34. This Show Might Revolutionize Your Laundromat Business with Mike Kelly

The creativity is flowing in this interview as Mike Kelly relays his experience and observations in working with not only laundromat owners, but business owners in many other fields, as well. Mike comes to us from Atmosphere.tv, a free cable alternative and digital signage company. He works with businesses such as laundromats, restaurants, bars, and others where customers spend time.

Mike not only talks about the perks of Atmosphere.tv, but he also gives a lot of wisdom about how to create a customer-friendly atmosphere in your store. Environment is often over-looked or under-appreciated, but Mike makes the case that it is crucial to have a positive, customer-friendly atmosphere in your laundromat business to allow your business to perform at maximum capacity.

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In this episode Mike shares:

  • How to best utilize the current state of the world to benefit your business
  • The power of collaboration between businesses
  • Social media tips
  • Setting world records
  • A HUGE opportunity in marketing right now
  • Digital signage
  • The importance of your laundromat’s environment
  • Connecting with other owners and industry professionals

PLUS he gives a special discounted perk to Laundromat Resource Podcast Listeners and more!

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Episode Transcript

hey what’s up guys it’s jordan with the
laundromat resource podcast
this is show number 34. i’m pumped that
you’re here today
today might just revolutionize the way
that you run your laundromat i don’t
i was my wheels were churning almost
this whole
entire show and i think yours will be
too some ideas came out
in fact i do something that i have never
done before in any of these podcasts in
the middle of this
this show so definitely stay tuned for
that and as
always stay tuned to the very end
because i’m going to tell you my key
and action step that i’m going to try to
and i’m going to pester you into picking
one thing from the show to put into
this week uh because i think it’s the
is where success finds you so uh
we’re gonna take something at the end of
the show and put it into action this
all right uh hey i want to give you a
uh just success tip laundry my resource
success tip i’ve been trying to give
these little quick ones the last couple
and this one is um one that i’ve
mentioned already but it’s
hey i’m offering a free zoom call so if
you’re looking for
a coaching call and you’re willing to
jump on a zoom and be recorded it’s for
training purposes
and it may go up for members at some
point i don’t know to be able to kind of
ease drop in
but if that’s something that you’re up
for and it’d be a lot of fun for me
to do it uh just to get to see you face
to face talk through
your questions talk through whatever
issues you have coming up
um or you know whatever’s going on and
and record that to have it for later be
awesome i’ve already done
quite a few of them and they have been
amazing amazing and i
i seriously love doing them so even if
you’ve done a coaching call with me
if you want to do one of these recorded
zoom calls laundromat resource.com
and book a call and you can see right up
there free
zoom coaching call just like that option
and let’s do it it’s a lot of fun
all right that’s your success tip i want
to just remind you
every week jump on those forums uh
that is a good good spot to meet each
other there’s a place
uh an introduction forum where you can
introduce yourself if you haven’t done
that yet let people know who you are
where you’re at on your laundromat
journey get over there
ask a question and to answer a question
and interact with each other because
i genuinely genuinely believe that when
we’re all working together
we’re all going to be better off you’re
going to be more successful
by meeting people on the forums or
uh and so get out there and start doing
it if you’re brand new that’s an awesome
place to go meet
some veterans and uh man jump start your
path to laundromat ownership um
i wanted to just highlight one quick uh
forum post from this last week
it’s just about uncertainty in the
business and that it’s a really really
fascinating fascinating thread uh so
even if you i don’t know for whatever
don’t want to be successful and you
don’t want to interact on the forums get
over there and check out
that um that form there because it’s a
interesting time to be talking about
uncertainty in this business because
there’s just uncertainty
everywhere right now so go jump in on
that discussion go help some people
go ask some people some questions and
get discussing
get mingling over there on the forums uh
okay listen i want to jump into today’s
episode because
it was great so let’s do that right
after this in today’s world
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visit laundromat resource dot com
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information that’s laundromat resource
dot com
slash get online or click on the link in
the description
all right mike how’s it going man thank
you for coming on the show
how you doing good jordan how are you
man i’m doing
awesome it’s super windy here today is
it windy where you are too
you know it’s so sad having stepped
outside yet when it has
worked out really early this morning but
i haven’t even uh
normally at some point during midday i
was you know it’s uh
almost mid morning uh in our time here
at west coast but
uh i haven’t even gone for any sort of
midday walk yet but
that’s something i now look forward to
working on all the time
yeah i mean that’s not atypical anymore
at least for me i think a lot of us are
working at home and
and stuff and so you know and you know
as things shut down again
you know there’s not a whole lot of
reason to leave the house a lot of times
not much to do you you see people
walking the streets looking like
when people have nowhere to go they
don’t have an actual destination you see
them going for walks it feels like
zombieland people are just walking
oh my gosh yeah i was definitely getting
some walking dead
vibes you know earlier especially
you know in l.a and stuff it was like a
ghost town it was crazy yeah it’s
bizarre man
well hey tell us a little bit about who
you are and uh
and then maybe kind of work in how you
right here to probably the pinnacle of
your life on the laundromat resource
podcast undoubtedly the pinnacle of my
but yeah so uh i’m mike kelly i was uh
an early employee an early employee uh
that was
what was originally called chive tv
which is a um
tv network i guess you can call it uh
created specifically for bars and
restaurants with the idea in mind of
what are people watching at bars
when they’re not watching sports um and
kind of up until we launch
you know it’s typically sportscenter
reruns you know
news stations talking heads uh i mean
whatever people can find to
serve some sort of entertainment to
customers and we thought we could make
something better
and so um you know we launched a little
over five years ago now and and that was
the third employee when we started and
uh you know started with our
distribution trying to find uh you know
if this thing is going to work and has
for longevity um long story short uh it
did i mean we we found our way into um
you know a couple hundred then a couple
thousand and now we’re in over ten
thousand businesses
um you know with our flagship channel
chive tv our original channel but
uh we’ve since launched uh 27 new
channels with more on the way
um we’ve got large partnerships with um
groups like uh you know meineke and the
coin laundry association and
um you know several restaurant groups we
do tons of shows and now
we took our bar restaurant concept and
we’ve expanded it into um
you know hundreds of different types of
businesses uh now all over the world
um and it’s been quite quite the growth
we changed the name to atmospheric tv
um you know to kind of reflect uh a lot
of the new things that we’re doing and
kind of speak on
what we do as a business and now you
know again a little over five years
into this thing um you know we’re hoping
uh to go from
you know ten thousand locations to
twenty thousand uh much faster than we
did zero to ten
yeah pretty cool i mean that’s that’s
pretty cool growth
you know for a company but i you know
so you originally had reached out to me
uh the thing that really intrigued me
and why i want to get you
to come on the podcast here is because
uh you know it’s right in the name right
and i i talk a lot about and in fact we
a couple weeks ago we had an episode
um uh our laundromat resource marketing
head ahead of marketing for us
um and we were talking on that show and
i’ve talked on other shows too about how
the the way that your customers feel
when they walk into
their laundromat will determine you know
in large part
whether or not they’re going to keep
coming back to your business it’s not
just laundromats it’s any business right
right you’re really wanting to cultivate
a good atmosphere so that customers have
a really good feeling
