45. This Show Will Instantly Improve Your Business, Guaranteed! With Dave “Laundromat Millionaire” Menz

He’s back as the first ever repeat guest on the Laundromat Resource Podcast. Dave “Laundromat Millionaire” Menz, guest of the second ever episode of the podcast, and also the most downloaded episode of the podcast, graces us with his presence again and brings with him a bucket of wisdom to share!

This is one that you’ll definitely want to take notes on. I ask Dave some very pointed question with the intention of helping us all learn EXACTLY how we can all become top operators in the laundromat industry. And boy does Dave deliver! I left this interview feeling invigorated and having some very practical things to do to improve my business and to improve myself, and you will, too. That’s a money-back guarantee!

In this show, Dave and I talk about:

  • Dave’s first interview on the show
  • A brief update on the last 10 months since he was last on the show
  • Lifelong lessons learned from the COVID pandemic
  • What successful laundromats have done better than unsuccessful ones over the past year
  • How to become a “top operator” in the laundromat business
  • Why now is a great time to be a “top operator”
  • Laundromat Millionaire and what is coming up from him!

And, seriously, SO. MUCH. MORE.

This show is an instant classic and will help set the standard for current and future owners as this industry moves forward!

Watch The Podcast Here

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Episode Transcript

hey what’s up guys it’s jordan with the
laundromat resource podcast this is show
number 45
i’m pumped you’re here because today is
a very special episode
today we have the first ever repeat
on the show and i know you’re gonna love
it uh
it’s with dave the laundromat
millionaire men’s he was the first ever
guest on the show also the most
uh podcast episode is with dave i mean
for good reason he’s the first repeat
guest here
and you know what we had an amazing
amazing conversation i know that you’re
gonna love this thing
and i cannot wait to jump into it
uh but before we do real quick i just
want to say this is a very
time relevant uh announcement but i know
some of you guys have been trying to get
on laundromat resource dot com
and maybe even trying to email me i just
want to let you know for the last few
everything has been down or up and down
off and on
and i have not been able to send or
receive emails so if you’ve been trying
to get a hold of me
and you haven’t heard anything back
that’s why we’re working real hard on
getting everything
fixed we experienced a huge surge in
uh due to some outside influences which
was awesome
but it just wreaked havoc on us so uh
anyways those of you guys who would try
to get a hold of me or trying to get on
laundryresource.com or the forums uh and
weren’t able to that’s why
my apologies uh good problems to have
but so stressful man
uh anyways all right enough of that i
don’t even want to take up too much more
of your time because i really want to
get into it with dave
he is just i mean if you haven’t heard
anything from davemans yet
you’re in for a treat and if you have
then you know that you’re in for a treat
because he’s got a lot of really awesome
things to say
so let’s jump into it with dave the
millionaire men’s right now
all right guys what is up we are here
with the first
ever repeat guest that we’ve had on the
show and it’s
fitting in like a lot of ways to be
honest because for number one
you were my first guest and yeah i guess
on i didn’t even know that at the time
yeah i could couldn’t let you know that
otherwise you might not have come on
uh okay i appreciate it i thought you
were already legit
i was helping drive that train i’m still
i’m still working on the legit part
uh but it’s also very fitting because
you’ve done
a ton of things since we first talked in
uh in that podcast episode and so you
know we’ll get into all that in a little
bit but if you don’t know who this is
this is
dave the laundromat millionaire men’s
who is a just a super good friend of
mine we were friends
because of that first episode and if you
haven’t listened to it yet it is
the most downloaded episode of the
um so i’ll link to it down below but
laundromat resource dot com
show two and you’ve gotta listen to it
if you haven’t yet there’s just
everybody loves that episode and you
know you’re gonna love this one
probably even more so but dave thanks
for coming on the show again
man how are you doing man i couldn’t be
any better i could not be any better
i couldn’t be any more excited to be
here when i was on your
your show number two um i was super
and i did not come through at all i i
i guess we’re always a little bit
nervous when we know in the back of our
minds people are watching and listening
uh but i think i think a better emotion
would be just um
pumped like i am pumped to be here
um because i have i just want to thank
because i you know you were just a guy
that jumped on a forum
and said hey i’m doing this podcast
thing anybody want to do it and i was
i’ll do it and i i i can’t remember if i
was on the bigger pockets when first or
no you’re on mine first wasn’t that
you remember that yeah i and then i did
them both like really close together
and i and neither one of them were
intentional at all it was just like okay
if you want me to i’ll tell my story
and it was it’s been overwhelming to me
the number of people that have reached
out to me and that i’ve got to meet
that are in the industry and not in the
um that have just sent me some of the
most unbelievable messages
that i and my story have inspired them
and i’ve always
like i guess had it in my heart to be
that kind of a person or always trying
to be that kind of a person
but i guess i never really saw myself as
that person
and then when those two things kind of
happened like i think within a few weeks
of each other if i remember right
um like your exposure and the exposure
of the bigger pockets
community it just i guess i want to say
in a really strange way it kind of gave
me permission
to just do some of the things that i had
thought about doing
if that makes sense yeah um so anyway my
point is i want to thank you for that
because like you and and being on your
um has absolutely helped me to find
the next level of what dave mends is and
who i want to be
moving forward i mean i you and i talk
about this all the time i mean i’m 44
years old
i feel like i’m just getting started
like god has plans for me
and and i want to see those through and
i want to
i want to serve other people and i want
to inspire other people and i never
saw myself as an inspirational person
but i’ve always learned too that if if
people keep telling you you’re inspiring
you are yeah um and i just never like
saw myself as that kind of a person but
at the end of the day
it’s uh it’s very humbling but it’s also
very exciting
because it opens up all these new
opportunities and i know you’ve
experienced a lot of that yourself
with with your notoriety and things that
have come
and so ultimately i’m just i just want
to say thank you because
it’s absolutely helped me to be a better
version of myself which is what i’m
always trying to do every day
wow man that i mean huge huge compliment
so i really really
appreciate that and that goes both ways
you know i i feel like i know you know
when you start something brand new you
don’t know how it’s going to be received
you don’t know how people are going to
think about it and having you on
the podcast was just
in just a response from that that i got
from people
it was the little bit of confidence
boost that i needed to
keep doing it right because it takes a
lot of effort and a lot of time to put
together a podcast
and you know i don’t know it’s just i
don’t know
anyways i just want to say thank you for
being willing to
you know knowingly or unknowingly to to
come on a fledgling little podcast
and and share your story and we’re not
going to get too much into your early
days story because we
we did that in the in show too so if you
haven’t listened to that yet
it might be worth just pausing where
we’re at right now and go back and
listen to the first episode with dave
it will blow your mind and you will be
inspired by that i
guarantee it and then come back to this
one because i want to hear
a little bit about what what’s life been
it’s been i don’t know it’s been 10
months nine or ten months or something
um tell me a little bit about what
life’s been like
over the last nine or ten months for
your businesses
well one of the you know one of the big
changes was just
people saw people started to see me as
someone that they were willing to listen
i guess um i get i think being on
podcasts and just
for whatever reason people put you on a
screen that all of a sudden gives you
and like psychologically and i don’t
really understand that but i have to
admit that it is real even with me
i mean if you ran into someone at the
store and you were like i just saw you
on a youtube video even if the video
only had 10 people on it you would think
you saw someone
and and it doesn’t make me important or
special i’m still the same guy
um but for whatever reason it gives me
some credibility
and that was kind of a spurring for me
in confidence that i discussed to be
willing to step out of my comfort zone
and see myself as more of a leader more
of an inspirational person
and gave me the encouragement to tell my
um and so i guess you would call it kind
of a confidence builder in the same way
that you did by having
a podcast to start to begin with
so from that i had a kind of a funny
story as everybody knows that i do
you know consulting for our industry and
