Multi-laundromat owner and serial entrepreneur, Peter Mayberry, drops so much wisdom and advice in this show that you’ll probably need to watch it more than once! He has extensive experience in the laundromat industry, but has also ventured into other businesses like hotels, self storage, bitcoin mining, and is even pursuing building  casino! 

If you’re someone who wants to grow your business, find financial freedom doing something you love, or if you have ambitious goals, Peter is a guy you’re going to want to hear from!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Building a laundromat from scratch
  • Building vs. Buying your first laundromat
  • The #1 reason Peter eliminates a potential laundromat from consideration
  • Free laundromats
  • Managing multiple laundromats
  • Networking as the key to business success and rapid progress
  • Specific numbers in his businesses
  • The best locations to build a laundromat
  • Goals driving your actions
  • How to find a mentor in the laundromat industry
  • And Peter drops a tip to close the interview that is a game changer for any laundromat owner!

And much, much more!

This was an incredible interview that you definitely don’t want to miss! See below for links from today’s show.

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    Episode Transcript

    hey what’s up guys it’s jordan with the
    laundromat resource
    podcast this is show number 33 and i’m
    pumped that you’re here today
    because today we’re talking with peter
    mayberry and peter
    is i mean if you have entrepreneur blood
    in you
    you’ve got to listen to this entire
    episode because peter
    has just he’s got entrepreneur blood
    running straight through his veins
    we talk a ton about laundromats today
    and he gives a ton of great advice about
    but we talk about other businesses also
    and the things that he’s doing
    some of his goals and aspirations and
    are all over the place from more
    and more laundromat locations to
    to hotels to even uh he’s trying to get
    a casino and he’s going to talk about
    i mean he’s he is doing big things he’s
    got big goals big aspirations and he is
    always looking for opportunity i
    loved every second of this interview and
    i know you will too
    so i don’t want to take up too much time
    in this intro part but
    i did want to give a laundromat
    insider tip i’m going to try to give one
    of these going forward laundry my
    insider tips just to help you
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    greater and greater success
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    succeed and i’m going to be building
    those out more and more
    we’re working on some stuff over here to
    help you find more success with those
    free member resources so make sure you
    check those out
    use those to help you do everything from
    figure out
    what a good location is to figuring out
    how to value a laundromat
    and uh there i mean there’s a tool on
    there to help you keep track of your
    coin collections if you need help with
    there’s all kinds of stuff going on over
    there so make sure you click on those
    and check those out i want to remind you
    those forums are
    active there’s a lot going on over there
    i’m not going to go over any today
    because we have a long interview
    but make sure every single week you are
    asking a question
    answering a question and i hope that you
    wake up in the middle of the night
    you know hearing my voice say go ask a
    question answer a question on the forums
    it’s so so so key to be
    meeting people to be interacting with
    people those forums are free
    free of charge you can go over there and
    network and if you haven’t yet
    obviously go over there to the
    introductions form laundromat
    forums click on the introductions form
    go introduce yourself and go welcome
    someone else who’s
    introduced themselves on the forum i
    can’t tell you
    how many opportunities can come your way
    just by
    meeting other people who are like-minded
    who are doing things
    who are out there making stuff happen i
    i just can’t tell you how how much can
    come your way from
    uh just introducing yourself putting
    yourself out there and going
    and meeting some other people so go do
    that all the links and all the
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    uh so you do not want to be missing it
    all right
    so uh let right after this let’s jump
    into this
    interview with peter because it is
    incredible and you’re gonna have a lot
    of information
    to process after this is going and as
    always stay tuned because at the very
    end i’m gonna give you my takeaway and
    uh i’m gonna
    crack the whip to make sure that you
    come up with the takeaway too
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    the description
    peter what’s up thank you for coming on
    the show today i’m super excited about
    cannot wait how you doing i’m doing
    pretty good i really appreciate you
    having me
    oh man i i’m pumped i cannot wait to
    your story and we’ve talked a little bit
    and it just got me a little bit
    more excited about it so hey uh i know
    that you
    have a ton of experience you have a ton
    of knowledge about this industry
    and uh i’m you know thanks for coming on
    to share it but before we get
    into that tell us a little bit about you
    who are you
    and and how did you get into this
    industry you know random industry to be
    in how’d you get in here
    well my name is peter mayberry like you
    said but i got in this industry
    actually it was actually kind of a weird
    thing because i actually
    had beca i was a sales manager for
    general electric and i was becoming more
    and more successful and i started having
    more and more
    extra income and i’ve always wanted to
    to start a business
    so really what happened was i just delve
    into doing tons of stuff and looking at
    different businesses
    and i wanted to have a business where i
    could keep my job because i truly did
    love it
    i did recently leave my job like two
    years ago but
    it was a tough situation because i did
    love it like i didn’t it wasn’t the guy
    that hated my job or like dreaded it
    like it really i actually quit because i
    had to decide
    to keep expanding or to keep my job
    because i was getting to be where i
    couldn’t do both
    but essentially i was looking for a
    business that i could
    run and still work and i actually was
    gravitating towards car washes
    and i was gonna buy a car wash and i
    just couldn’t
    find a car wash that that was for sale
    and it was trouble like trying to get
    them built because of different
    restrictions on the city and whatnot
    and even like the zoning for the city
    which i knew nothing about but i learned
    about zoning and all this other stuff
    and then i got onto the laundromat thing
    but no
    and the thing with the laundromat deal
    was like i kept running into owners and
    nobody would sell them like they
    absolutely wouldn’t even talk to me
    and i was like this must be a great
    business like nobody in omaha is willing
    to even talk to me
    about selling a laundry so ultimately i
    i started meeting some different people
    i got into i mean i started reading some
    forums and whatnot and i ended up
    my first laundromat from scratch like i
    bought a building and converted it to a
    and then like i said i got the bug and i
    just started really enjoying it i got to
    be networking
    you know i just started networking in
    the laundromat community
    and then from they’re on like i said
    then it just kind of
    gravitated to more and more of my time
    being dedicated to laundries
    so you you jumped in with both feet and
    you built your first store
    because you couldn’t find one to buy is
    that is that why you decide to build or
    so i actually i i feel like some people
    don’t even believe this is true but like
    i actually
    found a building and i actually started
    working with distributors
    and one distributor well i won’t mention
    did some pretty shady stuff
    and then i met with i was meeting with
    another distributor who a guy actually
    had surgery so i mean he was a good guy
    and i ended up actually building a store
    with this guy later on
    but he he had some medical issues and he
    ended up being gone for like six months
    but there’s a guy named john olson that
    used to run laundry lux and
    i was just searching for equipment and i
    looked for electrolux and at the time
    there was no electrolux distributor in
    so i actually had sent what i did is i
    sent this information
    and john olsen was vice president of
    laundrolux he contacted me directly
    and he was like you should do electrolux
    and there was no distributor
    so i was like trying to figure out how
    that would happen well it ended up being
    that was the single greatest phone call
    i could have ever made because john
    olson is probably one of the greatest
    people i’ve ever met
    and he’s also a great person in the
    industry but he actually flew me to new
    i actually got to go and see the laundry
    lux facility
    in new york and to this day like john
    olsen is
    probably my best friend in the world
    that doesn’t live in omaha you know he
    without a doubt is my best friend in the
    that doesn’t physically live in omaha
    like i said he got me in touch with
    other owners and different things
    and i and i had a construction
    background being in sales for general
    electrics i did the electrical side of
    general electric
    so i knew general contractors and
    subcontractors and
    i basically got them all together and
    with john’s help i laid it out and then
    i built it and like i said i oversaw the
    building of it and
    i bought my equipment directly from
    laundry lux since there was no
    at the time so i built my first lawn
    right without a distributor
    and without ever being in the industry
    or without knowing anybody in the
    industry until jonathan
    oh my goodness man you just i mean you
    just went for it was that like
    nerve wracking to you know i mean
    because that’s a lot of money that
    investing into a business you don’t know
    a whole lot about and don’t really know
    a whole lot of people in at that point
    in time right
    it was nerve-wracking but i i with john
    olson like i mean like i said he
    definitely is an expert and he
    knows like he had thousands of resources
    truly i did i didn’t know what i was
    getting into because like
    i mean what i know now versus building
    from what i knew then but it was all
    learning experience and there was
    definitely mistakes i made and
    issues but like i got through it that
    store still around it’s still a great
    i still actually love the layout of that
    store but that’s probably because i had
    had john’s help
    so i mean and it’s also the store where
    i honestly i’m not in my office today
    because we kind of talked about that
    before this but i still go there every
    day i love it i mean it’s like always
    gonna be my baby
    always gonna be my first oh man well
    can you tell us a little bit about that
    experience i mean what was it like to
    a laundromat you know as your first
    foray into the industry
    it was challenging but like the truth is
    too there’s there’s other distributors
    like i think one of them comes to mind