um you know associated with your
business and you know you guys changed
your name to atmosphere tv and i mean i
thought it would be a really cool
discussion to talk about atmosphere
in in the laundromat so i thought that
was a cool
kind of connection that i think is
really important and really underrated
yeah and i think it’s um it’s one of
those things that seems as though people
hadn’t really thought much about
and and i’ve been kind of lurking around
the the facebook groups and the forums
and learning more about the laundry
world because
you know frankly when the the you know
pandemic started in in march
um you know i i was kind of tasked with
the the idea to
find some um recession and and pandemic
essential businesses and i stumbled on
laundry and i felt like every time i
rounded the corner and i was driving
around la i saw another laundromat with
the tv and
maybe it was blank or was playing judge
judy or days of our lives or whatever
midday and you know the reality is you
know those things
those types of channels midday don’t do
much for your customer experience in the
you know in the mat um so i stumbled
into a few and you know i saw
a handful of places would have like some
arcade games and some concessions and
and whatever but um you know still it
seemed as though tv was an afterthought
i’d say nine out of ten had tvs if not
um but i don’t think you know they were
necessarily utilizing them the way they
could to the best of their ability um
you know because of the fact that there
aren’t really
very many other options uh besides cable
or running a dvd on a loop or something
like that um
so you know like you were saying it’s no
surprise to anybody that
competition’s high in the laundromat
business you know you know there’s
always another one around the corner
if you’re in a larger city in la new
york chicago i mean any of those types
of places i mean
you know there’s a laundromat around
every corner so it’s about what’s going
to separate you from the one around the
and if it could be something as simple
as changing the content on your tv
to something a little more engaging more
high definition
more fun uh you know something that’s
again not depressing
kova news and politics and the types of
things that make people miserable
you know instead it’s fun stuff stuff
that entertains people stuff that makes
people happy and smile
um and just that minor tweak um to what
you’re doing in your mat as far as the
visuals for your customers
can go a long way for uh improving on
and atmosphere but also result in
better reviews and better customer
experiences and you know we all know
that um
every small business lives and dies off
of those reviews unfortunately
um but that’s how our yelp world exists
yeah yeah and i i like the idea of
positivity into you know into your
your space you know because customers
are spending time in your laundromat
you know in in a significant amount of
time you know an
hour two hours three hours a week
uh sometimes more uh you know that
spending time in your laundromat and you
know having
you know the the news on or having
daytime tv on is not the worst thing in
the world but it’s not really injecting
positivity into your space it’s not
really inject it’s not do it like you
mentioned it’s not doing anything for
your customers
uh you know and and you have an
opportunity to
you have this you know kind of a captive
audience you have an opportunity to
inject some
positivity into that and and more so
uh yeah so that was really intriguing to
me uh
about what you guys are doing can you
tell us just a little bit about
the uh like what’s going on
on on the tv when somebody has your
uh at their at their laundromat yeah
um you know so kind of like you like
what you’re saying a very minor tweak
to something like what the content is on
the tv
uh you know can go a long way for a
business and you know we’re an extremely
visual product so
it’s one of those things that you know
we do our best to explain over a podcast
over interview over
phone call email whatever but when you
see an action you really understand what
it does and
um you know at our most basic level
chive tv was our our flagship channel
uh it’s kind of like our greatest hits
it’s a little bit of everything so it’s
you know goofy viral videos and fails
and surfing dogs and
um you know extreme uh extreme um sports
and stuff like that and basically it’s a
little bit of everything
uh but when we expanded into the new
channels you know we launched a channel
happy tv which is kittens and babies and
puppies and cutesy happy type stuff
that’s impossible not to like
um we’ve got an all animal channel we
have partners like red bull tv and x
games tv and america’s funniest home
um and the way we’ve designed it is it’s
not meant one’s meant to be played
without sound so it sounds
optional um so if you play music in the
mat or you don’t want it to be too loud
you want people to just be able to kind
of peek up at it as they see fit
um you know it’s a good option but
secondly um what it really does is
of course give you that alternative to
you know regular daytime tv programming
but it’s built in in segments so you
don’t have to get you’re not getting
involved in a storyline like you would
if you’re watching some daytime show
um you know if you turn on a daytime
show halfway through you have no idea
what’s going on
these are cut into segments where it’s
just like make you laugh really quickly
um it’s the stuff that people are
already looking at on their phone on
instagram or facebook or whatever with
funny dogs or you know funny videos and
stuff like that
um but we’ve got hundreds of thousands
of hours of it that we’ve licensed
um that we own and um you know we’re
continuing to grow and it’s one of those
again when you see it up and running in
action um you know it can’t help but
make you smile
yeah yeah that’s cool and i like the uh
you know i i like that it
it’s not a storyline based thing
necessarily right because
especially i mean it’s probably not as
big of a deal for a lot of laundromats
kind of during the week some of the
slower days but
you know those busy days you don’t
really want people hanging around
too long you know with their clothes
sitting in the dryer
and you know they’re engrossed in you
know i don’t know days of our lives or
and yeah you know so yeah i like
i like that they’re in in you know
bite-size chunks
so that you know people aren’t getting
sucked in
uh into that right and like you said i
what’s so interesting to me is
laundromats is one of the rare
i mean i don’t know if i could think of
really another i’d say the next closest
thing might be like an oil change
facility where you are stuck there
whether you like it or not for an hour
and a half two hours right um
you know you don’t get that when you go
to a bar bar you can get up and leave
whenever you want um you don’t get that
when you go to a
casino or a gym like all those places
you kind of have the freedom to come and
go as you see please and not that a
laundromat’s blocking the inside or
anything but
chances are you’re not going to want to
run away from your clothing um or or
you’re cleaning and so uh you’ve got you
know an hour and a half let’s call it
of a really captive audience we’ll get
you know into digital signage and things
and benefits of
that type of thing a little bit later
but you’ve got an hour and a half of the
captive audience to be able to
one create a better environment and
engage them and create a good atmosphere
but two
you know hopefully create a revenue
driving stream for you
to be able to take advantage of the eyes
that our channels attract
yeah yeah i love that and i i do want to
talk about digital signage here in a
but you know i i thought i would take
this kind of opportunity
to i mean you you’ve been doing this for
a while
and you uh have been you know in a lot
of different businesses
laundromats and otherwise um what are
you know what are some things that
you’re seeing people do to
you know just create uh you know a
positive atmosphere a good atmosphere
for people
yeah well i mean you know i can speak on
the tv side and i know
a lot of people have been fully cutting
uh one as a business cost
you know option or as far as cutting
costs for your business but
um you know it gets a little tricky you
know there are some businesses that do
require cable and need cable if you’re a
sports bar and
you know you show sports you know you
can use us to supplement your cable just
like any business could
um you know but what a lot of people are
doing especially now these days are
trying to find ways to
um you know if you are open indoor
dining or have tvs outside or whatever
finding ways to to keep butts and seats
and keep people sitting around a little
bit longer
um and you know whereas it’s not
necessarily as relevant to a
laundromat because there’s no beers to
buy unless there’s a laundromat beer
which i’m
unaware of but if there is please shoot
me the address yeah
there’s you know it’s not going to get
people to sit longer and have an extra
beer but
what it could do is turn their eyes to
something that you that
