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    Episode Transcript

    hey what’s up guys it’s jordan with the
    laundromat resource podcast this is
    show 61 and i’m done
    i’m done i’m not done with laundromat
    resource i’m not done with the podcast
    but today i’m pumped that you’re here
    because i’m going to tell you what i’m
    done with and why i’m done with it and
    what we can
    do about it and this is not the show
    that i was
    anticipating on launching
    but i’ll get into why i am doing this
    show today and how this
    came about and why i think it’s so
    if you have anything to do with the
    laundromat industry right now
    or if you’re thinking about getting into
    this industry and this is something that
    i don’t hear anybody else really talking
    about again
    and i uh i don’t know i just think it
    needs to be talked about so we’ll see
    how it goes but i’m
    uh i’m done man it’s not happening
    anymore so we’ll get to that in a second
    but real quick i just want to remind you
    we have webinars going on
    every single week and i just want to
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    a couple of weeks ago and awesome
    interview very cool very cool company
    got some interesting things going on
    a lot of you guys i know reached out to
    me and reached out to them
    uh to hear about what they’re doing
    right now within this industry
    and uh this should be a really cool
    webinar so even
    if you’re not in the market for some
    kind of business management
    system uh it will be a good one to come
    just talk about what’s going on with the
    future of this industry
    so you can check that out at laundromat events
    again that’s july 1st uh and but also we
    uh we have webinars going on every
    single week so come join us
    for those they’re free they’re always
    live and in person
    so get excited about that and come join
    sign up for that one it’s gonna be a
    really really good webinar okay
    enough with that and uh you know we we
    have an ad that we’ve been running
    um yeah i call it an ad but really i
    mean it’s
    it’s something that uh that i really
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    it’s for atmosphere tv it’s um man it’s
    incred let me just say this i’m gonna
    put a link to
    you know the events i’m gonna put a link
    to atmosphere tv
    and everything else we talk about in the
    show notes if you’re on youtube it’ll be
    down in the description the show notes
    are at laundromat resource dot com
    show 61 show six one um so check all
    those out but
    let me just say this about atmosphere tv
    if you’re a laundromat owner
    and you don’t have atmosphere tv
    just get it okay just go get it the link
    down below
    will give you access to it for free
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    um an apple tv to hook up to your tv
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    you know i’m using it it’s it’s awesome
    so just go do it okay and if you’re
    looking to buy a laundromat
    just plan on having it in your
    laundromat when you get it okay
    enough of that because i really want to
    jump into what we’re talking about today
    uh because well let let me just
    back up a second and tell you where this
    episode came from okay
    so uh recently uh last week i
    my brother sent me a text he’s like hey
    master class if you haven’t heard a
    pretty cool i’ll put a link down below
    there’s a bunch
    of courses in masterclass that you can
    it’s it’s pretty awesome so anyways he
    texted me and said hey they’re having a
    father’s day special
    where you know if you buy one you get
    one free to give as a gift
    you want to go and have these so we went
    into halfsies for masterclass
    and i started checking out the different
    classes a lot of
    cool cool classes from everything across
    the board
    um including if you’re a chess nerd like
    me they have chess class
    i think gary kasparov uh teaches that
    one anyways there’s there’s a ton of
    stuff on there from a lot of different
    um pretty well-known people in their
    niche right so the first class that i
    was by an author that i’ve read some
    books um
    like drive and win and there’s
    uh i forget the one on selling but
    anyways i’ll put links to all these down
    below too because they’re really really
    good books
    by daniel pink and uh so he was teaching
    a class on selling
    and i consider selling a pretty weak
    spot for me
    i’m just not very confident in selling
    i was like you know i it would probably
    be a good thing to invest
    a little bit of my time into learning a
    little bit more about selling i’ve read
    books on selling i’ve listened to
    podcasts on selling
    so i thought you know i’ll take this
    master class and see what i can glean
    from that maybe get a little bit better
    that’s my goal
    every time i’m you know watching a video
    or reading a book or a blog post or
    whatever magazine whatever
    just get a little bit better at whatever
    you know they’re talking about do a
    little bit better job
    so um so i started listening to it
    and again i have a little context with
    him i i’ve read a couple of his books
    very good again links down below if you
    want to check those out but
    um this master class he started talking
    about what i
    uh what i now know is a relatively
    uh well-known and basic economic
    called information asymmetry
    but for me i never heard that word
    before and
    i never really heard that concept before
    and as he
    started describing what information
    asymmetry was
    in terms of sales uh it really
    really uh hit me pretty close to home
    and it hit me pretty hard
    so he went on you know the way that he
    kind of introduced it was you know there
    are some studies about
    you know what’s they asked a bunch of
    people what’s the first word that comes
    to your
    mind when you hear the word sales and
    like something like 20 out of 25 of the
    the top words were all negative and you
    know i think pushy was the number one
    word by far
    and like slimy sleazy those kinds of
    words came up a lot
    um and uh they you know they asked
    you know what’s the what what picture
    comes to mind when you hear the word
    um you know and it was generally
    speaking like you know a middle-aged
    you know man who’s you know like a used
    car salesman type and they’re saying
    interestingly it was never not even one
    did the image of a woman come up and
    sail so i thought that was kind of
    interesting too but not super relevant
    to what we’re talking about here
    so uh he was saying that you know that
    image of sales you know a lot of it came
    about because
    you know a pre pre
    we have access to information about
    anything pre
    internet uh there was what was called
    asymmetry and basically what that means
    is one side of
    a a negotiation one side of us
    you know a sale has more information
    than the other side so maybe they’re
    like the expert
    they know everything there is to know
    about whatever and
    uh you know that the the per generally
    the buyer
    relies on that information to make an
    informed decision which
    gives obviously the salesman uh
    a huge advantage to be able to influence
    and direct
    the sale in the way that you know they
    think it should go whether it benefits
    the buyer more
    or the seller more or both or whatever
    the case may be right
    but that makes people feel like they you
    they’re at some at the you know they
    rely on someone else they don’t have
    control over the situation right well
    then the internet came about
    and information was available anywhere
    so he was talking about how you know i
    got a friend who’s a who’s an er doctor
    and he you know he he he’s complained to
    me about man people come in and say
    hey here’s what i think is wrong you
    know i went on with webmd
    and i did all this research right and he
    was saying you know we
    there’s that informational asymmetry
    is not present in a lot of places that
    it used to be present anymore because we
    have so much
    information now as buyers that
    you know even though a seller may have
    more information than us
    we generally speaking have access to a
    lot of that information
    well here’s why it really hit home with
    originally and then the more i thought
    about it
    the more it started hitting home with me
    you know just kind of fair warning for
    anybody listening to this podcast
    out there today’s episode i’m just gonna
    try to be blunt okay and i’m just going
    to kind of speak my mind as is and