    is like carl hendricks i mean i’ve never
    really met carl but he has a great
    website and it talks about performers
    and spreadsheets
    so i’ve never met him but he helped me
    like this this man helped me in new york
    that doesn’t even know me
    but i also like there’s different videos
    on how to
    to install bases and install equipment
    i just had guys you know like we
    literally bought bases
    john had connected me with a guy that
    sold them in california
    and like we we grouted them we used
    washers to level them and
    i mean we watched the youtube videos i
    did um chemical bolts on the first one
    because that’s what the video we’ve
    watched and
    and like i said now fast forward i’ve
    done chemical bolts i’ve screwed them
    directly into concrete i’ve done
    i mean i’ve done anything and everything
    i’ve done the red heads where you hammer
    them in
    so i have three laundry mats with three
    different installs and all of them work
    so people have this myth that you have
    to have professionals install
    your laundry and that’s the only way i
    mean if you just do it right you take
    the time and you get the right people
    anybody can install them correctly i
    mean i i feel like that’s one of the
    biggest myths is like
    or like to like it voice the warranty
    i’m like why would it avoid the warranty
    i mean
    matter of fact i can tell you this and i
    won’t mention the distributor i have
    built three stores personally myself
    where i’ve
    supervised everything in the install the
    only store that i had installed
    by a distributor there’s no lie is my
    worst install
    and i’ve had to do more to fix that
    install than all
    the other three i did on my own yeah
    i mean that doesn’t necessarily surprise
    me i just
    my my experience with installers um
    especially the ones that work with the
    distributors is that you know they’re
    they’re not anything special because
    they’re using
    you know maybe there’s like one guy who
    knows how to install
    all this stuff but they’re just using
    regular you know
    guys to help them install stuff so yeah
    and they don’t care about the equipment
    like you would i mean like you you just
    paid like six hundred thousand dollars
    for the equipment
    they probably don’t even know what it
    costs they’re just slamming it in and
    they look at like maybe it’s a thousand
    bucks they don’t care yeah
    yeah i’ve i’ve always had an issue
    when i’ve used an installer so i’m not i
    mean not they’re not all bad but
    uh yeah so it doesn’t surprise me well
    the professional installation actually
    cost me the most too
    and was the worst so it cost me the most
    and was the worst job
    yeah man it’s expensive to get these
    things installed all right so
    you built your first laundromat tell me
    about like when you
    you finished okay you you decided you’re
    you’re you’re jumping in both feet
    you’re going all in
    with laundromats and so you find a
    you build out a store and you’re
    throwing open the doors for the first
    time tell me about that a little bit
    so that’s where i made some mistakes
    like so when i built this like i didn’t
    understand that you have
    contingency funds in building right so
    when i built this
    i got a loan for the exact amount to buy
    the land to build it out
    and to do this well during the course of
    construction i had to come eighty
    thousand dollars
    more out of pocket that wasn’t financed
    because i didn’t realize
    like all the issues and stuff that would
    arise so
    when i first did this i had a big fund
    where i felt like i could run a full
    year without making a profit
    well with that it really cost me so like
    this account that i set aside
    i’d already used pretty much my entire
    contingency fund for running the
    so then like when i started obviously i
    didn’t make money right you got the bank
    bills you got the water bills everything
    else and
    in even though it’s a tremendous area
    and today it’s a great laundromat
    when you open the doors right people
    aren’t standing in line and saying oh
    thank you i couldn’t wait for this like
    i’m so glad that you’re here
    i mean they don’t even know about you so
    like for the first six months it was
    rough because like i was using my
    checking account and thankfully i had a
    awesome job that
    you know paid six figures to where i was
    able to write
    checks to keep the business because i
    could truly
    if i had to quit my job i would have
    been bankrupt like i would have been
    bankrupt out of the gate and it would
    have been because of the
    not realizing i needed 80 000 extra
    because of just problems arising and
    things i didn’t think about
    but yeah i mean it truly was an
    eye-opener and i think it took me like
    six months
    it was funny because like i was blowing
    through personal savings
    i think at the six month mark i remember
    having a conversation with my wife and
    you know this is it this is about all we
    can feed this business
    and magically by the grace of god or
    some i mean i think it’s god i mean he
    literally made me profitable
    like an exact breaking life for myself
    and the rest is history but the truth is
    like people would say that that was
    probably horrible but
    that was that first store i learned so
    and understands so much more and
    and like you they always say like what
    doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and
    know that i mean it
    it was all wonderful lessons and like
    i’ve i’ve made other mistakes of course
    well and like like we’ll get into later
    probably because you’re going to
    probably ask about advice but
    financing is a huge deal like i didn’t
    realize it but it definitely is and we
    can do that later but
    yeah it’s it was almost
    like i’m doing great now but it almost
    wasn’t meant to be i came one month from
    catastrophe i mean that’s so stressful
    so nerve-wracking i spent i mean i
    i made so many mistakes buying my first
    one and i wrote
    you know big big checks every month for
    like over a year and a half um and
    it’s just it’s so hard to watch that
    money go out
    and you’ve already invested all this
    into a business and now you’re paying
    to have the business and it’s just it’s
    so stressful man i
    i get that and but awesome that you
    you know you made it to profitability
    right in the nick of time by the skin in
    your teeth and i tell people all the
    time like
    hey if you get in this thing right you
    then sky’s the limit for you you can you
    know as soon as your business is
    as long as you’re managing your money
    well like sky’s the limit for you but
    if you get into it wrong and you’re
    writing checks every month and you can’t
    dig yourself out of that
    well that’s a recipe for disaster real
    quick right
    yeah um but uh
    was there was there anything that you
    feel like you did
    to get it to that profitability point or
    do you think it just business just had
    to build
    uh over that six months or seven months
    or however long
    to to get profitable so what i’ve
    learned now is that
    that location i put this on the front
    but the cars that travel by that
    are 45 miles an hour right so i should
    have had signage on the building because
    nobody could even tell what it was they
    were driving by it and this is just
    something i learned
    randomly right and i’ve also learned now
    when you’re in a well from now on i’m
    only going to build in like high
    commercial areas and like i kind of got
    what i feel is like a little secret
    sauce for successful laundromats
    but that one is in a tremendous area but
    it just like i said you pass by it so
    quick it’s really close to the road
    so that one needs a little bit more
    advertising but now even as the
    development has gone on in that area
    like they put i don’t know if you have
    quick trick trip where you are but it’s
    massive gas station well they put that
    right across the street so
    tons of my customers use that gas
    station and and
    truthfully i didn’t even realize and
    that’s when i realized like about
    location and signage and stuff
    but i had a huge jump in business when
    that gas station was
    actually built and i finally came to
    realization that people are pumping
    their gas and they’re sitting there
    looking around they’re like holy cow
    there’s a laundromat right here you know
    i mean so i really believe that the best
    advertising i ever got was a quick trip
    gas station
    servicing like you know 5 000 cars a day
    filling them over the gas and being able
    to look around and see that i’m just
    physically there
    yeah having that captive audience is
    huge so they’re just they got nothing
    better to do than to stare at your store
    admire admire it and realize oh man this
    this is convenient yeah well hey i mean
    that’s awesome
    that’s you know again like that’s a
    that’s a lucky uh kind of break in some
    ways you know to help you get to that
    break-even point
    uh as quickly as you as you need it to
    uh okay so you have built a store
    you’ve thrown up in the doors you had
    been biting your nails for six months
    until you hit
    profitability which i’m sure was
    incredibly stressful
    and i mean it sounds like you have more
    than one
    uh so what happened from there
    so i i built my first one
    and i actually bought my my second one i
    a store that was that was small and
    and well i bought it i bought my second
    one and then i built my third one i
    built my fourth one i got my fifth one
    for free i got the building and the land
    for free
    and then i built the sixth one i’m
    building a seventh one right now
    but through all in all like the one i
    got for free and the one i bought
    i’ve gotten rid of both of those and you
    know you probably
    talk later about like how you run your
    store well
    they were 2500 square feet or less they
    were both unable to be attended
    because of the size and the amount of
    volume they could do
    and also i don’t know there’s two stores
    in omaha like of all of omaha there
    might be like 100 laundromats there’s
    two stores that i would buy
    right now which i’ve just come to
    realize and
    they’re not for sale right now but
    there’s two i would buy and there’s not
    a single other one that i would like i
    just wouldn’t i just built one because
    a lot of these laundry mats are over 20
    years old they’re too small for the
    market like the run unintended
    that’s the business model the parking
    lots only got like eight stalls versus
    like 30.
    so knowing what i know now like i will
    not buy any more lawn rats in omaha
    except for possibly two and only two so
    like and i’ve actually had people come
    to me and say like hey
    would you be interested in buying it and
    i’m like
    no and then like they’ll even sometimes
    say like four years ago you asked me i
    said four years ago i asked everybody
    because i wasn’t in this business like
    now i have different goals
    and like i said i i don’t if the
    location was amazing i’d probably
    consider it but like i don’t ever plan
    on building
    a laundromat under 5 000 square foot
    again like it’ll be 5 000 square foot
    it’ll have at least 30.
