28. This 21 Year Old Laundromat Owner Has Some Things To Teach You! With Mason Klein

Mason Klein is a 21 year old making things happen in a small mountain town in California. He has taken a quite the path to get to laundromat ownership and is out to make the most of it. 

Mason tells his story of how he wound up owning a laundromat and why he believes in it so much. Not only does he inspire other young investors, but also those who have had trouble taking their first step in the business. His mindset and boldness are going to take him far and he wants to share it with you!

In this episode of the Laundromat Resource Podcast, Mason and Jordan talk about:

  • The difficulties of the music industry in Los Angeles
  • The importance of financial education
  • Financial risk
  • The advantages of being young in the laundromat business
  • Advice for young entrepreneurs
  • The performance of his business
  • How he got two short term rental management companies’ drop-off business with no money
  • Brand recognition
  • Technology in laundromats

And so much more!

Mason, like all of us, has much to learn still. But what he has learned already, which is quite a bit, he shares with us on the show. He wants you to succeed and find financial freedom through laundromat ownership! And he wants to inspire more young people to take control of their lives through financial education!

Veteran or newbie, Mason brings something for everyone! This is a must-listen!

Watch The Podcast Here

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Episode Transcript

hey hey all you fellow laundromat lovers
this is
jordan with the laundromat resource
podcast show number 28 and i am pumped
as always that you are here today
because today
we’re going young mason is with us today
he’s 21 years old he owns a laundromat
and i am just fascinated uh by mason and
his story
and his mindset and just the way he’s
going after it he’s got some
awesome awesome input for anyone out
there who owns a laundromat but also
anyone out there who wants to own a
particularly particularly
if you’re younger or if you’ve been
saying to yourself and i know you’re out
there because i talked to a lot of you
guys on coaching calls
but if you’re saying to yourself ah man
i want to buy a laundromat or i should
buy a laundromat and you’ve been doing
that for a really long time
and you haven’t done anything yet this
one’s for you mason
tells you how to go after it and go get
it so
i’m super pumped about it i loved loved
talking to mason
uh this week and i know that you’re
gonna love his story too he’s got great
great input
and he’s bringing some fresh stuff too
and i just i love that so if you’re
looking to get better with your
own laundromat or you’re looking to get
in the business mason’s got some good
stuff for you today
but i wanted to take a second and
welcome a couple people who introduce
themselves on the
introduction forums if you go to
laundromat resource dot com slash forums
there’s a new member introduction area
where you can go in there
you can let people know who you are
and where you’re at in your laundromat
and go meet some other people who’ve
introduced themselves
again i say it all the time but it’s
that networking it’s that
working together that’s gonna elevate
all of us all of our businesses
and us personally um so get in there and
start networking go introduce yourself
if you haven’t done that yet
and go say what’s up to some other
people who’ve already introduced
themselves this community is growing
weeds we just passed a thousand people
this week we just this coming week i’m
um at passing 10 000
podcast downloads this week with this
episode so that is
just insane to me thank you guys all
for listening and i mean i just i love
that um
so we’ll celebrate that next week
hopefully fingers crossed we should make
it though
um a couple oh also i need to just shout
out rob
who is probably the envy of my wife
rob mentioned in one of the forum posts
that he listens to the podcast at one
and a half times speed
as he walks around his neighborhood and
i told him man my wife’s gonna be so
jealous because she always says that i’m
a slow talker
and a slow thinker and uh man she could
listen to me at one and a half speed
she’d be a happy woman but rob
ah wait to do it man way to do it all
right and and a little ribbing there too
i like that
anyways hey a couple quick things i
wanted to highlight from the forums is
because i thought a couple of quick uh
cool questions came up um number one is
he has his eye on a laundromat and he
wants to make an
offer he needs some help figuring out
exactly how to do that how do you
actually present an offer is there
you know maybe you have a template or
a format that you use maybe you can head
over to the forums
forums and help greg out with that
and in a similar vein justin was saying
um that he actually went in he’s got his
eye on a particular laundromat
and the seller basically shut him down
when he asked if
uh if they wanted to sell and so he’s
he’s trying to figure out what’s his
next step so head in there and help out
greg help out justin
with those um couple of things and i
just wanted to real quick
tom donnelly this is specifically for
you there are people who want your leads
on laundromat so get in there uh back in
that forum there’s people who’ve been
reaching out to you so get back in there
and go uh
go go talk with those guys and see uh if
you can work out a deal with them
so man so much cool stuff happening
right now
so much cool stuff going on in this
community i it just blows me away
i’m enjoying every single second of it
and i love it so okay enough of all of
because i really want to get into it
with mason today
but i do have one more quick
announcement it’s something that
i’m really excited about a lot of you
guys have already done a free coaching
call with me
laundromat resource.com coaching and you
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um and so get in there and do that i’m
not sure how long i’ll be able to do
that as we keep growing
so get in there soon but i added another
option in there
and this is not for everybody but some
of you guys might really be interested
in this and if you’ve already done a
coaching call but you want to do
another one this might be another
awesome opportunity
for you but i thought that i’d throw in
an option
for another free coaching block
but this one’s on a video zoom and it
would be recorded
and we’d put it somewhere in the in the
laundromat resource community
for people to be able to go in there and
see how the coaching goes and maybe
learn from
uh what we talk about in those in those
coaching calls and be able to
kind of get a glimpse into that so i
thought that was a cool option maybe
some of you guys are interested
if not totally fine just throwing out
trying to do different things to help
you guys succeed in the laundromat
industry maybe this is one of those
maybe it’s not we’ll see but same place
to go
if you want to do that and if you’ve
done a coaching call before and you want
to do a zoom call sign up for a zoom
call i love to do i think it’d be
laughtermentresource.com coaching that
and every other link that we talk about
in this whole episode today
will be in the show notes youtube in the
description down below
you can find show notes at laundromat
resource dot com
slash show 28. all right
that was a mouthful but let’s get into
it with mason right after this
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all right mason man hey how’s it going
thanks for coming on the show
thank you for having me i’m really glad
to be here this is so dope
hey man i i’m super pumped that you’re
here because you have got
uh man you’ve got a story and i am
excited to hear i think it’s gonna be
super inspiring for a lot of people
um because you know one of the things
you know for
that i do is is coaching calls a lot and
i get a lot of coaching calls from
people who
are either younger wanting to get in
like you
or people who have been researching
for a long time like years and decades
who have not yet taken action and here
you are what you’re 21 years old is that
yeah yes sir 21 years old laundromat
and i just think it’s gonna be super
inspiring so before we get there
man tell us a little bit about you who
are you where tell us a little bit about
your background thank you thanks jordan
so as early as i can go back as when i
was graduating
high school about three years ago so i
didn’t really know