    you know it’s as much to communicate my
    thinking about the state of our industry
    as it is to provoke a discussion so i’m
    going to head over to the
    forums i’m going to go to the laundromat
    forum i’m going to start a forum
    and i’ll put a link to it in the show
    notes i’ll put a link to it in the
    description in youtube
    in case you want to come over and chime
    in but i really genuinely want to hear
    what you have to say about
    these things that i’m talking about
    because you know i i i don’t think that
    this whole principle is brand new to me
    so i don’t think that i’m necessarily
    an expert on this but i wanted to share
    this because i
    it really provoked strong thoughts and
    feelings in me
    and i’m in conversations i’ve had with
    other people i know
    will identify with this and some of them
    are very influential people in our
    industry so
    here’s how it originally hit me was man
    that was totally my experience when i
    bought my first laundromat
    right and a lot of you guys have heard
    my um
    my story and um
    you know if you haven’t you can check
    out i’ll link to a couple i’ve been on
    basically two i’ve told my story on two
    different episodes so i’ll link those um
    the first one is episode one so if you
    wanna just go check that out you can
    um my my story in the podcast um
    but i’ll link to those but my story
    basically is i didn’t
    have info there was total information
    asymmetry going on
    when i bought my first laundromat i
    relied solely on the broker because i
    didn’t know there wasn’t a ton of
    i could find online and i didn’t know
    anybody else in the industry who could
    really help me out and i couldn’t find
    and so that did not turn out well for me
    and i ended up losing a lot of money and
    suffering a lot of heartache
    but that so so that really hit me there
    and i was like man and that’s still
    to a degree to people i still talk to
    people in my
    coaching and consulting i still talk to
    other owners who that’s happened to or
    something similar happened to
    you know them where they were kind of
    sold one idea of what owning a
    laundromat would be like and it turned
    out to not be the case for them
    okay so that’s still there um a little
    there’s some great brokers out there i’d
    like to think i’m one of them
    but there are some other really great
    ones out there so that’s not all brokers
    are going to take advantage like that
    but the one i
    ran into did okay so
    that is how it originally hit me
    but then i started thinking more about
    industry and i
    i think that there is a
    culture that has tried to protect
    within our industry informational
    and where a select
    select experts or select uh
    in crowd has information that has tried
    to kind of
    keep it i guess out of the general
    population’s hands now this is going to
    sound strong and i’m going to
    use strong words to kind of communicate
    the point
    um and i think it’s i don’t i don’t even
    know that it’s necessarily intentional
    but i do think that you know when i talk
    our industry being in the dark ages i
    did an episode
    about um data and using data and i’ve
    talked about how we’ve been
    kind of in the dark ages a little bit in
    our industry
    well i think this is another way that
    our industry has really lagged behind
    the rest of our society
    um where there’s not um
    you know informational transparency
    throughout which there
    there should be i think so i’m gonna
    give you a couple of
    kind of examples of this and i’m going
    to just
    again be blunt and and i want everyone
    to hear this
    as i want our industry to be better
    i want our industry to move forward to
    get to the next level
    and i think by saying these things it
    will cause
    all of us to really confront some of
    these things and maybe they’re not true
    maybe we confront them
    and i’m i’m missing the mark here and
    i’m totally open to that but maybe we
    confront them and see some ways that we
    can kind of get
    better uh with this okay with all that
    i want to tell you that i am done having
    some of the conversations that i’ve been
    and hearing some of the conversations
    that i’ve been hearing
    sort of behind closed doors or being
    private conversations
    because i think there’s this growing
    frustration that’s building and nobody’s
    communicated this publicly that i’ve
    seen or that i’ve
    heard and i think it needs to be said
    it’s brewing under the surface with a
    lot of laundromat owners
    and uh and i and i do mean kind of a lot
    and a lot of well-established owners
    well-respected owners
    and i think that uh you know by saying
    this my hope is that we start having
    conversations around this
    okay so
    i want to have the conversation here
    with you all right and i want
    if you if you can i don’t know who you
    are where you’re coming from what
    perspective you’re coming from and maybe
    you’re brand new into the industry and
    you’re like
    what am i getting myself into right well
    don’t don’t be scared away this is just
    some kind of housekeeping business
    but i think it’ll be interesting for you
    to listen into if you’re not
    in this industry yet um okay so
    just you know at by way of housekeeping
    let’s if you if you possibly can
    try to hear me say what i’m gonna hear
    from my desire to
    further our industry to keep us you know
    elevating our industry to keep us moving
    forward in this industry okay because
    that’s my
    desire my desire is not to put anybody
    my desire is not to you know attack
    but i do want to say some specific
    things about some specific groups of
    and and my hope is that it’s for the
    betterment of
    those people it’s for the betterment of
    laundromat owners and it’s for the
    betterment of our industry as a whole
    okay so i want to start um okay
    i kind of already mentioned my story
    with brokers and i think that there is
    there’s some problems with our brokerage
    system i think in general across the
    board but especially i think
    in our industry and there’s not really
    accountability to agents there’s not
    really a rating system for
    um agents or brokers that i’m aware of
    for our industry
    specifically and maybe that’s something
    that laundromat
    resource can do uh down the line is
    that way we can identify who the good
    people are like i want
    you to work with the best people you
    possibly can i want to work with the
    best people i possibly can
    and and in order to do that i think it’d
    be helpful if we
    communicated with each other who the uh
    who the best people are to work with and
    well you know whether that happens
    through laundromat resource or some
    uh you know some other venue that’s fine
    my again my goal is not to
    you know have a lot of my resource
    necessarily be the end-all be-all of
    everything but
    my goal is more to help people get into
    this industry
    the right way the first time because i
    always say sky’s the limit if you do
    to help you know owners optimize their
    businesses so not only are they making
    more money but they’re also
    you know we we are also serving more
    people in our community and serving them
    and also to help us laundromat owners
    scale our businesses if that’s something
    that we want to do
    not only again so we can make more money
    but also so that we can serve
    more people provide value for more
    okay so uh all right i i wanna
    you know so the brokerage system i mean
    that’s that’s one
    thing that i think needs to be worked on
    um i don’t necessarily
    know uh if there’s a platform out there
    both can and will be willing to set up a
    rating system
    for agents or brokers i i know a lot of
    my resource would be willing to i don’t
    know that we have the
    you know the the traffic you know
    yet to be able to do that and the
    authority to be able to do that
    but maybe down the line that’s something
    to be open to but i want to talk to
    and about distributors for a second now
    i want to say
    right up front that i know
    a lot of distributors and i’m not
    specifically addressing
    um distributor sales people
    i have a lot of friends who are
    distributors in fact i’m a business
    with a really great distributor i think
    distributors can be a huge
    asset to your team in buying you know
    and buying a laundromat or
    in upgrading your laundromat and so
    this is not to put down distributor
    sales people what i want to address
    is the distributorship model
    okay and i think there’s a really big
