37. Successful Laundromat Owners… 7 Keys to Success for the New Year!

In today’s show we reflect on the wisdom shared by podcast guests in 2020 in order to help us achieve our goals and improve our businesses in 2021! While reviewing the previous podcast episodes, 7 major themes emerged as common characteristics of successful laundromat owners. 

In keeping true to the mission of the podcast and of Laundromat Resource, this is a show by laundromat owners, for laundromat owners. This episode will get you fired up and on track to have your best year yet!

In today’s show, we’ll discuss:

  1. Successful laundromat owners are customer focused.
  2. Successful laundromat owners hire great employees and take care of them.
  3. Successful laundromat owners are relentless.
  4. Successful laundromat owners never stop learning.
  5. Successful laundromat owners work with high quality people.
  6. Successful laundromat owners have a great web presence and brand.
  7. Successful laundromat owners keep their eye on the future.

And more!

Join host Jordan Berry in a survey of the top 7 lessons in the first 7 months of The Laundromat Resource Podcast and be inspired to dominate 2021!

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Episode Transcript

hey what’s up guys it’s jordan with the
laundromat resource
podcast this is show number 37 and i am
pumped that you’re here
because this is the very first show
of 2021 and i
could not be more excited about this
year uh and i’ll tell you a little bit
more about that in a little bit
but in preparing for this podcast i mean
i got to tell you
that i just learned this this last week
first of all this last week had a ton of
uh for laundromat resource but really
all of us um and one of the big ones
that i am just
blown away by in all honesty
is uh there’s a there’s a website called
listen notes
and basically they compile data from the
over 1.8 million
podcasts that are out there and
laundromat resource this little uh
community of us who own
laundromats or are thinking about owning
a laundromat or want to own laundromats
uh we’re in the top three percent of
podcasts out there which is just
insanity uh to me and
i just wanna say a huge huge thank you
to you guys and to all the guests that
we’ve had on the show up until this
because it’s all of us i mean this you
know i say this all the time but this is
a podcast
by laundromat owners for laundromat
owners and
this is a something that all of us have
done together and have created together
and it’s been so much fun for me
to be a part of it i hope you’ve had a
lot of fun with it too but also i hope
that you’ve learned a lot i know that i
i’ve grown a lot as a person and as a
business owner
just from rubbing elbows with uh not
our incredible podcast guests that we
had on
but also a lot of you guys through
coaching calls through emails that we’ve
exchanged back and forth through
connecting on social media sites
um all kinds of different ways that
we’ve connected and it’s just been an
awesome it’s only been like eight seven
months i don’t know how
since may what is that i don’t know
seven months maybe
and uh man just crazy milestones have
and gone have flown by and it’s just
been a blast and
i thought that we would take this uh
this episode
to just take a second to look back on
the last seven months
and to i mean as i was going through
preparing for this i started listening
some of the old podcast episodes first
of all i just got to say
huge thank you to you guys for hanging
in there some of these podcast episodes
the audio is horrible
the video is horrible i mean there’s
just so much just cringe worthy
uh technology but the content is so
good it’s like so good uh
and and i know that’s what’s kept you
guys in there
uh hanging in with the podcast and and
uh continuing to do the podcast so it’s
been it’s been so cool but thanks for
hanging in with all the technical
difficulties and
you know all my uh weird mannerisms and
uh i don’t know vocal thing i don’t know
when you listen to yourself talk it’s
just weird
but anyways uh so cool but i wanted to
look back there’s
as i started to go through and i was
just kind of taking notes through all
the different podcast episodes i was
kind of skimming through all of them
and these big themes started coming out
uh i just oh man i was like
this is crazy because there’s so there’s
there’s probably more than this but
there’s seven very distinct
themes that just came up over and over
and over again
that i want to go through today and i’m
just gonna play you uh clips
and talk briefly about each of these
seven things in this episode
because i just i just feel like if the
people that we’ve had on this podcast if
they keep talking about the same things
those are the things that we need to be
paying attention to
as a community as people who own
laundromats now as people who want to
own laundromats in the future um and and
to get the freedom that laundromats can
bring in our lives both financially and
time freedom uh so i i just thought that
was a cool thing for me to just kind of
go back and listen to these podcast
episodes again