what i wanted to do with myself my mom
was you know you can’t live here if
you’re not
working or doing anything i was just
playing video games you know
just didn’t know what to do with myself
so then i finally
found out the one thing that i loved was
music so i went through the whole music
so i went to a college in high schoo
after high school went to a music school
in hollywood in la
so i was like driving a couple hours to
and i just europe and big bear right
yeah well i moved to l.a
okay i moved to my my dad was living in
l.a but the traffic is wild out there
yeah if you’re not if you’re not driving
at 5 00 am it’s gonna take you two hours
yeah anywhere you know to get to
hollywood yeah
so i was driving hollywood just grinding
out the music
and that was a really that’s what taught
me like risk in a way because
that’s such a hard business to just
dip into it’s just so competitive but so
i finished
i finished and graduated um and got my
in audio engineering and so after that i
got lucky
found a job online doing um basically i
edit business um voicemails
so like uh let’s say you have a business
you know for jordan
press one for um whoever pressed two i
basically i’ll take the dog out the dog
that’s barking in the background i’ll
edit it out
so i just started doing that and i was
pretty stagnant you know like i got
comfortable but
i started learning about you know
self-growth and just trying to grow so
from that point i was still living up my
dad and
i got into the stock market and i
started working some more jobs is
learning about
um it’s all about income like your
income is basically where you’re going
to be
so on my audio job it was good but it’s
not full time
so i couldn’t just be comfortable so i
working more jobs i was working on a
golf course working at target
just really trying to save for something
i didn’t really know what yet i just
knew i needed to have some kind of a
some kind of a baseline for what i would
do later
and i was trying to make the music
happen because i have my own music
where i make um you know hip-hop beats
rap beats stuff like that
for artists and that’s hard that’s
really hard because you have to be known
scrape really well into that but um
so yeah i was just playing around with
all that stuff and um
so that’s pretty much like i was a
stagnant just trying to grow looking for
any opportunity
i remember countless nights on google
what are the cheapest businesses i could
and you know pizza shops would come up
laundromats would come up
and i always had on the back of my head
and um so that’s pretty much my
story like how everything where i how i
started where it came from
um and
so where did you okay so you’re you’ve
been doing you’re working like a
thousand jobs
trying to create this base of money in
order to kind of launch your
next venture and you didn’t know what it
was exactly but you’re you’re laying
you know sometime i don’t know when when
you’re working so many jobs but
sometimes you’re browsing around the
looking for businesses to invest in is
exactly yeah because you had all this
money that i was saving
um just because i knew because i feel
everyone has this phase where you’re
spending money like i was a kid out of
high school and i was
making decent money for my age so i was
buying like supreme shirts and
champion adidas i was wasting all my
money you know but
you get this guilt in the back of your
your head where
i shouldn’t be doing this this doesn’t
feel right you know it doesn’t feel
it doesn’t feel like the right thing to
do so i started getting into finance and
financial and i was even going to
college again to be a
financial advisor and all this with
yeah you know put a block on that but
yeah yeah so
yeah i knew i needed to save something
anything it could have been for
retirement just because i
my whole the whole way i wanted to live
life was work now work work
retire early and just live a beautiful
with um you know my partner or whoever
that was kind of my goal for life yeah
well i think that’s
awesome and i think it’s awesome that
you kind of came to this realization
you needed to do a little bit of you
know financial education
out of curiosity i mean i want to hear
how that transitioned into you buying a
laundromat in a second but
um just real quick on on the side note
of the
you know financial education i think
financial education is so important
it’s something that we don’t really get
in schools
and you know it’s really something that
i didn’t get until
after i bought my first laundromat and i
started listening to podcasts as i was
renovating my my dump of a laundromat
early on um and and that’s where my eyes
really were open but what did you do for
financial education that that kind of
snapped you out of it
you know that’s a good question like you
said they don’t teach you in school and
i just came out of school so i can tell
you everything i remember
they don’t tell you anything about money
and how many works but
i just remember um my dad okay my dad
kind of got me into bitcoin
he’s like son you know what like we’re
gonna make it because bitcoin
this was before it exploded and um
so that was like a controversial thing
at the time no one really knew what
was going on with bitcoin the cryptos
you know so that’s kind of how i felt in
the stock market because
um bitcoin went crazy it went up to like
000 for a coin you know and that’s when
me my dad started buying in but then
that was the peak you know so yeah
but these mistakes we make are great
for next time so i took that as a lesson
and i said hey like what can i do that’s
not cryptos because they’re trying to
in a way so i and i just i fell
i fell into the whole stock market world
trading real business and so i start
playing around
and um risk is i feel like risk is a
huge thing you got to take the risk you
got to take the shot
um because otherwise you’re just you’re
not going to grow like how i was
stagnant when i was working in one job i
was comfortable with
you always try to be just doing
um to grow and so and that helped
um acquire my first laundromat um i got
really lucky in stocks
do you invest awesome
cool cool so i’m sure you know about
tesla uh-huh
and i’m sure you know i’m sure you know
what they were at last year and where
they’re at now
yeah yeah so i bought you know
i’m not trying to i’m just saying like
um when you have a win in the market it
keeps you to keep going so my big win
tesla and that keeps me uh motivated to
keep investing so i mean
i had i put i dumped almost you don’t
want to put all your eggs in one basket
you know i really believed in elon musk
i was kind of like a fanboy so i just
dumped all my money in tesla and it
worked out everyone didn’t believe in
tesla but
i really saw the vision with like the
self-driving cars and all this
so anyways i made like 140 percent
off my money which is huge which is nice
huge yeah because average is eight to
ten percent
yeah a year or so and that took time
though you know the first four months
is not making anything and that’s where
most people say oh stock market’s a scam
this is how you know this is just going
to build gates it’s going to his wallet
people like people think it’s a scam but
you just got to be patient and
i’m just saying all this because it
really changed my life and i didn’t even
think about buying a business until
the this like everything leads to
another happens here
for a reason but so yeah the
thank you so the tesla thing happened i
had you know a big number in my account
so i was like what am i gonna do with
this you know should i just keep
stacking it keep stacking it so in my
head i’m just going to keep stacking it
the opportunity rises or find a skill
and i can open up my own business
because my dream was to
have my own studio and like have seniors
coming in and
i record them and mix and you know
master and all that cool stuff
that was my dream having a nice studio
in la
and um what happened was cove would hit
so i was with my grandparents at the
because they they’re pretty close to my
dad switch between them to visit family
and um they’re they’re older so i didn’t
want to put them at risk
so i came back i went up to big bear
which is where i grew up my whole life
and so i moved up to big bear my mom’s a
real estate agent she told me hey
i’m selling this big building for this
woman and she’s selling the laundromat
do you have any do you know anyone that
would want this right
and in the back of my head i remember
the nights when i was looking up