    with the distributorship model and it
    has to do
    with this information asymmetry and it
    has to do with
    price transparency there is no price
    transparency when it comes to
    laundry equipment there isn’t any you
    know even
    the sleaziest of all sleazy you know
    traditionally speaking
    uh used car salesman type thing
    you know even that industry has figured
    out that it does not serve
    anybody not the customer and not the
    sales people
    to you know to have this dynamic of
    you know one person having more
    information than the other and
    currently in the distributorship model
    in our
    industry there is no way to find out the
    price of
    equipment unless you go talk to a
    distributor they work up a quote for you
    and if you want multiple quotes it’s
    it’s quite a bit of
    work it’s quite a bit of effort to to
    get all that squared away
    right and you know even in the used cars
    business you can
    go online and find a a price on a used
    right and they’ve been able to figure it
    out why can’t
    we why can’t we
    and the reason i bring this up um
    for it’s for a couple of reasons number
    one if you are a distributor out there
    and again i’m not talking to the sales
    people i’m talking to the owners of
    these companies i just want to
    you know i’m sure you’re aware but in
    case you’re not i just want to let you
    that that is a dying business model
    and hopefully you
    are in the process of figuring out a
    better way to do business
    with laundromat owners because right now
    this is not a beneficial model for
    laundromat owners and that turns out
    that it’s not a beneficial model for
    distributors either
    okay so and if you’re a laundromat owner
    i just want you to know that this is not
    a beneficial model for you
    for for us to not know how much
    equipment costs
    from one you know geographical area to
    from one you know uh you know one brand
    of equipment to another
    that is not a good thing for us that
    gives the distributor a lot of leverage
    over us and and
    you know that’s not going to change
    unless uh well i’ll talk to you about
    how i think we can
    change that as owners but i just want to
    put it out there for distributors
    it would be a good time to be thinking
    about different ways of having
    this having a better business model if
    you find yourself in that shoes because
    that is a
    dying business model and your business
    die if you continue to try to operate
    that way
    i don’t think us laundromat owners are
    going to stand for it too much longer
    and there’s already conversations
    behind the scenes about different ways
    of doing it and
    you know quote unquote disrupting for
    lack of a better word
    that model so i just i feel like that’s
    not been said anywhere i’ve never seen
    it set anywhere
    and um i just i want you to know that i
    think that
    owners will be served better with more
    price transparency
    but also i think it’s better for the
    distributor business
    um if there’s more price transparency
    right so that’s one way that this
    information asymmetry has presented
    itself in our
    industry and it’s not the only way now i
    i want to again say because i want to
    address the coin laundry association
    they’re kind of
    they’ve kind of been the gatekeepers of
    information in our business for a very
    long time
    like decades i’m i’m sure um so
    but but i think there’s some problems
    with the cla but i want to preface this
    saying i’m not opposed to the cla and
    i’m not even yeah i’m not against the
    cla at all in fact i
    hopefully i have shown that because i
    had you know brian wallace the president
    and ceo
    of the coin laundry association here on
    this podcast i also
    you know along with dave laundromat
    millionaire men’s
    did a live q a on my laundromat resource
    youtube channel uh not too long ago and
    so i’ve invited
    brian wallace and the cla and cla
    board members onto the podcast um so
    i’m not opposed to the the coin laundry
    with that said i
    i’m disappointed uh to just to be frank
    and i know that i’m not the only one
    and there’s a lot of grumblings about
    this kind of under the surface and
    especially with
    a lot of owners that are pretty well
    connected in this industry
    and there’s uh some discontent there
    and i want to bring it up not to
    diminish what the coin laundry
    association is and what it’s done for
    our business i think it does some great
    things a couple of things just to kind
    you know lead off with some positive as
    i you know
    they brian wallace and in the cla
    for laundromats during you know during
    this last pandemic stuff to help keep us
    essential and during the quarter crisis
    you know from what i hear that they they
    were in there you know
    speaking up for us which is awesome um
    and then
    you know also i really like that they do
    you know they they take polls and
    surveys of
    laundromat owners and um make that
    available for purchase which you know
    again if you go back to
    the the episode i did on on data and the
    importance of data for us as laundromat
    um you know having data like that can be
    super valuable so uh so i do think
    they’re doing some great things
    in that regard however uh there
    there’s just some things that i’m pretty
    disappointed in
    and and it’s not necessarily only the
    um there are some specific things that
    i’m disappointed in
    but it’s also kind of the mindset and
    i’ll explain what i mean
    by that in a minute um but i also you
    know just kind of
    go back to the distributorship model
    i as well as yeah other and i don’t want
    to name
    anybody because you know it’s i
    i’m on the spotlight right if i’m wrong
    about this i am willing to be wrong
    about this if i need to be corrected
    willing to be corrected um and and
    nobody else needs to be in there but
    there are other people who feel this way
    too just
    you know so you know just so you know
    it’s not just me kind of going crazy
    over here
    but you know i feel like the coin
    laundry association has been for a very
    long time in a
    in a position where they could advocate
    for owners in terms of the
    distributorship model and they’ve chosen
    not to do that and i’m sure they have
    great reasons for that
    but it makes me and
    others question
    how much is the coin laundry association
    in association for laundromat owners and
    how much is it
    in association for laundromat owners but
    first serves vendors and i
    i say that full well knowing that
    that is kind of an upsetting question to
    and i know that full well that you know
    brian wallace the members of the cla
    will probably be offended by that
    however i say it again in the hopes
    that we can have a discussion about this
    try to hash this out because i think if
    that those conversations are happening
    behind the scenes if they’re happening
    kind of
    underground it’s not going to do us any
    good but the conversations
    are happening and they need to be
    brought to light
    because if they’re not brought to light
    it’s not going to help us as an
    industry move forward and my whole goal
    with all of this is to start addressing
    some of these
    issues to help move us forward
    so i say this full well knowing that it
    is kind of an offensive question and and
    i understand
    uh anyone who might take offense to that
    um but i say it anyways because i think
    it’s important that we discuss about it
    and again i want to invite you to come
    have a discussion anybody
    uh who wants to join this discussion um
    head to the forums laundromat
    forums and click on the laundromat forum
    and come join this discussion i’d love
    to hear what you have to say about this
    and everything that i’m talking about
    because i think it’s important
    discussion okay but i want to give
    another example i have a few
    different examples that i could give but
    i don’t want to like harp on the cla
    but i want to talk a little bit about my
    and it’s again it’s not just mine but
    but i’ll speak specifically of my
    perception of
    the cla in terms of
    um the mindset that i have observed or
    at least
    that i’ve perceived to have observed um
    with the cla okay and i’m gonna use an
    example that
    again i’m gonna i’m gonna use it full
    well knowing
    that this could very well sound
    like me whining or complaining
    and and i’m going to say it anyways and
    i’m going to say it knowing
    that it’s not going to make me look
    and that’s why i’m using this specific
