Today Marc Dupont joins us as a multi-laundromat owner and laundry pick-up and delivery operator to share a ton of what he has learned about the laundry business with us! He talks about how he bought his first laundromat as an investment, fell in love with the business, and now thinks of it more like a business than an investment.

Marc is a thorough researcher and has done his homework on this business. He shares the fruits of a lot of that research on the show. In today’s show we talk about:

  •  How Marc found his mentor who owns 13 laundromats
  • How to find your own business mentor
  • Finding an agent that you trust
  • The investor mindset vs the business owner mindset
  • How to test, measure, and modify your way toward a better business
  • Getting good Google reviews
  • Multiple streams of income
  • Loan amount vs. investment amount- down payments
  • How to raise your prices
  • The difference in management between a card store and a coin store
  • How to grow your laundry pick-up and delivery service
  • Passion and business
  • Defining your business model and acting accordingly
  • Buying equity and building equity

And so much more!

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