and and to bring out some of the themes
for us to go over today
um so we’re gonna do that in just a
second but i also wanted to tell you
at the end so stick around to the
variant at the end i want to kind of
look forward a little bit because i have
huge plans and i cannot i’m like
so excited about 2021 for
us as a laundromat resource community
and some of the
uh some of the things that are already
in the works
that uh i think are going to blow your
mind they’re already blowing my mind
thinking about them oh my goodness so
i want to look forward a little bit with
you guys at the very end
um but before we get to that let’s
let’s take a quick second to just it’s a
new year it’s a time to
start fresh it’s the time to think about
how we want to spend this year with our
business whether you’re looking to buy
your first laundromat or you already own
a laundromat or multiple laundromats
it’s a great time to think about
you know how do we want to move forward
to help us achieve the goals that we
want to achieve in this life
and i thought that these seven things
that kept coming out over and over and
over again
uh are are things that are going to help
get us there in 2021
so right after this let’s
jump into these seven big themes that
came out in the first
seven months i’m pretty sure seven
months seven things in seven months
from the laundromat resource podcast
cannot wait to jump into them with you
in today’s world if your laundromat is
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trust with their laundry
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visit laundromat resource dot com
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information that’s laundromat resource
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slash get online or click on the link in
the description
all right we’re gonna get into this in a
second but before we do i have a just a
huge huge huge exciting announcement
that’s coming up if you’re listening to
this anytime within like a week and a
of when this comes out uh then
you need to you need to know about this
and you need to get on board
some of you know that dave the
laundromat millionaire mens
and i have been doing live q and a’s uh
on facebook and this uh coming january
2021 dave and i are doing another live q
on my youtube channel it’s just
youtube.com laundromat resource
uh if you haven’t subscribed yet head
over there and subscribe and then go
subscribe to
dave’s laundromat millionaire youtube
channel also
but we’re doing a live q a and this one
is huge and i’m super excited about it
because we have a special
special guest coming on with us and i
wait to uh to have uh
this guest on it’s gonna be exciting and
it’s somebody that you want to
uh come and have a conversation with
come ask your questions to
uh the person coming on with dave and i
is i was debating on whether i should
tell you or not on here or just tease it
but i’m going to tell you because i’m so
excited i can’t
i like i can’t not tell you um but brian
wallace the president
and i think ceo of uh
of the coin laundry association is going
to come on with
dave and i to do live q and a with you
guys on my youtube channel so make sure
you go to youtube.com
laundromat resource i’ll link to it in
the show notes
uh if you’re watching on youtube well
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subscribe and you hit that bell because
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when we go live it’s going to be january
2021 at 3 p.m pacific
best coast time or 6 p.m eastern time
uh and make sure you make sure you’re
there because you’re going to want to be
able to ask your questions
to uh not just dave and i but also to
brian wallace again the president and
ceo of the coin
laundry association i just wanted you to
know that that’s coming up
and get excited about it it’s pretty
pretty cool uh
feels like a super huge honor and cannot
wait for it so come join us
with that have a good time our last q
live q a was
incredible so many of you guys joined us
and a lot of veterans joined us so not
only were dave and i answering questions
but a lot of you veterans were in the
chats there
answering questions alongside of us and
probably even some of them better than
us so it was really really cool
super awesome community feel uh loved
every second of it so come be a part of
it this time
youtube.com laundromat resource make
sure you subscribe and hit that little
bell icon
that way it lets you know when we go
live again january 14th
3 p.m pacific 6 p.m eastern put it in
your calendar
and come join us all right let’s talk
about these seven characteristics of
laundromat owners the first one is this
successful laundromat owners and we saw
this time and time and time again
successful laundromat owners are laser
on their customers i mean
obviously you know we need customers in
order to run our business
but the top top performers their
focus and their goal is to create a
great experience for their customers
and they do that in a lot of very
creative ways so take a listen to
some of the things that past podcast
guests had to say
about how they think about their
customers in this business