you know you’re trying to upsell them or
you’re trying to make them aware of or
um you know if you want them to go get a
coffee at the coffee next coffee shop
next door
and bring it over you know you can
partner with that coffee shop and again
that goes a little bit more into digital
signage but
you know when it comes to changes people
are making now is so interesting because
you know it depends on whether or not
you have a marketing team a marketing
budget and
you know i’ve seen a mom and pop
business figure it out and say all right
we’re gonna do
um something really specific to go let’s
say we give you all the ingredients and
make a pizza and you take it to go right
that’s like kind of a different kind of
customer experience thing
um as far as as well as like cocktails
to go and things like that
um but larger places with some um you
know bigger
marketing dollars or maybe a full
marketing team um you know have doubled
down on
a lot of different types of options you
know a lot of them are
are highlighting new menu items creating
new menu items and maybe dumming down
their menu i mean it’s one of those rare
with this whole pandemic where people
can kind of take a step back and analyze
if they have the you know the financial
means to hold on
they can kind of take a step back and
analyze what’s been working and what’s
and that’s important because i used to
run a side business as well and i
remember thinking when this whole thing
and everything was shut down at that
point i didn’t have the business anymore
but i remember thinking like it would
kind of be great to have
had that business right now because my
focus when i was running that and when a
lot of people running businesses is you
know you got to keep going keep going
keep going keep going you never really
have a chance to stop
by necessity or force like this county
or space tells you to stop you don’t
have an option
and reassess what you’ve been doing
whether what you’re doing
works or doesn’t work instead you know i
had a peanut butter company and we’re
always focused on
making more making more making more new
flavors new flavors new flavors
rather than seeing what’s been working
what’s not um because
you know it’s all about getting to the
next step so um you know if you do have
that luxury of
again i said that wrong it’s not a
luxury but if you do have you know you
are shut down you don’t have a choice
um you know rather than you know
continue to do what you’ve been doing
all these years it’s a great opportunity
uh you know reassess what you’ve been
doing and maybe look into trying some
new things
yeah i think that’s a huge uh a huge
right there because you know we ca it’s
really easy to get caught up in working
you know in your business all the time
making sure all the machines are working
making sure
you know all the bills are paid making
sure the changers are
you know full of quarters making sure
your coin boxes aren’t getting too full
or whatever the case there’s just so
many different things that you know
working with employees all that and i
love what you’re saying is to take this
to take a step back to slow down for a
second and work on your business assess
what’s working assess
you know what’s not working and and make
some changes right now
you know it’s kind of that silver lining
of the dark dark cloud of 2020 right is
yeah slow down and work on your business
and figure out how to make it better how
to make that customer experience better
how to make things run more efficiently
i like what you’re saying about you know
i got my gears turning a little bit when
you’re talking about
restaurants that are you know dumbing
things down that are packaging things
and it started making me think like what
could we do as laundromat owners
um you know to to do the same thing and
you know i think
uh you know
there’s a lot of opportunity to kind of
think through that i’m not sure that i
answered right now but i think
everybody’s gear should be turning like
how can i
you know take a cue from those
restaurants and you know package
i don’t know maybe you put together a
package of you know here’s
exactly how much detergent you need with
fabric softener and i don’t know or
you know or here’s a pick up and
delivery package you know that’s
you know buy six uh you know six pickup
and deliveries for the cost of
five or four or whatever um but thinking
of ways to simplify things so that
customer experience
is just so much better when things are
simple they’re very clear
and they’re easy for you to implement
and to keep going and to promote and
and i don’t know you just got my gears
turned in when you were talking about
yeah well i mean again there’s so many
laundromats are sit inside of like a
strip mall or like minimal area where
you have neighbors and you have people
um you know alongside you who
often times are small business owners as
well and i mean you know every every
place is uniquely different but
uh you know you can most definitely
knock on those doors and say hey like i
know we’re at laundromat and you’re a
sandwich shop and we have nothing in
common but
you know maybe there’s a way that we
might be able to help one another and
and you know it’s
it sounds cheesy but it’s like you know
helping helping your neighbor and
finding a way to um you know
hopefully uh improve both of your
um you know not not taking advantage of
the pandemic by any means but
you know this is something you know we
never thought it made sense for um
you know joe’s laundromat to partner
with fred’s pizza down the street but
maybe it does and maybe you offer
special rates to
uh people sitting in the laundry matter
or you know buy two slices to get a free
drink type thing you know there’s a lot
of um
of options available where you can pass
your customers to
you know a a partner business down the
street and hopefully they can park
pass their customers down to you yeah
and i think it’s that kind of creative
thinking and that kind of
working together that’s going to keep
some businesses alive right like
that you know sharing
sharing customers and sharing uh
almost like having a like i don’t know
i’m working together i guess
is uh it just makes everybody
stronger and i like the idea of you know
taking a look in your
um in your strip center or or just the
businesses around kind of the area that
your laundromat is in and saying okay
is there a way that we can creatively
work together that’s going to benefit
you and it’s going to benefit
me you know and it’s going to benefit
the customer
um you know by working together and
especially right now where
you know we kind of need to pull
together as business owners because some
businesses are really thriving right now
but a lot of businesses are
are hurting you know right right yeah
and it’s uh you know again every every
situation is going to be uniquely
different because every
mat is set up differently in different
parts of the country different parts of
the world
some you know some have 100 tvs some
have none and
some have neighbors some don’t you know
again it’s always case by case but
um you know we live in a digital world
as well where you can take advantage of
social media and you can take advantage
um you know the the very idea that uh
people are looking for you online
so you know the easy thing is to pay for
search engine optimization and get on
the first page of google like i know
everybody wants to
um but the other thing is you know i i
follow a handful of laundromats
you know on instagram and things like
that but um you know frankly speaking
for the most part they’re just kind of
you know photos of my mat and photo you
know it’s it’s there’s less engagement i
and it could be just for the very fact
that um you know
laundromats aren’t like a sexy social
media business you know to be quite
honest i don’t think
that’s news to anybody so well i will
say that there are
a quite a few pictures on instagram and
other places
of people doing photo sexy photo shoots
in laundromat
so there’s that that is true so maybe
that i mean you can think of it like
that maybe use your laundry mat
i’ve seen uh you know you i know you’re
down in orange county and spent some
time in la and
um you know i know that you drive five
places all the time in la and it says
space available for film filming and
you know maybe it’s one of those things
where you contact studios you know if
you live in la or new york a place where
they’re shooting a lot of film
and you say hey my laundry mat’s
available to you to rent for the day
as a new revenue stream or you know the
list goes on or for photo shoots i had
you know yeah i had a there’s a movie on
it’s a short
movie on amazon prime right now that was
filmed partially in one of my
laundromats so
it it’s definitely a thing i also like
you know i’ll offer my modeling services
if anybody needs some photos
i got a couple different speedos that i
could throw on
and you’re looking for social media
content you just
give me an email let me know yeah yeah i
hey the offer is out there people so uh
you guys need somebody
tighty whities i know he does it all oh
well hey i mean you brought yeah