    so that’s one thing i do too like i was
    saying like i go out and
    most of my days right now is like
    looking for buildings for sale
    especially with
    the pandemic i just bought a village inn
    which was a restaurant they’re kind of
    you know having a lot hard time during
    the pandemic
    yeah so i’ve been looking at tons and
    tons of property and
    the number one reason i eliminate all
    property is parking
    and it’s like there’s been some
    tremendous locations but if i have a
    tremendous location and a great building
    for laundromat but i have six parking
    that could maybe work in new york where
    they have like a good transportation
    system but it’s not going to work in
    omaha nebraska
    yeah i mean we can have like 20 30 000
    people one square mile
    and there’s still no buster out there i
    mean it’s like
    everybody in nebraska drives i mean for
    the most part you know i mean
    yeah well i mean you mentioned you
    some of your criteria do you have like a
    list of criteria i mean
    you mentioned parking and square footage
    is there a list of criteria
    that you’re looking at either for
    location to build out or to buy
    yeah so i have like areas that i have
    set in my mind now that i want
    that i’m just waiting for the right
    like right now like i am right now
    wanting to build as
    fast as i possibly can but i i mean i
    would build three stores right now if i
    had three right locations but
    i don’t and i’m also at a point now
    where i’m not going to force something
    i’ll just like i’ll wait it out to see
    when it’s right and like i said i’ve
    built some and i’ve owned some
    and i can tell you when you the two that
    i like i said i bought one
    and i sold it and there’s one that i was
    i literally was
    i took it over like i basically paid
    nothing for i took over the store
    and the building i just basically took
    the burden off of them and took over
    like the payments and whatnot
    but it cost me like i mean there was a
    cost to it but like out of pocket i
    spent zero dollars i guess is what i
    want to say
    and i ended up giving that store away
    like it was my cousin
    and it was profitable like i said i
    don’t want to
    sell i mean i don’t want this to come
    off the wrong way but the other store i
    sold too
    i think it made two thousand dollars a
    month so i made 24
    000 a year and i remember going there
    one day
    and i just was dreading going there and
    dealing with the problems that i store
    it was older equipment
    and i literally decided to lock it just
    one day i locked the doors
    on a business that was making money
    because it was more of a burden for me
    to go there and spend my time to collect
    that 24 000
    a year and i also had a maintenance guy
    that was spending half his time there
    and i don’t know how you quantify that
    into cost but
    it was just more headache than it was
    worth and it was profitable
    but it wasn’t profitable enough and like
    i said i don’t want to sound
    i don’t want the wrong message conveyed
    because when i bought that store 24 000
    extra year was wonderful at the point
    where i
    locked the doors the 24 000 wasn’t
    for the hassle it was causing me yeah my
    lifestyle my life changed with the
    and like i said and like again i mean i
    really really don’t want to come across
    cross across wrong but i was willing to
    i actually think my clothes i still had
    payments on the store so i went from
    making 24 000 to losing 24
    000 by closing it and i still was happy
    with the decision and it still took like
    this burden off me and i felt
    i was very at peace with it i was so
    glad that i didn’t have to jack with it
    the people trying to it was unattended
    so people were trying to break in the
    machines and
    it was an area where like literally
    someone at noon was trying to pry open a
    machine and there’s three people just
    no one’s calling the police nobody cares
    so i just like
    it’s unbelievable to me that they would
    just watch
    this happen yeah no i’ve definitely seen
    that but i i mean i get what you’re
    saying because
    at some point i mean like you said early
    on when you’re when you’re getting
    an extra 24 grand a year is worth it but
    once you’ve
    you know once you’ve found kind of a
    once you kind of found your rhythm and
    you’re making a little bit
    better money at these larger locations
    you know i get it like the the money at
    some point the money is not
    is not worth the effort of running that
    business so
    i don’t think it’s coming off bad at
    least not to me because i
    i understand that for sure
    i was gonna ask you a question right now
    this is a little bit off of that topic
    but i get asked all the time so i do
    coaching consulting i talk to current
    owners i talk to
    you know people trying to get in the
    business for the first time and i get
    asked all the time
    uh whether they you know people should
    build or
    buy and i was just wondering what
    what advice do you have for people who
    are who are wondering whether they
    should build or buy
    so i think that’s a hundred percent
    dependent on
    so one of my good friends is in in this
    business is in des moines i think he has
    like nine laundromats
    like he has a different philosophy than
    i do like
    he likes to get ti money and he likes to
    take over laundromats and he can do them
    for very cheap
    and he doesn’t mind paying rent but my
    i’m very different like i own every
    single building
    that i’m in like i would not buy a
    laundromat where i don’t own the
    and like right now i’m sitting in a i
    own a 10 000 square foot building and i
    was telling you before this i didn’t
    realize that they were
    i have employees having a meeting in my
    office right now and we have a garage
    that we can use for other stuff like
    right next to my office
    so i drove over here and i’m like having
    this this
    you know i got this space and like this
    space this whole building is paid for by
    the laundromat
    it’s making money is profitable and i
    have this six thousand extra square foot
    hopefully when covered ends yeah i can i
    can lease this out it’s not getting a
    lot of
    a lot of action right now but if this
    will be a revenue producing
    space you know what i mean like and
    for me just owning it like i can do
    things right like i mean i feel
    like i look at what he does and he may
    use like pvc
    and he may do different things like with
    pecs where like when i build a
    laundromat like i’m using cast iron
    drains it’s not pvc i use copper lines
    because i want it to last for 20 years i
    don’t want to be like band-aiding it
    but i also understand that if i am
    renting someone’s building do i want i
    the village that i just bought i’m
    spending like 650 000
    after buying the building just to make
    it a laundromat right
    well if i didn’t own that building would
    i be spending 650
    i honestly wouldn’t i would be cutting
    some corners i’d probably use less
    expensive tile i’d use less expensive
    plumbing different and different things
    like that because
    at the end of the year if i have a 10
    year or 20 year lease at the end of that
    i don’t get to reclaim any of that right
    where when i own the building i do it’s
    also different i mean
    the stuff i’ve learned like right now
    too is that if i buy a building
    it’s great because i’d appreciate it
    right i mean i get
    i mean i never really understood all
    these people like saying that the rich
    don’t pay taxes well
    i don’t pay taxes right now because i
    have a massive depreciation i have
    equipment that’s depreciation i have
    vehicles i have buildings
    so on paper it looks like i broke even
    a paper loss of depreciation is not
    actual cash leaving right
    so that’s a tough question like i
    personally will not start a lawn amount
    without owning the building
    like i i don’t know like i said i won’t
    buy any more laundry mats in omaha
    but the guy in des moines has got
    different philosophy
    i also want a laundromat i’m not saying
    i own a laundromat that doesn’t
    that all might do this but like from now
    on if a laundromat is not going to
    produce 10 000 income a week
    i don’t want it like again it’s like i
    only have so much time in a day
    i only have so much resources available
    instead of having five laundromats
    that are all making a little bit of
    money i’d rather have one laundromat
    that’s making equivalent to that money
    but i only have to deal with it
    and that’s why the 5 000 square foot
    thing like
    i mean i actually am getting into the
    distribution of equipment right now
    and i’m kind of putting my toe in i
    think i’m going to go full force but
    that’s another conversation like i have
    with people like
    i’m willing to build someone a
    laundromat in omaha that’s 2500 square
    feet and i can honestly tell them that
    that laundry mat at that size will be
    successful for this area
    i personally would not build a
    laundromat at 2500 square feet in that
    area even though i know it’ll be
    because it won’t hit the success
    criteria that i want to hit
    so like i said i
    do i do i advocate never
    buying a store i would say absolutely
    not a matter of fact if i had to bought
    that council bus store
    let’s just put like this actually let’s
    look i mean i never really thought about
    this but now i’m thinking about it
    if i bought that council bluffs store
    and made that 24 000
    i would never be where i’m at today
    because i wouldn’t realize
    i would think that’s all a laundromat is
    capable of doing and that’s
    i mean like that’s i have to spend a lot
    of time here to make this money
    and like these machines are breaking
    down all the time well they’re breaking
    down all the time these are 20 years old
    like i got
    new machines that don’t ever break down
    right so
    if i would have bought that council
    bluffs i can honestly say that you and i
    would not be having this conversation
    i’d probably still own it and i’d still
    probably be working at ge
    and i would still be happy like i
    wouldn’t like i said i didn’t hate my
    job i didn’t leave because i was
    i actually like i said i actually missed
    a lot of aspects about that job
    but i mean my life wouldn’t be horrible
    or bad or anything it just would be
    yeah like knowing that i can build a
    store and what it can do and
    and getting the right area and also like
    when you buy a store you’re buying
    someone’s bad design you’re buying their
    problems you’re buying
    the corners a day cut i mean because
    like i said i got the drains
    in the one i bought were like i’m sure
    it’s what they allowed but i mean
    i don’t have a laundromat that has
    smaller than a four inch drain sometimes
    they’re six inch trains i mean
    if you’ve got a smaller four inch drain
    it’s gonna plug it’s gonna get caught
    with something and it’s gonna overflow
    the store and then you’re gonna have a
    you have a plumber all the time and
    they’re snaking and jetting and
    i’m getting off in the weeds a little
    bit here and i don’t know this is really
    what you want but yeah i mean it’s
    i personally see the benefit of both
    what works for a guy in des moines it
    really works for him he’s very
    and he has more managers and he enjoys
    what he does so
    i’m not going to say it’s wrong it’s
    just not what i would do yeah and i mean
    i think i think that’s the beauty of
    industry too and one of the things that
    has surprised me you know doing this
    podcast talking to owners
    is there’s just a lot of different ways
    to skin this cat
    right which is a weird thing
    but there’s a lot of ways to run this
    business such a simple business it seems
    pretty straightforward