those businesses you know and i thought
it was really cool
but every time i looked it up on google
you needed 700 thousand you needed a
million you know
for in l.a or yeah that was those were
the prices in my area
so i told my mom you know how much is
this going for
and she’s like you know less than 50 000
or so
less than 30 really depends on our deal
so i was like wow you know this is
something we can really
shoot for so i just packed my bags came
up here and we
did it and we bought it me and my mom
went half and half and
i’m gonna pay her off over the year and
then it will be it’ll be my baby
no way so that’s really exciting yeah
that’s super exciting and so cool and
i mean it it also is kind of testament
to you know
having having your your eyes open and
and you’re
like letting people know too like hey
i’m i’m
looking for something even if you don’t
know exactly what that is because that’s
when opportunities kind of come your way
uh when people see that and and your mom
had this connection
and and you guys jumped on it well
that’s that’s awesome so how long ago
was that uh so that was two months ago
oh my goodness during kobud and that’s
why i’m a big preacher for like you can
do what you want because
i ended up doing this in the worst year
we’re gonna live in our life
this is a hundred hundred plus year
um to happen to us so you can do
anything that you
want you just gotta make it happen
but yeah we just acquired it two months
ago wow
wow so what was it like uh purchasing it
was it was it a difficult process i mean
i i don’t know how much experience
really you have or your mom has
you know buying a laundromat so how was
it kind of
zero experience it was definitely
one of those things where we had my um
i have my dad and my stepfather are both
businessmen so i was able to approach
them and ask them questions
so they helped me through the process
but it’s also something that um
you know when you think about buying a
business it’s like oh it’s too much work
but when it’s happening it doesn’t
matter how much work it is you’re doing
at night after after your day job you’re
um p l’s i didn’t know what a p l was
i don’t know what that was you know and
then i’m looking up like oh
um how old the machines are you know
when they’re gonna
die just all the research so um it’s
as a beginner is difficult but that um
you can definitely
find all this information online and
guide you to guide you
yeah totally and and i think you
you said it perfectly is you know it
sounds overwhelming and it can be
overwhelming but once you just commit to
doing it
you you just do it right like you you do
that research that you have to do you
find out the information you gotta find
if you don’t know how to do something
you either figure it out or find someone
who knows how to do it and you can just
make it happen yeah that’s what you guys
exactly yes dang awesome
okay well so you’ve owned it for
you know eight nine weeks now right yeah
yeah so
what’s it what’s it been like i gotta
tell you
jordan is so crazy um i feel like a lot
of people can relate to this
i’ve just the best way i can explain
this kind of like a car
in my body i’ve always had the gas i’ve
always had the feel but i never had the
to kind of drive me so i’ve always had
something that i’ve always wanted to do
inside me and i tried to put it towards
music and i love music but
that was never my car you know that was
like my hybrid
so when we did this business i could now
that was my car
so all this fuel i had i can just dump
into it and all my passion
all my this all the all the things all
my knowledge and
um i can just dump into it so it’s it’s
changed my life 100 percent um
going into it i thought it was it could
be a scam it could be a
risk you know but the things that i had
learned in my experiences was to take
the risk because it’s just a lesson
for the next thing if it goes wrong
don’t beat yourself up
you know it’s just a lesson for the next
one so because in the back of my head
when i was buying this thing i was like
what if another code
happens or what if they’re lying about
the p l or
um you know what if we’re not making
profits anymore and it’s a waste
so that’s definitely some concerns that
any business
person will have getting into their
uh endeavor yeah totally and that’s
super common and a lot of people that’s
paralyzing for i talk to them all the
time and coaching calls
right uh yeah they can’t really get over
that and understandably i mean it’s
super scary so
there’s no shame in that but on the
other hand if you don’t take that leap
if you don’t take that risk
you know calculate it but if you don’t
take it then nothing is going to happen
so did you yeah did you uh
what i mean what did did you do anything
to kind of mitigate that risk did you
like during due diligence were you how
did you verify
what she was saying or were you able to
or did you just kind of say
well we’re just gonna have to go with it
and see how it plays out
so yeah we made we did some check
um so
i did some recon as they would say
i showed up yeah going south you know i
showed up
pretending to do my laundry but um
yeah i showed up made sure you know the
place was in the dump and wasn’t empty
when you’re acquiring a place you want
to at least see what it is
that you’re buying before you even
consider it but i was there
making sure people were coming in people
were happy things were working
that was a whole nother process too
before we bought it um we
put quarters and all the machines made
sure all the drivers got how the washers
were washing
and all the different settings so that’s
another thing
that we did to make sure everything was
nice um but as far as confirming that
the documents were 100
accurate um the woman we bought from
she’s a lawyer so we had some good trust
in her
because everything was organized
beautifully in the p l so
right away if someone’s trying to con
you or scam you
it’s probably going to be in like a
google sheet or something you know right
yeah but she was paying bookkeepers she
was paying accountants
so i had to stack up so that was one way
to kind of
that gave me confidence that it was
and then going in and making sure those
people showing up
yeah right yeah it’s not it’s not a
ghost town
exactly right yeah well how how old were
the machines do you remember okay so the
dryers are older than me
wow that’s not that hard to do in favor
i didn’t know this when i i learned all
this that you can
you can keep them maintained pretty well
but yeah the dryers are
22 years old okay they’re um they’re
speed queens
stack dryers and then the washing
machines are
16 gallon maytags and they were they’re
they’re about 10 years old okay yeah
yeah so you got in there and you know
verified as much as you could
and then just pulled the trigger pull
the trigger yes sir
yeah another thing i recommend real
quick yeah yeah is um
if you have no experience like myself
um see if in the contract you can put
that they’re willing to train you
and help with repairs and stuff like
that for at least a year or two
because um you know we ran into problems
right away and you will
run into problems um coming into this i
was like i’ll get lucky you know i won’t
need to
hire anyone to help me but you don’t get
lucky okay
you don’t get lucky drier you don’t want
to bank on it
exactly so we had washers going out we
had driers going out but in the contract
we had in there that
had to give some kind of effort in
helping you know whether that’s just
texting you know real quick how they
would fix it
so and they text me exactly what to do
and voila
you know problem solving now i know how
to do it for the next team
nice yeah that’s huge i think that’s an
awesome tip because stuff will go wrong
especially if your machine’s a little
bit older you know
it’s just gonna it’s gonna go down
that’s just what happened and they’re
used a lot and
you know stuff just goes down so having
that support
early on to help you build your
knowledge and skill base that’s
that’s awesome that’s a good tip thank
okay so you bought this laundromat
and you own it now first of all
like what did that feel like when you
got the keys
for the first you know that’s it’s such
a surreal feeling
because you don’t have to report to
anybody you don’t have a boss i know
you are the boss yeah and the thing that
was so
funny to me is like i gotta wake my butt
up to open this place
you know i never had that responsibility
i was a guy to sleep in like i said when
