71. Scaling a Laundry Business Nationwide with Jorge Rodriguez & Alejandro Cheng

Jorge and Alejandro built a laundry business for themselves in Miami, Florida. They developed a laundry pick-up and delivery system called Hamper App to help them take in sales and manage their business. As their business grew, they started thinking of ways to scale out. That’s when they started partnering with other operators nationwide to offer high-quality laundry pick-up and delivery across the country.

Their story of grit and progress is inspiring and is peppered with practical tips, advice, and wisdom to help you grow your laundry business!

In today’s show, Jorge, Alejandro, and Jordan discuss:
* How they got into the laundry business
* Their first move when developing their business
* The importance of data collection
* How to advertise
* What kept them working hard on their business
* Pick-up and delivery vans
* When to quit your 9-5 job and go full time in your business
* How to hire your first driver
* Scaling out to multiple laundromats
* Pricing your services
* 24-hour laundry turnaround
* Branding
* Developing an app and turning it into a business

And much more!

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about how they got into the laundry
pickup and delivery business
and how they grew that into hamper app
and what they’re up to with hamper app
these days it’s a very cool story a very
cool journey they’ve been on so i know
you’re going to love hearing their story
but you’re also going to pick up a lot
of great practical
knowledge practical tips they they bring
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all right guys welcome jorgen alejandro
welcome to the show
super glad that you guys are here and
super excited to hear about your story
and what you guys have going on how you
guys doing
excited to be
for the first time in this podcast
all right yeah the first time i like
more to come more to come well hey you
guys have some cool stuff going on
you’re doing something pretty unique uh
out there and we want to hear all about
it but before we kind of jump into
what it is you guys are doing can you
maybe one at a time give us a little bit
of a background uh on who you are and
once we kind of get to know you a little
maybe you guys can kind of tell the
story of how
you got into the laundry business in the
way that you did
okay so my name is alejandro i’m one of
the co-founders of amp rap um i come
from a long laundromat owner’s family
when we came to this country i think my
mom was working actually in a dry
cleaning for eight years
and that’s how i came to actually the
cleaning service
uh business so
after school i used to go over there and
basically i used to help the dry
cleaning owner basically do the little
hanger thing
to make sure that dry cleaning is is
neat and um and afterwards my family
decided to buy their first laundromat
as you know uh their first laundromat is
it’s really excited everybody’s together
the whole family is there
and myself i i also learned the business
uh we end up having two laundromats
already in south florida so uh we have
in three different areas um like count
on cities
basically from there um
i uh i met george my co-founder
i had an idea um always in my background
in the mind that i wanted something
different right
something for myself i was either it was
a laundromat or it was something else
and i told uh george about an idea and
and george was also wanting to do
something with me
so uh women in college which um
one of the
good things about college is meeting
different people from different
backgrounds yes
and actually we both are peruvians so
oh peruvians yeah
funny story real quick my wife
like not long after we got married she
went to peru without me for like
four weeks or something so i’ve never
been to peru and my wife went without me
i can’t
i can’t believe that still but
we all know prairie is really beautiful
uh beautiful country beautiful people um
but amazing food
so we went over there um so basically um
i got into a fight with my dad as you
know working with family is not easy
so i gotta turn fight with my dad and i
told him that you know i had this idea
um just like bags for college students
because one of the london that’s where
we are located he actually is in front
of the college in men
and my dad was um
he was like no no no no no no
i was like okay so i quit
so i i just like it
i decided to quit
and i s and that that day actually one
of the
person who was watching in one of the
80 pound machine
working citibank
10 years
and she noticed i was super mad and
everything and basically i told her that
i was doing my resume
and uh she told me you want to work for
city and yeah
from there i started working for city
but the idea of
business was always in my mind
basically george
was the one who basically pushed
everything up to become what it is uh
it’s ham crab
all right so you have family history in
the laundry business it’s really
you know i’m always kind of interested
in the past people take and to get into
this business because it’s just kind of
a funny business and pretty funny you
guys came from peru
you know was working for a dry cleaner
ended up buying laundromat you ended up
and you know oh my goodness and starting
your own thing it’s it’s just you know
the drama of it all is great it’s great
yeah yeah
but then george can tell you a little
bit more about the story
from there too before
yeah well before we get to that you know
jorge i mean you kind of got dragged
into this
industry your family doesn’t own any
laundry mats right
unfortunately not yeah fortunately or
yeah well tell us a little bit about
your background and you know maybe tell
us your perspective of you know up to
this point so far
so we met in college we were studying
business and
i had before we started hand prep i had
four years of experience working in
international business
i worked for a chinese manufacturing
selling all around
latin america and the us
so so far i have traveled over 200
all over the world trying to wow
try to sell the
their what they manufacture and i had
experience doing business so i was
saving since they won and i had some
money saved
and talking to alejandro which he was
very on the tech side
and he was talking about google adwords
and how he was
increasing the sales of the laundromat
because he actually helped a lot to
increase the sales and he knows how to
repair the machines and i saw this is a
kind of partner that i need
to and i was i am more into the
financial side
looking into the numbers so
all my experience has been in business
trading so
not as fun as alejandro
but i have spent a lot of days a lot of
nights inside the laundromats
and knocking doors visiting laundromats
yeah very cool so i mean it sounds like
a really good partnership that you guys
have because you guys both have
you know important but
somewhat different skill sets that
you’re bringing to the table you know
for a complete
complete business huh
all right so alejandro
quit his job
you know he’s he’s with his with his
family business he went got a different
job you’re working in manufacturing
you know
did you guys just have a conversation
and say hey let’s go start our own
business or how did that work
so it was kind of like
weird because um we had this idea and
george was one of the founders actually
we were three before
and the third one was a programmer right
and we were like okay we have the
programmer we have the
the actually
the business person