just turned off the podcast right now um
uh i mean you brought up social media
and it is difficult i think for
laundromats to figure out
you know there are some lottermats doing
some some good stuff on like instagram
and social media stuff
but it is difficult you i mean you
brought it up you got any tips
for people trying to post on social
yeah i mean i i i kind of i kind of
don’t hate the idea of what you talked
about with you know i
and i hate um i i hate the our
influencer culture but it’s but it’s
part of what it is i mean
uh when you’re living in a town like
like like la and
and and bigger type cities where if you
can find people to come in and shoot in
your laundromat like you should
um i remember one of the things i was
trying to do you know when i had the the
peanut butter company was
i was like what can i do to to stand out
amongst the rest you know peanut at that
time and still
nut butter is a crowded category you go
to any grocery store there’s a hundred
different brands
and um you know i said what can i do to
stand out amongst the rest and so i
wanted to set a guinness world record
so i mean i’m sure there are laundromat
related laundry related guinness world
records that
you can either create or set um and i
mean you’re putting yourself
on the map just like that i mean that’s
a a great way to grab some local
attention i’m sure you can get a news
um uh uh outlet to come record any
sort of guinness world record attempt um
my attempt if you’re wondering
was the um most peanut butter and jelly
is eaten in under three minutes uh
which i achieved although guinness uh
then disqualified me for a technicality
uh which we don’t need to go into but i
was uh
that was like nonetheless that that um
just that act and i did it in a public
venue where i had a lot of people
watching and i had bloggers there and i
invited people
um it created a little bit of buzz and
people started to learn about us and
learn what we were doing and um you know
it was
number one it was fun because there was
an eating thing um you know
but i’m sure there’s something in the
laundry world uh
that would be equally as cool um you
know and i don’t know what it is but
there’s you know that’s that’s one of
those things that can kind of get the
wheels turning a little bit when it
comes to being a little more creative
and what you’re doing
uh online for your mat yeah i love love
love that idea of
um utilizing influencers it doesn’t have
to be like
mega you know four million
follower influencers although it can be
but i mean it’s it’s an extension of
word of mouth right because people
people trust influencers and
so having them come to a shoot at your
you know you don’t it it does kind of
put you on the map
and there are influencers everywhere you
know one of the benefits of
you know youtube instagram whatever you
don’t have to live in hollywood you
don’t have to be on broadway to be
famous you know you can be famous and
you know omaha nebraska you can be
famous wherever
right like it doesn’t matter so you know
looking for for people who can come in
and then you know advertising it you
know maybe not with paid ads necessarily
maybe but um you know getting that on
your social media stuff
and just letting people know it will be
an attractant to people
um so i like and i love the creativity
of trying to break a world
record or just doing fun things that
again it kind of just sets a fun
atmosphere for your business
and lets people know hey you’re doing
stuff you’re having fun doing it
and you’re you know you’re there you’re
on the map it’s pretty cool i like those
ideas yeah
could you imagine you know i know you
said you’re you’re math partially in a
movie on amazon like could you imagine
if that was a um
you know that became like a huge
blockbuster hit and it turns out that
that’s your laundromat that brad pitt
and bradley cooper are walking into
whatever it might be you know like
that’s something that puts you that is
is now um cemented in the history of
your business forever
um and i’m sure you know i don’t know
how you came across that but i’m sure
there’s a lot of um people who need to
you know maybe actively reach out to
local students and it could be you know
it doesn’t matter like i said la’s
obviously a great place for it um but
people shoot commercials
and things like that all over the
country and there’s a lot of brands who
are based
in um you know the middle of the country
as well where it’s like you know you
might not think that
cole’s headquarter is in milwaukee you
know wisconsin but it is
um and they shoot there all the time and
so it’s you know
again it’s finding local places who
might need your space
that’s a great opportunity and then you
know you mentioned that you don’t need
to have a influencer who comes over and
has a million followers but
there’s also this idea of grassroots
marketing where it’s you know micro
influencers whereas people
you know maybe um you know this isn’t
necessarily relevant to the laundry roll
but let’s say it’s like a running group
who’s got a running group of 50 people
who meet
every few days or every every week or
something those
that group of micro influencers is now
speaking for the brand that they’re
wearing or the shoes they’re wearing or
their drinks they’re drinking and
they’ve created like a subculture of
um without having you know what being
one person who’s got a million followers
yeah and i love the idea of you know
even even like a uh like a mom blogger
or something like that who’s local
in your area who’s going to have or or
facebook group admins of you know your
your clients and you know if you can
figure out
how to make their like it for example if
there’s like a if there’s like a mom
facebook group or something like that if
you can figure out how to make their
life easier for them
and then have the admin you know
vouch for you or come do a you know a
video or a photo
shoot or something for what they’re
doing that’s going to benefit them
you know all of a sudden that’s an
influencer who you’re making their life
and the people that they’re serving if
you can figure out how to make their
life easier
they’re going to naturally promote you
and vouch for you
and that’s that’s huge i don’t see that
ever in the laundromat industry and i
think that’s right untapped market
that’s really interesting that i mean
there’s no you know moms with with kids
i mean there’s no
dirtier people on the planet than than
you know five-year-olds
if you want to if you want to like show
it you know maybe
i i’ve got this vision in my head of a
kid eating spaghetti all over themselves
and it’s like oh i could wash this
myself or i could take it to a place
that’s going to professionally do it
it’s going to turn out well and
you know again i don’t know we’re we’re
stippling ideas and the wheels are
turning but
um you know i don’t know exactly how
that looks in this specific uh
laundry map but it sounds like you’re
right like a group of mom bloggers
who talk to one another and have kids
are just looking to
um you know find the best ways to be
healthier the coolest local dry cleaning
place or
you know you think about partnering with
um you know local condo complexes and
apartments and
places that might not already have
on-site laundry uh
and offering special rates for offering
pickup or you know there’s a million
different things i think it’s um
you know i think then this could happen
in any business again you get
you get into your routine where it’s
like i gotta check my machines and i
gotta check my air conditioning i gotta
make sure this works right and that
works right and my
you know maybe you’re 24 hours and
you’re worried about security or
um you don’t take the time to really sit
down reassess and think a little bit
outside the box and try something new
um because it’s the old uh you know
adapt or die
mentality that everybody has to have for
every business um because very few are
gonna survive
30 40 50 years by doing the same thing
over and over and over
right yeah and i mean what you just said
sparked in me
like i don’t know if a lot of people in
our in the laundromat industry really
know how um bloggers work and how
bloggers make their money but a lot of
the way that they’re making their money
is through affiliate
um affiliate commissions basically and
so they’ll
send business to a brand and that brand
gives them
a little cut of of the sale basically
you know one of the things i it just
sparked in my mind when you were talking
is i don’t see this happening anywhere
is setting up an affiliate program for
like a drop-off service or a pickup and
delivery service where
yeah you know you give you give an
influencer or a micro influencer
a promotion code basically and if they
choose to promote
it and they get you know people come
into your business
you know to do their drop-off laundry or
to do pick-up and delivery laundry
you know you can give them a little
percentage of that sale
as like a basically there’s like a
marketing fee or a referral fee yeah
commissioning more or less
and it benefits them it motivates them
to promote your business
for you and it’s no money out of your
