Brian and Melissa own 5 laundromats. They have scaled their business quickly and are on the prowl for more! After explore business and investment options, they landed on laundromats as their investment of choice and haven’t looked back since. 

Brian and Melissa give a ton of practical advice on how to get into the business, how to find a model that works, and how to scale it from there!

If you’re having trouble overcoming that first step and committing to the business, be prepared to be inspired! Once they decided on laundromats, they moved quickly and decisively and it has paid off for them!

In today’s episode, Brian, Melissa, and I talk about:

  • Brian’s career as a radio host
  • Laundromats vs. car washes vs. storage facilities as investments
  • How to market your laundromat
  • What to do about bad reviews
  • Driving for dollars
  • Advice for husband and wife teams on working together
  • Branding stores similar
  • The unattended laundromat model vs. the attended laundromat model
  • How to turn around a failing store
  • Bagging your wash-dry-fold laundry
  • The importance of good presentation
  • Asking good questions

And so much more!

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Brian & Melissa's Bio

From high school sweethearts to parents to business partners.  Melissa and Brian Rheaume own and operate a chain of 5 laundromats in Connecticut.  Melissa was a stay at home Mom, and Brian was a morning show host and radio station executive, they were looking for the next chapter in their lives, and landed on the laundromat industry.

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