the business and i have the production
which is me right actually who was gonna
do all the work and the logistics and
all that so we have like the whole team
but then
uh actually if you look at the company
actually the company was registered in
2017 and
anything actually we everything was
about to crumble because of the
developer left the company
that’s when george was the one who told
me alejandro we i believe in this idea
let’s move together
let’s uh let’s uh basically
um get a loan get let’s get our savings
and basically let’s let’s work on this
like for every single night until like 2
a.m in the morning so we did that for
almost a whole year
uh actually we have pictures and videos
and we were like
like trying to figure out how this thing
worked right so actually the technology
site right worked
and it was a whole process it was a
whole process and and yeah it was uh
amazing that you know george believed in
the idea and then we actually
came out the first year you know when a
startup usually fails
we were meeting almost every night in a
starbucks yeah
and after two months two three months we
said why we don’t move together i wanted
to move out of my house
also alejandro and we ended up renting
an apartment and we lived there for over
two years
it’s probably cheaper to rent an
apartment than to drink starbucks every
single night so
and we were working we were working in
we were tagging the drag queen in orders
that we were picking up
sometimes spent one two
or three hours
so were you
yeah were you guys were you guys all in
on this were you guys working
on the side like also or did you guys go
full fledge into hamper app
so the first year it was um
like any startup um things that you know
you’re gonna pick up 50 orders 60 orders
will applause if you actually do that i
mean it’s really hard to do yeah if you
you’re starting up an online presence
and nobody knows you um
the beginning was basically me waking up
around seven to seven
uh 7 a.m
pick up the orders right and then during
in in bank at that time i was a banker
he got the orders during lunch and then
at night basically me and george we used
to pick up the orders together so we
used to buy the areas in different
different areas of miami and we
we actually we were picking up the order
so every single night we were picking up
orders and every single like laundry
lunch i was picking up the orders at
that time honestly we didn’t know
anything about like what it was
naturally logistic
and how to be more um like profitable on
that site
so we were
actually imagine like the whole miami
we had that area the whole the whole
schedule opened
so we didn’t have no way to filter the
areas so
having all los angeles or orange county
all together open
miami the first year and it was
it was a nightmare actually it wasn’t
actually in anywhere because we were
like picking up orders really early
uh dropping off the orders in the
laundromats then it’s staying till 2am
uh working on the
on the app basically
holy cow
we made a mistake of opening the radius
sometimes driving one hour just for one
and then had to drive from west side to
east side
but right now our system we select the
zip codes and the hours that we want to
pick up
and also in the beginning what we did we
had the
back all you can put inside so we were
charging jasper back instead of per
i know there are some companies who they
still do in that route but it didn’t
work for uh for us we were picking up
and we saw the people wait a minute wait
a minute putting more and more and more
and trying to push the most they can
it was made to
put inside 20 pounds but
don’t ask me how but sometimes they put
up to 35 pounds yeah yeah
yeah people get very
you know ingenious when they’re trying
to save money it’s fun to get get like a
deal they come up with stuff
okay so
when you guys were first starting what
did you guys do first did you did you
build out a website first or what was
your first
thing that you did when you decided to
start this company
going back
okay the the first thing that we do that
we did back then was
we launched the ios app which is only
for iphone users okay
and we didn’t have anything on the
website only marketing
and we didn’t have anything for android
so we started testing on ios which it
worked out
it worked out the people was using the
app and we said we are not going to
release the android until we are sure
that it works and after two years
put a form inside the website where the
people and us
any anybody it was not connected to our
system it was only a form
you put your name you put either laundry
or drag dry cleaning and you and we
receive the email actually a month ago
we just released our web app if you go
to hamperapp.com you can actually it
will be connected to our system
oh that must have been
difficult to have orders coming in
through the app through your system and
then other orders coming in just through
a form that i’m assuming just emailed
you right like the
the results of the form or whatever
people filled in and so you’re having to
juggle between the two of those
yes but actually um
it’s kind of like
funny but
when we decided to do um the technology
side of the company right uh and the
main idea was to build the app first is
because we actually noticed that most of
the visitors based on the data that i
was getting from my parents laundromat
it was the most
people were searching were in the model
and it was through an ios device
so we were like okay so
if people are searching for the mobile
and it’s an ios device
let’s just focus on the ios um
ios version of that of the company so
that’s the reason why we decided to do
ios first and afterwards we decided to
do android
we we
right now that we actually uh launched
we launched the website
uh we see some traffic coming in through
the order so through the website but
most of our clients are more focused on
the actual experience on the ios
mobile version and the android version
than actually or into the
yeah it makes a lot of sense it’s a lot
more convenient that way
uh what and it makes sense to do the
iphone first because yeah i mean
majority orders are coming in
that way
what uh
oh man i was just gonna ask you a
yeah it must be getting old
draw a blank okay well it’ll come back
to me
oh i was gonna say yeah yeah okay i got
it back i’m back my youth is back uh
okay so what
how are people finding your app at that
so we we
um first we did our website right and
the website was just a regular um web um
printing where you can
template where you can just download the
app version
and that’s how we’re getting uh the
leads at that time google google adwords
didn’t have what is right now
um didn’t have extensions for apps or
even campaigns for apps itself
uh that was in
and uh what we come what we notice is
that basically we were
targeting the clients and basically
retiring again about to download that
the app
um a lot of people told us about yelp
and we actually tried gel for a whole
and in miami market obviously for us
unfortunately it didn’t work as well as
in other markets
for us
when we saw the analytics side of the
based on the data we were getting from
it we noticed that the adwords campaign
was actually more productive than than
actually uh
from the actually uh job or even uh
social media campaigns that we were
trying to yeah
so you’re running ads to like a landing
page basically yeah like a landing page
uh at that time yes at the time yes we
were like launching to the home page and
then people just click and then it was
