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Victoria Vescova

    New York Laundrymat owner here over 20 years in the business and 10 locations.

    I’m also an avid traveler. Personally, I do not leave change machine keys with in store laundry attendants. The payment option in my Laundrymat drastically dictates the amount of time I could take on vacation or what my options are for what I do.

    I have a few hybrid stores which means credit card and coins. These are by far my most profitable stores. The stores that are coin list do not need attention. The stores that I have that are completely coin can only go for about four days. Before I leave for vacation I test every hopper. Make sure everything is operating perfectly and fill to the brim. If I know I’ll be gone for a little longer than four days. I will stop by my local bank and I will pick up $1000 in quarters in a bank box. Weighs about 50 pounds, quarters come in rolls, so it is easy to count the remaining afterwards and calculate how much cash I should be receiving back. These quarters are left with the attendant in case the change Mechines go out she can exchange the quarters for Bills. Depending on how many boxes I drop off this is only a temporary solution until I get back. But don’t forget the change boxes can only hold so much.

    I have gone on vacations before with my family. If it’s something like a week and a half getaway. I will sacrifice one day to fly back to New York to empty out and refill the change Mechines and fly back that same night to return to my family and my vacation. Some people can find a trusted person to take care of this for them but unfortunately, it’s something you can’t really trust people to take care of for you. Money can make people do crazy things and it’s truly just a risk and liability overall. Hope my advice and experiences help you in anyway. Good luck!