    example because again i’m not trying to
    harp on
    distributor model or coin laundry
    association i’m trying to help move this
    industry forward right so i’m going to
    share this example because i know it
    doesn’t make me look great either
    but i want to share it anyways in in
    in illustration of my
    perception of the mindset of
    the cla and when i say the cla
    i don’t mean necessarily brian wallace i
    mean the cla
    in general and that kind of includes
    members of the board
    now when i hear um always always this
    always comes to me from
    second party it’s come from from
    different sources
    who you know are reliable sources but
    when i hear
    about you know things that are said
    about me or about laundromat resource
    a lot of what i hear is who is this guy
    he came out of nowhere what you know who
    does he think he is
    right and there’s kind of this air of
    you know who’s this new guy
    and to be perfectly honest with you i
    think that’s a legitimate question and a
    legitimate perspective because i did
    kind of come out of nowhere i have no
    i mean i own a couple laundromats but i
    have no like
    credentials or anything like that that
    you know would justify me having any
    kind of like real
    influence in this industry and i
    acknowledge that
    i did kind of come out of nowhere and
    you know from what’s been told to me and
    again never to my
    face or never nobody from the cla has
    ever had a conversation with me
    that i haven’t initiated outside of that
    live q a which
    dave laundromat millionaire mins who’s
    awesome initiated that so
    the cla has never initiated a
    conversation with me about anything
    but um my
    their perception from what i understand
    again this is secondhand knowledge
    um their perception basically is you
    know who is this guy
    he doesn’t deserve to have a platform
    probably totally legitimate okay i’m
    just gonna acknowledge that up front
    probably totally legitimate
    however however
    my perception of this is
    if i can come out of nowhere and within
    a year
    to a year and a half have the platform
    that laundromat resource has
    and have the influence that laundromat
    resource has had on the industry
    by having great people on the podcast
    that should be worrying for our industry
    it should be worrying that somebody like
    me can come in
    and have any kind of influence on this
    industry and it tells me that there’s
    something that’s
    missing something that’s missing that
    laundromat resource is hitting on
    at least a little bit and that’s what’s
    caused it to have some traction
    and as uh
    as i’ve been thinking about it um here’s
    one of my disappointments
    and here’s kind of the mindset that
    that has struck me through my
    personal experience with laundromat
    and the coin laundry association is this
    i have reached out to brian wallace
    who’s agreed to come on the podcast
    and do live q a i’ve reached out to
    other board members
    who none of well one of whom i think
    has come on the podcast and the rest um
    haven’t for various reasons and
    in again nothing has been reciprocated
    okay and again this is the part where it
    just can kind of make me sound whiny
    that’s totally fine
    the point to me isn’t that they haven’t
    or even promoted the fact that they were
    the podcast or on the live q a they
    haven’t done that at all
    so from my perspective what that feels
    is they want access to the laundromat
    resource audience
    but they’re not willing to reciprocate
    now again might sound whiny
    it’s not my intention my intention is
    to illustrate the
    my perception that the mindset of the
    coin laundry association is that they
    have been
    in the the the gatekeepers of
    information about this industry and they
    have every intention
    of trying to remain that and that to me
    is concerning
    not because they won’t let me play with
    them on their turf
    that’s concerning to me because that is
    not the way the world
    works anymore the world is much more
    collaborative now the world is much more
    we we need more voices into our industry
    and we’re going to talk more about that
    here in a little bit
    um but we need we need more people
    speaking into
    our industry we need more iron
    sharpening more iron
    uh we need more people with platforms
    and with voices and with
    wisdom and knowledge and experience to
    not less and so what that
    tells me that
    the the mindset of the cla that they
    they have not reciprocated anything with
    is either number one
    they are they they don’t feel like
    i you know they’re just kind of
    sloughing me off i guess basically like
    not a big deal
    not a threat to us whatever and again
    i’m not trying to be a threat to anybody
    i would love to collaborate
    but that’s one option right for why they
    wouldn’t have reciprocated
    and if that’s the case then i don’t feel
    like that’s a great
    mindset to have because again i think we
    need to
    be having more conversation if there’s
    anybody who has influence in this
    then we should be trying at least to
    have conversations together
    be trying to help each other to help
    this industry get better
    if that’s the goal of our organization
    is to help
    laundromat owners the individual owners
    and operators
    to to thrive in this business
    if that’s the goal okay so it’s either
    another option could be that they feel
    um and if that’s the case then i
    feel like that’s missing the point
    right my goal is not to threaten
    anybody my goal is to work with people
    to elevate this
    industry i think that we’ve shown that
    not only by
    working with you know not only by
    inviting them to
    be a part of what we’re doing but also
    by partnering with a lot of other people
    including all the people we’ve had on
    the podcast including
    you know doing live q and a’s with dave
    manns including doing
    you know webinars with alex from sense
    and and on and on i mean
    we’ve collaborated with all kinds of
    people who have a voice in this industry
    and so i think that if that’s the case
    if they feel threatened and they’ve
    missed the point
    entirely the only other option i can
    think of as to why
    nothing has been reciprocated is
    if they feel like what i’m doing is
    hurting the industry
    or they don’t agree with things that are
    said or done
    with through laundromat resource and if
    that’s the case and
    i’m if i’m an organization that’s kind
    of been the
    the gatekeeper the watchdog of the of
    the industry
    then i want to initiate a conversation
    with somebody that i feel like is
    the industry that i’m kind of in charge
    of right
    but that hasn’t happened either so
    again the mindset for me of
    my from my perception of the mindset of
    the coin laundry association
    is a little bit
    it it’s a little bit worrying to me
    and it feels very much like a fixed
    mindset not an abundance mindset
    and that is not
    the kind of mindset that i want us to
    have as an
    industry and i don’t want the cla to
    have that i want them to have an
    abundance mindset because i think that
    they have a lot to offer our industry
    and i also think that laundromat
    resource has a lot to offer our industry
    and dave men’s has a lot to offer our
    industry and ken
    barrett has a lot to offer our industry
    through the laundromat how-to and on and
    on and on and
    you know some of the guests we’ve had
    that have platforms in this industry
    there’s a lot to offer right
    so that is a little bit of
    the okay let me tie that all in with the
    asymmetry right if that mindset is
    you know we don’t want to collaborate we
    you know and
    and my perception has any shred of truth
    in it that they
    want to be kind of the gatekeepers of
    the information of this industry
    then that smells to me like
    information asymmetry that feels to me
    like they want to have
    an unbalanced relationship with
    laundromat owners
    and i don’t think that that
    will work i don’t think that that will
    and i already am hearing and seeing
    rumblings of discontent
    and other plans being made
    um i’ve been approached uh with
    some other possibilities and uh
    and i have no interest in pursuing
    you know anything rival or anything like
    but that that underlying discontent is
    okay so that is a very uncomfortable
    to have especially one side especially
    there’s nobody else here
    to counter any of those points and again
    that’s why i want this conversation to