i had been doing consulting for two or
three years before that
but i had done it for free i had never
i didn’t have an entity i didn’t have a
contract i didn’t have anything
i just saw myself as like if somebody i
mean i’ve always tried to be a big
networker and pretty active on the
message boards and
um you know even in person at clean show
and excellence and stuff like that i’ve
always just
enjoyed meeting people and getting to
know people and so a lot of people know
who i am because we’ve met
um but i just found myself in this
situation where
all of a sudden i had been doing all
this paid consult or this free
and all of a sudden like man you know
free consulting is a moving business
and so you know when i when i all of a
started to get a little bit of
credibility for being on that screen
it just was completely overwhelming and
it was flattering because i wanted to
help people
but it was also overwhelming because i’m
still just a guy like i’m just a guy
that lives in cincinnati with some
and so i i all of a sudden had to make
this conscious decision of
what am i gonna do with this am i gonna
embrace this
and become this uh i didn’t even know
what it
what it would be am i going to embrace
this or am i going to run from this
is really the decision i had to make and
i’ve never really run from anything in
my life
that sometimes gets me in trouble um but
i’ve just never run from anything
in life and especially when i see an
opportunity to do what i perceive
as good things when i pers when i have
an opportunity to make a difference
even if it’s i say it all the time
you’re interested in one person’s life
then that’s like i i just can’t help but
feel that god put me there for a reason
and and maybe in the grand scheme of the
whole world and creation and everything
it’s a very
minuscule thing but if that’s what he
wants me to do that’s what i want to do
i don’t want to
run from it even if it’s outside my
comfort zone
um so that’s that’s really what i you
know kind of spurred it and started
the consulting and then from there i
became a little bit more comfortable in
the fact that okay maybe i know a little
something that can help people
um i always felt like i knew my stuff
about our industry
but you know have a to have a confidence
level where you’re like yeah i feel
like charging people for my expertise
um you know i felt comfortable giving
them my opinions because it was free
i was like i’m not charging many thank
you if you want dave’s opinion i’ll give
you my opinion
but it kind of took uh me as a industry
veteran which i never really saw myself
it kind of gave me that permission to
take it and kind of run with it and help
others and so i did that
i started a paid consulting service um
and and i’ve been doing a lot of that
and i’ve really enjoyed it
and then i started thinking to myself
wow i’m really getting maxed out on time
because i’m sure you know the one-on-one
i mean it it takes up a lot of your time
because you can only help one person at
a time
going back to that have like that big
picture part that i have i guess
that wants to help as many people as i
can and impact the world in whatever way
i’m able
um it caused me to kind of you know sort
of rewire my thinking in a way where i
was like okay
well if i can help five or ten people a
day by being on the phone with them for
an hour to how many people can i help
if i start producing content and
so that was kind of what got me into
this thought process of
you know it’s no secret that i have a
youtube channel uh you know under my
laundry room
millionaire brand um and if you haven’t
subscribed go check it out i’d love to
have you subscribe and watch the videos
um but for sure thank you yeah
i i really only did that as a way of i
had this mentality i was like well if i
spend a few hours on the phone with
people yeah they pay me some money
hopefully i help them
and it’s a win-win for both of us but
what if i spend you know
many of these videos isn’t isn’t always
super quick so let’s say i spent eight
six or eight hours uh making a video
and i put it out there and you know 200
people watch it
then maybe i’ve helped 200 people in
some little tiny way maybe they pulled
little nuggets out of those videos
but the beauty is they sit there forever
they’re evergreen
and so they can help people for years
and years and i started i’ve always been
pretty big on youtube
and so i’ve always kind of thought to
myself man i watched youtube videos
that i look i watch the video i’m like
wow that was great and then i look and
it was published four years ago
i’m like so it just kind of triggered
this different thought process in my
of you having the ability to help people
serve our industry and serve the world
in a different way and so that was
really what kind of drove me into the
one-on-one consulting and that’s what
caused me to create a youtube channel
when i had no clue what i was doing
still really don’t have any clue what
i’m doing but i know a little bit more
than nothing
um at this point and so i want to
continue to grow that i want to continue
to help people
and i get messages from people
constantly um
you know that they’ve watched my videos
or a video on a certain subject or
and that that inspired them and that
means a lot to me it you know
i said from the very beginning i was
creating a youtube channel to help
not to monetize it and if it ever brings
me money then i’m not going to turn it
away of course
but at the same time that’s not my focus
um and so that’s that’s just really kind
of spurred
my thoughts and my ambitions to
well i didn’t know how to do that and i
kind of have figured it out or am
figuring it out
and my wife who’s a fantastic uh
you know wife and partner in life has
kind of started to embrace
this new version of dave men’s it makes
her very uncomfortable because she’s not
a public person
uh it makes her very uncomfortable i’ve
had some people come up to me at church
and say hey the laundromat millionaire
and she is not okay with that at all
uh but you know i guess they i they saw
my video somehow i’m not sure how but uh
so anyway that’s what i’ve been doing
awesome man
yeah you’ve been doing a ton and i know
you got some more coming up and we’ll
talk about that
kind of a little bit yeah in a few
minutes but
let’s talk about uh let’s help some
i mean you’re about helping people i’m
about helping people let’s help some
so let’s let’s talk about the last year
in terms of laundromats
you know it’s been a crazy pr
unprecedented year for
everybody and especially business owners
um let’s talk about the impact of covid
over the last year and what i’m really
interested in
in hearing from you and maybe just kind
of talking out together
what are the big lessons that were taken
out from this because you know this is
this is my thing right so i got in the
made all these mistakes and it ended up
costing me a lot of money and i kind of
came to this crossroads right like do i
you know cut my losses and run or do i
take these lessons
expensive lessons that i’ve learned and
try to put them
to use to move forward right and so
i feel like we’re coming up at that
crossroad here for a lot of us too as
laundromat owners where hopefully we’re
kind of on the
upswing you know from all this coveted
stuff but
i think it would behoove us to take a
second to pause and think back and think
what are the big takeaways what are the
big lessons the big expensive lessons
that we learned
either personally or as an industry over
this last year
that we can take kind of moving forward
so i don’t know i’m curious what you
have to say about that i’d love to kind
of chat about that a little bit
yeah i definitely want to hear your
opinions of course too but i’ve talked i
mean it’s no secret that we both talk to
a lot of people in the industry
so one of the cool things about that is
we get our perspective
as we’ve experienced it but we get to
hear their perspective
and i have a lot of people that are
friends you know not consulting clients
but just friends in the industry
that have called me and emailed me and
texted me and they want to know what i’m
because you know at different points in
this in this coving
uh crisis um because you know they’re
freaking out and they want to know if
i’m freaking out
yeah you know it’s like when i have a
support group or something misery loves
company right yes
yeah well and luckily i’ve been in some
situations where i could talk some
people down and calm down
um and i’m sure some of them did that to
me uh for sure
but a couple quick lessons that i’ll
throw out there are are
you know just insanely obvious um but
you know it’s no secret that i started
in this industry with
next to nothing i mean i uh well even
outside of the industry
i saved for five years and lived below
my means to just save up twenty twenty
five thousand dollars
which wasn’t easy to do for me and my
family um
just to get into the business and then
we got into the business and we grinded
and we grinded and we pushed and we
pushed with everything we had
for i’d say a solid seven maybe eight
taking very little money out of the
business keeping my full-time job
working all the hours
putting in tons of sweat equity and i’m
telling you that if any
at any point in that seven or eight year
journey if covet had happened
i would have been bankrupt within hours
like i was pushing the envelope
that much financially um every penny i
i didn’t pile up 50 grand and then say
i’m gonna spend 30 on the stores
i got the penny today and i spent a
penny tomorrow to make my business
and i don’t regret doing it because it
got me to where i am and it’s the only
way i would have gotten to where i am
but one of the lessons in there is well