i was just starting and i was in high
school everything was playing video
games just
just screwing around you know not i
didn’t have any like i had the drive
i just didn’t know what yeah
so now yeah exactly no focus right
so now it’s like i’m waking up at eight
and i’m forcing myself up because that’s
your baby you know you’re not gonna ah
whatever and be late today
it’s like no you’re going there at eight
because people are waiting for you
yeah yeah so it’s a
it’s an awesome feeling it was kind of
for the first couple weeks you know
people will come in oh you guys are new
owners and
you know sometimes you don’t know what
to say and um sometimes they say yeah i
work here because you you want to just
you want to be humble you don’t want to
belittle others and that’s kind of
something i’m
i do the best i can because i’m a little
younger as i don’t want to come off
um i don’t want to come off like i’m
doing better just because i’m younger i
i happen to have followed some steps in
a certain way
um basically my my family showed me how
to do that so
that’s something i really try to do is
not to make anyone feel
any less for that reason yeah i think
that’s awesome
i think that’s awesome thank you well i
remember you know getting
the keys for the first time and then
everybody kind of left and i was
standing there like
well now now yeah
who’s going to tell me what to do now
yeah it’s a it’s a pretty
surreal feeling definitely unreal yeah
okay well tell me a little bit about
what is
uh like what does a typical day look
like for you i mean you’re dragging your
butt out of bed
to go open it up you guys open up at
eight o’clock so yeah our hours are from
to eight thirty yeah okay so like i said
i’m a total night owl you know i’ll be
up until
two three um but i’m getting better now
because i
gotta be responsible people counting on
yeah yes i learned that the hard way one
day but
we can get into that but um yeah so
eight to eight so
typical days you know wake up um go over
um just if i didn’t clean the night
before i’ll do a quick cleaning of the
and then um i used to work my audio job
my day job i was working in the office
there so i was on site
24 7 helping people out i feel like that
helped so much
yeah just to give people confidence that
they have help
um because there’s a couple we have a
couple dryers that
aren’t really dryers or more like slot
you know sometimes they work sometimes
exactly yeah yeah yeah we have a couple
like that
so i’m just giving people the confidence
that there’s a problem they just knock
on the door and literally
i’m right there to help right and if i
can’t help them i give them a refund so
yeah i feel like that really helped a
um but yeah so the typical day when when
i was working there i’d just be in the
office i was working my nine to five
help anyone you know my lunch break i’ll
do more cleaning in there
um and then on when we close around 8 30
if we have some people trickle in i i
usually let them stay
later if i was cleaning because it’s
it’s all good
yeah um but if i was trying to get out
of there just so i’m sorry you know
8 30 in the night um but yeah
so that’s pretty much like a typical an
average day we don’t get
crazy traffic because we’re um we’re in
a small town big bear
city um it’s a small town and
there’s four laundromats and all the big
bear were all kind of spread out
so it’s kind of like a gas station you
know the closest one is where you’re
going to go
right um you won’t you won’t drive 10
minutes to
me unless you like me then you’ll come
drive 10 minutes but
for the most part i’m going to drive
thank you
thank you that’d be awesome
but yeah so it’s just you know you we’re
trying to make people regulars and
it’s like the closest one is people are
going to because so we had to step
up the yelp game set up the google game
um just really learning about all that
stuff yeah
so are you there are you there all day
or not anymore so not anymore now i’m
i’m there when i’m fluff and folding
okay um
however during my day job i’m at my
house now because a
new new renter i’m a new renter awesome
as well
congrats man thank you just all kinds of
big stuff happening over there
thank you yeah yeah that’s cool
appreciate it
what uh what what struggles have you had
so far there’s some that’s a great
there’s some there’s some real
struggles that you gotta just you gotta
pick your poison
on some things because it can be late at
and you gotta ask yourself do you wanna
clean now or tomorrow or am i going to
skip it
because it really depends if you’re
fluff and folding or not
and that’s another thing because i had
no idea what that was
and the previous people weren’t doing it
so i started
tackling that but um a struggle would be
for us is just
um keeping our regular not scaring
anyone away if you know somebody
suspicious comes in for a day that’s
kind of something
because what will happen is you know
homeless person
um will come in and i have total respect
for these people i just ask them are you
going to use their machines
like if you’re not using our machines
i’m sorry you can’t stay
yeah but um so some some people look
to our regulars you know sometimes
someone uh homeless man will come in and
i won’t see a regular for
i haven’t seen one for months you know
they get scared away and call me and say
someone suspicious is here they’re
looking around all your
you know your tv and your speakers or
you know scoping the place out i don’t
you know sorry this looks
weird so that’s uh i think that’s a
struggle but
we you can definitely prevent that so we
just put in better security
cameras um this one will
track human faces so like that’s facial
stuff like that high tech i like that
it’s all about we’re trying to keep our
uh customers feeling
safe totally no because if that happens
i would feel awful if someone didn’t
feel safe
at our laundromat totally i would just
feel very
i feel terrible someone doesn’t feel
safe so for a time i was even just
um doing my work with the door open my
office door i’d leave it open so
everyone could see me
and um i would be there to assist and
they would know that place was safe
because i was right there
yeah yeah that was the main struggle
yeah i think that’s a pretty common
struggle no matter where you are really
you know the homelessness issue and it’s
tough because it’s a tough balance
you know setting a firm boundary um but
you know they’re also
they’re people but they also do cause a
lot of problems not just
for you and your business but also for
your customers and
you know you want to make sure like you
said everybody’s staying
safe and feeling safe and you know
because if not they’re not going to come
to your business they’re going to go
there they are going to drive 10 minutes
down the road dear
competitor right so um
has there been anything uh surprising
about it or anything that’s gone better
than you expected
after buying it those are good questions
so it’s funny i never cleaned in my life
before the laundromat
i never did laundry in my life and now
i’m folding 300 pounds every day
so definitely just if you want something
to happen
you have all the tools at your disposal
at your fingertips i literally went on
youtube and looked up how to fold a
fitted sheet
because that that thing was the pain in
my existence
i could not fold that thing it was just
a blob every time yeah you know
yeah so you can just do a quick youtube
and boom
now you just practice a little bit and
now everyone’s like
wow yeah teach me how to do that you
know so
um things that you encounter you
definitely just researches those forums
um laundromat resource and you’re you’re
incredible the channel’s great
thanks i’ve been watching you the whole
time yeah
it’s a great resource i’ve learned i’ve
learned all my fluff and fold stuff from
you so
awesome yeah well not for you but from
the from the people
yes killing it because those guys are
doing awesome and you’re doing awesome
from your hosts we’re gonna have to have
a uh fitted sheet
folding competition between between you
and mark last camp
so let’s do it we’ll see what happens
marky’s throwing down the gauntlet man
this is happening
well one question that i really wanted
to ask you because i think you have a
unique perspective on it is are there
any you know there’s
there’s not a lot of people your age
we’re not buying any businesses really
but you know especially in the
laundromat industry because like you
said when you go online and you search
