In today’s show Jordan is joined by Taniesha and Mac Usher to talk about their experience with buying and running their laundromat. Taniesha and Mac are off to the races with their laundromat empire and don’t hold anything back in this interview!

In today’s show, Taniesha and Mac share:

  • Their background story and what led them to laundromat ownership
  • The simplicity of laundromats
  • The self-serve nature of the business
  • 4 tips to manage while you’re not there
  • Tips for building a community feel in your laundromat
  • The importance of your customers’ stories
  • How to find a mentor in this business
  • Resources they recommend to help you succeed!
  • The importance of beginning with the end in mind

And much, much more!

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Taniesha & Mac's Bio

Mac and I graduated in 1995 and are high school sweethearts. We are both from a small town in Mississippi where the population is about 1800 people. I graduated from Delta State University in Cleveland, MS and Mac graduated from Ole Miss in Oxford, MS. We married in 2001 after graduating from College, have two kids and currently live in Newnan, GA. A suburb located about 40 miles southwest of Atlanta.

We own 1 laundromat facility and 2 quadplex rental buildings.

Hobbies: Photography and visiting Museums (Taniesha)
Hobbies : Currently work in Software Sales and is a Barber by trade. (Mac)

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