it’s all about value and that’s a big
thing that i’ve learned in the business
that i didn’t always know
is that there’s a there’s a big
difference in price and value
and i refuse to compete on price i
always compete on value
right i always make sure that i win but
i can charge significantly more than you
if i charge if i provide a much higher
level of service
and my value proposition is way higher
than yours is
and dave said it on his when he was on
with you
that did i want to be compete on value
never on price and i posted it as soon
as i was listening to it i saw that
because i was like say it again for me
um i i like people to still see my face
um especially i mean but i mean it’s
for customers my employees too they can
always reach me
but it’s important that customers also
see you
with your employees um and that you’re
not some invisible owner that slaves
drives their employees
with me i think it’s all about face time
like i know a lot of people say you
can’t go into
major stores and see the owners but i
think for small businesses that
face time that you actually have with
your customers
means a lot to them and showing them
that you care
um like i have a thing on saturdays and
sundays where
i bring in donuts in the morning and
during the real
peak times of saturday and sunday
afternoons i’ll stop by
grab a couple pizzas bring them some
people have something to eat while they
wash clothes
and um just interacting with the
customer knowing them by name
and whatever if some of them have like
shirts they make in or other little
projects they trying to sell
just you know showing that patriotism
back to them
make sure that you know you’re you’re
coming up with a plan for
really engaging and and uh acquiring and
engaging your customers
you know it doesn’t have to necessarily
be an app i mean i think that obviously
starts up is the best way that you can
grow a delivery business
um but any way that you can find that is
going to
you know help you engage your customers
and keep them coming back because your
recurring customers are your most
valuable customers
um that that is probably the
the most important thing you can do we
really try to see things through the
of our customers right
yeah and i really like to try to put
myself in the shoes
of a young mother with like two
kids like maybe i don’t know two and
four right
right at the age where they’re really
mobile but i don’t listen
right yeah um and i’ve got 70 pounds of
laundry to do
right yep how easy or hard is it for me
to do that at this location
right right how do i feel when i walk in
do i feel like a second class citizen
or do i feel like this place really
appreciates me
treat every single person that walks
through that door
with the utmost respect the secret sauce
customer service and and just
provide a level of customer service that
nobody’s seen in this industry
and and uh you’ll be ahead of the game i
for right now the tip is to keep your
eye on your customers
they’re the ones that pay the bills pay
attention to them see what they want
so as you can see taking care of your
customers providing them
value thinking about things through
their eyes
so so important to have success in this
business and you know
so many people get into this industry
about laundromats as a passive income
which it totally can be
but it’s still a business and you’re
still doing still
dealing with customers so you want to
think about things through their eyes
and make it a good experience for them
we saw this time and time again from the
top performers that we had on
in 2020 so moving forward in 2021
think about the customer experience and
how you can provide
more value to your customers because
it’s going to come back to you
tenfold financially and uh
you know just in terms of giving back to
your community and being a part of that
and the feeling that that gives it’s
just such a great feeling so
think about ways to give value to your
customers in 2021
and improve that customer experience
even if you’re already top-notch we can
always get better
so that’s that was uh number one
characteristic of successful laundromat
owners that came out
in in the past seven months number two
is this
successful laundromat owners hire
great employees and they take care of
we heard over and over and over again
things like
quotes from richard branson that
basically said hey
you know take care of your employees and
your employees are going to take care of
your customers
throwback to uh tip number one there
but um you know it’s just so important
to have great employees and that you
take care of them so you can keep
those employees and keep them great
so listen to what some of the past
podcast guests had to say
about their employees this has been for
me the most important thing
is take care of my employees
and what i mean by that i’m sure a lot
of people have heard the quote from
richard branson that you know if you
take care of your employees they’ll take
care of your customers and
oh my gosh that is so absolutely true so
i i try and create a very employee
friendly environment it’s best that i’m
within reason obviously you know i don’t