directly to the apple store or the play
store and then one
yeah okay yeah that’s that’s cool i mean
i think that’s a great
great system to have
um okay
glad i remember that question yeah
and back then you didn’t have that many
competitors now nowadays in miami where
we still run the operations
we have companies from europe
companies from us so it’s a very
competitive market
we like because we need to
compete with them and and actually
two years ago we had to hire somebody
for seo
because we said we can not only depend
on google adwords
and we’re also doing facebook adwords uh
facebook ads and instagram advertisement
and we’re
we’re going to start testing other
platforms like twitter
which we haven’t start but we want to
recently and
sometimes what we used to do a few years
ago we used to text the customers right
now we have the system who they can send
the sms text in
and also
something that it really worked out
since we have an app set push
yeah yeah
um what we have noticed is that yes you
can send certain emails but when you
send the text notification or even push
notification you have the ability to
know exactly what the clients actually
look like looking and what they actually
want um
if they just open the app at certain
time and waiting and place the order
um sometimes when you do web web like
the word version in example sometimes
it’s just uh yes you can put some
i don’t want to be that technical but
you can put some uh events or or
that tells you you know the clan was
there certain things but
saving the data and and actually having
that data
going to it
that database and you can make decisions
based on that then actually
is what makes us right now successful in
certain markets yeah
yeah yeah super smart and you can tell
where people get stuck like if people
make it to a certain point and they
don’t they don’t go past that for some
reason then you know you have a problem
there somewhere
yeah so there’s a lot of or your offer
is not right or whatever the case may be
but gives you a lot of information
that’s yeah that’s super smart yeah and
i think there’s something to be learned
just for
you know regular owners or operators of
laundromats or laundry you know business
uh laundry service businesses who are
advertising and stuff just paying
attention to
the data and paying attention to how
customers are behaving and interacting
with you online or through the apps or
yeah or offline actually too like i mean
you can notice if people are asking for
your stuff on delivering or they’re
actually asking for more if your area is
more protected to the laundry people
that walk in
so maybe that the
campaign that you’re doing for longer
service maybe it’s not that effective
because you know that you’re
you you have more wealthy aims then are
actually longer sellers coming in
so um
it depends on the market obviously
certainly it’s you
in brickell let’s say a brick or area or
downtown area you don’t expect people to
come in and watch your clothes you got
me you expect more control service like
a longer service or driving in service
but you go to a neighborhood area
where people are making around 30 to 40
000 a year uh you expect more walk-ins
that you know that they watch your own
clothes now
like i said like
checking your data checking the what’s
actually coming to your site and whether
clicking exactly and and having that
history i think it makes actually a
difference it could improve your
yourself really well
yeah yeah super good yeah and you’re
right online and offline be paying
attention to how customers are behaving
and how they’re interacting with you and
you know those demographics tell you a
lot of information about what to offer
and that’s really like i think a lot of
as business owners we forget
you know it’s not it’s not what we want
to offer it’s what the customers want
and need
right and so the best source of that
information is getting it straight from
the customers right either asking them
with surveys or paying attention to how
they’re behaving and how they’re
interacting and you know what their
needs are
um so yeah huge super good super good
advice there super good advice
um okay so take me back you
you guys are like on your lunch breaks
and after work and you’re
hustling around working super long hours
you know probably still buying the
starbucks even though you moved into
your apartment because you’re working so
much right
i mean
what kept you guys going when you’re
you’re working that hard and that many
hours what kept you guys going
we we saw that there was a demand
we saw we were picking up
on the first year we were picking up
per day let’s say three to five orders
per day not that many
then we jump to six to ten
then once we get over 10 per day we said
first we need to get a bank a commercial
because alejandro was um
most of the orders sometimes you you
don’t sometimes you don’t know you might
get a surprise
and we were also getting commercial
accounts i think one once in a while you
you go to a house and you ended up
picking 150 pounds
which does five bags
and then where do you then you have to
go back to the laundry to drop off and
then to pick up so we got a small
commercial vehicle that we is a nissan
and then a few months after we hired our
first driver
then right now right now we have three
drivers full time and we have two
commercial bands
nice only only for miami area which
that’s where we run the operations and
we have commercial accounts and we have
all type of customers
yeah that’s awesome i mean
i love
kind of the progression of that where
you grew the business to a point where
you guys felt like i don’t know i’m just
kind of picturing alejandro driving
around with a bag of laundry on his lap
and he’s like packed in with all this
laundry right uh you know and
you grew it to that then you said okay
our next step is buy a van
so you went in and got a van
and you know from there you went and
hired a driver and then kind of went
from there hired a couple more drivers
and bought another van and you know and
that’s how and that’s how you scale
right that’s how it works
um okay so
you’re at what point i mean do you guys
still have your same jobs is that or are
you guys doing this full time now
uh i’m doing that full time at the
moment and then george is actually moved
to dallas right now recently he got
married so hey congrats thank you that’s
why we are expanding in austin and
austin and houston
area and i need to find a local partner
here in dallas well dallas is so big
that i think that we will need at least
four partners yeah yeah
yeah awesome so
so um
we decided uh
what we decided to
to start what was the question i’m sorry
oh man that if we if we quit that we’re
jobs oh yeah are you guys still working
in 2019
yeah i quit my job
uh three years ago and and yeah
of course the first year is kind of
because putting a
job that actually you know is paying
it’s kind of tough how to
go down a little bit on my expenses but
i you know i i know the hamper app is
gonna it’s working and it’s gonna work
in the future
and basically uh
i did
decided to dedicate a hundred percent of
my time going out to hamburg and
um i’m traveling to different states
every single maybe every every two
months to find new partners
and try to you know drive around the
united states basically yeah yeah yeah
that’s awesome that’s awesome so i mean
i’m kind of curious about that like
because that is a big step to quit your
job and go full
full-fledged with this thing so what
what was it like how did how did you