you know it’s no secret i’m gonna push
the envelope kind of guy
uh you know you have to have that
capital reserve
even if it’s a small amount and nobody
can prepare for coven as a business
owner it’s it’s you know
it’s almost impossible to to prepare for
but we can take an example of something
as catastrophic as this
and then break it down into micro
lessons and say okay what’s a
what’s a micro lesson or two that i can
learn from this
scenario that you know the chance to
coveted you know let’s say we all get
our vaccines and blah blah blah goes
away and we go back to normal which i
know everybody
then like these weren’t normal anymore
but we we do all that stuff and in a
it’s like covered never existed we’re
all back to our normal lives let’s
hypothetically say that happened okay
what are the odds that
in my lifetime i’m 44 let’s say i’d live
to be 100
and in those 60 years 55 years my
chances were going to experience
that and that enormity again probably
pretty slim
so a lot of people would take the
lessons the macro lessons
from an experience like a pandemic and
say wow that was crazy i’m glad i’m
through it
and then completely ignore all the
lessons but
how i tend to look at it is okay the
likelihood of that happening again is
but i’ve experienced a lot of tragedy in
my life like probably an abnormal amount
and one of the things that has kind of
rewired my brain
is you know the old saying like
teenagers think they’re invincible and
they think it’ll never happen to them
right my brain has been rewired but it
will happen to me
and so covet and the lessons associated
with that
um for me are we can no longer say that
something like that can’t happen
because it has happened and we can look
back in history and see other situations
that are you know
similarly enormous maybe not the same um
but ultimately what i’m rambling about
is that preparation
we as business owners we have to be
prepared and you can’t have millions in
the bank
if you are just getting started but
we have to be prepared as prepared as we
can so one of the micro lessons i would
take away from that
is i’m always encouraging people to push
the envelope and drive harder and
and yeah when it comes to time and you
know networking
there are certain things that there’s
really no reason to not push the
but when it comes to having actual cash
on hand
and never depleting that to the point of
where you put yourself
in a dangerous situation it’s a it’s a
micro lesson but it’s also a macro
lesson that i think we should take
that i take seriously and i’m very
because you know here we are at when
when covet happened i was kind of at
year 10 of my journey
and i had experienced enormous success
from like set year 70 or 10
and so i i did have pretty substantial
cash reserves available for me
and so kova you know while it wasn’t fun
i was pretty well prepared for it
compared to a lot of people in the
um but i know tons of people in other
industries and in our industry that lost
and that’s very real this is very real
stuff so you know when we talk about
business ownership and the risks
that come with that that i mean that’s
that’s that’s it that’s an enormous risk
that we take every day
and just to throw a quick number out
there when this covets stuff happened
and they shut down the whole world
i have four laundromats that are very
profitable and some rental properties
my revenue across all four of my stores
dropped 40
overnight and you talk about a punch
in the gut and i know people are
watching this that are in our industry
and out of our industry that are going
you know
and those i mean you talk about a scary
situation but
the beauty of it for me and my family is
we said
aren’t we blessed and aren’t we thankful
to have all these reserves
um because i just couldn’t help but
think and i don’t know that i’ll ever
stop thinking
if that had happened in year seven
instead of year 10
i wouldn’t be the longer that
millionaire i would be living in a
cardboard box or something like i’d be
starting over
um and that’s humbling like that that’s
that’s a pretty humbling thing
to to understand that so i’m not sure if
that’s what you were going for but yeah
well that’s a big picture lesson of what
i’ve gotten out of this for sure
yeah that’s i mean it’s a huge one and
my my question for you then to follow up
is what about the person who’s getting
now who maybe doesn’t have a lot they’re
trying to eat their way into their first
laundromat they don’t have a lot of
capital you know and they
are going to be living on the edge
they’re not going to have reserves for a
little while what would you say to
someone like that would you still
encourage them to
push the envelope or would you say hey
wait off you know hold off for a little
bit what would you say
well i’m a firm believer that we don’t
decide when opportunities come
we just decide how we respond to them so
if you ever have an opportunity to come
and you’re not prepared for it maybe not
fully prepared
but you’re not prepared for it properly
from i guess you’d say maybe a minimum
um then then it’s okay to let it go
because there will be other
but take that and internalize that and
let that drive you and your ambitions
and your desires and say but i’m gonna
i’m gonna do everything i can for the
next day
week month year whatever to be fully
prepared for the next opportunity
but when it comes to that balance
proposition what i would tell people is
if i had it to do over again knowing
what i know today it wouldn’t have kept
me from getting into the industry
um but it would have kept me from
pushing the envelope as hard and as fast
as i did
for those first seven years and would i
be at year eight or nine right now
instead of year
11 probably so but i’d be in a much
healthier place
so you know you and i talk about things
like leverage all the time and how
powerful they are
but there are such things as being over
leveraged um
and i was willing to be over leveraged i
was willing to take that risk
uh part of it was i had a really good
full-time job and i could work
pretty much any amount of overtime i
wanted so if i needed extra money i
could always go and get it
um so i wasn’t too worried about it i
just really just wanted to pay my bills
and grow my businesses
but really what i tell people is
probably when it comes to the cash
reserves things
i wouldn’t burn the midnight oil quite
like i did
there’s it’s okay to have a balance and
can and should be relative in life so if
i look back at like year four or five
when i was really pushing things
um yeah i mean i i think i would look
back and tell that dave men’s at four
year four or five or even three or two
and say hey you can still do 95 of what
you want to do
just just pull nobody’s asking you to
stop anything don’t ever stop
just just pull the reins back a little
bit take a 10
pause build up a little cash reserves
because if you have a small business
like i did
and it wasn’t a substantial business and
i didn’t need to generate any revenue
from it i just needed to break even and
pay the bills and grow the business
then a small cash reserve can go a long
ways but when you’re trying to live off
of it
you’re trying to provide your family and
insurance and car payments and all the
things that throw our way
um then you your cash reserves have to
be a lot more substantial
especially when you take a substantial
business that you’re used to generating
all this revenue
and now you’re bleeding revenue i mean
you’re going from one side to the ledger
to the other
uh overnight literally um so i think
that’s what i would tell people is if
you’re in that situation
and and most people are when they first
enter you know the business
um i would just find a little bit more
delicate balance of maybe an 80 20 or
90 10 where i was just like a hundred
um i think that’s i think that’s what i
would tell them because i’m i’m always
an ambitious person
i’m comfortable with risk i’m not afraid
of failure
i know those tend to be you know bad
words and have negative connotations
but i’m not afraid of those things i
wasn’t before covet and i’m not afraid
of them now
but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be a
little bit wiser and just maybe balance
things out a little bit more than
you know i’ve said in many of my
interviews and podcasts and stuff you
know i do everything 150 miles an hour
well i mean i don’t regret that in a lot
of ways because it got me to where i am
but maybe i should
push pause and learn some lessons from
this and say hey you know maybe 90
maybe 90 miles an hour is okay right
right so what about you what are your
thoughts on that because i really want
to hear
from your perspective yeah uh well i
have i have another question for you
that i’m going to follow
but i can give you something well let me
ask this question and then i’ll go back
and i’ll tell you my lesson because i’m
really curious about this on the flip
what what do you what did you see the
the laundry mats that are doing well
today now we’re in this day one of march
right like we’re here in in 2021
almost a year into covid the laundromats
are doing well today
what did they do differently than the
laundromats that are struggling
today over the last yeah man that’s an
absolute gold question for sure
and the reason that i say that is what
i’ve always believed is i want to push
and push and be better and better
so if you take the conversation we just
had out of the equation as far as cash
and you just say am i always pushing the
envelope to be better tomorrow than i
was today
what i’ve seen and i would suspect what
you’ve seen because i’ve seen it all
over the country
is the top operators in the industry are
the ones that weathered this the best