let them run around and do ridiculous
stuff but
i want to compensate them them well and
i want them to feel comfortable
and i want them to have ownership in the
business itself
having the right people uh there is just
so key
it’s key to getting good reviews the
reviews on the alpha key to getting
business the
you know the the google pages um the
are some key so um and i feel like so
many of the reviews are based on
customer service so
to me getting the right people in there
and if someone’s not right
you know it’s hard to fire someone but
just you gotta move forward
and try to find that right person in
that right team
probably staff is probably our biggest
asset um or competitive advantage
have you ever read the book good to
great yes i’ve read yes
that’s the best business book there is
but do you ever remember when they
talked about
getting the right people on the bus
mm-hmm i read that i was like that makes
absolutely no sense that’s the stupidest
thing ever like
i i you know it makes so much sense now
that i look back and i was like
that guy’s a genius yeah yeah yeah it
maybe it doesn’t make sense until you
get the wrong one on the bus and then
you’re like
oh right or until you get the right one
on the bus too
have you ever had an attendant that you
can say she was the wrong one or he was
the wrong one on the bus
yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah
so looking ahead in 2021 let’s think
how can we make sure that we have great
employees on our staff and then
think of some creative ways that you can
take care of your employees
now for some of us that might mean
making some tough decisions about our
current employees
if you have an employee that is maybe
or maybe is just not putting forth a lot
of effort you might need to make some
hard decisions because
we saw time and time again the most
uh operators that we heard in the past
seven months
are ones that have great employees and
and that treat them
well and take care of them and treat
them like they’re valued members of
the business and uh so if you have
somebody on your team
who is not a valued member of the
business it might
you know be time for you to either step
up your game in leading them
and uh you know we heard multiple times
over the last
seven months people say hey you know
your employees are going to follow your
lead so
if your employees are not great
employees might be
good to first and foremost take a look
in the mirror and make sure that you’re
setting a good example
and that you’re leading them well but
secondarily if you’ve given them
opportunities you’ve tried to train them
you set a good example and they’re still
not a great employee
might be time to let that employee go
and bring on somebody
else who’s a better fit who’s gonna take
care of your customers so
again tip number two that successful
or characteristic number two of
successful laundromat
owners is they hire great employees and
they take
good care of them characteristic number
three of successful laundromat owners
is that successful laundromat owners are
and a lot of these guests that we’ve had
they’re kind of origin stories in the
industry were
were tough they had to scrap they had to
scrape they had to
you know get creative find ways to get
financing find ways to
uh you know work uh at their laundromats
before or after
their full-time jobs i mean all kinds of
stuff that
our guests have had to do so relentless
mindset uh is it just it came up
a time and time again in the podcast so
here’s a couple clips
from that it probably took every bit of
four or five months
and i bet i applied to easily 20 or more
uh financial institutions and every
single one of them told me the same
and they just said you’ve never owned a
business before
you got twenty thousand dollars in the
bank and you think you’re gonna take
this business that isn’t profitable
because it was losing money you know i
mean who do you think you are is kind of
the attitude that i got from them he
asked me he was like
what are you gonna do and i said steve
if i have to apply to a thousand banks
eventually somebody is going to say yes
because i’m not
ever going to stop like i this is i’ve
decided this is what i’m going to do
i feel very confident i’ll be willing to
do anything that is legal or ethical
those are the only two lines i won’t
cross to be successful it wasn’t easy
um and you know i don’t know how many
people would have given up
i just knew that i wasn’t going to do
your homework
do your homework i mean live you got to
be hungry
i mean as les brown would say you got to
be hungry
so that’s one of my guys i always listen
to any time like
i need to work harder i was listening to
les brown i feel so
energized and pumped up when i hear
stories about people who had to scrape
and scrap
and get creative and just kind of claw
their way to success or even
claw their way to just being able to
stand on their own two feet
uh so man i i don’t know about you but
i’m pumped up and i’m pumped up for 2021
to just be relentless in my businesses
uh and i hope you are too uh get that
mindset don’t think that this is gonna
be easy even though it’s a simple