know when the time was right to
to quit
when you have enough orders that you
know that
you know when your manager tells you if
you’re okay because you look so tired
and and basically uh when you were
selling i was giving loans uh per small
uh loans over maybe half a million
dollars every single month
micro loans like 20 30 000 to different
people and and basically i was so tired
that i was no performance as good
the company was requiring more time with
me like i i
like it was more of operation science
once i decided to you know i’m going to
drive full time for hamper for like six
and then from there
we were like okay now we need to hire a
driver because alejandro has to do all
your stuff for the company
doing other stuff in the company and
everything so it is is i’m more into the
operation person and i always um
i’m happy of doing that always
uh of course as
as we have our good like if you give me
a book of accounting and you give me
you know finally the expense of this and
and why is uh you need to pay your
payroll and all that for me that’s not
my side you just hand it to jorge right
yeah yeah i can do that no problem here
you go
yeah exactly and and and
and now is is i’m more into the
marketing and yeah
and basically managing other other areas
of the of hamburg right now
yeah at the moment
yeah well i mean maybe you guys can talk
to me a little bit about too like so
quitting your job is a huge step right
and that’s you know to be honest with
you i talked to a lot of people in my
coaching consulting calls and that’s
their goal right is to quit their jobs
you know to run their own businesses and
you know have
i mean i think i think a lot of people
don’t realize how much work goes into it
you know to get there uh sometimes but
uh but i mean that’s a huge goal but
another big step is making that first
you know hiring your driver for the
first time can you guys maybe talk to me
about how
you decided to make that decision and
how it worked out i mean because now
you’re adding on
more labor expenses right
so you got to make sure the business can
support that and you
you know you got to be supported too
you know with your
you know your expense your personal
expenses and stuff so talk to me about
how you decided to make the hire and how
that how that went how you guys did that
so hiring our first driver was not as
difficult now that you have still
the government supporting with coffee to
certain people and
at least in inferiority that now the
minimum wage is rate is going up
from 758 an hour to 10
10.50 which is nothing compared to
california yeah
around 15 an hour so
at least
two years ago no wow three years ago
when we hired our first driver
uh it was not as difficult we we went to
back then you used to pay only 2025 for
a net right now it’s 45 50 dollars per
we interview i would say four or five i
don’t remember that that many until
that same person who started working
with us right now he’s our logistics
manager so he handles the three drivers
because we’re busy running the company
and we’re busy
spending on other areas of the company
that he handles the drivers but
right now hiring hiring a driver
kind of difficult at least in our area
number one
interview time they might not show up
they will say
i’m ready i’m ready i need the job does
the job that i want so much flexibility
and then they don’t show up then they
might show up one day or two days
yeah and
the training part was actually
right now what we do is that we spend at
least one one week with the driver and
the driver the manager right now spends
one week when you
a new driver
and basically that’s how we train them
um our platform right now we have a
driver app other than the ios app
and the user app we have a driver app
specifically that tells them exactly
what orders um
and we’re trying to make it more easier
for them to don’t think
exactly where to go what what what
exactly what order they have to you know
pick up first or drop off after so uh
right now corona resistance does
everything so we are um even uh being
more uh
investing more in that side of the
because uh we have noticed that more
like clients in 2017-18
doesn’t expect now what you know clients
currently they do expect like this
freaking eta
at 20 10 and 10 p.m you know why we’re
working into that like that private
company we’re working on um making more
into the
micro management of pretending exactly
that kind of what time around what time
the driver is going to arrive and
exactly the location of the driver
more than ever now clients are being
pity on basically they want to know
exactly like so they don’t spend two
hours in the in their house for nothing
uh we’re working right now on that on
the parallel company and make it easier
for the driver so for us is the training
part of hiring a new driver
is not a heart the hardest part is
is finding the person that actually want
to spend
the time
on the training and actually
uh doesn’t wanna
you know actually wants to work yeah
i think everybody’s feeling that pain
right now there’s a whole lot of heads
nodding with you as they’re listening to
this because i think you know not just
laundry owners and laundry service you
know providers but you know across the
board everybody’s struggling with
getting people to hire and it’s you know
you can easily get your hopes up because
somebody seems very enthusiastic and
they seem like a good candidate but like
you said a lot of times people don’t
show up
and you know it’s it’s very frustrating
right now so
a lot of people can you know identify
with that and hiring drivers i think
in general is is difficult anyways for
whatever reason i’m not really sure why
that is but
for whatever reason it can be very
difficult to hire drivers specifically
i think the hardest part is when when
companies they want to hire drivers when
request them to drive their own vehicle
um i think it’s a lot easier when you
when you provide the vehicle and they do
the math actually and you they end up
earning the same thing and they end up
done for like for example
or each or stuff like that
they actually do the math and they
measure the how much they spend on gas
the creation of the vehicle and all that
i mean
i sometimes even make more with with
like a delivery company that actually
the ban so
if anyone is hiring someone and of
course they need orders um i i would
recommend it to hire with a band
it will make the hiring more more easier
yeah like our drivers actually sometimes
when the vehicle is out or tires out
they always ask for the gas if they
spend if it is like ten dollars or
something on gas
uh they they’re telling us look you know
are your reimbursement that money back
to us and we’re like young because you
actually drove those for him for the
company there’s no problem but
they they always behind okay when is the
vehicle back to operation because they
know that you know that’s how they make
the real money
but only if you have the volume if
you’re starting
on the pickup into above it’s not worth
for one two three like we said in our
first year we were doing just five
orders per day which it was not
so in the beginning
if they want to test the waters
the manager somebody helping out the
laundromat they can start doing the
first pickups and drop-offs and actually
it will help to learn
to know who’s your customer
yeah data you can get a lot of data
there’s but getting to know
the neighborhood where you’re picking up
getting to know the first customers who
more than willingly if they like the
service they will refer
