to the DFW area in Texas where I’m from and most of my friends and family still reside.

      There are a lot of laundromats available in that area, and I have a very trustworthy person in place to partner with in the out of state location. However, they are not as limited in their availability due to other endeavors, and can only commit to around 10 hours a week.

      I don’t want to pull the trigger assuming it will only be 10 hours, only to have us realize it is way more hours and be unable to help out. At that point, I’m either stuck with a place out of state with no way of controlling certain aspects.

      This is a Coin-Op absentee laundromat, with no Wash & Fold and auto locking doors. The current thought is my in state person would go in several times a week, empty coins, clean, check on equipment, and handle things that need someone in person.

      What am I missing, and is this feasible?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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