    keep happening head over to the forums
    forums click on the laundromat forums
    and join us over there there’s also a
    to this specific forum post if you want
    to join this conversation
    and i just want to acknowledge that i’m
    not necessarily saying that i’m right
    but i am saying that that has been my
    perception and that has been the
    perception of
    others as well and that conversations
    like that are happening
    but not in public and i think in order
    for us to move forward
    some of these conversations need to be
    more widespread not behind closed doors
    so here’s my attempt at having it and
    hopefully again hopefully the spirit of
    wanting these conversations to help all
    of us
    to get better you know i’m not i’m not
    beyond criticism
    and a lot of my resources not beyond
    criticism obviously
    if you’ve been on any of my youtube
    videos you see that there’s some
    about me and about laundromat resource
    um so you’ll see that
    okay so enough with that i i wanted to
    kind of bring that up there’s there’s
    some other stuff um
    but it kind of the point’s been made
    okay so let’s have a discussion about it
    i’d love to have a discussion about it
    um i also want to bring up just very
    quickly there’s another
    definition of information asymmetry that
    i want to just kind of put out there
    and it’s when one party’s actions
    can’t be observed or aren’t observed by
    the other party and that
    you know that means somebody’s acting
    you know behind the scenes where you
    know the other party doesn’t know
    and i i’m not
    i feel like right now i’m just trying to
    like i feel like i’m almost kind of
    picking a fight with everybody and i’m
    not trying to pick any fight so
    um but i want to bring up because
    this came up in the data podcast episode
    i want to bring up
    that there are things happening in our
    with manufacturers that i’m not
    fully aware of what’s going on and i
    don’t know who is
    i’m not privy to any information nobody
    from a manufacturer has
    ever reached out to me except for if i’m
    like late for a loan payment they’ll
    reach out to me and
    say hey where’s our money um or
    something like that but
    uh but nobody from any manufacturing
    company has ever reached out to me not
    once and so i’m not privy to any
    information at all
    but there are things happening that make
    me wonder
    what is happening behind the scenes
    um with some of them and i gave you know
    i gave the example i’ll just
    kind of briefly give the example again
    and again i don’t wanna
    i want to feel like i’m singling out any
    one manufacturer
    or anything like that because i think
    this could be happening
    with all of them some of them or none of
    them because again i’m not privy to any
    information that you guys don’t know um
    so but i would love to be so if there’s
    somebody from you know one of these
    get in contact with me jordan at
    all right uh but you know in that data
    podcast episode that i did i brought up
    you know the the fact that alliance
    is buying up distributors and
    um and also the fact that they
    have um they’re they’re setting up to to
    own the full
    um what do you call that the full
    vertical of machines they’re
    manufacturing machines they’re financing
    the purchase of those machines they’re
    buying up distributors to start doing
    that themselves
    they’re uh they’re building or
    rehabbing laundromats and selling them
    as the franchisor
    to franchisees and they also have
    an app payment system that collects data
    for owners and i don’t know again
    i don’t know i’m not privy to
    information i couldn’t find any
    um to suggest one way or another
    but i don’t know if they’re also keeping
    that data
    and and if they are then they’re going
    to have a lot of data
    to be able to make decisions that the
    individual owner and operator
    won’t be able to make they’re going to
    have an advantage over the individual
    owner operator
    and again i don’t know none of that this
    is all just speculation
    but if that is the case then that can be
    asymmetry also if they’re operating
    in a way that we as owners and as
    of their equipment aren’t aware of
    does that make sense okay so i feel like
    i just kind of
    like talked about pretty much everybody
    in the industry
    and my intention is not again to create
    any fights my creation is to cr
    my intention is to create discussion
    around these things because i
    think that this is one of the ways that
    are still lagging as an industry and i
    want to help us move
    forward so how do we move
    forward what does that mean for me and
    for laundromat resource
    and as and for me as a laundromat owner
    what does that mean for you
    as a laundromat owner or as somebody
    who’s thinking about getting into this
    if you’re not already terrified based
    off of
    all the things that i just said well
    let’s talk about
    what that means for us i feel like i’ve
    kind of rambled a lot
    and i’ve talked about this informational
    kind of a lot and have called out some
    maybe legitimate maybe not and again i’m
    open to
    having that discussion and and i’m open
    to changing my mind about any of that
    um but what’s to be done about that
    right what do we what do we do with
    this and i gotta ask the question
    if if and again this is a big if but if
    what i’m rambling about
    has some truth in it then the question
    needs to be
    asked is who’s looking out for
    laundromat owners
    who’s looking out for laundromat owners
    and uh you know the
    i mean we have a trade association and
    again they do a great job with some
    but they they haven’t represented us in
    terms of putting pressure on
    distributors for more transparent
    i mean again i’m not trying to harp on
    anybody but i’m i’m trying to bring
    these things up because
    i want to know who’s looking out for me
    and i want to know who’s looking out for
    as a laundromat owner and who do we who
    do we lean on who do we
    trust uh with um you know with our with
    our businesses because that’s kind of
    what we’re
    that’s kind of what we’re doing right
    that’s what we’re looking out for so um
    listen i want to give you some things
    that i’m doing but more importantly i
    want to
    i want to tell you some things that that
    you can do
    and i think the answer the solution to
    the question of what do we do like who’s
    looking out for us
    is it has to be us
    it has to be we have to use our own
    voices we have to use
    um the our our own perspectives
    to not only just look out for ourselves
    but to move this industry forward
    and that i think is sort of the vision
    what i’m trying to do with laundromat
    resource is to create a platform
    where more voices can be heard more
    perspectives can come in
    um obviously that’s what i’m trying to
    do with this podcast by bringing
    other laundromat owners in and i ask
    them things like
    tell me about how much it costs to do
    laundry in
    whatever city that you’re in what are
    your vin prices
    so that we can start having
    conversations about that it’s not to
    price fix
    right it’s to share information so that
    we can understand how people think about
    how they price their equipment
    right i just saw um dave laundromat
    millionaire men’s he posted
    uh some stuff on social media if you’re
    not following him on youtube
    um on instagram all the on facebook his
    laundry millionaire facebook group
    you need to get in on that but he just
    posted like hey raise your prices and do
    it now
    right i love the way that dave thinks
    about pricing because it’s so
    far outside of the way that i’ve thought
    about it and yet it’s so compelling
    right and i never would have met dave
    without this podcast because he was the
    first guest on the podcast
    and when i interviewed him i was like oh
    my gosh i love the way this guy
    thinks about business it’s so different
    from me right and it’s causing me to
    and hopefully and i know a lot of you
    guys the same not just with dave but
    with a lot of the guests that we’ve had
    on the podcast right
    um so it has to be us using our voices
    to to propel our industry
    forward okay and it’s not um
    it’s not necessarily a group of experts
    who are going to do it it’s not going to
    be a group of veterans
    who can bring in this new way of
    thinking about our
    industry it’s got to be us who are in
    the trenches
    who have experience and who have
    that and have wisdom that’s all hard
    earned that we can share with each other