they will remember
so we get some um
some reviews online not only we we like
the the service we like hamburg but they
remember they put the name of the driver
or the person who picked up a drop off
yeah yeah i love that and i you know i
think there’s a there’s a lot to learn
when you actually do something
uh yourself and i had another guest on
uh who
has a pickup and delivery service up in
new york and or a business up in new
york and he you know he recommended the
same thing hey you know drive for a
little bit so that you know
what it’s like you get a feel for that
you get to know your customers
especially your early on customers
and you hear direct feedback from them i
mean there’s a lot of perks to it so if
you can do it
you know there are there are a lot of
perks to that for sure
okay so take me back to
miami and your business so you
you know alejandra you’ve quit your job
and jorge are you do you live in you
live in texas now i moved to texas two
months ago i decided to start doing my
awesome uh in university of austin
they call it uh duty
the main the main reason um
what i moved to dallas is uh
number one my mba my wife’s family they
live here
and i actually love love the city i love
the state and
i’m i want to expand into the midwest
there’s a huge opportunity there’s a
huge potential here and i want to get
partners here
i still
i haven’t quit but i don’t have a
nine-to-five job
i can i can work i can answer calls i
i’m right now i’m more into
just getting sales for the company and
managing the sales team
that’s my main role in that company and
i believe i believe in hamper app
we have personally invested
a lot of time a lot of money over six
i don’t pay myself nothing yet so i’m
hamper app and we keep reinvesting
right now we have the
we are able to hire six full-time uh
five six years ago we only had one right
now we have six full-time
and we have also one that is the manage
the whole team because we need to have
the web the website the web app
we need to have the
iphone the app we need to have the
android app
we have the driver app
we have in the store
the pos
where the partner they need to update or
any anybody who does the order need to
the the actual order because you you
need to charge
your receiver back
and then if you have a
laundry item like a comforter
or anything that you need to update and
so i haven’t yet but i
i’m full committed into the company and
i and i see a huge potential
yeah i think
yeah i think there’s a lot of benefit to
you know move into a new area and and
starting to develop relationships there
so okay take me back just for a second
uh okay so you guys i mean you guys
developed hamper app for you guys right
and for your business
tell me about when you decided to kind
of branch out a little more what made
what gave you guys that idea to partner
with other people and you know license
out your app
so what happened was that
um i i focus a lot of the seo and the
marketing part of the company
and when you start getting calls from
your competitors
asking you hey we like like how can i
join you guys
like and we’re like oh we don’t do that
or or they’re asking us um
and me and george we were like okay so
let’s go and expand to this market which
is like two zip codes away from us
and then we’re like
we’re like okay no but we need to focus
on one market first so what do we do
with these clients that we have in that
right and and we were like
we actually didn’t study and actually
was a local study
and we were like
let’s let’s go to
let’s go to different language owners
right and let’s ask them right
will you join this platform
or and and basically our idea one of the
ideas was either
in the beginnings of hamper i was
open the platform for everybody so let’s
say that um
you’re in that set code of
331 and you have like three laundry
months and around that area so basically
they can’t download that and they will
see the three three uh three london mats
right and the issue that we notice and a
lot of london demands owners they know
is that
when you have a laundry like a kind of
what exactly is your competitor lowers
up the price per pound like for like
five cents or six cents or 10 cents and
they’re in the same platform
so what happens as a client myself i
would go and i would check it out i
would like check you know what like
let me check how how well they do the
work now
what’s going to happen is that the
client is either going to get confused
between choosing different laundromats
and the laundry owner is going to lose
that client itself um
what happened if you actually like that
service so you you’re into a platform
that basically is not commitment to to
one one laundry so a lot of the laundry
owners were asking us okay so if you
want to work with me you need to give me
all this area
right obviously for us we noticed also
covering all the big areas are
impossible because of success
so right now we have around in miami
area we have around
probably like four corners
um in your city in my city
in miami-dade we have four
four different partners that basically
work with us and provide us to
well we have actually five we’re not
including the commercial uh site that we
and that’s the benefit of our platform
that we get a lot of leads of everything
so um
we have um around we worked with four
different laundromats
operation site in our site
and basically the
serverless sorts certain circles to
other partners but going back to your
question how when we decided to sell
or or provide other other laundry owners
our platform it was when people were
actually asking us
asking us to join and and we were like
sorry we don’t or or we were like
we don’t have the way to do it and
that’s when we
george and i decided to go to the clean
and go with the demo version of the
because you know you have you have two
you want to expand into a new territory
into new city
either you buy a laundromat or you
partner somebody
you get a wholesale price with somebody
but then you need to
hire your own drivers in the other area
and it will take at least
years for what we were expecting to get
sales of
30 40 000 a month per month
so we said we have developed
and there’s a
more opportunity for us to keep
investing most of our time and money
into the technology side
we already had a and on the marketing
area and
right now we have a customer support so
we can provide all these tools for
existing laundromats who wants to start
doing pick up and drop off who who wants
to start doing deliveries
right now
we we back then we had a big territory
in miami
we had people interested and we said
okay so you you won miami beach
you can have this area this other person
this other area
and now they’re running and
we take a small commission and everybody
wins but they have access to
to our features which is a technology
the customer support
we answer calls from 7am until midnight
we have
three people right now working full-time
maybe if they watch the video in a
couple of years
we might have more people we will
require but we’re working on the
technology side so they make
less goals we keep improving and we see
why we get the calls and why is the
people calling
to to improve our website and to improve
our driver app
i mean it’s awesome i mean you guys have
grown up the platform a lot i mean tell
me about your experience at clean show
what was that like and you know how did
that help you
you know kind of launch your
licensing your partnering side of the
we went to our first show to our first
this show is every four years correct i