    but there’s such diversity in how you
    can be successful in this business so
    you know one person might want to own
    all the buildings and build everything
    out and another person might go in and
    grab a bunch of those free laundromats
    that make 24 grand a year and you stack
    those on top of each other it doesn’t
    take too many of them to
    right have a pretty good income coming
    in five of them
    you could live a great life on owning
    five 24 000
    laundromats yeah yeah absolutely listen
    i mean i don’t know where you’re from
    like california yeah yeah so maybe not
    you but
    nebraska what i mean you could live in a
    beautiful house in omaha for 150
    thousand dollars safe nice neighborhood
    i don’t think you can buy dirt out there
    in la for that okay i’m
    just gonna end this right now i don’t
    want to talk to you anymore
    i haven’t seen 150 000 anything anywhere
    around here for
    decades um there might be 200 here now i
    they are go houses are going up but yeah
    yeah i’m just saying i mean
    you’re not living in like a beirut where
    you’re afraid against shock coming out
    of your house at two hundred thousand
    dollars here
    yeah all right well okay so
    how how many you do you own your bill
    you said you’re building your seventh
    right now
    is that well it’s actually my fifth
    because i sold those two like i said
    i was up to six longer meds but now i’m
    down to four i’m building a fifth i’m
    negotiating land on a i’ve never built
    from the ground up but that might be my
    next thing
    negotiating right now so
    excited and like i said i’m actually
    trying to the the properties that i was
    telling you about i
    am always actually trying to buy the two
    or older and every three months and like
    this is the first window that i
    i do it through a realtor but they were
    like open to it and i’m like
    if they want to sell me those two and i
    want i i retool them because they’re old
    and if i get this land i’ll do three at
    a time for a time i mean even if i’m
    still working on this one
    i’ll do four at a time i don’t care you
    the right people you can do
    you can scale to whatever you want nice
    uh one quick question i just know people
    are going to want to really know
    this but uh okay we talked about that
    the one you got for free
    uh just out of curiosity how did you i
    mean i get asked about free laundry mats
    all the time
    you know there’s there’s all the videos
    on youtube and everything but
    how did you come across that one how did
    that come across your desk
    there was a guy that um does just
    freelance maintenance that i’ve gotten
    and and i used them before i actually
    had enough to have a full-time
    maintenance guy
    and then he’s a good guy and he had just
    mentioned to this guy my name
    and at the time i was doing a pickup
    delivery business which
    i know you’re friends with dave mentz
    like i do not recommend like it’s a
    logistics business i hated it
    i gave that away too it was profitable i
    gave it away because i just hated it but
    wahoo is the town it was kind of between
    lincoln we were talking about expanding
    to lincoln and i thought that this could
    be like a
    little hub for lincoln without
    building a laundromat in lincoln and the
    just he was burnt out he hated it i mean
    he he had bought
    he built a laundromat but he had bought
    actually he
    bought like 15 20 year old equipment
    from the distributor i was telling you
    we won’t mention his name but just not a
    good person
    so he bought 20 years of equipment now
    it was like 25 30 years old and and he
    was just sick of working on it stick a
    patch in it and and he had a great
    layout and a great building
    and like i said he had gotten some some
    stuff from the city to build it so he
    got a bunch of money and a bunch of
    so again he was just the guy that
    that wanted to be out from underneath it
    he was sick of making the payments and
    he felt like he had to go do it and
    he was he’s kind of like i was with the
    council bluffs only he was in a
    different situation he didn’t have any
    like he wanted just to go shut the doors
    but he had to keep it open
    because he just had to keep paying the
    paying the bills at this point half them
    equipment didn’t work and
    and like you know that that causes
    people to leave the laundromat and he
    he had gotten better like he’s a good
    guy nothing against him
    but he just got better he got sick of
    dealing with the complaint so he wasn’t
    dealing with the customer service side
    and he was losing customers for that
    because you know
    he didn’t want to go out and refund
    somebody at nine o’clock at night
    and he just wanted out so i took the
    opportunity and it was good like
    i don’t feel like he got taken advantage
    of he just wanted to be out
    i thought this could be a hub for us to
    go to lincoln and
    like i said it like i said the business
    i gave the way i also gave that laundry
    is my cousin
    and and the truth is my cousin’s doing
    great with that laundry he’s retooled it
    he’s um
    it’s making a good income for where he’s
    at in his life and he runs the like i
    said he runs a watch drive full delivery
    i think he’s actually using happyness
    which i think is part of dave mentz
    yeah when when we started it it wasn’t
    it was like springboard and dave mentz
    wasn’t a part of that company i think
    when we started it was a
    a different guy anyway it doesn’t matter
    now dave metz is part of that i wasn’t a
    part of it when he got on there but i do
    do know dave pryor and
    it is a very successful business i think
    my cousin’s probably gonna make six
    figures off of it but
    owning a delivery wash dry service
    is a logistics company it’s not a
    laundromat and i want
    old own laundromats and not a logistics
    yeah and some people want that and you
    can scale it and i get that you can make
    a ton of money but that’s just
    like where you want to spend your time
    yeah yeah it’s definitely a different
    business uh than the laundromat business
    you’re just using your
    same assets and i think that that’s the
    attractive part of it is you can start a
    business that you can scale
    up pretty big uh with assets that you
    already own right but it definitely is
    a different you know it’s a difference
    you’re getting phone calls i don’t know
    that blacks out on the screen but no
    you’re fine because i was gonna do this
    from a computer in my office but i’m on
    a iphone and
    think it building i own it’s going low
    budget no it looks good though
    uh well okay so you own four right now
    tell me about how you’re running these
    things how do you how do you how are you
    these how are you running these things
    so i have two managers and like i have
    one that’s
    that handles all like the scheduling and
    the payroll and
    i have one that’s moreover like making
    sure the tenants are cleaning properly
    and and
    whatever the day-to-day stuff and and i
    actually am involved like i like to tell
    the maintenance people what to do and i
    actually go into the laundromats
    i go to l street every day but i don’t
    like i’m not needed i guess like i could
    definitely leave
    and for weeks months and it would it
    probably wouldn’t run exactly the way
    it ran but it would be fine it wouldn’t
    we wouldn’t fall off a cliff like things
    wouldn’t be done exactly the way i do
    them but they’d be done
    satisfactorily but and like i said i
    mean i
    i spent a lot of time just researching
    going for other buildings like i also
    am building a lake house right now so i
    jack around with that
    i mean i’m building a storage unit right
    now so like i’m trying to work with
    janus international
    and i’ve never done a storage unit but
    a laundry owner in iowa city who i’m
    good friends with which would probably
    be good for your podcast
    he he owns like a tent business
    um storage units in like
    five laundromats and i asked him one day
    so what’s what’s the best business and
    i thought he would say laundromats and
    he said the tent business
    and then i said what’s the second best
    and he said storage units i’m like
    women you’re telling me laundromats is
    third place i’m like i need to know more
    about well i don’t want to do tents
    because again that’s logistics business
    like you’ve got weddings and stuff right
    set them up take them down
    but the storage unit thing i wouldn’t
    spend a day out with him and
    we drove around and i learned he gave me
    like a
    crash course like an expert crash course
    storage units got me in contact the
    right people so now
    i’m going to build a storage unit i love
    that man and
    one of the one of the things that keeps
    running through this whole thing that
    i’m just seeing like
    uh is i mean you seem like you’re a
    networker because you know you’re you’re
    meeting with you know john and with the
    uh with the equipment and you know
    you’re networking with
    people who are bringing you free
    laundromats you’re working with you know
    networking with people who are
    introducing you to
    businesses that are fitting what you’re
    looking for
    and uh and that’s where all these
    opportunities are kind of coming your
    so well and i can tell you the story
    about that like
    when i was doing the car wash thing like
    i told you about zoning in different
    things like one of the first people i
    called i had a location i thought was
    gonna be great for a car wash
    there’s a guy that knows anderson food
    shops ray anderson and he owns like
    probably 50 gas stations right
    well there’s a gas station next to this
    land and he owned the land and i was
    like this would be perfect for the car
    wash maybe i could talk to him
    if he sold car washes at his pump i’d
    give him a dollar
    so i called this guy up and i actually
    talked to ray anderson like literally
    the guy like i don’t get a secretary i
    don’t get anybody else
    and i just asked him i asked him the
    question right and the first thing he
    said he said
    you can’t build a car wash there and i
    said why because you won’t sell me the
    land and let me
    he said no he says it’s not zoned right
    he goes matter of fact i couldn’t build
    a gas station there nowadays and i said
    well how did you
    because i built the gas station before
    it was zoned and we went to this whole
    and he taught me about zoning and he was
    so proud of like he actually ended up
    offering me he said do you want to buy
    that gas station and i said why would
    you sell that gas station and he said
    well i’m expanding in a different thing
    so i need to generate some income
    and i said how much is the gas station
    he said 2.6 million dollars
    i said i can’t afford to buy the gas
    station but i mean
    he was proud of what he did like this is
    what i found and i learned from him
    and i started calling i call laundromat
    owners that i found on the cla and i
    would call them
    and they would spend two hours with me
    like ray anderson spent two hours with
    and like i had like this this myth that
    people were rich she wanted to stay rich
    and want to keep you from doing it
    well i learned from ray anderson so
    there’s a bucky’s it’s a chain of car
    washes and it’s buchanan energy
    i think it actually just got bought out
    by casey’s but
    ray anderson bought his gas from
    energy which was his biggest competitor
    and they didn’t hate each other they had
    a great relationship he was a supplier
    for his gasoline i’m like
    these two people have the most gas
    stations combined in omaha and they’re
    they’re friends
    they don’t hate each other they don’t
    look at each other the animosity but
    then like i said
    i feel like you cannot ask laundry like