pocket up front
you know the trick is just finding the
right influencers with the right
demographics that are going to be you
utilizing your service and somebody
who’s going to want to benefit from
you know promoting your service and then
the trick is you know
obviously providing good service uh you
know from there but
that’s it i have never seen anyone in
the laundromat industry doing that even
though it’s a
widely used practice in a lot of other
industries yeah and just about
everything else i mean
how many times have you scrolled through
the social media and seen
i’ll use this discount code it’s not
because they’re being nice it’s because
they’re getting money back you know it’s
like they
you use my code like you know mike
kelly20 to get 20
off whatever uh you know again it’s not
because they just like
most of the time it’s not because they
just like the brand it’s because they’re
getting money kicked back you know it’s
um and to your point i’ve never you know
you’re you’re
way more well-versed in laundromat of
course but um
i’ve never seen it either and um you
know it’s one of the that’s one of those
things of many things that we’ll talk
about where
you can try it and if it works great if
it doesn’t you try something else you
know that that’s that’s with any
um you know it’s not the next decision
you make is not the last decision
uh i think a lot of people have that
mentality if i make this decision
there’s no going back
um that’s not the case so you make a
decision you try it
it doesn’t work watch your hands clean
move on to the next decision you know
move on to the next opportunity and try
something new
yeah yeah huge dude i just got totally
excited i just feel like
i feel like this conversation just
opened up
a whole new world from the laundromat
industry like
i seriously feel like that because i
don’t see people doing
any of these things like almost ever
right i’ve seen people shoot commercials
you know for their
laundromat or their or their pickup and
delivery service i’ve seen people run
online ads
i and maybe somebody out there is doing
it but i have never seen it or heard of
anyone even
talking about it so yeah yeah here we
are over here just
innovating and that’s how it goes yeah
yeah and the mom idea i love man i’m the
mom idea i love and i don’t i don’t have
kids of my own i’m not married or
but i i know that moms create especially
new moms create this a lot of
communities of
commonality because you know they share
a very obvious common
bond over being you know new moms and
and struggles and all that
um but then these a lot of these blogs
become very very popular and people
latch on to them and
and they um you know i’ve seen it
actually i’ve seen it online i think
about it with like
you know um women who have kids and
maybe they did something prior but now
they have kids and
companies have contacted them to say hey
like i’m gonna send you a bunch of these
baby clothes like would you mind popping
on your web
instagram and telling you where you got
it or whatever um
and there’s no reason you can’t do the
same thing with with laundry i mean you
just got to be
semi-creative i mean it’s not uh it’s
the more i’m thinking about the more i’m
like wow this is it’s actually a really
simple concept
it’s super simple and you know here’s
the thing is like you know we have
my my fam with my family we have a
little we have an instagram account
and i mean we don’t have that many
followers we have maybe
1200 followers 1300 followers or
whatever nothing big
but we’ve had brands send us like we
somebody sent us like a laser tag
set right and we just we took a pretty
sweet family photo with our laser tag
set and we played laser tag in the
backyard a little bit
and posted it and it was free and we got
to do it and it was awesome for us but
it was good for them too because
yeah even if you know even if they don’t
get a lot of even if one person who saw
out of our 1200 or whatever people
followers that we have
bought the laser tag set it was well
worth it for them right
and so the same thing is true for us and
you don’t have to find people that have
like anybody can do it right if somebody
has 200 followers on instagram and they
promote your
your code you know for their their
affiliate thing
and you get one customer dude that’s
that’s one customer that you didn’t have
before that’s awesome
and that’s another opportunity for word
of mouth to spread about your business
yeah and it goes back to you we
mentioned earlier you know your your
micro influencer culture
where um you know you’ve got 1200
followers but it’s less you know it’s
less about
having a million followers and more you
know it’s almost like they’d prefer to
have 1200
uh engaged um real people following
uh than a million you know unengaged you
know when you see
if i see kim kardashian post something
you know for some brand
i’m like wow she must have got paid
really well good for her i’m not like
that’s a great product
if i see somebody i know who’s got
1200 1500 2 000 followers and aren’t an
and are maybe find a product that’s cool
one it gives me the opportunity to
message them privately and say hey is
this actually cool or
are you just like getting a few bucks
and two you know it’s way more
believable it just feels
um uh it just feels more grassroots and
it feels more
um uh it just feels more real than what
you get with some of these
um professionally modeled shots where
it’s like
you know i obviously wanted to shoot for
this company who gave me a discount and
you know i’m never gonna wear this weird
fitness tracker ever again or whatever
it is
um you know there’s a level of
authenticity especially when it’s from a
family you know
it’s you are going to believe a family
versus a a single person you know you
family people are decent people yeah
yeah bad assumption
for our family i’m just kidding totally
dude i don’t know man i just got super
excited about this is not where i
thought our conversation was going
and this is yeah we started going yeah
this is this was awesome dude
uh and i you know hey if if you’re
listening to this right now
chances are you’re probably not doing
much of this if any at all
but it’s definitely something to be work
worth looking into right now
and especially you know as we might have
a little more downtime
in in certain arenas to be working on
our business and exploring
new ideas and trying out some new things
to try to drum up more business this is
an awesome opportunity to do that
okay listen i know we’re in the middle
of the podcast right now but i just
needed to take
a second and stop and pause because my
has been churning this whole episode
and this idea of uh you know tapping on
the shoulders of
influencers and micro influencers
has it just really got me intrigued
for people who uh are running pick-up
and delivery services or drop-off
i think there’s an awesome opportunity
to do
some sort of affiliate or affiliate type
to essentially recruit a sales force for
free of charge and you just pay them for
their performance
man if that is something that you are
interested in exploring more about
uh us at laundromat resource marketing
john and i
and uh one other member that you’ll be
meeting a little bit later
have kind of put our heads together and
started thinking a little bit
more about this and how it could work
and we’ve come up with some really
unique and good ideas so if that’s
something that you’re interested
maybe even just trying out trying to do
some affiliate
uh marketing for you or pick up a
delivery or
drop off service just shoot me an email
j-o-r-d-a-n at laundromat resource.com
put in the subject affiliate and uh
you know we’ll chat because we have some
ideas and we would love to
maybe see if some of these things we can
get them off the ground because i really
that there is a huge huge untapped
potential in
this marketing they’re using it in a lot
of other
industries and i don’t know of anyone
else who’s using it
in laundromats all right sorry to
interrupt the podcast let’s get right
back into it
cool well can we circle back around uh
talking about
digital signage what is it and
you know how how could it be used in in
a laundromat how’s that benefit a
yeah so so now that we’re we’re off
social media and back to tv
um we can kind of talk about an ambiance
digital signage is is kind of you know a
lot of people
a lot of people for years have have done
print right where it’s you you print a
thousand flyers and you pass them out
you print flyers and you post them in
your and your mat
the reality is engagement with a
poster is very very low um for the
idea and reason that posters are not
exciting nobody has been like wow what a
great poster
right they’re stationary yeah not since
right not since jaws
came out did people say wow that’s a
great poster you know that’s the only
one i can think of the jaws had coming
up but
um you know that’s just the reality of
the times and
with so many affordable digital options
to capture people’s eyes
um you know digital signage is a great
um a service that will allow you
especially if you if you own multiple