you see these big numbers you know they
can cost a lot of money they don’t have
um and uh you know there are ways that
you can get
free laundromats um and and those can be
legitimate ways or you can get them
um but there’s just not a lot of young
people doing this so
um two questions one is
do you see any do you see any advantages
or disadvantages of being young
and being an owner in this business
absolutely the the biggest thing when
the biggest thing in your young that you
have on your side is time
so now you have all this time to make
your laundromat
uh your empire if you want to call your
just to expand and grow it you have more
and the more time you put in your
business that can be an exit strategy
you know now you’re going to be selling
for more
because you have to put more time it’s
going to be worth more
it’s going to be more valuable to buyers
so definitely it is the i would say the
most most important things
time having time on your side absolutely
yeah that’s huge i mean i think that
you’re right and
and i think one of the things that you
seem to be doing really well
is leveraging that time to your
advantage by
you know by working at the laundromat
you know
you have other stuff to do but you still
have that time and you can do what
you’re doing
you know from there for a while and you
can you have that time to kind of grind
you can work a day job and do fluff and
fold and
clean your store and get your butt out
of bed and open it
because you have that time right you
don’t have a family
right now and and all that so exactly
exactly yeah huge well my my other
uh questions kind of it’s along similar
lines but do you
do you have any advice for anyone who’s
listening to this or watching this
who is younger who maybe wants to get
either in in the laundromat business or
you know
in business in general do you have any
advice for for younger entrepreneurs
um yeah i would definitely start by
just organizing and managing your money
is huge
i forget the exact numbers but if um
there was a if you know there’s an
emergency that cost
a thousand dollars i think 90 or so
would be in debt so just understanding
that’s scary you don’t want to be that
one of those
people and it’s okay if you are because
you definitely you can catch up and it’s
fine because you just weren’t taught
in school and you never will learn uh
no one sorry you never learned from an
outside source
so um what i could
definitely what i tell anyone that i me
just because i feel it’s my duty
is about investing whether if you want
to go risk
free you just go into an index account
um or a roth ira
you start like one of those accounts um
those are super risk free
because it’s all like s p 500 companies
um or you can do single socks which is a
little riskier unless
uh you do some have time for research
that’s what i did and then i found tesla
so you could have you know you’ll have
your big win and you’ll be hooked
that’s that’s how it goes in the market
you know yeah
so but i definitely it’s all about just
get the foundation
of how the money works uh my dad was
always telling me to take an accounting
learn all these basic business things
um just because that’s the foundation of
how your business ends in the house
because that will apply towards any
business you buy not just laundromat but
donut shop pizza place whatever you can
take it with you to any of these so
i would say that’s my that’d be my
number one tip
that’s incredible incredible advice for
young entrepreneurs but also for all of
us really like that
like we talked about already that
education that you know is is key
and because you’re not getting it from
your traditional education sources
you got to go find places to get it and
there’s all kinds of places to get it
not all created equal but there are all
kinds of places you get it
maybe i’ll ask you when i ask you about
resources maybe i’ll ask you about
uh if you have any personal finance you
know recommendations yeah
absolutely so that’s a little teaser for
we’ll get there um well
is there anything else about your story
i want to hear a little bit more detail
about your
your actual laundromat here in a second
we have a little section called down to
um but any anything else about your
story that you feel like we need to know
before we move on to that
um like i like i say
and like i preach um you know this is
the hardest year for
anyone if you’re listening to this in
your life this is the hardest year for
you and
all of us this will be because it’s a
hundred year event
um so the fact i have no idea if you
told me two months ago i’d do this
no way man you’re crazy like you know
get out of here
no so anything really can happen
you just make the best decisions you can
and you just
stay humble and just um stick with that
foundation and
consistency um that’s really it and
you know it’ll work out for you there
will be a time where it comes
your knowledge will be very valuable
love it
love it well let’s get down to business
uh so you are located in
big bear california right yes so for
anyone who doesn’t know big bear
california is
up in the mountains it’s pretty much
where everybody from l.a
goes if they want like a quick day trip
up to the snow uh
big bear is the spot to go so it’s a
town relatively speaking um and
uh yeah like i said up in the mountains
so that’s that’s
cool cool spot um you own
you own one laundromat no real estate
no real estate okay um that’s cool
and one of the things oh and you’ve been
in the business for
what nine weeks is that yes yes sir
that’s awesome that’s awesome
one of the things i’m really curious
about if you don’t mind sharing
is how much does it cost to do laundry
up in big bear
that’s a great question and i actually
don’t know how much it costs anywhere
else so
i won’t know if your reaction is a good
one or a bad one
so um pretty much we’re priced
to we just match our competitors
because you know it’s it’s where you’re
at it’s you’re going to go to the
closest one not to the cheapest one
so yeah they’re all the same for the
most part so
for our two load um 16 gallon washers
it’s two dollars
for a wash you get two loads and then
for our dryers which are also
oh they hold two loads it’s um eight
minutes for one quarter
so about a dollar for your typical
if you’re gonna be drying like towels
and all that they absorb more
moisture so that’ll be five quarters
five to six
and um there’s a really big laundromat
up here in big bear
right next to one of the big grocery
stores next to vaughn’s
and they’re priced uh their 16 gallon
machines are priced at two dollars
um they have triple loaders we’re
getting we’re going to be getting triple
loaders soon ours broke down
but um there’s our price at four dollars
for a three load wash and the dryers are
the same so every everywhere is the same
it’s just
your go which one you like to go to yeah
which one’s
probably more convenient yeah exactly as
long as it’s clean
exactly yeah and you’re not at
too big of a casino yeah yeah yeah
as long as yeah as long as there’s one
or two then that’s okay
yeah yeah yeah so is your your
right now is unattended right nobody’s
there during the day
um at all times correct no one’s there
at all times
however i do enjoy spending my time
there yeah
cleaning and fluffing and folding so
it’s half and half
i’m gonna mark it down as partially
attended okay yeah
yeah yeah no that’s cool and it’s you
who’s doing it right you’re the one
they’re cleaning and
yes and serving the customers and stuff
again leveraging that time that you have
right now
it’s going to be awesome experience for
you too you know because
as you you know expand either in this
business or in any business uh really
you know you’re going to be learning
things just by serving customers
and learning how business works because
you’ve put your time in there
that i mean it’s really going to
translate well you know whether you go
to more laundromats bigger laundromats
or some other business it’s still going
to translate pretty well absolutely 100
real quick you reminded me of something
yeah something i learned that
helped me massively it’s your mentality
it’s how you think
you don’t go into business to make a
whole bunch of money
and scam people or you know try to do as
lease work
and make as much money you go into
business to serve
your community so
going into that mentality you will have
the most respect for your customers
you will do what is in their um favor
and you’ll be thinking about them and
that will make you more successful