    in omaha if i go ask the laundromat
    owner stuff they’re going to be closed
    off they’re not going to say anything
    they look at me like a competitor
    if i go to des moines i have two great
    friends on laundromats in des moines i
    have one great friend in iowa city that
    laundromats and they we share everything
    and the truth is when you ask somebody
    something like i’d tell people my story
    because i’m proud of it too like i i had
    some stumbles i did some stuff
    but i am proud of it and and that’s what
    the gray anderson was proud of what he
    did so he shared with me his building
    gas station empire not because he was he
    was just proud he wasn’t gloating he
    bragging he wasn’t and like i said and
    he wasn’t hiding stuff because
    he didn’t look at me as a threat even
    though i wanted to build a gas station
    knows that one gas station can’t serve
    all of omaha there’s got to be hundreds
    it’s not a threat to him yeah yeah
    that’s awesome i mean
    do you have uh do you have any tips for
    on how to find people to network i mean
    i i get asked this all the time and
    you know how do you how do you find
    somebody who can who can teach you
    i mean it sounds like you just asked but
    you know
    it is i would say i would just call
    people and some people will say no and
    they won’t
    but but as far as the sales guy too
    right like i don’t mind
    i took it and then maybe it is my
    personality because i’ll never forget
    like i did an interview once and they
    had me take this test
    and they flew this guy out and he wanted
    to meet with me and he said
    that on this test when they when they
    deal with sales people like
    there’s great sales people but they
    don’t ask for the clothes they don’t try
    to close the deal right
    and he said i scored in the 99th
    percentile in closing
    and he said according to this you close
    like a freight train
    and that’s the thing i asked for the
    order i asked for the thing like i’m not
    i mean what’s the worst thing they can
    say is like i’m not going to talk to you
    i’m not going to tell you
    well great go to the next guy i mean i
    actually had a good friend in college
    like he used to pick up girls
    he’d ask five girls if they wanted to go
    you know
    to his house after the bar well the
    first three would say no but the fourth
    would say yes so i mean
    he just was like there’s another one he
    asked one more man
    maybe he’s not never said he got one
    i mean i’m just saying like he set up
    like he would like talk up five girls at
    the end of the night
    i actually remember because it was a
    great line he was like let’s go and
    sometimes they would pause
    because like he didn’t he didn’t ask he
    just said let’s go he didn’t ask a
    and they’d look and like one was one
    sometimes our friends were like no you
    got to come home with us and the second
    would be like uh
    but he’d always get one like yeah sure
    let’s go i was like this is genius
    genius just ask but like i said you just
    ask people
    and like ask the girl out maybe she says
    no maybe she says yes i mean
    that’s how it works right laundromat
    podcast giving you dating advice right
    well i can say you translate from dating
    into like just asking right now you mean
    like i said it’s and also i think the
    truth is with me like
    everybody has something to offer even my
    customers like i love hanging around the
    laundromats and i actually one of my
    favorite things is to chat
    to customers and people like you really
    don’t like that i’m like
    i do like and i think that everybody has
    something to offer
    like everybody and the truth is like i
    share with these people too and
    sometimes they’ll ask me questions like
    why you want to do it like even rain or
    she’s like why you want to do a car wash
    and i was like tell them the whole thing
    like i want a
    business where i can keep my job and
    like i said he wants to hear that too
    like we just connected right like we
    we had a conversation he asked me
    questions i was honest with him
    i asked him questions and like i said
    he was happy to explain to me and he was
    proud of what he did
    yeah what do you build awesome awesome
    um on networking because i mean i do
    think that
    you know if you want to get somewhere in
    life you want to accomplish big goals
    you know you got to have other people
    you know that
    that have been there and that know what
    you need to know to help you get there
    otherwise you’re making huge mistakes
    and it’s hard to really get off the
    right that little bit of luck so
    awesome okay so now you’re you’re you’re
    running with four
    laundromats uh all over omaha nebraska
    right now building another one and yeah
    out of curiosity
    do you have any do you have like a goal
    number in mind of how many you want to
    i think i want to do 12 i mean that was
    kind of like a goal i have four kids
    that would leave them
    three each i don’t care they sell them
    and do something else or run them but
    that’s just kind of like an arbitrary
    thing i threw my but then again
    i’m branching out to like storage units
    i actually
    right when the pandemic happened i was
    the good like talking with holiday inn
    about building a
    holiday in hotel because i think that’s
    a great business too right because
    wherever you go to a holiday inn they’re
    all the same you they have a management
    company they have these people that go
    like score you so if something’s not
    being done right you’re hauled in you
    get to
    retrain your managers and they they help
    you right like you’re paying a franchise
    i also like that holding in makes their
    money right by
    by people renting rooms right so they
    thought of every single way that
    somebody could steal or manipulate the
    to not pay them so they’ve taken the
    guesswork out and like their master’s at
    so i like the fact that you can send
    three managers down to training
    they come back they know how to run a
    hotel they also made it so like you
    can’t steal
    like people aren’t giving free rooms are
    they taking that out of the equation
    so it’s like a true business that runs
    right i mean i know personally a guy
    who i was like i i was a roommate with
    his son he owns like eight laundromats
    like some of them aren’t even in the
    state i mean he can’t even drive to him
    and they are successful i mean he he
    doesn’t even go to them
    and they’re successfully ranked so i
    really like that
    aspect but obviously during coven i
    think the long
    i mean the the hotel hospitality
    industry is obviously suffering so
    i’m definitely putting a pin maybe three
    years i’ll build a hotel again
    maybe not i don’t know maybe i’ll move
    on to something else i don’t know
    yeah well and i i just i what
    one of the things just from talking to
    you so far today one of the things i
    love about you is you have this great
    mindset right i see so many people who
    are like i want to
    you know learn it all myself i want to
    do it all myself and you do have to
    do you know some of that but one of the
    things that i see you doing
    is looking for other experts and
    picking their brains and learning from
    them and you’re doing it on forums
    you’re making phone calls you’re
    even even uh considering a you know a
    franchise like that
    that’s exactly what you’re doing you’re
    taking you know this system
    that basically has all the expertise
    built into it
    and uh and running with it you know and
    taking off with it from there so i love
    that mindset i think
    we all would benefit from having more
    and more of that mindset
    to relying on the experts so thanks for
    sharing all that
    we have a little section called down to
    and that’s just an opportunity for us to
    hear a little bit about
    your actual businesses uh
    can you i don’t think you mentioned this
    yet but can you tell us
    when you got into the laundromat
    industry what year
    four four years ago four years ago
    like four years and going three months
    maybe four months yeah
    like three years four years and three
    months i think awesome
    all right so you’ve been into it for
    four years you man you’ve
    you’ve covered a lot of ground in four
    years man building all these laundromats
    i always say i’m in a race with an
    invisible person like there’s no there
    really isn’t somebody i’m racing but
    like i’ve just manufactured somebody and
    i’m like
    i tell my wife like i don’t even know
    who i’m competing against i’m competing
    against the visible man
    that’s funny um all right well what uh
    oh i need to pull this up can you
    one of the well okay so you have um four
    laundry mat you’re building another one
    i mean you’ve mentioned you own the
    buildings on all those is that
    do you own more real estate too or is
    that what your focus is right now
    i do a little more real estate i bought
    a building i was gonna make a laundromat
    it wasn’t right with the city and what i
    had to do to make it
    and becoming a nightmare so i actually
    leased that building out
    um i bought buildings like i would also
    say like i’m also
    someone that’s not afraid to to reship i
    bought a building in fremont
    started going through fremont nebraska
    which is close to omaha
    and it started going through the process
    to build that out
    and i just started seeing too many red
    flags so i just
    i pulled the rip cord i said you know
    what this isn’t right let’s not force it
    and i sold it i sold the building before
    i even
    well i actually put it for lease or so i
    didn’t care if i at least ever sold it
    someone wanted to buy it so i sold it i
    i’ve i’m actually i shouldn’t even say
    this like i’m
    i went to uh so i actually went to a
    fundraiser i mean the networking i
    ran them like we it’s actually running
    like my wife is a massive trump
    supporter right like in and i’m a
    libertarian so i mean i like trump but
    i don’t really i probably vote more
    conservative not that it matters but
    like i’m a libertarian my wife is
    so we go to this trump rally and i’m
    sitting this tent and it’s all these
    and there’s like these four women just
    drinking and having a good time i go
    up and end up talking to this one lady
    and she owns a car wash
    and she’s like well but she goes where i
    use my like the money i use
    for fun and this kind of stuff is like i
    run a firework stand
    i get to talking to her because like i
    had literally been talking about doing a
    fireworks like getting into the
    fireworks business like last year
    and i randomly meet this woman that’s
    trump rally and she gives me like the
    number one distributor for importing
    chinese fireworks
    out of pittsburgh she gives me all this
    stuff just sitting at this this table
    and she’s telling me she makes 80 000
    profit in a town of 5 000 people in
    and i’m like if i got a million people
    in omaha and it’s restricted to only 40
    firework stands
    these people literally have a license to
    steal in this town
    yeah so and the problem with the barrier
    that is right if you go to china and you
    buy fireworks so i’ve dealt with chinese
    because i ran
    a bitcoin mine and it’s funny because i
    always hear people say they mine bitcoin
    i had a 4 000 am switchboard where i ran
    my computers i bought like a half a
    million computers from china
    and my electric bill was 31 000 a month
    so that was bitcoin mining for me where
    people say like oh i got my computer
    running in the corner
    that’s not that’s not bitcoin mining
    right but anyway
    so i’ve dealt with china like the thing
    with china is like you give them a so i
    didn’t give a half a million dollars a
    once i gave them a hundred thousand
    for computers and like the way china