um they were the ones that if people had
to go to a laundromat
they weren’t going to go to the bottom
50 or even 75
of the industry they were willing we’re
seeing in cincinnati and i’ve heard all
over the country
that people you know that that are using
water masks they’re going to the ones
that are cleanest
and people have always done that to a
certain extent
but i think it’s magnified i think the
whole the whole cleanliness the
um all the things associated with the
top of the industry
the high levels of customer service the
being attended versus
unattended um you know even the security
aspects of it
i mean when you’re in a desperate times
like like covid
um and even coming out of something like
cover there’s a lot of desperate people
out there
safety in in any business
is is more magnified and so what i’ve
seen is those people have bothered
better better weather this storm if that
makes sense
because they didn’t lose as much revenue
i mean i know people that dropped
but you know i said i’ve dropped 40
percent we dropped 40 percent of our
revenue almost overnight
but within a matter of four to six weeks
we were down
15 so i mean it you know when you shut
the whole world down people can’t leave
their houses so that’s one thing
but as soon as they let up even a little
bit and said okay you can
go use an essential service an essential
business like a laundromat
you can do those things i mean we had
all kinds of new customers
and we didn’t get all of our customers
back because a lot of them were still
scared to leave their house
but we did make up for a lot of that
with new customers that we’re going to
our competitors
and i don’t want to jump ahead but i’m
building a new store right now
and um the store that i’m building we’re
buying the real estate and it’s one of
my competitors
and kova did them in now would they have
gone out of business eventually anyways
i can’t answer that question but that
brings january permanently
and it’s going to be a fantastic
opportunity for me to continue to serve
the community
and and elevate the industry because i’m
super excited because i get to
take all the knowledge and experience i
have over 11 and a half years now
and put it all into this store from day
one um so i don’t i don’t i love that i
don’t have to
yeah it’s a pretty cool experience so
anyway different conversation but
that’s uh that’s that’s been my
observation is that
the top of the industry has has you know
they may not feel they’ve thrived
but they’ve thrived through this
compared to relatively
yeah relatively speaking well i’m not
trying to dodge
the question but i have a follow-up to
that follow-up okay and
i think this would be huge right okay
there’s a lot of us
that are listening to you talk right now
who are thinking well that’s awesome for
the top
operators right
how do you how do you get to be a top
operator what does it take for
the the average laundromat owner who
maybe looks at themselves and doesn’t
consider themselves a top operator how
does that average
or even below average uh laundromat
become a top operator yeah so i say you
just blew away your best question prior
um because that’s that’s your best
question so far good job
you’re a great interview you’re pretty
good at this you should
test um
no so uh i you know what i
what i believe you know i people i take
some heat and some hate for
referring to myself as one of the top
operators in the industry
um people don’t like that because it
sounds very cocky and bragging
um but here’s what i would tell people
and this is just my own personal
perception of me
and other people the top operators in
the industry don’t necessarily have
the most resources in the best stores
and that may shock a lot of people
you got the taj mahal and laundromats
that’s fine at all you’re talking about
i’m talking about operations i’m talking
about the heart
of the owner i’m talking about the
character of the people that you hire
and who works there and how they serve
their community
and and those things don’t happen
overnight either but one thing that can
change overnight
is if you are an operator an owner of a
and you maybe haven’t been on your
a-game and i’m talking about you
individually as the owner of the
business doing the best that you can do
with the with what you have and the
resources avail and the facilities
available to you
maybe you haven’t done that you can
literally get up tomorrow
morning and you don’t even have to wait
till tomorrow morning but you can get up
in the morning
and you can say you know what i’m
flipping a switch i’m doing things
and you can be one of the top operators
in the industry
overnight because in my opinion just the
way i verbalize this and the way i
visualize this
is being a top operator in the industry
is a mentality
it’s a mentality so you can choose to do
there’s no there’s no excuses if you’re
using excuses and reasoning
for not being a top operator then they
are just that they’re excuses they’re
holding you back
so i really believe it’s a mental thing
but i also firmly believe that the
reason i am where i am today
in you know from where i started the
limited resources i have
is because i’ve gotten up every day for
11 and a half 12 years and just obsessed
over being better today than i was
yesterday i didn’t compare myself to
other people
i still don’t compare myself to other
people other people do
and that’s why i get haters people walk
in my store my stores aren’t the taj
mahal of laundromats
some people think that because i’m on
once again i’m on a computer screen and
i say i’m a great operator
but i mean none of my stores are three
million dollar laundromats like you see
out there in the world
um that’s not what i do but i’ve said it
before and i’ll say it again i’ll put my
team in my operations against anyone in
the country
um and and the beauty of that is even if
i lose not that it’s a competition but
even if i lose the fact is i won because
i just got better
because you challenged me you drove me
to find something else in me
that’s going to take me and my business
and my community and my family to a
different level
and so i didn’t lose i won you just
happened to have won too
and that’s really what i’m all about
when it comes to
um you know my youtube channel and the
different things that i try to do with
is just getting across to people that
you know i was i was where you are
if you’re if you’re a quote-unquote
bottom operator of the industry
if you’re if you’re running a store
that’s nothing special i was there once
so i didn’t just go to sleep one night
get up in the morning and inherit a
bunch of money
that’s not what happened i just every
day i grinded and i pushed
and i hired people that were grinders
and i hired people that i thought were
grinders and if i found out they weren’t
i fired them i got them off my team i
didn’t let them be a cancer and i
brought in another person that i thought
was a rock star
and if you do that for a couple years
you’d be surprised the momentum that you
will gain
but it has to all start with you at the
top because you know they say in any
business big or small
it are it all starts with the leadership
at the top and the culture
and so that all starts with you but you
have absolute control over that
no one can control that except for you
no one can make you want these things
nobody make you can make you be
over these things and nobody can take
them away from you
nobody can show up at my house today i
mean they can kill me dead on the
and but they still can’t take away my
drive i’m just dead
oh that’s a terrible analogy you edit
that out no but i like it man you’re
just gonna you’re gonna keep going
you’re getting me worked up man you’re
getting what
and i love that because here’s here’s
what i’m hearing a lot of right i’m
hearing a lot and
and it’s it is better than it was but
i’m hearing a lot of
owners who are
deflated right they feel like
this sucked a lot of energy and a lot of
out of them and they’ve fought really
hard just to
stay open and they’re fatigued i think
you know just
emotionally mentally physically even
fatigued from just trying to make it
trying to survive right
and i love what you’re saying about you
you can make a decision you can change
your mentality and become
a top operator right and i
i just think a lot of people need to
hear that right now because
as discouraging as it has been for
a lot of people and as difficult as it’s
been for a lot of people
again you can still make yourself
better today than you were yesterday and
you can do it again tomorrow and be
better tomorrow
you know and that doesn’t necessarily
translate to an immediate
revenue boost for your business but it
translate to a revenue boost over the
long term
if you keep on that trajectory right so
i think some people just need to get
fired up right now and get back into
their business
you know i know that there are things
that i can do for sure for my businesses
uh to you know improve them right now i
probably tomorrow immediately make my
better than they are today by doing a
few things right
and that starts that momentum train of
of continuing to improve
and not just to improve for your your
business’s sake but to improve for your
customers right and i think
going back to the question i’ll answer
now i think that
you know one of the big lessons i
learned and that i that i’ve been seeing
over this whole debacle is the people
have done well are the people who are
putting value
first right the the people who are
trying to figure out ways to bring
more to their customers during
a time where everybody just needs a
little bit more right they need a little
bit more
care they need a little bit more
attention whether that’s to cleanliness