in the long run that’s what i believe at
least that it’s working
for us that mindset will make you more
successful i mean you’re you’re dead on
have learned a lesson that it takes
many people many years if they ever
learn it at all
um and i think you know that’s that’s
one of the keys to business especially
the way businesses run now
you know if you can serve that customer
and that
is your number one goal well the money
will follow right the money is going to
so you know you focus your time on
serving your customer and let the rest
kind of take care of itself obviously i
mean obviously you want to
be strategic about it right there’s
nothing wrong with making money but
um your priority needs to be serving
people cool
are you are you a coin store uh all
yeah all quarters yes have you been
affected at all by the coin shortage or
not really
not not i i don’t see how there’s a
issue but
yeah maybe that’s because i’m in a big
sorry i’m in a bubble up here and
yeah yeah well i think it’s alleviated
some at least
okay but so maybe you got in after the
the hardest hit i’ve probably got i
might have gone lucky yeah who knows
um and then if you had to guess okay i
know you were there basically 24 7 early
if you had to guess now how many hours a
week do you think you spend
working on your laundromat or at your
so yeah when i was working there i was
literally there
16 hours every day um now i’m there
about eight hours
six to eight hours every day um because
we just acquired a couple business
accounts with the [ __ ] folds and
um we can get into that in a little bit
because that’s like a whole nother uh
topic you know yeah um but yeah
i mean that is something i want to i
wanted to ask you about is
so there was no fluff and fold before
you got into it right so how did you
what made you decide to do it and how
did you start that because it sounds
like you’re doing
pretty decent fluff and fold business
now and that’s pretty quick
so that i have to say thanks to you
one of your guests uh matthew simmons i
yes i heard his story at water that’s my
yep that’s my favorite episode on
laundromat resource
i watched that and blew my mind away
about the website and
everything [ __ ] fold related it just
destroyed me you know so um
previous owner at our place was not
fluff and folding for them it was
and um in big bear the population’s so
low you know you have different
uh tiers of laundromats up here like a
small one will make 1000 to three
thousand a month
from the people that trickle in um so
anything over that and the people that
trickle in pretty much just pay the
so anything after that is straight to
your pocket
for improvements um more new machines
you know whatever you want to use it for
so that’s the interesting thing um so
pretty much those
uh the your regulars and people coming
in they’re
there to keep the lights on and keep the
water going right um
so it’s really important to us to try to
get some more business somehow
and so um one day i was putting all the
our new google information putting in
there my
i put my phone as the business phone
totally yeah yeah just because
you know you can ask me anything call me
up i’ll be your you know we’re friends
like we’re ladies now we’re buddies yeah
yeah i’m gonna start i’m prank calling
you now
so um i was putting the information in
the next day
i got a call and basically a company
similar to airbnb
you know they called and they said hey
would you like hundreds of
pounds of laundry being dropped off or
so and i said
at the time i had no idea like numbers i
didn’t know what to price a fluff and
i didn’t know how much 100 pounds really
was so like a piece of cake i could do
that an
hour you know when i’m done working i’ll
just do on my lunch break or whatever
yeah and then uh you know i finally
figured a price point so we we do a
dollar a pound
okay for everyone for um commercial
for business accounts and for uh
just to keep things easy um but yeah the
first day they dropped off the
the 100 pound bag i was just staring at
i didn’t even want to move from my seat
because it was the most laundriest scene
in my life
but this is coming from a guy who had
never really cleaned or done laundry
before owning the laundry yep
yeah just you know i was spoiled in that
way had mommy doing
doing my laundry did you call your mom
up and be like hey
thank you
i wish yeah i totally just
you know i um we have a little market
next door
just got a red bull and powered through
i looked up some youtube videos and
you know how much bleach do i use on a
16 gallon
everything’s right there on google you
just got to think to look it up
yeah so but um yeah so we got
uh we right now we have two business
accounts we have um
similar airbnb their name is vacasa and
we have another similar
business wow rentals so they come and
they drop things off
dude that’s awesome and so did both of
those come from your google
my business listing it’s amazing
i got i just answered the phone hey
what’s up
and you know it was the head guy at the
other side
and their friend mason yeah
and you know like hey you know can we
drop hundreds of pounds off and
you know like i said no idea what that
was but i gladly accepted
and that alone because the previous
owners weren’t really doing 11 fold
for them they’re remote they weren’t in
big bear um
so it was passive and that’s fine if you
want to do it like that
that’s totally fine you know however you
want to run your business
so up to you it’s totally cool yeah
absolutely for me it was like um
our lease is two years so i’m trying to
i’m trying to do as much as i can
um just in case we can’t extend it
because the whole building is being sold
right now
so there is a chance that um the
building gets sold and then after the
lease they’re gonna
want um renters in there because that’s
more profitable for uh
for a business uh for a building owner
so we’re just trying to that’s another
thing is to think about like all those
cracks in the in the floor um and just
be ready
because um yeah so so the whole 5 full
thing double or
income dude killer that i mean that’s so
that’s so cool crazy yeah and it speaks
i mean i think i think we’re getting
as an industry but it speaks to our
the importance of just doing the simple
things like
have a website have a google my business
account have you know manage your yelp
page at least a little bit
with a yelp business account you can do
it from your phone
so you know just do it get on google
maps get on apple maps
yeah we’re gonna find you yeah those
kind of simple things
um but you know if you don’t know how to
do them you don’t know how to do them so
um find somebody to help you do it if
you don’t know how to do it because
absolutely look at that man that’s
basically doubled his business
for free just by updating his google my
business page so
that sounds attractive to anyone
if you don’t have a google my business
account yet so
man that’s that’s cool so do they drop
it off on a regular
interval like regular day regular time
kind of thing yeah
yeah so vacasa they pretty much it’s
and we we got an automated system
because i had on my lunch break i was
going over there and
letting them in the office and we were
trading you know dirty for clean linens
right but then i thought why don’t i
just put in a code on the door
and then just give them the code so now
i can now i can just chill here and
actually have a lunch now yeah yeah
yes not eating on lunches and um
you know right yeah so that and that
that’s nothing just small little
improvements like
little all the little things they matter
they add up um
it’s all those little things but um
so yeah they drop off every day from 80
pounds to 300
and uh my girlfriend comes helps me
she’ll come and
all right so you are recruiting some
help i like that
you got to get the girl yeah absolutely
and they’re good at laundry good yeah
they’re good at laundry but um yeah so
she’ll so she’ll stuff the washers while
i’m cleaning
and um yeah and we’ll split it for the
day you know so it’s a cool little thing
we got going on but and then the wow
rentals they um
they bring it like twice a week they’ll
have comforters for us
stuff like that yeah um we’re looking
into getting more business
counts um i just i yeah
if you guys haven’t seen the episode
with matthew
that is the most that blew me away like
that makes me want to get a website
for the fluffing folds and all the
things he talks about is
huge that was the most valuable video
i’ve i’ve seen so