to send uh information promotions images
videos whatever you want
across all your locations without having
to spend a ton of money on print
waste a ton of time going matte to mat
and posting that print material onto
your um
wall and you know what it is is a lot of
will give themselves a pat on the back
for saying look i posted a
poster on the wall about our fluff and
fold but nobody you know
there’s no real way to um understand the
engagement there
um you know kind of what what we do is
with our digital signage is
we do a great job of attracting people’s
eyes and so you know you could be pretty
certain that when people are in your mat
and our content’s running people are
gonna be looking at it
and we set ad blocks for our partners to
have the ability to drop their digital
in between our content so we attract the
eyes and you feed them the messaging
um you know it’s easy to pop um you know
some photos or whatever specials on a
usb stick and plug it into a tv and have
a static billboard in the corner
and say look at me i did digital signage
you know pack myself on the back type of
but again that goes back to the very
idea that a static billboard
whether it’s print or digital is not
digital signage integrated within high
engaging content is how you’re going to
get people to actually engage with what
you’re trying to promote
yeah i like that and we could talk you
know after this about
you know if you wanted some images of me
and the speedo to attract some eyes so
we can
yeah we’ll get there we’ll get there
yeah i’ve already uh i’ve already put
that in the back of my head
okay good yeah unfortunately yeah yeah
sorry about that
but i’m not coming out ever i’ve made my
uh no i mean i love that because i i do
think that you’re
that you’re right that i mean it’s the
way that
tv works right it’s create engaging
content create a storyline create a show
and kind of in the midst of that you
drop in
what you want people to to hear what you
want people to know right but you have
their attention
and your your uh in all at the same time
kind of creating uh an atmosphere that
puts your your signage your ad that you
want to drop in
into a context of you know positive
feelings and
and again it’s a lot of this is about
how customers are feeling
as they’re engaging with your business
as they’re engaging with your
and so i i like that and i think that
um you know the digital signage that
i’ve seen
in laundromats first of all there’s not
a lot of it going on
uh there and there are some and more
than there used to be but there’s not a
lot at
right now but the digital signage that i
do see it
are is that like static slideshow where
it’s just kind of shuffling through
you know half a dozen or a ten you know
and you know that have different ads and
it’s maybe
somebody might glance at it but it’s not
keeping their attention they’re not
really engaging with it at all so right
like that and the key
yeah and what i what we kind of find is
the key is is the ability to change on
the fly too and
because um you know we’re web-based and
so it’s not you know you don’t have to
change a slide
and plug it back into the tv um you know
you could be on vacation in hawaii and
send messages to your
to your match um you know all from your
computer um
so you know that’s that’s a great
flexible benefit as well so it goes back
to what we were saying earlier you know
you try something and let’s say it works
or it doesn’t work
you have the ability to shift and try
something else so if your fluff and vote
special that you’re trying to promote
on wednesdays isn’t benefiting you the
way you’d hoped now you can try
a new marketing uh uh opportunity onto
your screens
with your digital signage and you know
you don’t need to be a um
graphic designer to create you know good
engaging signage um you know again we
were able to
kind of do all that for you um with some
templates that we provide but
um you know it’s everybody at some point
i always tell patient people to kind of
picture it like this and everybody at
some point i said hey how cool would it
be if
one day we’re big enough to run uh
commercials on tv
like you know you see a car dealership
or whatever and some maps are able to do
it you know depending on what it costs
um but now you know with digital signage
you can run commercials
within your mat um you know and now
you’ve got
your own commercials running on your tvs
with people in your mat you know the
idea is that people are already in there
you know
your anything that you run in there
isn’t going to try to get people in
because they’re
there the idea is that anything that
you’re running on that tv
while they’re in there because again
you’ve got that hour and a half of
captive audience
um should be doing something to either
make people aware of something whether
it’s a special feature event anything
like that
promote a business next door who maybe
you can um offer them
you know hey pay me 50 bucks a month and
i’ll run your ads on my tv so they come
over and buy lunch
you know if you get creative with it
we’ve had a lot of people do that which
we weren’t really expecting at the
beginning but
we’ve had a lot of people say hey i went
to oil change place across the street
and said hey i’ll run your ad on my
you know every 20 minutes or 30 minutes
or every hour or every three minute
you know they choose to do um and
promote your
your oil change place or you know the
list goes on you can do a million
different things with it
all you have to do is be you know
semi-savvy or willing to put in like a
little bit of effort
um you know to be able to provide some
cool options for people
um you know to create a new revenue
stream yeah i like
that and i like the i like the ability
to promote the services you want your
to do so you know for example if you
want them to start dropping off their
laundry you can run
ads with that but i mean i’m thinking
like shoot man if i
you know if i charge businesses in my
area you know 50 bucks a month
to run you know an ad however many times
an hour or whatever at my laundromat
you know even even 10 of those
you know that’s 500 extra bucks right
there and that’s not only putting money
in my pocket but it’s also increasing
the value of my business because i
you know i’m bringing in more money so i
think that’s awesome yep
yeah i mean i always think of uh you
know growing up there was always like
local ads and like the local newspaper
that i don’t know what the rate was for
those but
you know when i would open the local
newspaper and going through the sports
section whatever and you see like a tiny
little ad for some bagel shop in new
jersey i’m saying
okay like i saw this but i’m not really
engaged with it like
maybe i recognize that it’s there and
i’m sure it costs way more than um you
know whatever
somebody would charge the local pizza
shop or a coffee place or oil change
um you know but the nice part is you’re
able to set those rates you know we we
provide you with the framework and you
know you’re able to
you know see how far you can take it a
lot of people have hired
um you know a young kid a high school
kid or whatever to go knock on doors and
say hey like
you know create a little sell sheet and
say you know for ten dollars a month
we’ll run your ad for 30 days or for
fifty dollars a month or run your ad for
um you know every hour for for
two months or whatever you know whatever
you decide to put together um the
possibilities really are endless you
know of course
promoting things within the mat is great
you know upselling
you know uh services and things like
that is great um but you know you don’t
have that much to upsell
or you want to use it in a different way
um you know
digital signage is a great flexible
option uh you know to be able to promote
some some local other businesses as well
yeah that’s that’s pretty cool and i
think that there’s some opportunity for
some creativity
within the digital signage that
uh at least i hadn’t really considered
so i got got my wheels spinning again
and again i mean like you mentioned it
just can be another revenue stream and
one of the things i love about
laundromats is that
there are a lot of streams of revenue
possible when you own a laundromat you
know people think of obviously the wash
and dry
you know self-service revenue you know
maybe even drop
off or pick up a delivery services but
there’s a lot of you know
smaller but significant revenue services
you know such as having an atm machine
that has fees or
you know gumball machine whatever the
case may be
um but that’s just another you know
potential stream to have
you know revenue coming in and it’s it
can be relatively
cheap i mean tvs are relatively cheap
these days you know so yeah i mean you
get tv for 200 bucks at costco you know
and if you’re using it for um yeah and i
i mentioned this to a gentleman
yesterday is because you know you don’t
he’s worried about theft and i’m like
yeah you know there is always the risk
of your tv that’s taken off the wall
i understand that yeah but it’s few and
far between from what we’ve ever heard
um and more so i think thieves now are
like well