or just to
hey how have you been i like we’ve all
been holed up in our houses
not so much as as much anymore but like
you know
we’ve been isolated are you doing okay
like checking in on
you know customers training employees to
do that thing
but also paying special attention to you
know the cleanliness into your processes
and to you know adding services that
will help people you know whether it’s a
drop-off service or
even um making it thinking of ways to
make that more convenient and to make
that safer
just all these little details that you
can do and little tweaks that all kind
of add up
to add more and more value to your
customers those are the people i see
thriving and the people that i see
who are in the business you know who got
sold like i did early on
the the bill of goods like hey collect
coins and
and you’re good to go like that’s your
your business
well it’s monday if i jump in jordan
jump in man
that’s a that’s a fantastic point and i
appreciate you bringing that up
and i want to be um i don’t know if i
don’t know what’s up
i want to be the voice of reason here
forever you guys so i’m going to talk to
everybody for a second
not just in the industry but anyone
listen to this i don’t care if you’re
outside of the industry or whatever
folks there’s never been a better time
in the history
of you could say the world but the
united states for sure
than to operate a business at the top of
your industry
i did a video recently on value versus
and i don’t know how many of you watched
it or didn’t watch it but if you didn’t
go to my youtube channel and watch it
i’ll link because not thank you not
because i care about the view
but because it will help you understand
what i’m talking about
i understand we’re all beaten down i was
a part of that too
i’m no different than anyone else i
quite frankly early 2020
was one of the tougher times of my life
and i’ve had some adversity
but the reality is we’re now seeing the
light at the end of the tunnel and we
don’t know how far out that title is
you know some people say months and okay
all i know is we’re not in march and
and one of the things i’ve learned in my
life because i’ve experienced an insane
amount of adversity
and i’ve overcome it all i mean i didn’t
always handle it the best but i overcame
i stayed alive is that it always makes
you stronger
and and i know it’s cliche and it is
cliche but it’s also true it’s a hundred
percent true
so if you are a little punch drunk right
and you’re like yes then maybe you put
on that covered 20
and all the things that are very real
and have happened in life
just understand that you are in an ideal
position right now
to operate at the top of your industry
and to change the world and the reason
that i say that is the world has never
more than it does right now as we sit
here today
and that maybe they may appreciate it
more tomorrow than they did yesterday
and i don’t know how long the psychology
of what’s happened to us
as a society in a world i don’t know how
long it’ll impact us
but if we look at things like the great
depression and we study history a little
what we realize is these things last for
the rest of the generations lives
that were impacted by those so my
grandma and i don’t know if you
want me to talk about my grandmother the
podcast yeah my grandma
my grandma is 86 years old she told me
in the middle of the cove and she said
i’ve never seen anything like this in my
and she was a great depression baby she
washes baggies
to this day she washes um
what do you call like aluminum foil if
from where she does
you know puts up um leftovers or
she’ll eat the leftover lay it out flat
wash it with this soap and water
dry it and fold it up and put it in her
pantry and reuse it again
the impact she was like i think five or
six at the beginning of the great
depression i’d have to do the math but
she was super little
the impact of those things on her
generation and her parents generation
are still playing out 80 years later so
if we think that our society isn’t
perfectly positioned
to value people operating businesses at
the top of the industry
operationally more than ever
they are that’s what’s happening right
now that’s the psychology
of what’s happening so if you don’t want
to operate a business like that then i
got bad news for you
because the future doesn’t look bright
for you if you want to continue to
operate at the bottom of the industry
and you want to do the things that
people operating at the bottom any
industry do
you know ignoring customer service not
caring about people
not trying to make your business better
i got bad news for you
the the future does not look bright for
you but what has happened
in the last year and what’s going to
continue to happen over the next several
is the weeding out of the bottom of
society business business-wise is what
i’m referring to
that’s happening and for people that are
interested in doing something different
than maybe the bottom half of any
the future has never been brighter so if
you don’t feel very optimistic
and you feel kind of beaten down right
you know i don’t know if that registers
with you but i hope it does because
this isn’t dave men’s pumping you up
this is the truth of what’s happening in
our country and what has happened over
the last year
and quite frankly i feel like it’s just
getting started like the whole
there’s the psychology associated with
the vaccines and you can argue all this
stuff all you want
but there’s this the psychology is very
real and vaccines coming out and numbers
going down
and you know uh an election being over
regardless of how you feel about those
the reality of what’s happening in the
timelines associated with them
is is means good times ahead for our for
our businesses
if we operate at the top of the industry
if we focus on people
and community and we focus on value and
one of the things my mentor taught me
literally before i got into this
business is if you do
all of those things the money will
always follow
he told me a long time ago he said dave
money’s just a scorekeeper
and maybe i need a t-shirt money just a
scorekeeper it sounds like a good but it
was his
it was his line he may have stole it
from somebody else so i don’t know if
that helps anybody at all
but that’s what actually makes me like i
had a rough year i’m not
i’m not going to pretend like i didn’t i
like i said i experienced some
depression i’m just going to be totally
transparent here
i experienced some depression i had some
health issues that i’ve been able to
and i’ve never been more optimistic for
the future
of our industry and then we can we can
talk about the whole how this is
possibly impacting
how water bats are perceived as
essential businesses that’s a whole
different animal
yeah um but i don’t i apologize for
interrupting you but that just
that’s something that really sits on my
heart and people that are listening to
i don’t care what industry you’re in you
need to understand that there’s nothing
to be down about
that what happened was very real but
let’s get ourselves up psychologically
and let’s be like you know what
we can sit here and cry over this for
the next three years but you’re going to
miss out on the best opportunity of a
lifetime probably
yeah i that is
oh man like however much you paid to
listen to this podcast
this is worth way more than that so i
mean wait people pay for them no i’m
just kidding
but they should to get information like
that holy cow man no but seriously like
that is incredible i just want to say to
anybody out there who’s just
who is feeling beat up or maybe you did
have to shutter your laundromat or
business right now you know one of the
number one i would say hey you know
rewind that and just listen to
what dave’s talking about right now
because this i mean that is just
huge and it’s that mentality that really
is going to take you to the next level
it’s taking dave to the next level it’s
it’s continuing to do that you know both
in his laundromat business
and also just in his influence that he’s
having in this industry
which you know we’ll get into a little
bit more of that in a minute here but
um that’s huge and but i want to also
just say
like hey if you’re if you’ve experienced
failure either this last year or before
you know in this business
or in other businesses or whatever the
case may be number one
just know that you’re not alone right
business is hard and it doesn’t matter
if it’s a
simple business i remember i remember
sitting and reading
you know the planet laundry magazine
reading the
stats out of that thing that was like 98
or whatever the stat was something crazy
like that of all laundromats
succeed right and i remember sitting in
my laundromat
looking around at my empty laundromat
where nobody was coming
and just thinking man man how am i
not able to figure this business out if
or whatever it is of people can figure
this business out why can’t
i right and i just want to encourage you
like if you have experienced failure i
know i have i’m sure you have in various
ways too
you know i just want to encourage you
don’t give up
you know don’t give up because
it’s kind of going back to you know
where i was in my mind at that point i
was like
i can either take these lessons that
i’ve learned and push forward
and help them propel me to the next
level or i can give up
and go back to the way things were or
or whatever and i just want to encourage
failure is part of the process there’s
no shame in failing there’s no shame
in uh in in not succeeding something
that you put your
your all into and if you didn’t put your
all into it then that’s something else
to examine right
and i i just want to say that right now
because i know