yeah i’ll link that if you’re watching
on youtube i’ll link it down below
because it really was
uh just an incredible episode and if
listening on a podcast that link to
uh interview will be in the show notes
or you can find it at
uh laundromat resource dot com slash
listen uh is the link to
the podcast episodes there so uh with
matt simmons from curbside
uh man that’s that’s awesome and that’s
a huge win especially with the short
lease you know it’s a little risky to
have a short lease like that and not
if you’re going to have business right
in a couple years but
you know if you can get a couple years
of business experience
and you can turn a profit of some sort
in a couple years even if it closes down
you don’t get to renew that lease or
you’ve gained uh a lot you’ve gained a
lot you’ve gained a lot of experience
you’ve gained a lot of
um you know just knowledge and wisdom on
business absolutely general on finance
all this stuff so
and systems i mean even even just
putting in a
a keypad on your door so that you don’t
have to be there like that’s an
awesome system that you put in place
you know dramatically improves the
quality of your life because now you get
to eat lunch yeah
and it’s simple and cheap that’s like
super easy to do yeah that’s stuff like
that like you said it adds up
right absolutely yeah awesome
well dude thank you for telling us about
your business uh
that was very cool to hear about and
it’s so cool for me to hear
uh about how things work up in in big
just because i never really even
considered like obviously i
you know there had to be at least one or
two laundry mats up in big bear but i
never really
thought about it at all so because it’s
a unique community
right super cool to hear about it um all
well we have another section we call
secret sauce
listen up it’s the secret sauce
and secret sauce is uh you know
do you have any tips of something that’s
working really well for you
that you think would work well for other
owners help them improve their business
so it’s really interesting
um we all come from different
backgrounds and different industries
so just based on what you were doing in
the past is kind of like how you’re
going to do things
in the present future so i was a big
i was in the music industry trying to
be big and you know you know be with all
artists and all that fun stuff but
something i learned from music industry
was brand recognition
um for people to want to listen to your
music they you got to have a good logo
it looks good um the names you got to
roll off the tongue
like it’s all aesthetic because that
that just didn’t want to come to you
if it looks good so something really
interesting when we came into the
laundromat business
when we were scoping out laundromats you
know what everyone’s name is
up here what’s that laundromat yeah yeah
they’re all just
laundromat that’s like if i was uh you
know making music and my
my name was music yeah musician yeah
so i was like that’s so odd well why
you know so we got a logo
um i got it on our shirt there it is all
about long yeah
i love it so it’s really brand
recognition you’re establishing no we’re
not just a laundromat we’re different we
something else this is a professional
relationship that we have with you
we want you to be coming back with us so
we put the logo all up outside
um our name all of our laundry we saved
that was the previous owner’s name we
kept it um they gave it to us they let
us have it
we thought it was a great name it just
needed the logo and the colors and
so i feel like a big thing is brand
recognition to separate you from
laundromat just the simple you know the
simple places
totally that’s huge it’s huge and again
another part of our industry that is
improving uh but you know that brand
recognition thing like you said there’s
probably more
you know just quote unquote laundromat
you know businesses out there than or
laundry or washitaria or whatever yeah
you know wash house and
you know that brand recognition is
important because it
not only you know makes you stand out
from your competitors but it gives
customers something to latch on to to
identify with
to it creates a an emotion in them and
if you can create a positive emotion in
that drives a deeper connection so i
think that that’s huge
um and an awesome secret sauce i don’t
think that
you’ve gotten that one before but that’s
an awesome one so way to bring the like
youth spunk and forethought of
brand recognition i love that i
appreciate it
thank you we have another section called
pro tips
pro tips and pro tips is for
people like you 10 weeks ago who maybe
haven’t bought their first one yet are
looking to buy their first one
and uh do you have any advice for them
as they’re looking to buy their first
i think i have two things that are huge
for a newbie i’m still a newbie
but i’m a little more
um i’m a little less newbie you’re a
step ahead
yeah thank you i couldn’t i couldn’t put
it thank you
yeah um so i think something
that could be very rewarding is the
laundromat you’re buying
um for instance the one that we bought
had lots of improvement
needed to be done which means lots of
which means we can kind of grow it how
we want we have that control
if you go into bio laundromat it’s where
should be in your eyes like you have no
vision for growing it you don’t see any
then basically it’s controlling you in a
way because
um you’re not affecting it the way
you’re you’re not putting your personal
touches on it your little
you know your little touches but um when
we went into this
business it needed help it needed it was
good and
i have all respect for the previous
owners they’ve maintained the machines
they cleaned
they did a beautiful job keeping the
machines going
however you know the place was boring
yeah dated yeah and like i said totally
understandable when
these two people aren’t living in big
bear you know so
totally get it um but when we were
buying i saw a vision i had
boom my head just exploded with what i
want to do you know we want to do paint
we want to do speakers we want to have
music we have tv we want to have just
cool stuff right
and now that’s all in my control i can
put my touches my little touches
and um that could be another little pro
tip into that
is um
yeah here’s a bonus tip so if you are
a little younger it it’s uh we just i
don’t know why
but i just know you know we know
technology not saying
older people don’t you can still learn i
think we just grew up with that
um totally that modern age the
at the time and we just we just play
with it and
figure it out i think that’s another
advantage is having technology on your
because i’m a lot of laundromat owners
will not want to
have any sort of automation or
technology related devices
but it can really help in the long run
and to kind of go from that my second
tip i would say
is another thing from the music business
it’s funny because music actually helps
you remember things
so i make sure to always play music in
my laundromat
because and i just play spotify play um
the playlist that we play is called um
um there’s a playlist that has
very clean music you know we play clean
music we don’t offend anybody
death metal right yeah yeah we just play
scream all day yeah
you know it’s a family-friendly place
depending on your laundromat unless it’s
you know where bikers
come and hang out then yeah biker
laundromats are
popularity but for us it’s from family
friendly place so we play clean it’s
top hits top today’s morning
i forget you know it’s it’s on spotify’s
thing but
so if you hear a song that you like
you’re singing along and you’re at
my our laundromat your and the brand
recognition it ties into that these all
it all synergizes with each other you’re
gonna remember the logo you’re going to
remember the smell
that we use to clean with you know
you’re going to remember
um that dryer that didn’t work but the
guy came and helped you
all because of the music scientifically
is proven to help your memory
uh while you’re listening to music you
have better memory you can
um call things back easier so and it
doesn’t hurt you know
it doesn’t hurt to have some some clean
music playing
so that’s just a little thing we’ve
we’ve been playing around with
yeah totally and i i love that because
i mean it kind of goes back to that
brand recognition thing right like
you’re creating a feeling for people
and that’s exactly what you’re saying
right now right like if you
are playing you know some clean music
it’s fun it’s upbeat or whatever
