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    Jordan Berry

      Hello Guys,
      I am opening my first franchise laundromat in the South of Brazil (the colder part – city of Curitiba), and I got here through the podcast, which is awesome, by the way.
      I feel there is a lot to learn and share with you even though I am in another country. In some ways, especially BECAUSE I am in another country. In Brazil the laundromat market is growing extremelly fast following a Global trend, but also keeping some local characteristics and special demands. One example of that is: we have zero coin machines – all the self service market is through credit and debit cards. We use a lot of technology in the shops and have very few (or zero) employees. Many shops are located inside malls and supermarkets, therefore they have NO doors.
      I would be happy to share more and learn from you, guys! Unfortunately there is no great initiative like this in my country yet, so I feel priviledged to be here.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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