    to help us all get better together right
    and i’ve been saying this for a long
    time and again this is just
    giving me language right that’s where
    information asymmetry will start to fade
    and that’s a good thing not just for us
    as laundromat owners
    that’s going to be a good thing for our
    entire industry for manufacturers
    for distributors for brokers for the
    laundry association uh for all of us
    when we can have uh transparent
    information about
    how to get into this industry the right
    way the first time because i say it all
    the time if you can do that
    the sky’s the limit for you how to
    optimize your business not only to make
    more money for yourself but also to
    serve your community better with your
    laundromat right
    how to scale your business uh not just
    again so you can make more money but so
    that you can serve more people
    right it’s gotta come from us
    okay and that’s why one of the uh
    again this is uh something i didn’t have
    language to so but
    from the beginning um you know if you go
    back and listen to the early podcast
    episodes where i still had an intro and
    i took that out
    uh some point along the way and i’m not
    even really sure why i just kind of
    faded out
    felt like we didn’t need it anymore but
    if you go back and listen to the early
    you’ll hear uh my niece saying
    you know welcome to laundromat resource
    podcast something like that a podcast
    for laundromat owners
    uh buy laundromat owners for laundromat
    owners if you go on
    uh on the website you’ll see that in
    various contexts
    you know by laundromat owners for
    laundromat owners all throughout the
    website that’s been there from the
    and and i’m starting to put together now
    it’s gotta be from
    us right we have to use our voices
    to propel this industry forward and i
    love how that started happening through
    this podcast
    i love it i talked to so many of you
    guys who’ve connected with podcast
    i’ve talked to so many of you guys who
    you know heard something on the podcast
    and implemented it and it’s
    changed your business or you’ve been
    able to get into the business
    or all kinds of stories all throughout
    and i
    do a bad job of sharing those stories i
    should do a better job of doing that but
    there’s so many of them
    right so
    what does that look like for us so you
    know if it’s
    up to us and if we have to use our voice
    you know what does that look like for us
    what does that look like for the person
    who doesn’t own a laundromat yet
    what does that look like for the person
    who just owns one laundromat and you’re
    in a small town
    or you own one and you’re in a big city
    what does that look like for the
    multi-store owner
    what does that look like for somebody
    who’s multi-generational in this
    industry or
    you know who is the first entrepreneur
    in their family what does that look like
    no matter where you’re at on the
    spectrum well let me
    let me tell you some things that i’ve
    been putting into place that i’m just
    starting to realize
    is set up perfectly for us
    to be able to get our voices out there
    no matter where you’re at on the
    spectrum and there’s a lot of different
    options so i’m going to tell you about
    some of the stuff
    that laundromat resource has been
    implementing and then i want to tell you
    some of the ways that you can either on
    ramp in with us
    um you know on on what we’re trying to
    do or
    ways that you can use your own what you
    don’t need
    i mean i’m perfect example of this right
    a lot of my research is a perfect
    example of this you don’t need
    anybody to give you the authority to
    have a voice
    in this industry you can just have a
    voice in this industry
    but we can also band together and have a
    collective voice
    from coming from different perspectives
    okay so let me give you some options
    and i’m gonna start with the most basic
    one that everybody
    should be participating in uh because
    doesn’t matter where you’re at on the
    spectrum of owning a laundromat
    um you can contribute here you have
    something to offer here
    and that is on the forums a lot of
    forums go ask a question answer a
    question i’ve been brainwashing you guys
    for 61 episodes now
    so go jump in on the forums and have
    your voice
    heard there whether that’s just asking
    newbie questions that
    um that you you want answers to or
    that’s having
    you know a specific question about your
    specific laundromat or how to scale your
    business or how to
    implement wash dry fold or how to start
    up you know pick them
    whatever the case may be whatever the
    conversations are whether it’s
    you know is there a asymmetrical or
    informational asymmetry in our industry
    or not
    or you know whatever the case may be
    those conversations happening on those
    are a big deal it’s why i you know
    try to brainwash you guys to get over
    there all the time
    but it’s not the only place right
    there’s other places that you can jump
    in on these conversations right there’s
    some really great facebook
    groups that you should be a part of if
    you’re not
    right there’s laundromat owners run by
    ross dodds
    which is an awesome awesome forum if
    you’ve got quick questions or you just
    want to start connecting with people
    that’s another great place to do it
    so go go join that i’ll link to that
    um uh on in the show notes and and down
    on youtube um i’ll link to that there uh
    the laundromat millionaire
    facebook group uh go join that one too
    if you own laundromats the laundromat uh
    laundromat owners only
    um facebook group is great if you
    haven’t bought it yet that one’s not the
    right one for you yet
    but as soon as you get one you are in
    it’s literally the only rule for that uh
    facebook group you gotta own a
    laundromat at least one okay
    so there’s places these discussions are
    jump in on the forums get in on these
    facebook groups and start having those
    that is moving the needle that’s helping
    the industry go forward
    okay now another place obviously is the
    podcast like if you
    own one or more laundromats and you have
    not been a guest on the podcast
    first of all you need to go to
    laundromat resource dot com slash
    podcast guest all one word podcast guest
    and let me know that you’re you’re ready
    to come on because you just need to come
    share your experience share your story
    we have a great time
    doing it and everybody learns a lot
    every single time and it doesn’t really
    matter if you feel like you’re great at
    this business or you feel like you’re
    there’s something to learn and i learned
    something every single episode
    so that’s another great place um and if
    if you’re not ready or or willing to
    come on
    you know keep listening and hearing from
    other owners and other people’s
    that’s a great great place to do it i’m
    going to give you some other options
    that really haven’t been out there
    i really haven’t said too much maybe
    once or twice
    about this but this is another place
    where if you want to have
    influence in this industry if you want
    to be one of the voices that are helping
    this industry forward it could be a
    great place for you to do that
    if you consider yourself someone who
    likes to express your
    thoughts or your ideas in writing
    so we have laundromat resource
    which is a fledgling publishing company
    and right now it consists mostly of just
    blog posts and i have a book coming out
    called how to buy your first
    laundromat that’s coming out here pretty
    quick that’ll come out through a lot of
    my resource publishing
    but but there’s going to be other
    opportunities right if you want to
    start contributing on the blog you can
    shaping the way that people think about
    this industry
    um through your writing on the blog the
    you know right now it gets about 20
    000 page views uh a month
    and growing right so there’s people
    coming and and looking for information
    about laundromats
    on that blog right and it’s an
    opportunity for you to share your
    share your ideas share your insight um
    um i am coming out with a book but i
    would love there’s a bunch of books i
    have a whole list of books
    that i want to be written and my goal is
    not nor has it ever been with laundromat
    resource to be the voice
    of laundromat resource my goal is to
    have a platform
    where voices who are wanting to
    challenge the industry who are wanting
    to push the industry