    works is they don’t start building until
    you pay them like in america you receive
    a product then you pay somebody china
    you pay them
    and then wait for them to build it and
    hope they send it to you it’s like the
    but they do i mean every single one i
    bought a month later my product showed
    up i plugged them in and by the way
    that’s the only reason i get back on the
    cla i had a fight with larry anski he
    told me bitcoin
    would be zero i think it was ten
    thousand and then it’s like twenty
    thousand eighteen thousand right now
    so larry was wrong yeah i told him wrong
    mr rev man
    rub it in like you said i’m a
    libertarian bitcoin’s a perfect thing
    for a
    libertarian no government controls it no
    person controls it
    it’s like the perfect system love it no
    central bank of bitcoin
    that’s right that’s right nobody i mean
    we’re getting the wheels down i mean
    that’s what yeah all right well okay
    reel it back in to laundromats here uh
    we were seeing another business so the
    bitcoin business i’m doing a distributor
    i’m starting uh
    the um right now i currently have got
    land i’m i’m working with a layout with
    janus for doing storage units cause i’ve
    never done it but they’re the experts so
    they’re gonna give me a layout
    and i’m considering becoming a laundry
    um i am 100 committed to that yet
    and this fireworks thing is definitely
    going to happen but i recently hired a
    well i’m paying a six-figure salary to
    and i made him a ceo of a new
    venture i’m doing that is um so nebraska
    has just legalized gambling
    so i have him looking into skill games
    and doing distribution for that and i
    actually got the exclusive for a certain
    game in iowa
    and i also i don’t know that i’ll build
    a casino but
    i doesn’t hurt to try and get
    a casino license and the weird thing on
    that is like i don’t have enough money
    to build a casino
    but as i told this guy i said if we get
    if we secure a license in nebraska to
    build a casino there will be zero
    problem finding
    people yeah yeah the money will be we
    will have investors
    yeah yeah i love that mindset too
    all right well tell me what is uh i mean
    you got a lot going on geez man
    which is awesome i love with four kids
    so i can’t do this at my house
    three of them are triplets right is that
    what you said triplet four-year-olds
    they just turned four
    oh my gosh i don’t know how i don’t know
    how you do that that’s i got a great
    wife that’s all that’s how you do it
    that’s exactly how you do it yeah
    uh well hey i’m curious it always blows
    my mind
    just the diversity of how much it costs
    to do laundry all throughout the country
    and places that i would expect it to be
    are cheap and places i expect to be
    cheap are expensive but
    can you give us a ballpark of vent
    prices like how much does it cost to
    do laundry in omaha so
    right now i have two i usually all do
    all my stores at the same time but
    with dexter i have two dexter stores and
    two electrolux stores so the dexter i
    actually just changed like changed
    so a double load i charge
    three dollars and by the way john olson
    and dave mentz i was
    struggling of going to four dollars on
    that but i just i ended up going to
    but a triple loader is five a four
    loader is six
    a eight loader is ten and a nine loader
    is eleven
    i charge two dollars for extra washer
    rinse on anything above
    a 40 pounder i charge a dollar for an
    washer rinse for anything but 40 pounds
    and below
    um dryers i do adopt some dollar coin
    mostly like i have
    so every one of my stores takes dollar
    coins and everything’s in dollar
    sorry i got another call i just declined
    but uh
    i do 20 like a 50 pound dryer 20 minutes
    for a dollar
    it’s 24 minutes for a dollar on a 35
    pounder and then i have 80 pounders
    that are 10 minutes for a dollar
    well actually i think it’s different on
    dexter doesn’t allow you to do a half
    cent or
    i get two and a half minutes on
    electrolux three minutes on the dexter’s
    so they don’t let you do a half
    so i think that’s yeah that’s and i’ve
    been yeah i charge a dollar for little
    boxes of soap which i probably shouldn’t
    jack that right now because that’s been
    going up
    i charged a dollar for a can of pop all
    my vending machines are a dollar
    like you buy a can of hop it’s a dollar
    you buy any snack it’s a dollar
    you buy a soapbox dollar but i i have
    like the upright
    vending so i got like the big bags of
    soap i sell for 10 bucks i sell
    little bottles that you get the dollar
    tree for four bucks
    and i only do that like i didn’t even
    know dollar tree existed i mean these
    dollar bottles
    i was buying it from a soap distributor
    for 275 for red tide bottles
    and so i was charging four bucks which i
    didn’t think it was outrageous and then
    i find out that they’re a buck each at
    dollar tree so then i have my managers
    go buy those and they’re like should we
    change the price i said
    no they’re paying four bucks for them
    like leave it charging four
    i mean i feel like that’s gouging but i
    wasn’t gauging even though they probably
    thought i was when i was paying 275 but
    yeah awesome i mean those are awesome
    bin prices i love those
    definitely higher than what we’re
    getting for stuff out here
    oh they’re higher they’re the highest in
    omaha like no question i don’t know of
    i think i got competitors defending 80
    pounders at like 750 or seven bucks so
    so i’m 11 and they’re at seven yeah well
    clean and attended and my and my laundry
    attendants aren’t doing wash dry fold
    right because i don’t do that
    they’re cleaning they’re helping people
    they’re taking care of the store
    are all four of yours fully attended no
    they they i keep them 24 7 but
    i have one woman that’s a rover that
    goes around to all four at night
    but mine are fully attended from
    anywhere from 7 a.m to 12 midnight
    but some of them are like 8 00 am they
    open are not open they are they’re ten
    at eight i have some that are like
    they’re as early as seven a.m to eight
    a.m and it’s late from 9 00 p.m till 12
    but then i have a woman at night that
    has access to all my cameras so she can
    kind of go
    i have two stores that are fairly busy
    overnight and two that aren’t but
    when you call yourself anytime laundry
    you gotta be 24 7.
    you gotta live up to it that’s right
    christmas eve
    christmas day we’re open yeah which
    we’re actually packed on christmas it
    blows my mind
    i know it’s crazy yeah because i’m open
    although i did spend one christmas eve
    um digging a toy uh uh
    um a potato out of one of my toilets
    because i called i i called a plumber
    the plumber came out
    tried to root her he’s like oh there’s
    something hard in there and i was like
    yeah i know that’s why i
    called you and he wouldn’t get it out
    and left
    this is a christmas eve and i’m like
    dude so i had to drive out there and
    take the toilet off and try to get a
    potato out of the toilet so oh man
    anytime laundry love it uh all right so
    you said your dollar coin are you an
    adamant dollar coin i know that debate
    can get real heated
    uh are you adamant so i’m i’m not
    so all my laundry mats take dollar coins
    or quarters every single one of them
    okay i have an app store where and i
    actually i guess i could
    hook up dexter pay i haven’t done that
    yet but
    i’ve done a cci store and the truth is
    like i probably will end up
    i don’t know you know i actually even
    this last story i
    really and i even talked to dave i
    talked to john about it
    and i almost went hard i just wanted to
    and like i said i do believe that card
    is easier for the owner
    and i handle a lot of cash a lot of
    people handle cash which is dangerous
    and i’ve had people steal cash but
    it’s for the owner it’s not for the
    customer so i i mean
    this building i’m in right now like 4
    000 square feet of it
    or 4500 square feet of laundromat
    and it’s this is a store that’s quarter
    dollar coin i mean i could literally
    walk over there if you wanted to see but
    dollar coin quarter and credit card is
    fast cards so we we take everything like
    it actually will take tokens too like
    because when i did do wash dry fold i
    could give the tenants tokens instead of
    but that’s i am an excitement six
    quarters dollar coins
    quarter tokens dollar tokens but
    going forward i will do a credit card
    payment on all
    of my stores the app i mean so i have
    the the wasco mat live or whatever that
    that new thing at the other store and
    it’s causing some issues because i mean
    it’s still beta i think i don’t know
    it’s actually
    live fire so i mean i’m not trying to
    knock on them but
    i also don’t think i mean i have older
    customers younger customers like younger
    people don’t care they like apps and
    apps is probably the future phone pay is
    probably the future but
    right now everybody understands swiping
    a card
    yeah i mean right wrong or indifferent i
    can people be taught yeah but i’ll tell
    you right now i even have too many apps
    on my phone i just deleted
    50 apps i’m like why do i have this
    garbage so i don’t
    i got a fast card app that’ll tell me my
    machines and i can give them a free
    and like i said it’s just too too many
    apps like i i just believe that
    right now at the current time i want to
    do quarter dollar coin
    and and you know another thing is like
    everybody tells me i should just stop
    the quarters but
    i have a location my first location i
    get two thousand dollars in quarters
    every single week and i was selling
    people quarters like even during this
    dave johnson i sold him eight thousand
    dollars in quarters the president of cla
    because he’s up in in iowa right and
    i would say that if i
    stop taking quarters and let’s say it
    cost me 500
    a week that is not worth it to me like i
    lose 500 worth of a weekly customer by
    showing off quarters
    and would i and that’s the unknown right
    because like if i went to card
    where i lose five percent or at least
    two percent some people claim that you
    gain customers
    so if i found out that if i went hard
    everywhere and i knew that if i went
    hard everywhere i would gain 10 percent
    i would buy cards right now like every
    store would be retrofitted this week
    but if i went hard only and lost 15
    of my business just for my ease of life
    i i am not okay with that and and like i
    i don’t know that i would and that’s the
    worst part about it i don’t know
    but i feel like if you can do like in
    this store you can use a credit card you
    can use a quarter you can use a dollar
    everybody can use this system yep
    i like that how many hours a week are
    you are you spending on your businesses
    are you running this is like a full-time
    job are you doing it
    kind of part-time i mean i know you said
    you could be away you know but
    yeah so that’s a tricky question because
    like i said i’m doing all these i’m
    doing a startup so i have conference
    calls with the guy that i hired
    just looking into the gaming i have i
    have lots of
    like today like i don’t know if you’ve
    been noticing i think i don’t know my
    screen goes
    black or you can still see it but i
    think i’ve gotten like something like 15
    calls and
    20 texts since we’ve been been talking
    here i try to decline it as fast as i
    can but
    i mean i spent a lot of time on the
    phone so i’m gonna talk with realtors
    i’m always looking at new properties
    like i’ll spend like half of a day
    looking at buildings i mean i go
    to the one that’s being currently
    construction i i have like a fight with
    the city right now because