tvs are so cheap like and this is like a
65-inch sony you know three thousand
dollar tv and it’s very obvious that’s
been spent on tv
i don’t think that’s where they’re going
when it turns when it comes to stealing
stuff from a mat so
the the cost is relatively low and i
think the return on not only customer
but hopefully you know with digital
signage revenue
generation is um you know will pay for
easily and i know we you know we talked
offline earlier and um i know this is
since we started our relationship with
coin laundry association um i know this
was an initiative that they
were looking into some years back so
much so that um
you know they also attended the digital
signage expo which which we were at
um you know in the hopes of creating
kind of a network of their own
um and then you know our relationship
started and
and they said you know you’re basically
doing what we were trying to do a few
years back
and um you know we do it for a living so
it’s uh you know it’s kind of
um you know it the the relationship has
been synonymous and it’s really been uh
so far so good and we’re we’re in you
know several hundreds of laundry mats
now in in just a few months
yeah yeah that’s pretty cool i like that
well can you uh i
have a couple questions we have a couple
segments that i want to get to in a
second but
real quick before we get to that can you
tell me what is it
uh you know for for atmosphere tv what
does it look like what do you need
um you know how much does it cost what
you know tell me some of the details
about it sure yeah so we we offer
our service uh we provide the service
and the device um
for free uh all you need is a
tv uh and a wi-fi signal so as long as
you have halfway decent wi-fi that’s in
halfway decent shape
uh you’re good to go um you know for
listeners of this podcast and for coin
laundry association members we waive the
setup fee
um which is normally 99 bucks we waive
that fee
and allow our you know our laundry map
partners to to
use it at no cost um and that’s for our
basic service and basically what the
basic service provides is
is the entertainment channel so so some
something that’s going to provide you
something much more fun and different
and exciting than what we were saying
earlier depressing coven news and
politics and
trump this biden that and something a
little more a little more happy and
entertaining for your customers now
secondly um our digital signage feature
uh we offer that for
50 bucks a month um and you know you
could look at a couple different ways
you know you know if you choose that or
if you find cable
to be you know an unnecessary uh and
maybe obnoxious
operating cost uh you know use our
service for 50 bucks a month
and now you’ve got an ad network built
within your own mat
that is now hopefully a new revenue
driver um
you know for for not only one
entertaining your customers and creating
that good
experience but you know two giving you
the ability to promote things within
and uh you know even even outside of
your facility if you choose to
you know use digital signage in that way
so you need a tv and an internet
connection and that’s
that’s pretty much it that’s pretty much
it we make it as simple as possible we
provide the device
um you know we provide the hardware and
the service and we’ve you know of course
we have
customer support available six days a
week if there’s any issues or problems
um you know we we’re so confident in
what we do
um you know not not to two to our own
horn but that’s why we’re able to offer
the service in the device
you know at no cost um our return rate
is super low and when we do get returns
mostly because you know the wi-fi wasn’t
sufficient enough to support it
um you know that’s more often than not
the case if we do get a return but
once you see an action you see the way
your customers respond to it again it’s
not the type of thing that you
are required to cut cable for you know
it’s not like comcast or directv
where you can only have one you can’t
have the other type of thing um you know
we’re a great option for supplementing
cable too
so you know if you like having your
cable subscription
um and you want to be able to have the
ability to not have judge judy and
during the day but you want to have
sports uh you know at night if there’s a
football game or something like that
you know you have that ability you can
do that um you know without ever costing
you any money
awesome awesome awesome um
at the very end i’m going to give you an
opportunity to share how people can get
in touch with you if they’re interested
in this
which you probably should be interested
at least checking it out
sounds like a really awesome option uh
but before we get to that
uh we had a little section called secret
listen up it’s the secret sauce and
secret sauce is this
if if you have a tip for current
laundromat owners that’s going to help
them maybe improve their atmosphere
or improve their business you know what
have you
you know seen other businesses do or
other laundromats doing that seems to be
working you know what what tip can you
throw uh
towards the current laundromat owner
sure you know i i obviously speak on tv
because it’s what i do
and um i think when you spread it out
we actually just had uh we have we
pulled the numbers the other day and and
last year
we’ve we saved uh companies you know
many of our locations over two hundred
thousand dollars just last year
in cable fees by using our service and
cutting cable and that was kind of a
number and we had one customer in
particular who was well over thirty
thousand dollars and save cable fees
because they own multiple locations
um you know 20 30 locations whatever it
might be
and they felt that you know cable was
not essential to
their operation and what they do um and
so they said you know we’ll run your
it doesn’t cost us anything you know we
run your channels it’s great
um and you know when you spread it out
across the course of several years
several months
several locations you know you have 10
locations and you’re paying let’s say
100 bucks a month and you’re talking a
thousand dollars a month in cable fees
times 12 months
you do the math and about how much money
you can save over the course of a year
uh or several years by by cutting your
cable service and
we’re at the point now where it’s no
secret that you know people cut cable at
home you know i haven’t had cable in
years and i’m just fine
um it’s a little trickier in a business
setting um because there’s only a
certain amount of
services out there that are meant for
commercial use
obviously we’d be us being one of them
because you know you can’t show netflix
in a bar because someone’s gonna knock
on your door and send you a fine
um you know theoretically you can’t do
any of those types of things any sort of
commercial setting
um you know because you’re you’re
putting yourself i guess that risk of
of being fine but uh in my opinion you
know i guess my secret sauce
uh uh a thought and and and advice would
if you again if you find cable to be an
unnecessary operating cost
uh and you own multiple locations or
maybe just on one location you’re trying
to save a few bucks a month
uh you know we’re a great way to do it
without losing
quality content you know without playing
a dvd on loop
um you know without popping movies in or
something like that you know
our channels are updated every week the
content’s second to none um you know
we’ve got amazing partners
and uh you know if you’re looking for a
good cost saving technique
i think cutting cable is a great way to
do it awesome
great secret sauce and you know what i
what i like about it
is uh obviously you’re you’re
saving that money and so that’s more
cash flow in your pocket
every month that you’re saving but you
talk about all the time the way that
laundromats are valued is they’re valued
based on their net
income so you know if
if you’re reducing expenses you’re
increasing the equity the value of your
laundromat and if you compare that with
you know bringing in a little more
income through digital signage well
you’re increasing your income
decreasing your expenses and uh you’re
just winning all the way around you’re
putting money in your pocket
you’re filling your net worth bucket
it’s just oh man
beautiful yep that’s right um all right
well we have another section that we
pro tips pro tips
and pro tips is for maybe the people who
don’t own a laundromat yet who are
looking maybe to buy their first
one and i know we’ve been talking a lot
you know when you when you own one i
don’t know do you have any tips for
someone who’s maybe looking to buy their
first laundromat
yeah well it’s funny because it sounds
like from what i’ve gathered with in a
lot of the conversations
you know i you see in a lot of these
laundromats laundromat forums and groups
uh you know i i know that you know um
how i found you was
uh in that laundromat facebook group
where i’ve learned more about
laundromats in the past six months than
i ever thought i would care to learn and
never thought i would learn
and uh more often than not you know it’s
people talking about their
their you know they’re having a tech