    forward who are wanting to you know uh
    update the industry with you know
    you know get with the times whatever the
    case may be like
    that is my goal so there’s a bunch of
    books that i think need to be written
    that maybe you’re the person to write
    that book so if that’s something that
    interests you
    you know we can chat about that um
    you know there’s some discussion right
    now of maybe coming out with uh
    with an industry magazine um you know
    through laundromat resource so maybe you
    want to
    write in that magazine
    there’s opportunities through the
    publishing company
    to have influence in this industry
    to share your ideas to share your
    perspectives to share your hard
    earned wisdom and knowledge in this
    and to be able to influence it in big
    big ways and i think it needs some more
    to influence it right and again you can
    do that with us through laundromat
    resource and you know a platform that is
    not fully established yet we’re still
    growing every single month but has a
    little bit of traction right now and so
    your stuff can get out there a little
    quicker but you don’t need laundromat
    resource or anyone
    else you can start your own blog you can
    write your own
    book and self-publish we had jason dodge
    on the show and he wrote his own book
    it’s right here actually
    um right here on my bookshelf
    making it oh no that’s the wrong one but
    anyway this is right here on my
    bookshelf nonetheless it’s right here
    how to find the same color how to find
    evaluate and buy a laundromat right
    i keep that on my bookshelf right and he
    self-published it you can self-publish
    you can do it yourself too so but i
    think that our industry needs
    more voices to be heard more
    to be heard right similarly laundromat
    has a a fledgling media company right
    right now that consists of a youtube
    channel where i’m just making
    videos um you know explaining different
    things about the industry
    um and and posting my podcast and then
    the podcast is the other part of the
    media company right now right
    there’s opportunities for those of you
    who prefer to make a video
    um to make a video and start your own
    youtube channel or
    you know we can work something out where
    you know if if the content is right
    and it’s propelling the industry forward
    you know come
    come post your videos with us and get
    seen you know by
    people coming to laundromat resource
    right um and
    so that’s an opportunity or i think that
    you know i get asked this question all
    the time i’m getting kind of like fired
    up right now geez man i’m excited i hope
    some of you guys
    jump in on this whether you do it on
    your own or you do with us like
    man i’m excited but anyways i get asked
    all the time so
    those of you guys who don’t know dave
    mends the one of my millionaire he
    the laundromat millionaire podcast not
    that long ago and people started
    asking me like hey man like
    how do you feel about that like he’s
    kind of kind of coming
    in with a with another laundromat
    podcast like how do you feel about that
    and you know are you like mad he’s like
    stepping on your turf or
    or something like that and my answer to
    that is always no way man i think that
    we need more voices giving different
    perspectives in our industry it’s the
    only way we’re gonna move forward
    right we need more voices and
    i not only was i not upset about that he
    and his wife carla asked me if i would
    interview them
    for their first kind of two two part
    two episodes of the podcast so i
    actually interviewed them for their
    and not only that but i’m also gonna be
    a guest on the podcast coming up here
    pretty soon which i’ll link to when it
    comes out
    um because it was awesome and i love
    what dave is doing i love that he has a
    a huge voice in this industry and not
    only that he’s bringing a lot of people
    outside the industry um in in shining a
    on our industry in creating more
    awareness and helping draw people into
    our industry and i think that’s only a
    good thing for all of us
    right so i think even if you think that
    writing is not your thing and you don’t
    really want to be on video but you feel
    like you could talk
    and share some ideas or something like
    that there’s opportunities for you to
    start your own podcast
    or i have aspirations of at some point
    in time starting a
    a network of podcasts that will
    help laundromat owners and or small
    business owners in general so
    there’s room for more podcasts so even
    if you want more help
    with you know getting a podcast up and
    running if you don’t want to do it on
    your own
    you know talk to me and you know we can
    help get you set up
    and and pull you into the network of
    high i mean i just think there’s so many
    opportunities right
    okay so there’s more right there’s i
    have events that are going on
    all the time i’m going to a this is not
    my event this is
    i think ross dodge put this together but
    there’s a meet up in scottsdale
    uh the week of the 26th of june
    2021 right before i’m recording this and
    i’m going out to scottsdale to meet up
    with ross dodge and michael ambrose and
    and other people who are coming out to
    meet um because i think getting together
    is a huge deal
    but there’s opportunities for all of us
    with events i’m doing weekly webinars
    i’m not the only one doing them i’m
    trying to pull more voices
    into them because i think that’s a big
    deal maybe your voice needs to be one
    doing a webinar with us every now and
    i’m doing i’m trying to pull together
    best most uh progressive voices in our
    industry for what i’m calling
    laundry con short for laundry convention
    not laundry convict
    which is a totally different thing and
    some of the patrons of my
    laundromats might fit into that category
    but laundry con
    laundry conference which this year is
    going to be virtual but what i’m doing
    is getting together
    some of the best the brightest the most
    progressive voices
    again to have conversations about how we
    move this
    business forward in in kind of
    philosophical ways but also in very
    practical ways
    and how do you improve your business how
    do we you know
    i think one of the best ways to elevate
    our industry is to help owners elevate
    their stores
    individually right and so we’re going to
    be talking a lot about how do you do
    that how do you elevate your store
    um to the next level right and that’s
    laundry con so you can check that out at
    laundry con and i’m still building all
    that out but
    maybe your voice needs to be one of
    those voices at laundrycon
    um you know maybe you can be on a panel
    or teach a seminar
    or be in a q a or you know there’s so
    opportunities i have one more thing that
    i just wanted to share with you that
    maybe is a fit for someone out there is
    i’ve been
    uh working on kind of behind the scenes
    putting together a consulting team
    and the reason for that was had to do a
    lot with my experience where i didn’t
    know where to turn
    and so i started doing free consulting
    that free consulting uh just started
    getting more and more and more to where
    i was doing 15
    20 25 plus calls a week
    and that was getting pretty overwhelming
    so i started charging and the numbers
    go down very much and so that’s why i
    started doing the webinars and following
    people to the webinars and
    but there’s just i would love to have
    more voices for people
    to choose from that they can identify
    with that they trust that they
    like the way they’re doing business or
    maybe they have experience
    in you know small laundromats which is
    what you need
    or big city laundromats which is what
    you need or
    you know scaling out to multiple
    businesses or starting a wash dry fold
    and having a team of consultants that’s
    available all kind of in one place
    i think would be a huge resource for
    people and so
    you know maybe that’s something that
    you’re interested in that you might want
    to do
    right okay so i mean this is starting to
    feel to me at least
    a little like uncomfortable because
    i feel like this is almost like a sales
    pitch i’m not trying to sell anybody on
    what i’m trying to do is what i’m trying
    to say is
    i think the solution to why our industry
    is lagging is one part
    technological which we again i’ve said
    this before but i think in the last
    three to five years we’ve seen more
    advances in our industry than maybe the
    previous four or five decades