    i was the first business in omaha to be
    fined for mass man
    date and because i don’t require people
    i said i’m a libertarian through and
    through like i don’t tell people how to
    live their lives as long as it doesn’t
    affect me
    i’m not pro master anti-mask i’m like if
    you want to wear a mask if you don’t
    want to wear a mask don’t wear a mask
    so i don’t wear a mask because i think
    i’ve already had coven not because i’m
    making a political statement
    i just hate them too like i i’ve already
    got congestion whatever like i said i
    don’t want to get on the weeds again but
    i guess the whole point i’m making is
    just yeah i mean
    i just don’t even know what i mean i’m
    getting busy you’re busy that’s what
    you’re trying to say
    i’m busy but i’m not i’m not working 40
    hours a week in the laundromat
    like right i’m not i got maybe and i am
    actively involved and i do like to be
    involved i like to talk to the managers
    i could work zero hours i i probably put
    i go to the office 48 hours a week
    but i would say the time that is spent
    on laundromat
    probably well it’s hard to say like the
    physical business is probably 10 hours
    if you’re talking about going out to the
    construction site and
    dealing with the realtors i mean it’s
    probably 30. yeah
    yeah well that’s a whole other that’s a
    whole nother deal
    well cool we have a section that i like
    to call
    secret sauce listen up it’s the secret
    and secret sauce is uh hey what’s one
    thing that’s working for you
    uh your business model your businesses
    that you think other
    uh other owners could implement into
    their businesses to maybe help them
    improve it i would probably i mean this
    is probably some people say a lot but it
    is people like
    and i would say that people when you
    watch football teams and they have
    coaches or you watch
    anything in life like people start to
    emulate their leader so i’m in here
    acting like a hothead and screaming and
    acting irrational
    like your management is going to take on
    they’re going to take on that role like
    if you’re if you’re having struggles or
    you’re stressed out
    like they’re going to reflect you
    they’re going to emulate you so i think
    that you gotta get the right people you
    gotta have the right attitudes and those
    people especially if that’s who’s
    dealing with interacting with your
    employees and your customers
    i mean an excellent customer experience
    is like what people should
    you know and i try to ingrain like
    there’s wording i was a market guy right
    i was in sales i was
    area manager for ge so like i have the
    signs of all the time like customers are
    the reason we have our job like
    don’t come be combative customers like
    you know
    they’re not lying all the time like
    sometimes the machine doesn’t work like
    understand the situation don’t and like
    i said when someone says something ate
    their money i said the first time i
    always say
    just do it right i mean you don’t know
    this person if like two or three i mean
    i’ve had people two or three
    weeks in a row say like there’s a
    problem and i’ll go out there and i’ll
    fight with them i said
    there’s obviously something you don’t
    understand about these machines or they
    don’t work perfectly for you so this
    probably isn’t
    the right laundry map for you there’s
    one whatever the nearest
    location is i said maybe you should try
    that one maybe it’ll be a better fit for
    i don’t say it angrily or mainly i just
    say it very plainly like that
    and i’ve had two things happen i have
    some people that don’t come back some
    people do come back but also they stop
    complaining because they know that
    you’re gonna tell them that
    you don’t want all customers but you do
    want 99 of them well probably maybe 95
    yeah and i also believe too though like
    when you have a customer acting crazy
    like i’ll
    i’ll put it i’ll i’ll tell them they
    need to calm down or leave because
    some people don’t understand like that’s
    affecting other people that they’re
    uncomfortable because this person’s
    screaming young at their kids and being
    and it’s i mean like i said it’s this
    delicate balance right like you have
    you’re always walking a fine line but i
    do believe it’s people this is the
    secret sauce i believe that
    like i am good at certain i would say
    i’m excellent actually i’ll even say
    that i am excellent at certain aspects
    of business and life but there are stuff
    that i would rank myself as that
    poor and the things i’m poor at i hire
    people to take on those tasks
    i love that and don’t be afraid dude
    like i mean like i said you’re not good
    at something not not everybody is good
    at everything
    so hire the right person like
    like i said i was terrible at scheduling
    i kept on conflicting stuff
    so i have a manager they do the
    scheduling they deal with it when like
    they’re switching switch shifts
    and i that way like i said i always
    schedule two people
    i just get one personal work at two
    different stores or something and like
    at the same time i mean i was terrible
    at it i just
    i don’t know what’s wrong with my brain
    i couldn’t do it or i would give someone
    eight hours and they’re like why did i
    do something wrong and i like didn’t
    realize i wasn’t even given
    i’m just filling these boxes i’m not
    paying attention to who has how many
    hours and like i said i was terrible i
    only want to get into those i don’t do
    it anymore i won’t do it because
    it’s causing conflict and i didn’t mean
    to and you got somebody good to do it
    for you
    so i mean i think that’s awesome that’s
    that’s a huge secret sauce that’s hard
    to do
    when you’re first getting started uh you
    know i hear people talk about that a lot
    and i remember
    you know just getting started it’s like
    well how do you hire somebody when you
    don’t really even have enough money to
    somebody so that’s really hard to do and
    you can at first like when i was first
    did this it was me and one other
    i worked in the stores like i don’t work
    on them anymore
    but like i did at the time and uh like
    physically being an attendant
    and yeah i mean you can’t at the
    beginning you have to be all things
    and like you just gotta get youtube
    pulled up and
    but i’ll tell you what it’s not hard to
    schedule when you have one employee
    right i mean everything was infinitely
    easier well i don’t even think about
    getting a loan now like to get a loan
    like it is no easy task for me to come
    up with financials like they change from
    month to month drastically
    so like it used to be easy to put
    together a financial statement now it’s
    it takes me four people in three days
    like compiling information to put
    together a financial statement that’s
    true and accurate
    yeah awesome secret sauce uh we have
    another section we call
    pro tips pro tips and pro tips is
    uh what’s a piece of advice you got for
    somebody who’s maybe looking to buy
    their first laundromat they’re new to
    the industry they want to
    kind of get in you got any advice for
    that i would tell them i said you we
    talked about this earlier but
    i would definitely try to understand
    what they’re trying to do and what their
    goal is like are they trying to replace
    their job are they trying
    to make this a supplemental income and
    i would just say that like i said before
    there’s so many laundry mats in this
    town i would not buy i would not buy
    for any amount of money and there’s
    there’s there’s several other maps that
    someone actually
    physically gifted me like even wahoo
    like the one in oahu
    if someone were to ask me now like i
    will give this to you for free i would
    i don’t want it and i wouldn’t be lying
    or hesitating
    i don’t want it they’re not all good
    there are some good ones there there’s
    some ones that are probably been managed
    poorly that are in good areas but like
    area is critical
    i would tell you that i truly believe
    that you could be a piss-poor operator
    with a tremendous location
    and be successful and i believe you
    could be one of the best operators
    run a great tight ship and you will
    never be successful
    with the wrong location so i would say
    you talk about real estate locations
    every location is everything i mean you
    could build a laundromat and be terrible
    at everything and succeed if it is like
    a plus location if you got an f i don’t
    care you could do everything right and
    still fail
    yeah so that’s why i spend all my time
    looking for the majority of my time
    right now is look locations i i
    eliminate tons of them
    i’ve looked at probably 40 buildings and
    every single one of them i have the
    capital to purchase
    so that’s not the barrier it was this i
    eliminated them on on something
    and that’s i’ve looked at 40 billion
    probably three months
    because i really really want to build
    right now but there’s just nothing right
    you gotta find the right thing and i
    think that’s huge you know take that
    advice if you’re new
    you know even if you’re not planning on
    building and you’re planning on buying
    uh which again you know different
    different people can make it work
    different ways
    uh but the location still is huge
    because it
    you can’t move a laundromat you know so
    it’s not either is it costly
    yeah you just pick up the machines you
    gotta put the infrastructure in right so
    once you
    lay down those routes once you commit
    yourself to a location
    you’re at that location so you know
    finding a great location
    is is key awesome
    and like i said it truly doesn’t matter
    what you’re trying to do i mean
    if you when you get employees and you
    start getting the bigger laundry mats
    they are not
    they don’t run themselves like you have
    to be i mean when you’re running
    unattended and you have like a cleaning
    service going on once a day
    that’s a completely different operation
    than what i’m doing you know
    is it bad i would never say that like i
    know tons of people
    are very successful it’s just different
    goals so i would say
    they really need to know what they want
    and i’d also say don’t let it be a
    crutch though because
    if you’re looking for the i never find
    the perfect
    thing right like i mean i find something
    that’s i would say i’ve never found an a
    well actually i lied i have one a plus
    but there’s a lot of bees out there bees
    are tremendous they can be very
    so you don’t want to stymie yourself to
    where like you’re looking for the
    absolute perfect thing because it
    doesn’t exist
    right well wow it does but i mean
    it’s like a unicorn right how many
    unicorns have you seen yeah
    i mean i see daily so my daughter is
    my daughter has a youtube channel called
    evangeline unicorn she’s unicorn
    all the time cool
    awesome awesome tip i think man if
    you’re new getting in the industry
    write that one down put it on you know
    the forefront of your mind as you’re
    looking for locations
    you know find a good location and i
    think your your advice to
    to understand your goal is a huge one
    too because
    you can easily you know purchase a
    location that’s going to make 24 grand a
    but if your goal is to get out of your
    job and replace the six figure income as
    soon as possible
    that location might be great but it’s
    not going to service your goal so i
    both of those tips are awesome tips uh
    we have another uh section that we call
    resources and you know do you have any
    resources that you recommend
    to people to help them grow their
    business or themselves personally
    so i i went to the cla but i think the
    cla is not as good as it used to be
    because i feel like some of the