think it’s every two years
except for covered years and okay so we
we went to our first show
in georgia which was like six six years
ago or seven eight years ago i don’t
remember the time right now we were just
going to look but our first show where
we got a booth a 10 by 10 booth we were
we wanted to test the waters we wanted
to see talk to talk to other laundromat
owners to see if they liked the idea
we had we had um
we only got two partners from the show
which you right now
have launching a new partner into our
system it can take us a few minutes back
then we didn’t have it and they wanted
to have the android
and we they used to ask oh are you
available in android 2 are you available
in android and we said no
so that’s something that they
they wanted to
release in the area
oh i want the app tomorrow i want the
app in a week and we said
we’re still tweaking and we haven’t
released yet it’s going to take us three
months and that’s something that they
didn’t help us but it helped us to
understand what the actual
operator or what the actual new partners
and we are we we can’t wait for next
year we already got a booth for next
and hopefully
awesome at 20 30
who knows how many we can get
like like your sense again like we went
to the
show and we were um like
like we actually went to expert it was
kind of like inspiring to know exactly
what’s out there and me and george we
were like okay we’re gonna spend this
amount of money to get a booth
but we’re gonna
like sell it as as much
as we can and actually work and we got
any a lot of feedback of other other
london owners which was a good time was
harder right now you can put a form
online or question and obviously
you’re going to get a lot of feedback
but back then there was not just thing
as a form a podcast or either
or even a um a uh
like someone that can actually guide you
on how to start a technology company on
of a laundry service right
so that was actually a really good
experience um going there and we’re
excited about going back there with
everything that we’re going to show up
and actually i would love to send you
the picture of our booth so maybe you
can show it here so yeah
yeah definitely do that
uh and i’ll i’ll include it
real quick i haven’t asked you this yet
um i think i know the answer to it but i
haven’t asked you
so when you guys started this business
and you started picking up laundry and
doing it
how was the laundry actually getting
who was doing it where was it getting
the laundry was actually being done in
my parents laundromat
and my parents are used as i started a
podcast they’re really hard when it
comes to business
and hard decisions so
i agree in a price per pound with them
and basically we’re making the margin
out of that
honestly and i’m telling you straight up
the truth i uh
we went to different laundromats
and a lot of launch events
a lot of london
and mats they say no to us really yes
because they didn’t know about this
remember we’re talking about 2017 when
there was not not just as technology and
i think watch club was getting into our
market and and there was nothing much of
of the idea of picking up delivery as
right now as 2021.
yeah but it was uh my parents actually
does uh some of the laundry laundry and
then when we got into a certain volume
we just started getting more partners
that actually uh cover our areas that we
carry on
and and then
basically after they
grow up their business then we decided
to get another partner obviously we
talked to them all of them our partners
and tell them look
uh you still gonna keep this volume of
your laundry so you know
stop you know don’t fire anyone you’re
still going to keep this amount of
laundry um just that you cannot
provide that much of a service with us
so we decided to take it to another
and then the other laundromats you know
basically uh is following the other ex
seed of accounts that they cannot
perform now we have commercial accounts
um that basically give us around 500 per
day or 600 accounts per day
and and it’s amazing because we have
yeah yeah 600 pounds per day and we have
a truck
that basically
i would finally fix it up and fix them
up so we work with partners that they
don’t want to they don’t focus that much
on the technology side which we do on
the sales part
and then what we do is we provide work
to them
so sometimes the headache comes to the
longer order when they trying to start
everything by himself
and they don’t know where to start and
that’s the hardest part
yeah yes i mean it seems like a good a
good partnership there because you guys
have the infrastructure built out and
are able to offer that
and other you know other people who have
you know
the the physical assets
for it you can partner with them to
you know
it seems like a good a good marriage
there yes and also like if you consider
i don’t know if you uh i um
we have my friends laundromat that we
provide them like around six thousand to
a thousand pounds you know per month in
that area specifically
just having that amount of cells extra
coming from outside your door
how much value brings up to your store
that’s not surprised that people were
turning you down if somebody’s like hey
i want to come do a bunch of laundry at
your laundry i’m a laundromat i’m like
yeah okay like exactly right and
a lot of a lot of
and we go to
we go and target different markets that
actually they’re doing pick-up and
delivery right
and we tell them look we like to work
with us and they’re like no we have our
own brand we do our own pickups and all
that and we’re like okay but
we don’t like more clothes
to pick up
you don’t like they don’t lose anything
right and the good thing about our
strategy in this case is that
most of our traffic that we’re getting
right now
so that
so we we
our main focus right now yes is
marketing but our branding so
we get around
i think 120
135 000 uh impressions per day in the
whole united states for free
and and we’re getting these from las
vegas from uh texas dallas and san
antonio los angeles and sometimes those
orders cannot be performed because we
don’t have unfortunately no partners at
that moment on that market
yeah but yeah well you need to get those
partners let’s get them going
isn’t it slipping through your fingers
yeah and actually uh people that
actually uh
trying to do pickup and delivery or have
an extra income you know it’s a good way
to start
or if they’re doing their system laundry
mat and they have their own laundry
service and picked up on delivery
and you’re not picking up enough
you don’t lose anything working with a
platform like hours
right so it’s a good way to
to work with like to get more income
love that uh
okay i mean super cool i mean you guys
have like a lot of cool stuff going on
it seems like you’ve built up your your
side of the business uh you know pretty
well and then you’ve just started to
kind of expand out by partnering with
owners and now
you know
do you still you still are you still
doing your
stuff in miami your
pickup and delivery business
yes we still run the operations uh in
miami certain areas of miami
which is it’s not a
very big city but we have divided in
different with different partners but we
still and that’s where we have the three
drivers and the two
to be able to cover that area
that’s a recommendation for anybody who
wants to do a pickup and drop off
most of the companies what they do is
they pick up in the morning
so if they just want to open in the
morning or certain like two hours in the
morning usually seven to nine