some people that i’ve talked to have
experienced failure over the last year
in their businesses
i know most of us have experienced
failure in different ways
but i just want to encourage you take a
step back and look at failure as
a step in the journey and a lesson to be
in a way to to help propel you
to the next level in a way that you
couldn’t do
if you didn’t fail right you can’t
learn i tell coaching clients this all
the time you
you can listen to all the podcasts you
can watch all my videos you can watch
dave’s videos you can you know you can
read everything there is out there to
read and you will never
learn all the lessons you need to learn
to be a successful business owner until
you own a business and start
learning lessons and start making
mistakes and learning from those
mistakes until you start failing
and learning from those failures that’s
just the way that we’re
wired that’s the way that we operate so
i just want to encourage anyone out
there who’s experiencing failure or just
down and i for me it goes in waves all
the time
it can be within a day i can feel top of
the world and bottom of the world
but also just over longer periods of
time um
but i just want to encourage you man if
you’re in one of those valleys if you’re
in one of those troughs
don’t quit don’t quit and and
by that i don’t necessarily mean keep
pushing along in this business maybe you
a change in something but don’t quit
trying to be better today than you were
yesterday and don’t quit trying to
achieve your goals and your dreams
because i think that’s probably about
the worst thing
that you can do is to is to quit on
right so don’t quit on yourself even if
you quit on the business don’t quit on
yourself that’s what i’m trying to say
yeah no you’re absolutely right and the
last thing i’ll say about this topic is
at the end of the day failure is only
permanent if you allow it to be
yeah see when i talk about being better
tomorrow than i was today
if i failed yesterday a lot of people
would see that as permanent
i would see that as just getting back up
and you know what
by default i’m better today than i was
because i promise you i will learn
things from that failure
but this all goes back to what i said at
the beginning of this little diatribe of
is it it’s all mentality it really is
it’s what do you mentally decide
you’re going to do and you’re going to
believe what’s your reality
because i can experience failure you can
experience failure and six
other peoples can experience failure and
it all impacts us in different ways
what i’ve learned and i didn’t always do
this let me be clear
what i’ve learned is every time i fail
every time i
experience perseverance on a big level
or a little bigger
a big level or a smaller level is that
i’m stronger when i come out of it
and if i’m stronger when i come out of
it then that means god’s preparing me
for something
that i’m gonna get ready for because i
don’t want to miss that i don’t want to
miss those opportunities
that that are in my path so that’s just
that’s just how i look at things
but hopefully this helps a few people
yeah well i mean i i appreciate
everything that you
have just said because i know that it
will i mean
it it’s it’s helped me it’s inspired me
so if nobody else
you know it’s helped me and i i
appreciate you just sharing that stuff
and i think that
mentality that mindset is is critical
and i also think
that you have to be intentional about
continuing to infuse your mind with that
because i think left to its natural
you’re gonna start drifting away from
that mindset
naturally right and i tell my wife this
all the time she’s like why do you keep
reading all these books and
listening to all these podcasts and all
this stuff and i said
honestly it’s because i have to
brainwash myself
i literally brainwash myself because
if i don’t i know where my mind’s gonna
drift back to and it’s not gonna
be something that’s gonna make me better
tomorrow than i am today
right if i if i do if i’m not listening
to people who are more successful than
me if i’m not building relationships
with people like you
who are doing big things and wanting to
do bigger things
you know in life if i’m not reading
books trying to
learn more about you know business or
being a dad or a husband or or whatever
like i know that my mind is gonna drift
and so i am you know i’m in i know that
my mind is susceptible
to what goes into it right so i want to
choose the things
that are going to help me grow and help
me be better
so i literally brainwashed myself and i
make the conscious decision
how do i want to think and i’m going to
fill my mind with that and i’m going to
do it all the time because if i don’t
then i’m naturally going to drift back
to a mindset that’s not
conducive to my growth you know well you
mentioned you mentioned podcasts and
books and all those things are
absolutely true and i do them too
but let’s not forget too it’s the five
people you surround yourself with that’s
the five people you spend the most time
with yeah and that’s a conscious
yeah it doesn’t mean you have to if you
have negative people in your life and
you’re having a difficult time
depression emotionally whatever doesn’t
mean you got to kick them out of your
life just spend less time with them
if you have people in your life that are
very positive people naturally and they
they see things through a different lens
spend more time with them that’s also a
part of
brainwashing yourself so to speak is you
your mind will gravitate towards those
that you associate with
and you spend the most time with and
hopefully your immediate family which
you don’t really have a choice but to
spend time with
hopefully they’re a positive influence
on you um but hopefully your close
friends and family
um are positive influences as well but
at the end of the day
family friends next door neighbors or
live six you know 6 000 miles apart
you still make a conscious decision to
associate yourself with them
and it does impact you and i can say
that because i’ve done it on both sides
i’ve spent time with negative people
and found myself being very negative and
i’ve spent my positive
time with positive people and found them
impacting me in a positive way
and then i found myself because of their
impact on me
i found myself positively impacting
other people
so huge take it a step further yeah it’s
that’s huge and i think it’s a big
i know for me it is a big motivation i
think for you too
on a lot of what we’re doing you know
creating content yes but even bigger
than that and
you know i wanted to kind of mention
that we do
dave and i do live q and a’s on youtube
his channel and my channel every month
so make sure you’re looking out for
those but like
even even with those like a big part of
what i’m trying to do and i think what
you’re trying to do too
is is create community and the reason is
not just
to make a community it’s because
we need to surround ourselves with
people who are going the same direction
as we’re going who can understand the
struggles that we’re going through i
i i mean i don’t love i mean i love it
on the one hand when somebody posts like
oh i was just telling you right this
morning i had to go out to my laundromat
and i had an
incident out there and there were four
cop cars and
you know but there’s stuff gets posted
like on the forums or a facebook group
or something like that
you know and i i just identify with it
and nobody really gets that
but other laundromat owners they they
get it right
like they understand those struggles so
you know but surrounding yourself with
people just like you’re saying who
not only have the same mindset but even
those who are beyond where you are and
where you want to go it’s just so it’s
so important and it’s why like on these
live q and a’s that we do
we’re always telling people like hey yes
us you know dave mans jordan berry
if we have a guest on with us you know
our we’re we’re going to be answering
but the real magic is happening in the
chats in those
um where other people in this industry
are in there giving their input
and connecting with each other and
answering questions from their
perspective and you know that that
network that you build
is is so important it’s why like on the
podcast i’m always saying hey get on the
every week it’s why i’m saying you know
getting the facebook groups those kinds
of things because
you do need to surround yourself with
the people that are going to help you
elevate yourself
to the next level it’s critical yeah
if i could just take this opportunity
i’ve never done this publicly
i created a facebook group called one or
matt millionaire and it’s a private
and i would love for you guys to join
and this isn’t an either or proposition
jordan has a forum you should be in that
you should be actively participating on
that on laundromat resource
there are other fantastic forums the cla
has a forum
there are other facebook groups instead
this isn’t either or proposition
find ones that work for you positive
negative whatever i know we can’t all be
in 19 of them
but i would encourage you to join them
all participate in them all and then
find two or three which is what i’ve
that work for you so anyone watching
this whether you’re a laundromat owner
or not
i would love to have you go to facebook
type in watermap millionaire i have a
page which is public
and then i have a group private group
which is private you have to request to
but as long as you’re what i call an
abundance mindset person
you’re a positive person who wants to be
a giver and not a taker
um then we want you to be in that group
so i would love for you guys to join
but jordan’s forum on laundromat
resource is just exploding and taking