even though it can be relatively
hands-off you gotta still be relentless
if you wanna be successful
so that was characteristic number three
characteristic number four
is uh successful laundromat owners never
stop learning and that is just a theme
came up almost every single episode
uh here’s a couple of clips about
learning and continuing
to learn talk to as many people that in
the industry
as you can and don’t be afraid
just learn everything you can from
whoever you’re buying it from or if
you’re building it if you’re building it
from scratch
make sure you find a good distributor
that answers the phone
every time you call and it always has an
answer they don’t have the answer make
sure they get the answer back to you
in a reasonable amount of time
i would say talk to as many people as
you can
it’s certainly something we did there’s
plenty of folks that are tired of
getting phone calls from me
talk to other owners other operators
anybody involved in the software side
the marketing side
anything like that talk to as many
people as you can you’ll
you’ll find the answer eventually talk
to as many people as you can
in this industry go to the coin laundry
association the cla
go to their website get on their blogs
there’s a lot of other
sites on on facebook for laundry owners
ask questions you can never ask enough
um you know so if i’m if i’m looking to
buy a mat and i’m interested in it um
the first thing i would say is
get involved in these forums join the
cla get involved in those forums
ask people um the the response from
i found it is extraordinary the more
that you can network
with other laundry owners you will
develop a wealth of information
and that can come through your equipment
distributors cla there’s a number of
ways that you can connect
with other laundry owners because you’ll
start hearing
a lot of their experiences the things
that have worked for them
things that haven’t worked yeah and you
learn an awful lot by just keeping your
mouth shut
and listening to what other people have
to say so whether you
are you know on the forums whether
you’re on a facebook group whether
connecting with other owners you’re on
coin laundry you’re on laundromat
resource whatever you’re doing
continue to learn in 2021 you’ve never
got it all figured out even if you’re at
the top of the game there’s always more
to learn always more to grow
2021 again go back to that last
characteristic of successful laundromat
owners and in your learning your pursuit
of knowledge be relentless in 2021
continue to pursue growth and knowledge
and it’s going to pay you back
more than you can even imagine so
continue to do that
in 2021 okay i don’t even know what are
we on one two
three four okay number five
characteristic number five of successful
laundromat owners is
work with qual they work with quality
uh you know if you want to be the best
you got to work with the best and so
whether that’s a partner
that you’re partnering with maybe like
thomas landenberger who’s got
you know a a partner that’s basically
helping him
run his laundromat in florida while he
lives in italy
or whether that’s partnering with
distributors or brokers
or you know or just a business partner
whatever that partnership may be the
people that you’re working with you want
to work with quality
people uh when you work with quality
people it ups your level
your level ups their level and it’s just
this spiral that goes
uh right on up to successful
laundromat ownership here’s a couple of
quotes on
that it’s a broker with integrity
and somebody by the way that
knows something about the laundry
business you can’t find a broker
that sells pet stores groomers
i i don’t believe i think you need to
find somebody that specializes
in the laundry industry and has owned
and operated one and knows how to read a
balance sheet
yeah and to somebody that can really
give you good advice
distributor distributor distributor
distributor interview
distributors act like you’re
interviewing somebody
to be your partner go in there and
really make sure you like the person
selling to you you feel like they’re so
you know telling you the truth
yeah make sure they have the capability
to help you if you
need it i had really good
relationship with the distributor so i
think what your key
number one thing you need to do is get a
relay a working relationship with a
distributor that you
feel comfortable with you like the
machines i would say
uh get some good partners i was
fortunate to have
like i mentioned earlier a bunch of
different partners with a bunch of
different backgrounds all able to kind
of take the load when needed
so so that doesn’t have to be you know
partners in ownership of the business
but like it is in my case but even you
know we mentioned nick at starch up
um there’s a local laundromat owner roy
here in town that helps us done get it
get a good
team of people that all that all know
what they’re talking about and know what
they’re doing and
and have very different skill sets and
uh and use them to help leverage your
skill sets
get with the distributor and i mean this
um i i know that you had a bad
for a broker and i don’t know much about
brokers but