is not as competitive as
working on it on a saturday and
maybe sunday too or at night
that’s something that we stand out in
miami and some of our partners they do
the same but not all of them because we
give them the flexibility to choose
which hours they can work
they tell us
when they expand and they have more
orders they will expand the hours but
definitely something that how we stand
out with so much competition in miami is
that we have two two um schedules in the
morning and at night so from 8 to 12
and then from 6 to ten
that’s awesome and that’s a good tip too
you know looking for
gaps in the market where there might be
availability and opportunity
you know to to pick up customers that
aren’t being served right now because
people are picking them up in the
morning and not in the evening or not on
the weekends or whatever the case may be
super smart love that i love that but we
already did that mistake
and also we did that mistake that opened
too many hours when you also give too
many options to the customer he might be
i can have them anytime and they don’t
schedule anything in advance and they
that you show up in in 30 minutes 20
minutes so
it’s a balance but
before we even before we even started
licensing our system
we had
10 000 of orders in prior experience
before we
right now we have done more than 20 000
we’re talking from our personal
experience and like alejandro said
we’re learning from different states
right now we are in garida
most of our partners 60
are there and then we have in california
and also in texas so
we’re still need to learn from other
states like new york and definitely we
will learn and
and the the us is a
huge market
what um one of the tips that i would
recommend that george was talking about
is that don’t mind on increasing prices
rising because
um when we started the company we were
i think was 129 per pound
or something and
and i was like no no george don’t raise
the price because we want to be the
lowest one in the area
and honestly
sometimes um
it’s not the case and people actually
don’t want to order with you because you
are too cheap
and and that happened to us in in south
beach actually
one of the marches that we were starting
with right
and we were charging 139 per pound or
149 and we were like okay you know this
market charge usually 169 179
at that time we lost a driver
unfortunately and
we raised the price crazy high because
we didn’t want no orders from that area
trying to
deter people from ordering exactly so
then what happened it was the opposite
it was the opposite so the opposite was
that we got a huge volume from that area
because of that reason because of the
of the
increase of pricing i think the official
price it doesn’t have to be too high
of course
like but
like it has to be on the market price
don’t go
from this price increase in prices
depending on your cost
or expenses yeah the the first first um
perception from the customer might be
like oh they’re not going to do a good
job because they’re only charging me 130
140 per pound but
learn your market study your market and
once you know that most of if you have a
competitor charging two and another 150
you can do 180 190
yeah not sorry for not thinking that 125
i’m gonna take all the market
yeah i think that’s a really good tip
you know we talk about this a lot how
a lot of people are afraid to raise
prices and it’s just funny how you guys
kind of stumbled on it by trying to
drive away customers you’re like oh
we’ll just jack up our prices and then
we don’t have to worry about that area
until we have a driver again
uh but the actual opposite happened and
i think that i think you’re right the
is is key and that plays into your
branding also right like how people
perceive your brand
and the pricing they’re closely tied
you know if you’re branding yourself as
you know the
the cheap option
you know
that might appeal to some people but
uh you know
that may or may not be the demographic
you’re going for and it may or may not
be the best business model for your area
too so and also the person that is
paying 129 pounds
is expecting a lot more
or like discounts and all that on your
service than actually the person
actually paying 179 199 per pound one
only five per pound and he’s different
i’m talking about pricing in miami so um
it is it’s a lot different so
right now we
we recently raised prices
honestly we didn’t see that much in
effect the first month uh and we went
back to the regular sales
so of course you’re gonna lose like
also when you increase your bending
prices other
persons that walk into the laundromat
are going to go to they’re going to
complain about the extra quarter
but when they notice that the difference
of service that you’re getting from from
that 25 cents
what makes the difference is
the ac your tv is working the machines
are clean
and the same thing as the pickup and
delivery right you’re on time
and the closest ones correctly but when
you open the mic back it smells really
so all that makes and actually worth
the extra money they’re paying for so
yes they leave but they end up coming
back because of that uh because of those
without those reasons
yeah providing that value is
key you can’t you can’t charge whatever
you want to charge if you’re going to
give terrible service right
that’s that’s how it goes and i think
that’s why a lot of you know the best
people out there the best business
owners out there
say hey don’t you know don’t be the
lowest option out there in fact be be
one of the higher options out there but
just provide
more value than everyone else and people
will be willing to pay the price because
you know it’s worth it to you know pay
and you know we’re talking relatively
small amounts right an extra quarter
extra dime or whatever per pound
you know but if the quality and the
service and the experience is that much
better people will definitely pay it
and and
we suggest on that turnover time
to keep it on 24 hours
how come
let’s you
how come because we have some of our
partners who have uh tried 48 72 hours
and they don’t have that many orders
compared like people don’t want to
to have their their laundry
for three four days
somewhere else like they want to have it
the next day
we also have a subscription service that
some of those customers they can they
say okay we can get back next week
it’s only less than one percent but you
have all but people they want fast not
the same day service not overnight only
commercial accounts
which they need their stuff back to to
but for the regular customers like
they wanted to have it the next day
that’s that’s what we recommend
yeah awesome good tip awesome tip
all right we have a section of the
podcast called secret sauce listen up
it’s the secret sauce
and secret sauce is just
what’s what’s something that you see
working either in your guys’s business
or in one of your partners businesses
what’s something that’s working uh for
pickup and delivery right now in terms
of even either
you know gaining more customers or
improving efficiencies or or anything
like that you got any tips for people
running pickup and delivery
uh well what i would recommend is work
um if you’re planning to build up your
own brand
right uh work on your your branding
that’s my my tip number one uh
i think
google could be really
expensive if you don’t do that
so that’s something that i would highly
uh consider to recommend to any laundry
mart owner
my side of the company
uh obviously there’s other things that
like the branding is the most important