    right um and that is starting to happen
    and i think it’s only going to improve
    and it’s already happened
    in other parts of the world maybe you’re
    in like japan or something where
    you know the technology in japan is
    beyond what we have here in the us but
    the us is beyond what
    you know some other countries have too
    so um
    the technology is coming and i’m feeling
    more and more confident that
    technologically speaking we’re starting
    to catch up and we’re starting to
    you know get on par with the rest of the
    world finally
    where i feel like we’re lagging right
    is in the kind of the philosophy
    of business that our industry is in
    and i think that it’s been a lot and i
    think you know in the past i
    i’ve said that it’s sort of an abundance
    mindset versus fixed mindset thing
    if you haven’t read that book by carol
    dweck mindset
    you might get that um and i’ll link to
    that below it’s a really
    kind of foundational book it really
    transformed my way of thinking but
    um i put it in those terms and i think
    that that’s part of it and one of the
    um information kind of has been
    concealed or been hoarded
    for lack of a better word in my opinion
    is the lack of that abundance mindset
    and that there’s plenty for everyone and
    that when we work together
    we’re all going to do better and it
    doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game where
    the people
    who are on the inside who have the
    knowledge are
    going to have more information than
    you know and more of an advantage than
    other people i think that when we again
    when we share information together
    that be here on the podcast it be on the
    blog as some of you guys maybe want to
    write or a book that you want to write
    you know whatever the case may be
    i think that we’re all better together
    when we do that
    okay so all of that to say i don’t want
    this to feel like a sales pitch i’m not
    trying to sell anybody on
    anything okay i’m not selling anything
    what i am doing is i’m inviting more
    voices into these conversations
    i’m inviting you to let your
    voice be heard and i’m i’m telling you
    that your voice does need to be heard
    whether you’re brand new in this
    business and you haven’t bought a
    laundromat yet or you’re a seasoned
    veteran or somewhere in between
    there’s a place for your voice and
    there’s something to be learned from
    voice whether that’s on the forums or
    one of these other things that i’ve
    and whether you do it with us at
    laundromat resource or whether you do it
    on your own i will be a supporter
    of that every single time okay
    and again i just want to reiterate one
    more time i don’t have
    anything against the cla i don’t have
    anything against
    distributors i don’t have anything
    against manufacturers
    what i do have something against is this
    informational asymmetry that i feel like
    is present
    in our industry and and i and i do have
    a disappointment that there hasn’t been
    more done to do away with that in the
    way that has been done away with
    in even the most sleaziest of salesy
    jobs the used car
    business right and i think that it’s
    high time that that happens and i think
    that that has to happen from
    us this is the point i want to get
    across this is not a sales pitch
    if we want to see our industry the
    laundromat industry move
    forward we have to push it there
    as owners by laundromat owners
    for laundromat owners it has to be us
    we can’t rely on anyone else to do that
    for us
    it’s got to come from us which means
    that more of us
    need to use our voices
    and be heard
    that means you probably need to use your
    raise your voice and be heard
    and some of you guys who are doing well
    in this business some of you guys
    who maybe don’t see yourself as an
    influencer in this visit
    in this business need to take a look at
    yourself and say
    i owe it to this industry for my voice
    to be heard
    maybe that’s just posting on facebook or
    on the forums
    or answering some questions
    but maybe it’s more than that maybe and
    i’ve never said this oh maybe i have
    said this after the fact to podcast
    guests one of my goals when i have
    somebody on the podcast
    is to is to really make them a superstar
    i would love
    for every guest on here to become a
    laundromat superstar
    and the reason for that is because i
    think we need some more
    laundromat superstars who are willing to
    share their stories
    in whatever format that might be maybe
    that’s coming on the podcast
    maybe that’s writing
    blog posts magazine articles books maybe
    you know shooting videos maybe that’s
    starting another podcast that will help
    this industry grow maybe that’s joining
    a consulting firm and helping people
    either get into the business
    or helping people to
    optimize their business or to scale
    their business
    but whatever the case may be i think
    our voices need to be heard
    if the laundromat industry is going to
    move forward we need to drive it there
    here’s what i want to leave you with is
    if that’s something that’s
    interesting to you something that you
    want to be a part of a couple things
    that you can do
    okay number one head over
    to forums and join a
    discussion about this i’d love to hear
    what you have to say
    and again i’ll put a link to that in the
    description or i’ll put a link to that
    um in the show notes if you’re listening
    on the podcast
    so you can just click on that um or just
    go to the forums
    click on the launchmap form it should be
    up there kind of towards the top
    so that’s number one number two if you
    feel like you want your voice to be
    heard a little bit more and one of the
    options that i kind of presented
    whether you want to do it on your own or
    whether you want to do it with automate
    resource or whether you just want to
    kind of explore the idea
    go to laundromat resource dot com
    slash forward laundry mat resource dot
    slash forward if you want to have
    a discussion about how you might help
    this industry forward there’ll be a
    forum on there
    um that will have some questions that
    you know will help me get an idea of
    what you’re thinking about and then i’ll
    be in touch
    i want to talk to some of you guys who
    are interested in helping move this
    forward to the next level
    okay so that’s the next thing number
    if neither of those options necessarily
    are for you or something you want to do
    consider starting your own platform
    start your own youtube channel start
    your own blog start your own podcast
    i’d be glad to support you i’d be glad
    to promote you
    i’d be glad to help you get going
    but i do think that there needs to be
    more voices in this
    industry so whatever the case may be
    i hope that this podcast episode
    more than anything if it ruffles
    feathers or makes people
    upset it’s not my intention but i
    if it does but my my intention and what
    i hope
    this has done is maybe spark some
    doesn’t have to necessarily only be on
    the forums or on facebook or wherever
    um have some conversations with other
    laundromat owners you know
    i just hope that it sparks some
    conversation and then it inspires some
    of you guys
    to let your voices be heard share your
    share your knowledge share your
    experience and let’s move this whole
    industry together
    let’s move us forward all right all
    right you guys
    are awesome again i am just honored
    deeply for all of the messages of
    that i’ve gotten in all of the uh just
    kind comments that i’ve gotten and i’m
    even grateful
    for the negative comments that i’ve
    gotten because again i
    know that i have a ton to learn a ton to
    both with laundromats but also with
    everything else i’m doing with
    you know podcasts with website uh
    building we’re still we’re always still
    learning right even with our company our
    goal is to always continue to get better
    you know whether it’s podcasting i want
    to get better so
    i appreciate even the criticism so if
    you got criticisms
    i love to hear them if you got you know
    uh you know just i mean
    i won’t stop you from giving them you
    don’t need to give them but i just
    i’m just honored okay i’m honored and
    grateful to you guys so keep up the good
    let’s keep moving this business and this
    industry forward together
    and i will see you next week for the
    next episode of the laundromat resource
    this is jordan peace

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