i do know something about distributors
distributors want to make money
just like you do but the difference is
the distributor they will run your demo
demographics for you
they’ll do all the they’ll do all the
front-end work for you
as someone who got into this industry
working with
people who weren’t as quality and
hearing the stories of the people who
uh started out working with quality
people and just
the difference between their experience
in the early years and
mine i can just vouch and say hey you
know what you want to work with quality
you know whether that’s a distributor or
a broker or a partner
or a consultant or whatever the case may
be find quality people
do business with them because they’re
going to pay you back
in their wisdom and their experience in
their connections
far more than you end up paying them and
it’s gonna pay off for both of you in
the long run so work with quality people
that is the fifth characteristic of
successful laundromat
owners number six characteristics of
successful laundromat owners
is and this one’s kind of a little bit
different but it came up
so much i had to include it is you need
to have a quality
web presence and brand for your
laundromat in order to be successful and
it came up
like kind of all throughout i was kind
of surprised actually how often that
came up
so here’s a couple of quotes from uh
podcast guests on
having a quality web presence
for your laundromat that it became very
clear to me that we needed a
website and not just a website that you
build on your own because there’s so
many that you can build
on your own i knew we needed a company
that knew what they were doing to do it
being branded helps i will tell you
that if you have multiple stores or if
you just have one having a brand does
i know uh that’s not been a strength of
our industry
um as as you know jordan i’m sure
the secret sauce is the website that is
number one marketing tool and you want
your website to be the centerpiece
of all of your marketing so so for
and to make your website work better you
more other websites different websites
pointing to it such as yelp and google
my business
something i learned from music industry
was brand recognition
um for people to want to listen to your
music you got to have a good logo it
looks good
um the names gotta roll off the tongue
it like it’s all aesthetic
because that that just didn’t want to
come to you if it looks good
so something really interesting when we
came into the laundromat business
when we were scoping out laundromats you
know what everyone’s name is
up here what’s that laundromat yeah yeah
they’re all just
laundromat that’s like if i was uh you
know making music and my
my name was music yeah musician yeah
so i was like that’s so odd well why
you know so we got a logo
um i got a shirt there it is
all about love it so it’s
really brand recognition you’re
establishing no we’re not just a
laundromat we’re different we are
something else this is a professional
relationship that we have with you
we want you to be coming back of course
everything’s online today you know
everything from ordering food to
even like getting a ride or just
ordering christmas presents on amazon i
everything is online so if your
laundromat is not online
first of all you need to get online but
second of all uh
you you when you look around in the
man i don’t know if you’ve been on too
many laundromat sites and i don’t want
you to feel bad if this is you
but i i want you to say hey maybe 2021
is the time to get this fixed but if you
have a website that’s
dated you need to get that updated and
you need to get
uh you know just bring it into 2021
because so many of your customers their
first experience with
you or your could be customers their
first experience with you
is through your web presence in your
website and if it’s dated if it looks
old or if you’re not
there they’re going to move on to the
next one and i
loved that david and donna stark who’ve
been in the industry for
40 plus years they stressed
the importance of a quality website and
a quality web presence
so man if you uh you know if you’re
looking at your business if you’re
looking at your website
and you realize hey it might be time for
an update
2021 is your year get it done sooner
rather than later because you could be
missing out on customers
who are passing up your dated website
uh the next laundromat over who has a
slightly more upgraded website
and the bar is not the head high in our
industry so
you know get it done and if you need
help with it we have a video
that i’ll link that will teach you to
build a website
yourself uh john my brother from
laundromat resource
marketing who builds all our websites
that we put together for laundromat
uh you know he and i put together this
little course that will teach you to
build a website
and of course obviously we will also
build you a website
at laundryresource.com get online if
you’re interested in that
but it doesn’t have to be with us it
could be with another company you can be
just make sure you have a quality
website for your business because it’s
really going to up your success and we