part because uh that depends on how much
it’s gonna cost you in the future
that click of that client
i don’t know george has any
yeah something that on the pick up and
drop off
talk to
the driver or if you are picking up a
drop off
make some
cards at least our bags
they’re green and i will show it i will
show you in a minute
and anytime that you walk in a hotel or
an apartment building or
when you park your vehicle if you have a
rapid band they will ask you oh what’s
your company name can i know more if you
have a card with a five dollar coupon
and and with a promo code
and and you can give it to that person
that works
that will work because they’re taking
something physical or they will take the
picture with your qr code taking it to
your website and then they will they
will remember like that
yeah i love that tip that’s a i mean
both of those building up the brand and
it kind of goes hand in hand right with
the green bags and you know the rap
vehicle and all that stuff but you know
having those cards where when people do
ask you the questions or give them to
your drivers people do ask those
questions it’s really easy to just hand
that card now they have your web address
they you know have the way to get uh in
contact with you they have a way to
download the app they have your
you know your business name so they can
search you um super good super good tip
give a small commission to your driver
give him a box
and he will he he can make twenty thirty
dollars extra per week and he will be
extremely happy oh nice how do you keep
track of that
by the promo code
if he’s let’s say his name is nick we
write nick five
when when we get the report every week
when we have to pay the driver we can
see if has anybody use that code
oh i love that
and if you have a driver or or if you
love to talk to people and you have the
talk to the the person who works in the
if you go to a hotel and if you’re not
make friends with the person with the
concierge and tell them about your
don’t be afraid of that
they’re actually they’re looking for for
people who they can refer to
i love that right yeah at least right
now locally in miami in miami beach most
of the hotels
they recommend us and
our drivers talk talk to them
yeah super good super good secret sauce
i love those ideas really really clever
really good and is the uh the promo code
thing is that integrated within your
yeah super cool love that
all right we have another section
pro tips pro
and pro tips is maybe maybe an operator
say there’s a laundromat owner who
wants to get into pickup and delivery
you have any tips for them on how to do
that the best way possible
yeah start doing it enjoying our team
i mean if they don’t want to
if they want to do pickup and delivery
and they are in the market where we’re
then we can open their area
and in one day
listen one day
how fast they answer the email i think
we can have that area open for them now
the difference is that
building up like the brand part
it takes a lot of time so i definitely
recommend them to if they want to do
pick up in the day tomorrow and they
want to test the waters
definitely to contact us and and you can
actually you know help them out
if not
they can
they definitely need to have a website
and they need to have exposure to social
and then they need to look for a
platform who they can help because how
many orders can you pick up to the phone
if somebody calls you
so you need to have a platform
it could be
the best option a company like us or any
other company but they definitely need
to have a software
to be able to
to have a list of the order that they’re
going to pick up that day
and you need to call that person because
one two three four max you can do it to
and and but then
you need a an actual technology software
to help you
so you need to have that technology you
need to have the marketing
you need to have a
you need to be very you need to be able
to answer the phone at any time because
you will be getting calls
but like alejandro said we can cover all
of that but if they want to try it
after they get tired of doing that they
need to and if we’re available in their
where we’re a good option and we
we’re willing to talk to anybody
our website www.humberapp.com
and they can find out more information
we have we have done
over 20 000 orders already we’re doing
over a thousand orders per month right
now and we keep increasing our areas we
keep learning
and we
like i mentioned before we have six
developers working full-time
and we’re growing the team
exponentially to be able to to call to
help new partners
guys that was awesome and uh man i you
know i’m gonna put that link that you
you know just mentioned hamperramp.com
in the show notes if you’re on youtube
they’ll be down below in the description
but i’ll have all that in the links to
everything that we talked about here uh
will be there so make sure you check
those out guys is hamperapp amp
hamperapp.com is that the best place for
people to come find you if they have
more questions
yeah and actually down down there
there’s an option that they can put a
partner up with us okay
and click i will send you the link
afterwards and and you can uh
put in the short notes but
definitely uh if they contact us through
there uh you’re either gonna be
receiving a call for me or from george
uh you know or they can they can send an
email to team
for more information
i’ll put that in the show notes to team
at hamperapp.com
guys appreciate it so cool to hear you
guys story and how you
you know got into this wacky wacky
business and how you’ve been able to
grow it and scale it and now expand it
out and hopefully you know soon be
nationwide all over the all over the
place right just
hamper apps everywhere thank you jordan
for this opportunity and we will love
talking to you
all right that was such a fun interview
with jorge and alejandro i love talking
to those guys hearing their story about
how they kind of came up through the
ranks developed their own app and now
they’re trying to really expand what
they’re doing offering uh customers a
better service experience kind of across
the country and they’re looking to
expand so cool to hear that congrats to
you guys hope you guys continue to build
that business and serve this industry
guys i just want to remind you that
listening to the podcast is awesome
checking out youtube is awesome you’re
going to learn a lot going to the forums
very cool reading blog post awesome
awesome awesome
all that is so good but none of it’s
going to get you any closer to achieving
your goals whatever they may be unless
you start taking some action so
i just want you to pick something from
any time in this podcast episode
put it into action this week pick
something put it into action
and man as we do that every single week
developing habits of putting things into
action watch what happens watch how your
life changes
because that stuff compounds on itself
and on each other so pick something from
the episode put it in action
let us know what you’re doing on the
forums head to laundromat resource.com
forums and let us know what action steps
you’re taking this week all right guys i
will see you i guess next week on the
podcast or in the webinar or at the live
q a with dave
on the blog or
you know one of the other million places
we are right now so
love everything you guys are doing keep
it up go take some action and we’ll see
at whatever the next thing is for you
alright guys peace

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