    strongest contributors have
    left but i’ve been in these facebook
    groups and and why i don’t use them i
    actually have a facebook group that it’s
    called um
    it’s laundry laundromat owners only
    again only is the key word that we don’t
    and it’s not for
    like the newbies i mean there’s lots of
    facebook’s already out there dedicated
    to helping new people
    so i actually wanted to make this a
    multi-store group but we ended up not
    making it the guy i started with
    but um it’s more for like the seasoned
    veteran right like i mean
    this is i wanted this to be like kind of
    like people talking about
    you know that have been in the business
    and like i said i do think it’s great
    for the newbies but there’s probably
    four already
    that if you’re a newbie and you go on
    there and ask questions people are
    willing to help you
    just like the cla there’s some people
    that won’t help newbies some people will
    so like i said it’s just more geared to
    to the veterans but yeah i mean
    and if you own a laundromat we’ll accept
    you i mean but we we do boot a lot of
    people that are in there just
    trying to sell product or push in
    laundry equipment or
    sell soap so i mean we do actively
    remove people
    and it is if you own a laundromat for
    three months like
    you’re happy to join like you can
    probably get a lot from it but
    like i said we don’t generally take the
    questions like what is the first thing i
    well you find a location that’s the
    first thing i mean
    you’ll find a difference but like you
    said distributors will help you with
    that too i mean
    resources i mean distributors are not
    strong here in omaha but
    there’s one in iowa that’s pretty good
    but i mean distributors if you get the
    right distributor
    but i say get a man or call somebody i
    mean just go to a city that you’re not
    gonna be in and go
    like i said i met um randy crone is a
    great guy
    in des moines i don’t talk to him that
    much anymore but i literally just went
    into his laundromat and i said i want to
    build one in omaha
    well like i said we went to his office
    he had a bucket of cloud number he had
    buckets of quarters like
    lying around his office and we talked
    for two hours and he told me he had to
    go because he had another meeting
    and he apologized this man gave me two
    hours of his day and apologized for
    having to leave i just was unannounced
    unexpected visitor but he’s a great guy
    salt to the earth i mean
    like i said just just talk to people
    they’ll they will talk i will talk to
    if i have the time i will give you the
    time but i don’t always
    like i said i may be going somewhere and
    don’t take it as me being rude or being
    on interstate i just i just don’t have
    the time in that second
    but yeah and i think that’s a that’s a
    recommended resource from you
    particularly because you’re so good at
    it i mean it just
    it comes through hugely this whole
    interview that you’re so good at
    talking to people and
    you know asking questions that you need
    answers to and networking and building
    those relationships and
    and and using all of that to
    you know further your goals and and to
    take your next step forward so
    awesome recommended resource whoa peter
    this has been
    incredible having you on you have been
    all kinds of wisdom for over an hour now
    it’s been it’s been awesome it’s been
    super cool
    i got one more question for you if
    people have a
    question for you or they just want to
    say thanks for for sharing
    you know all the stuff that you’ve had
    what’s the best way they can contact you
    i have an email address nebraskalaundry
    but i mean i get at least 100 emails
    there a day so
    i would say that if they do contact me
    and i don’t i may not necessarily see it
    and i am extremely busy right now with
    the new ventures but
    i do i actually have responded to people
    people have gotten that through the cla
    well i was awesome didn’t you on your
    questions didn’t you have like a pro tip
    cause i do have a pro tip let’s hear it
    man let’s hear it so
    my pro tip is like this building i just
    walked into right
    like i didn’t have to go find a key
    every single building i own
    i key with a master key and i have a
    slave key so every one of my locations
    there’s certain doors that my attendants
    but i have a master key so i can walk
    onto any of the seven properties
    with one key open every single door on
    there me only
    can open every single door and my
    and then like my changers so i have
    change machines that i own right like i
    own my own
    medico locker or medeco wherever you say
    it medico
    that i own it so i can open any one of
    my i have four keys right
    that i carry with me that i can get
    access to everything like i have my own
    paddle lock
    so i have like you know i mean i have
    some kind of special code
    for a padlock that i have 50 of them so
    every single padlock i own
    i can open with one key i have all my
    all my doors and then like even my
    vending machine like i have a tube key
    because i don’t know if people know this
    but i was getting robbed for my vending
    machines because there’s only like three
    different vending
    keys that these vending manufacturers
    use why am i own now
    and i’ve have them all i think i have 15
    vending machines
    they all work on one key like i just
    replaced it
    so i mean i see and i still this day
    i’ll go and see friends of mine
    and they’ve got like just glove box full
    of keys and i’m like
    i literally and they cost me something
    like four grand to do this right
    four grand best four grand i ever spent
    yeah that’s a that’s that’s an
    incredible pro tip because literally
    when i bought my first laundromat they
    handed me
    a bucket full of keys and
    in a key like a few key rings and i
    i have no idea what a lot of those keys
    go to still to this day
    and there’s you know the key i mean
    i always joke about you know when you
    when you buy a laundromat you’re
    you’re really just getting a key
    collection uh
    because the amount of keys is crazy but
    i didn’t even know you could do that
    that’s awesome i mean
    yeah here’s my keys like hearing this is
    it i don’t know if you can see this it’s
    this is my medeco this is my master and
    i have an m on it
    so i give them all different things but
    i don’t know if you can see this it says
    yeah so like my location’s like ames
    will have an
    a this master then i have like b for
    l for l street like i said they all have
    a letter
    for like so that way i can give the the
    attendance keys
    yeah i mean like i said like this
    building is not even occupied
    so i have an r key for renter so even
    and that way i also have realtors right
    they don’t realize that every one of my
    that renter key will work on so this
    realtor can show this i give her a r key
    but i don’t need an r key i can walk in
    here because it’s master key
    that’s awesome every single thing i own
    i actually want to put the
    my locks on my house on it which i could
    have done made my master key my home
    thing but my wife was like
    what if you lose your keys and someone
    comes to her house i’m like
    she’s crazy i mean that would never
    happen in a million years but whatever i
    i have so i actually bought one of those
    little wi-fi ones that you can unlock it
    with your phone so i didn’t have to have
    an extra key for that i hate keys
    yes me too oh my gosh the store you’re
    not getting
    your phone is your key like they’re
    gonna they’re really gonna be able to
    rent a storage unit online
    use their phone to get to the gate and
    instead of having like a lock that you
    have to unlock
    use your phone it’s like a little light
    and it unlocks i’m like
    genius genius yeah genius
    awesome pro tip by the way i’m glad that
    you stopped me
    and uh and and gave me that tip because
    especially for people with multiple
    you know that is huge because it can get
    real complicated real fast when you’re
    carrying all these different keys
    for all these different locations and
    you know we’ve had you know like luke
    who probably luke williford i don’t know
    if you know luke but he’s probably i
    told him to get keys i literally
    we we were talking on facebook once
    because i don’t know him that well
    but i i said look i mean you guys got a
    million things like
    why aren’t you master these things yeah
    yeah i mean the guys got
    i don’t know last check it was 40 so
    he’s probably at 45
    now who knows that guy’s collecting
    laundromats like i know they’re
    you know special quarters or something i
    don’t know but uh
    yeah like having multiple locations you
    know getting getting a key like that is
    awesome that’s
    that’s such a great tip sweet man well
    this has been
    incredible thank you so much for taking
    your time and coming on
    and generously just sharing uh your
    experience and your wisdom and knowledge
    with us it’s been
    so good and i’m you know i’m super glad
    that we got to meet each other too
    i can’t wait to you know hear more about
    all these ventures that you got going on
    so thanks for coming
    on dude oh thanks for having me i
    sincerely appreciate it
    all right i mean that was so so good it
    oh man i don’t know if you’re like me
    and you’re just leaving this interview
    super jazz super pumped up i know i am
    maybe a little bit overwhelmed because
    he is doing so much stuff
    it’s so inspiring i just man i can’t
    wait to hear
    you know how things go for him i know
    he’s gonna be shooting straight to the
    with all the things that he’s doing so
    cool uh for me
    it’s so hard to narrow it down for to
    one takeaway
    i mean there’s just so much in there but
    the one thing that i’m going to take
    away is this quote i loved this little
    it was almost in passing this little
    quote that he said and he said
    everybody has something to offer
    even my customers and it’s so
    true and i love that he says he takes
    time to stop to get to know his
    not just you know to help build his
    business and build
    you know relationships and loyalty for
    his business sake but because he’s
    learning from his customers and i
    love that and i you know it’s so easy to
    get caught up
    in doing and running the business and
    focusing on the tasks
    that need to be done that it can be easy
    to forget to slow down
    and hey get to know your customers learn
    from those guys
    so that’s my big takeaway as always i
    really encourage you
    pick one thing if nothing else pick one
    from this interview put it into action
    because it’s the action
    that brings the results that brings the
    success that you want
    that helps you achieve the goals that
    you want to achieve and that helps you
    uh grow in in life and that’s what we’re
    here for that’s what we’re all trying to
    do so pick one thing
    put it into action and next week i
    cannot wait to get back
    with you guys it’s gonna be an awesome
    week with some more stuff that you can
    put in action so if you haven’t yet
    make sure you subscribe on the podcast
    subscribe to our youtube
    come find us over at instagram uh the
    facebook page
    got hacked and facebook won’t let it let
    me have it back
    uh i’ve been trying to get it back for
    and then we’ll give it back so i don’t
    know i might end up trying to
    get that thing shut down and starting
    over but
    uh yeah i don’t know if you’re on
    sorry i don’t know what to tell you
    facebook is not cooperating with me but
    go find us wherever we’re located and
    get in touch with us because
    we would love to hear from you and we’ll
    see you next week


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