saw it come up time and time again from
successful owners
on the podcast so make sure you’re doing
that okay
the number seven uh
uh characteristic of successful
laundromat owners
that came up multiple times that i think
has been a weakness in our industry
but needs to become one of your
strengths to take you to the next level
is successful laundromat owners have
their eye
on the future take a listen to a couple
of these quotes
technology is the easiest lowest hanging
that you guys anyone can can can get
involved with
okay i mean
i don’t know what else i can tell you
about the fact that being able to know
what you did today or what you did last
week or what you did a year ago
and and you know and a snap of a finger
to help you
pro forecast what you’re gonna do or
what your goals are
yeah um is it it’s it’s i i can’t
any i can’t imagine not do it but really
the secret sauce is understanding
thinking ahead
okay thinking what could be um you know
for those owners right now that are
complacent in their existing locations
okay uh you have to be thinking about
upgrading all right especially if you
have a 1500 square foot facility
um and you know there’s not much around
you somebody may come in and take you
right so even though you’re doing great
right now in the locations that you’re
always thinking ahead and having you
know your sales reps your distributor
partners working with you
um you know folks like jordan like
myself in the business talk to us
talk to others uh talk to your peers on
you know on the cla forums talk to the
individuals that are in the business
right now
see what they’re seeing listen to what
they’re talking about
that’s the secret sauce jordan you know
trying to stay that one step ahead
somebody out there is trying to put you
out of business
right now right or thinking how they can
or a distributor
that’s not in a particular territory
right now is saying i’d love to get in
right let’s find an entrepreneur to come
in and put this in
um so the secret sauce is again not
being complacent
thinking about the things that post
covet are certainly extremely important
to customers
it can be so easy to get complacent this
business doesn’t change
that quickly and it
you know you just get in your routine
where you’re collecting coins you’re
making sure your machines are good
you’re checking in on your employees
and you’re getting the cash flow and
things can get very complacent but i
will tell you that
zombie laundromats are a thing for a
and that reason is that those owners did
not have their eye
on the future they didn’t have a plan
for moving forward as a business
and their laundromats deterior
there’s a lot of r’s in that
because they did not have their eyes on
the future and
i think uh 2020 proved to be
a huge year where that lesson has been
learned by
a lot of different industries and
fortunately for us
our industry wasn’t hit as hard as some
uh but that’s not to say that they’re
you know that that can’t happen to us
too um and things
are beginning to change quicker in our
industry probably at a quicker pace than
this industry has ever
seen uh since the washing machine was
where uh card systems are a thing now
people are starting to
um you know connect uh smart devices
uh up all over their their uh
from their coin machines to uh camera
systems and speakers those kinds of
you know just different payment systems
are are coming into effect there’s a lot
of technology
coming down the pipe right now different
ways of getting data and reporting
uh so just have your eye on the future
uh man join the ranks of the successful
laundromat owners if you’re not there
so those are the seven big themes that i
that i saw show up time and time again
uh over the past seven months i’d love
to hear
if you saw any other themes that came up
that maybe i missed
uh so if you’re on youtube hey leave a
comment down below
if you are listening to this on the
head over to laundromat resource.com
show 37
leave a comment on that page and tell me
what themes you saw
come up and maybe that i missed and i’ll
bring it up in the next episode but
again it was awesome for me to go back
listen to all these podcast episodes as
cringe-worthy as it was to listen to
especially in some of those earlier
middle and later episodes
uh man just hearing these guests and all
their wisdom it just got me
fired up for this podcast got me fired
up to be a part of this community
i hope you’re fired up to be a part of
this community and i cannot
wait again to see what 2021’s gonna
and i i mentioned in the very beginning
there’s some
cool stuff coming down the pipeline so i
want you
to be a part of all of that that’s
coming down the pipeline so
make sure that you are staying in touch
with us subscribe to this
podcast or to this youtube channel
you’re not going to want to miss what’s
coming down 2020 let’s look ahead
uh over the next couple of weeks and see
what is coming down the pipeline and get
excited for it cause i’m so excited
all right this is jordan for the london
resource podcast
we will see you guys again next week
happy 2021
let’s make it happen peace

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