off with that community value and feel
and and i try to get in there as much as
i can and i know a lot of people
watching this probably do
but make sure you’re participating in
that they’re both free like they don’t
cost anything
they’re you know the only thing that
really both you know jordan says all the
time on his podcast
ask a question answer a question nobody
wants to be takers don’t
there’s nothing wrong with learning from
each other just be sure that you’re
giving and taking
and that’s really the community that i’m
trying to build with my laundry
millionaire private group is just a
group of people that are there to serve
each other
and yes i want to take something i want
to get something out of this too but i
want to give something
um so those i know i know you and i are
synced up in that
and that we’re trying to create those
same kind of environments um with our
own brands and with
the things that we’re doing with your
podcasts and all these things
and those are what jordan and i are it’s
why we keep seeing us together on things
um it’s not because i’m paying him or
he’s paying me it’s because we’re just
synced up
like we just believe a lot of the same
things and
we believe you know jordan has greatly
impacted my life i’m grateful
for what i consider to be a friendship
at this point um
and and i hope that he feels the same
way about me and it’s why we keep doing
these things together
and then the last thing i’ll say is holy
cow am i tired of zoom
like i want to do the clean show i want
to do excellence in laundry
i want to like be with people like i’m a
handshaker i’m a hugger
i’m a talking person and this is great
this is fun and awesome
but holy cow am i ready for some of that
in person stuff too
yeah yeah well anyway feeling is mutual
and also
i’m gonna link to your laundromat
millionaire facebook page there so
if you know you can search it on
facebook or if you just want to click
the link if you’re on youtube it’s down
um or the show notes laundromat
resource.com show45
if you’re interested in that um you
should be
and here’s i mean i’m listening to all
of this uh here oh also i i
real quick i just wanted to say if you
haven’t yet
i’m linking it here too but go subscribe
to his youtube channel he’s given a ton
of great information make sure to
subscribe to both of ours actually
and come join us at our next live q a
if you’re listening to this pretty soon
our next one is coming up on the 10th
right march 10th
i don’t have it in front of me you’re
putting me on i’m sure i’m pretty sure
it’s march 10th
but if that’s a saturday oh no actually
i can’t remember what day now but
go check it out uh go subscribe to our
channels you’ll get a notification
about the uh about those live q and a’s
there’s more
coming if you’re listening to this later
um live
live q a 7 p.m east coast time
and this is on march 10th so you have
the date right so
would be 4 p.m west coast best ghost
yeah so anyways go go check those out
but here’s join us guys
it’s awesome it’s phenomenal it’s summer
oh man
it’s a lot of fun but here’s one of the
things that i wanted to say
is like i am just soaking in everything
i always do
whether it’s you know us chatting or
something you’re posting online
um i’m always soaking in everything that
you’re saying and your mindset again
that’s part of me brainwashing i love
the way that you think and i want to
think that way too right so i’m like
brainwashing myself
with dave men’s words and
wisdom right i’m bathing it a lot of
people that would caution you against
a lot of people would caution you yeah
that’s my that’s what i’d say uh here’s
something that i wanted to just kind of
give you an opportunity i know that you
have a couple things that you’re working
right now i do where anybody else who’s
in the same boat as me who wants to hear
a little bit more of your perspective
maybe a little bit more of your story
and a little bit more of your wisdom
i know i’m thinking of two things in
particular that you got coming up that
you know i don’t know if you’re ready to
just kind of let us know
these couple things that are you’re
working on i would love for you to just
talk about those for a second
sure yeah thank you i appreciate you
giving me the opportunity to do that
with your audience
um yeah so the first one is um
you know i’m publishing my first book
awesome um
and it’ll be uh it’s not out yet it’ll
be coming out later this year
um in 2021 depending on when you’re
watching this so if you’re watching this
in the future
uh it should have come out in late 2021
and the book is called watermark
millionaire and i’ve i was telling
jordan before we got on here
that uh you know i’ve written this book
four times
it’s the same book same story just with
a different twist and a different angle
because the reason i’m writing this book
isn’t to monetize anything or even to
build my brand
uh the reason i’m working this writing
this book is to encourage and inspire
and the book is about my business and my
entrepreneurial journey
in the laundromat industry and how i
went from uh
you know basically having no money to
being a millionaire um
that’s definitely the journey um but if
you’re not in the laundromat industry
and not even interested in the industry
i believe that there’s a lot of
principles and a lot of
hopefully inspiration that you can take
away from it that you can apply
to other industries and so that’s the
reason i’m writing the book is just to
go back to what i said a minute ago
bridge and to inspire the business
community the entrepreneurship
community in general but definitely i’m
a laundromat guy and always will be
um so yeah i appreciate him giving me
you know that opportunity to say that
well i can’t wait
real quick before you drop the next
exciting announcement uh i just i’m
excited about this thing coming out you
know we’ll definitely be
promoting you’ll probably be the first
three-peat guest on here when that thing
comes out so you can come tell us a
little bit more about it and we can
show it off a little bit maybe give one
away i don’t know we might get crazy
i’ll be giving lots of them away yeah so
i’m really excited about that and you
know i’ve been staying on top of you to
make sure that you’re
keeping on track and you know if i gotta
if i gotta do something drastic
make something happen to make sure
you’re hitting that deadline i’m just
really excited to read it so can’t wait
for that
but even at least as exciting
if not more exciting to me personally is
this next thing you’ve been working on
why don’t you tell us a little bit about
yeah so um it’s with uh great anxiety
i’m an honest guy what can i say i’m
transparent uh
but but also great excitement that i
announced that i’m launching my own
um under the laundromat millionaire
brand and so i’m watching the wander map
millionaire podcast
and my first show will be coming out in
the next week or so
yeah if you’re watching this in the
future this is march 1st
uh so if you’re watching it in april
2021 or after
uh it’s definitely out and um
i appreciate you giving me the
opportunity to to tell people about that
the point of the uh the podcast
is simply to do what i want to do with
the book uh
the same thing all the things that i
spend my energy and time and resources
doing uh from here on out
um are about inspiring others and
helping others and motivating others and
teaching others if i can
so um you know the podcast is going to
similar to you know the legend that is
laundromat resource
in the sense of there will be some uh
absolutely practical
um you know laundromat stories that we
will discuss because that’s who i am and
that’s who i’ll always be
um very passionate about this industry
and so that will shine through whether i
wanted to or not
but at the same time my goal with the
podcast is to not to be 100
uh industry specific not to be totally
and so i want to um i’m hoping
that the lessons that we discuss and the
things that we discuss
and the the actionable um
lessons that come out of different
interviews and some of the podcasts
would just be me
um i’m really hoping that they just
inspire people to
uh be a better version of themselves
tomorrow than they were yesterday
and there may be situations you know i’m
a dad and i’m very passionate about that
there may be situations where we talk
about being a dad or a parent or a mom
um and what that looks like i don’t know
um but
i i i the one thing i refuse to do is
putting me
put any restraints on this um i just
want to have the world available to me
as far as options and i don’t i don’t
care about monetizing it
once again if it someday makes me money
but what i really want to do is focus on
helping and serving people
inspiring people specifically the
entrepreneurship community
the business community um because that’s
that’s really who i am at my core i’m a
husband i’m a dad
um you know i’m a child of god for sure
uh but i’m also just a very very uh
passionate entrepreneur it’s who i am
to my core i believe i was born that way
and i believe that that’s how
you know what i’m here to how i’m here
to make a difference um
and so i’m okay if it you know doesn’t
you know i don’t expect to be the next
joe rogan
um in fact if i were i’m not sure i
could handle it uh
but but what i really want to do is just
help a few people
uh at the end of the day and so i’m
gonna be totally copying
off of the legend that is jordan barry
and i’m gonna be
watching him for tips and tricks on what
to do and
yep i’m going to be watching him for
tips and tricks on what not to do too
now i can i can tell you i’m going to be
very selective in guess number two
because if if i get that wrong then
then i know right it’s fall down it’s
make or break make a break