issue or whatever and when you look at
it could be something that maybe you and
i have no idea about maybe it’s like a
really mechanical type thing
and you look and there’s 60 comments uh
fellow laundromat owners who are just
interested in helping
somebody else succeed um you know so if
i’m if i’m looking to buy a mat and i’m
interested in it
um the first thing i would say is get
involved in these forums join the cla
get involved in those forums
ask people the the response from people
i found it is is extraordinary um you
and willingness to help one another um
you know especially these days
you know laundromats are remain open but
you know you even see it
i’m in several bar restaurant groups and
you see it there too the willingness
that people have to help one another
through these times
is really apparent and so you know if
you’re gonna if you’re gonna if you’re
looking to buy a new mat you know using
these resources listening to podcasts
like this you know obviously listening
uh is gonna help you you know make a
good informed decision
but um you know getting involved in
these forums talking to people
asking advice you know it’s okay to
sound dumb you know a lot of people will
ask a question and say hey i know this
sounds dumb but
i look at it when you know i i don’t own
a mat and looking at it and say
i say oh yeah i would ask the same thing
i know it sounds dumb
but uh you know it’s a question probably
a lot of people might have on their mind
feel silly asking um you know those
places are
are for lack of better terms safe places
where people won’t judge you for a dumb
question they’ll just help you
um and yeah that would be my
recommendation is definitely going to
involve those forums and
see what the pain points that people
have are you know there’s a lot of
people have pain points when it comes to
you know tv for example they said hey
what do you put on your tvs um
you know what kind of music service do
you have do you have music do you have
atm do you have games do you have
um you know it doesn’t remind me just a
second ago when we were talking about
what other people do
inside their businesses i talked to a
matt owner the other day who’s got
uh he’s got his laundromat and then next
door he’s got his dog wash
um just you know thing facility i guess
and next to that he’s got his oil change
so it’s like you can go there you can
throw your laundry in and you can do
two other things and by the time your
laundry is done like you’re
you’ve accomplished a bunch of stuff for
that day so it’s uh you know it’s pretty
incredible um
so again my recommendation is get
involved in those forums get involved in
those um
podcasts and facebook groups and don’t
be afraid to ask questions yeah
awesome tips and and i think that you
know that last one is
is the key is don’t be afraid to ask
questions don’t be afraid to ask dumb
questions there might be somebody who
you know every now and then
you know somebody is you know like they
are in person
and just not nice about it but honestly
man it’s
it’s way better to ask a dumb question
you know and to get an answer for that
dumb question than to not know and to
make a big mistake
you know especially if you’re trying to
get into the business for the first time
um you know don’t be afraid to ask those
dumb questions
in you know in the forums and the
facebook groups or or just talking with
other owners so awesome awesome awesome
well hey this has been incredible
it went uh it went in a direction that i
was not anticipating and
it was awesome like it was so good
yeah i agree like we just we just
the laundromat industry into the 2020s
you know what i mean
we just we just left it forward by
by decades it feels that way and i mean
again it feels
it’s it’s a um it’s it’s a semi-dated
industry you know where a lot hasn’t
changed in that much time
uh and so hopefully you know people
listening to this can
can um you know take some of these tips
as as things they can use to better
improve their business
yeah and let me just say while we have a
second we’re talking about it if you end
implementing any of these especially
like some of the influencer stuff
man we would love to hear how that goes
and you know if it works and
man just drop drop me an email uh jordan
londonmyresource.com if you end up
trying some of this stuff because i
i do think that that’s a huge untapped
market right there
there’s some huge opportunity that i
nobody that i know of has taken
advantage of so
yeah awesome well hey mike this has been
incredible if people want to get in
contact with you maybe
uh you know talk to you a little more
about atmosphere tv
what’s the best way that they can get a
hold of you yeah sure so um
my my email is just mike mike.kellyke
atmosphere dot tv um you know you can
reach me there
um you know we we’ve been offering we’ve
been able to offer this service for free
for a really long time we’ll continue to
do that and we’d be happy to extend
you know trial of our of our pro digital
signage as well it’s anybody listening
uh who would like to try that as well
but uh yeah i’m happy to answer any
questions anybody might have
you know feel free to reach out to me
anytime mike.kelly
atmosphere.tv cool and you mentioned uh
that you guys might be willing to waive
setup fee do they need to
stay yeah well yeah we’ll do that just
anybody who’s listening here just uh you
know send me send me a message
um i’ll make sure that that we’re able
to waive that fee for you guys
cool yeah feel free to just drop my name
and you know
jordan yeah you use the discount code
jordan uh
jordan atmosphere i think that’s the uh
the waiver looks
the good code uh just kidding uh yeah
awesome uh dude awesome awesome to have
you on and oh
is there uh do you guys have a website
or anything yeah yeah so you can
actually see all the channels live
you can get a better feel for how they
all look and feel at
atmosphere.tv you can watch all the
channels live you can watch trailers
um you know there’s a bunch on there now
and it’ll give you a you know feel for
how everything looks
uh that’s my recommendation because you
know again we are a very visual product
when you see everything running um you
know you’ll have a better feel for
how the content looks cool and i’ll have
a link to that
in the show notes or if you’re watching
on youtube it’s down in the description
uh so make sure you check it out
again i’ll have the link for you mike
it’s been incredible
thank you for coming on and
revolutionizing our industry
single-handedly uh dude it’s been
incredible can’t wait to keep keep
and and uh working together man yeah
jordan i appreciate it brothers good
talking to you
all right man we’ll talk to you soon all
right take care man that was a super
cool episode for me
i just i love i mean i think mike came
with just
so many great uh creative ideas the
creativity was just
flowing this whole episode and i just
man i it really got my my juices going i
uh man i was just super pumped about it
hopefully you found some things in there
that might
have maybe have sparked some thoughts in
you or some things that you want to put
into action
maybe it’s that affiliate marketing
again if you’re interested in
exploring that a little bit more with us
uh just email me jordan
j-o-r-d-a-n at laundromat resource dot
put affiliate in the uh the subject line
and and let’s chat a little bit more
about it and see if there’s some
potential there
i think there’s a lot of potential there
um but
uh my kind of big takeaway
from this interview with mike uh
was i i just loved the creativity he was
coming with with his marketing he was
talking about setting world records he
was talking
about working with influencers you know
all these different
um working with other businesses in the
area i mean he just had like a lot of
really creative
uh ideas on things to do and it just
kind of
for whatever reason in me just unlocked
a lot of
potential and a lot of ideas for me to
think through
and for us that launder my resource
marketing to think through about how we
can help
people grow their businesses through
some of these creative uh
memes so that’s my takeaway i’m gonna
thinking creatively about marketing a
little bit
more both for my laundromats and for
what i’m doing with a lot of my resource
what’s your takeaway i’m really curious
to know what your big takeaway is what’s
the one thing you’re gonna take away
from this podcast episode and you’re
going to
implement it this week uh again
i say this all the time but it’s in
action that we find success
so make sure you’re not just listening
to this podcast hearing all this great
and not doing anything with it get out
there and take
some action and go find some success
all right we will see you next week i
cannot wait it’s gonna be amazing
you’re gonna love it i guarantee it see

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Become a Laundromat Pro and Join the Pro Community!

Unlock the secrets of laundromat success! Join our Pro Community now to access expert insights, exclusive resources, a vibrant community, and more. Elevate your laundromat journey today!