and and so i want to i want to do big
things with this but no seriously
so anyone watching this you know
obviously podcasts and things like that
are pretty much free to watch and listen
and and i’m really hoping that that my
podcast will inspire people
um and will help them be a better
version of themselves because that’s
that’s why i’m doing it i know it’s
going to be a lot of work i’m prepared
for that
but this is a part of where my heart is
just like my book
uh my my heart is with laundromat
millionaire and inspiring other people
to do great things and you know maybe
it’s a little bit naive but i’m also
hoping that at some point in some time
whether i ever
ever find out about it or not i’m hoping
that maybe i somehow reach a few people
that have maybe given up on their dreams
and maybe somehow in some small way
that what i do or what i say or what i
write in my book
somehow maybe encourages them
to stop giving up because giving up is a
is an active thing you’re doing
um to push pause on the giving up and
to pull yourself up by your bootstraps
and say you know what i’m not gone yet i
got dreams
and i want to chase those dreams so
that’s that’s really what my
my inspiration and my motivation behind
it is um
so i i hope that i’m able to accomplish
uh even a micro
microcosm of what i what i hope to
accomplish yeah well
i appreciate you giving me the
opportunity to tell people about it
yeah let me tell you uh
why i’m so excited about it is
i mean kind of goes back to what we were
talking about before right is
you know you i mean you mentioned the
the quote you know you’re the average of
the five people you spend the most time
i talked about how i like to brainwash
myself like all this is saying the same
and you know what it’s saying is what
comes into your mind is gonna
it’s gonna very much affect what comes
out of your
actions and your results that you get
from those actions right and
you know i the reason i’m excited about
your podcast is because
you know that gives me and anyone else
who wants to listen
and who’s inspired by you and who wants
to see results that you’ve gotten
that gives us the opportunity to make
you one of the five people we spend
the majority of our time with uh you
know whether we know you personally
or not right because we can listen to
your podcast here with the things you
have to say
think about how uh how you
think about things implement those
into our own mindsets and into uh
just practice too you know some of the
things that you’re putting into practice
you know whether it be laundromat
related or or not
you know entrepreneurial or um or even
just family related
the podcast gives us an opportunity to
make you one of those five people
and so i’m i’m really excited about that
i think that this
uh this idea you know when you
when you mentioned it to me and you said
hey what do you what do you think about
it i was on board you know 100
right away because i think that not only
you know do you have a ton of wisdom to
share and again like the mindset stuff
top-notch and is really it really will
transform a lot of lives
um but also just your personality is is
great for
something like this and it’s gonna
provide a ton of value so i’m really
and as soon as i have the link to
your podcast i’ll make sure that it’s in
the youtube description
it in the show notes on my resource.com
show 45
and i’m sure it’ll be available wherever
podcasts are so make sure you
uh subscribe to that download it listen
to it
absorb it put it into practice it’ll be
exciting yeah it’ll be available on all
the typical you know podcast platforms
uh all my shows will be on my youtube
channel just like yours are
um i’m pretty active on linkedin so i’ll
be sharing them there
um but yeah i just want to connect with
people that’s all i want to do is
connect people and help people
um and make no mistake you know i i have
learned over the years that
when i connect with people and i help
people that they in turn help me
um and so it’s it’s it’s a part of why
it’s a part of how i constantly try to
become a better version of myself
um but i try to focus on others and i
believe that those things will come back
to me
and my life shows me that they have um
so i want to continue to awesome
well dave i am i’m just i’m grateful to
for a lot of things but you know
particularly right now i’m thankful that
you came back on the show
shared all this wisdom and uh
man i just it got me inspired i know
it’s gonna get a lot of other people
you know just revved up you know
and i think there’ll probably be some
people who are listening to this show
today and they just needed a little bit
of a pick-me-up a little bit of a
hey you can do it go get it um and
i think that you know this just
listening to you talk is you know is
going to give them
i mean he gave it to me so i know it’ll
give it to other people just that little
extra oomph to
hey take it up another level if you’ve
gotten a little complacent in some areas
you know time to pick it back up no big
deal just you know get back to work
and and and do it so man i appreciate
as a person i appreciate you as a friend
and i appreciate you as the first
ever second appearance
podcast guest on the laundromat resource
podcast i mean it’s
well i didn’t yell i didn’t tell you
this jordan but i really did it for two
reasons one i’m hoping for some kind of
a medal
or badge okay um
the other reason i did it is because
you’re constantly telling people that
i’m the most
viewed um podcast episode ever
and i figured well i gotta be
so like i’m gonna lose that title if i
don’t get back on the show
that’s right and you know hey go check
me out in the show notes go watch number
yeah i’m gonna start to taper off as you
get some true legends
on the show that’s good i’m gonna lose
that status
so yeah it’s all self-promoting that’s
well and the more spaces you take up the
less spaces there are for other people
who might get your spots right
i mean it’s smart i mean if i if i could
be on one like one over
every three yeah i mean it’s a numbers
game i mean
i’ve always said i’m not the smartest
guy in the world but i will outwork you
yeah yeah exactly exactly well i might
have to start charging you a lot more to
come on at that point
all of a sudden you see the laundromat
resource sponsored by laundry room
yeah yeah i’m a millionaire that’s a
different business
uh mother really what are my
millionaires then you know that uh
gotten in my pocketbook that’s right
yeah that’s right all right man well i
appreciate it
uh as always and looking forward to the
next q
a which is in a few days a week and a
half or so
i’m glad you brought that up man march
10th guys i look forward to those
every month i know jordan does um and
and they’re they bring so much value um
i mean you you easily
easily walk away with the price of
admission in value
easy yeah because they’re free guys yeah
they’re free
yeah and we really should start charging
for some of this stuff gosh
yeah i mean holy cow i don’t know if
anybody would actually pay but
i know but now i know the value
proposition that the price tag it is
right now is through the roof that’s
infinite really it’s an infinite return
robert kiyosaki says that’s right that’s
all right man well i appreciate it we’ll
see you in about a week and a half on
the live q a and thanks again for coming
thank you man appreciate it all right
man i could talk with dave men’s about
and mindset and laundromats all day
long every day and uh man i really just
could have kept that thing going because
i love love love talking to him
he just has such a great perspective on
things and he has such
a great mindset surrounding success
and i loved the one thing that i really
took away from him
is that he made it pretty clear he had
to develop that mindset
which is encouraging you know because
that means that you
and me and we can develop a mindset that
will lead us to success
so let’s keep working on it every week i
encourage you pick
one thing from the episode one thing
that you can put into practice
let’s stack these every week on top of
each other and see
where that takes us because i think
it’ll take us to great places
for me personally i mean it’s really
really hard to narrow it down to
one thing but if i had to narrow it down
to one thing
that i’m going to try to take away from
this conversation with dave mintz
it’s to get around more successful
people people doing things that i want
to be doing people doing things
even bigger than what i want to be doing
i really love it’s
nothing i hadn’t heard before but i love
the great reminder
that you know we’re the average of the
five people we spend our time with so
uh let’s spend our time with people who
are where we wanna be so that’s what i’m
gonna do i’m gonna
look to be hanging out maybe with some
more of you guys
and uh you know just some other people
that are doing really cool stuff so
let’s do it make sure you pick something
i’d love to hear
what you picked so if you’re on youtube
maybe drop a comment
if you’re listening to the podcast shoot
me an email or go to the
uh show notes page on my resource.com
show45 maybe leave a comment there tell
me the one thing that you’re putting
into action
uh because i think when we put it out
there it gives us a little bit of
accountability to really
follow up on it so just an idea just a
thought plus i would love to hear
what you’re doing because i’m always
trying to learn from everyone from you
guys from our guests
from everyone my customers even so
anyways thank you for checking us out
this is laundromat resource.com and
laundret resource podcast and i’m jordan
and i’ll see you
next week peace

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