and you know somebody hears a song they
like while they’re doing their laundry
folding their socks or whatever
um you know it creates a feeling in them
and that
feeling is something that people want to
hold on to and it
creates that customer loyalty and it’s a
really easy way
uh to do that so you know having a brand
playing music those little touches like
that they’re
it’s a big deal you know they add up and
they are meaningful
things i think those are awesome pro
tips for newbies and for
current owners who are you know running
their stuff right now too
so man kudos that was like two plus a
geez man just giving the house away
today i love it
i love it um
uh man i was just gonna ask you
it was like a genius genius question
i forget what it was maybe it’ll come
back they’ll come you know i’m a part of
that older generation that you were
talking about that we don’t know
technology we you know i didn’t read it
like that
totally you know i’m just kidding
um hey well one question that i do have
that i would i’m
very curious about is do you have any
resources that you recommend
to help people succeed in their business
or in their life
and i also want to throw in you know
personal finance resources
you know we kind of talked about that
too right i’m a complete youtube
like nut job you know you that’s my
spare time so
for finance i learned everything from is
can i mention other people yeah mention
it man we’ll leave
link them okay cool love it let’s just
throw some wealth around for some
people who are doing awesome stuff on
youtube absolutely so
the one that i would say is number one
the channel is dave ramsey taught me
everything about money
um he’s very inspirational guy if you
are religious um there are some things
that kind of
money ties into the bible in a way but
if you’re not religious that’s okay
um you know methods still the
everything still works this is
interesting to see how um religion kind
of plays into business too
um some other channels laundering my
resource of course
nice hundred percent nice man and that’s
really the
ones in the top of my head i can’t i
mean really those are the only two you
as long as you have laundromat resources
dave ramsey that’s it
that’s it yeah yeah no that’s
that’s awesome those are awesome
resources especially if you’re i mean if
you’re looking into personal finance
i i really recommend you know finding a
couple of
uh people on youtube to listen to
about you know personal finance somebody
like a dave ramsey who has
um one philosophy of
of personal finance um you know if you
want to kind of contrast that you know
robert kiyosaki who wrote rich dad poor
he is a little bit different philosophy
of personal finance
and so it’s just kind of interesting to
hear the different philosophies and
figure out kind of where you land
on that spectrum between you know some
of those guys so
pretty cool uh man awesome awesome
resources and i will
link to dave ramsey’s channel and uh
you know you’ve already found laundromat
resource you’re already like if you’re
listening to this or watching this
half the battle right there to success
go to cool man i mean this has been
awesome i mean i love the fact that here
you are
21 years old kind of looking for your
path in life
looking in in the music industry which
is this you
probably cannot be any opposite of
laundromats right it’s like sexy it’s
you know just like everybody knows it
there’s big names in it
and you know and then you got
laundromats over here that is probably
one of the least sexy businesses and you
nobody’s ever grown up being like hey i
i wanna do that i wanna be a laundromat
yeah not even my own kids are saying
that so
uh they all to be youtubers actually so
oh that’s cool
i know that’s fun yeah um yeah but
uh dude i mean this has just been
incredible so thank you so much for
coming on uh
one more question i have for you
is if somebody wants to contact you
maybe there’s somebody young out there
who wants to contact you maybe ask you
some questions maybe there’s somebody
you know old like me who maybe is made
up of
hip and their arthritis is acting up or
whatever but they want to contact you
because they’re just inspired by what
you’re doing man because
it really is inspiring you’ve taken some
leaps that are really really difficult
to take uh and and you’re doing it man
you’re doing it and
um but if anybody wants to kind of
either say thank you for coming on or
maybe you have some questions for you
what’s the best way they can contact you
uh my phone they can have my phone okay
yeah dude at your own risk man you might
yeah it’s all good
all right uh 909 273
5609 yeah no i’m totally open with just
um collaborating if you will on ideas
um business endeavors and just helping
be more confident in this adventure
their first adventure
absolutely because we all started from
you know and you see someone that’s up
here you think wow that’s impossible
but they climbed all these steps to get
there and they will
most of the time they’re 100 happy to
help you climb those steps and yeah
i’m on the first step you know so i’ll
help you help me with that
but you know i mean but taking that
first step is
it’s probably the hardest step right
so and i think that’s why where you come
as being somebody who is super inspiring
and super valuable because
you’ve taken that first step and that’s
that’s the hardest one to do and you get
it at a
very young age
and have kind of pushed through some of
that like anxiety that well i talked to
a ton of people in coaching who
like they really want to get in the
business but they it’s just so
hard to overcome and take that first
because there’s so many what-ifs and
there’s just so much tugging you
you know telling you not to jump all
your instincts are saying don’t
jump um but if you want to get somewhere
you gotta jump right and you’ve done
that and so
super valuable well hey thank you listen
if you want to connect up with mason you
you got his phone number now he’s a
brave brave soul
uh putting his phone number out there
for you to contact him but do it man
shoot him a text shoot him a call
uh and and tell him thanks and and ask
him some questions because
you know he is doing cool stuff i can
tell you have an
awesome awesome mindset and uh
and you’re doing it man so cannot wait
to hear how this journey goes and where
it takes
it’s weird the directions life takes you
i’m sure you’re just at the beginning so
you’re probably going to be going all
over the place and i i love it and i
can’t wait to see
where it takes you thank you and i just
want to say thank you jordan for having
i love your channel you’re doing great
things for everybody
providing big value for newbies and
so your you know everything you’re doing
is very appreciated
thanks man i really appreciate that and
we will catch you again soon we’re gonna
have to have you back on here
uh in the future and and get an update
on how everything’s going maybe when
that uh when that lease is up and we’ll
see what you end up doing with it
cool all right man well thanks again for
coming on and we’ll talk to you soon
thank you all right man i mean mason he
i love what he’s doing i love that he
just went out there
and got it i love that he’s been
experimenting with a whole
lot of different um things from
you know crypto stuff to stocks to
you know businesses now and just and
just so much cool stuff hip hop beast i
mean everything he’s been all over the
place he’s only 21 years old
and this guy is definitely going
somewhere and i
cannot wait to see where he’s going and
i love what he’s doing with his
laundromat he had
awesome awesome advice for younger
people and for people who haven’t just
gotten started been able to take that
first step because it is really
difficult to take that first step
so there was great advice in there but
for me and again i always say
hey pick one thing out of each episode
that you can take away
from it and actually apply to your life
figure out order your business figure
out how to put
something from this episode into
practice and as we continue to do that
after episode watch what happens
to us as we grow personally and watch
what happens to our businesses
as our businesses get better and better
as we just continually
improve them one thing that i love
actually two things that i love that he
the first is he said hey take a risk and
if it
doesn’t work out then just consider it a
and i love that because it takes the
sting out of
you know failure and you know failure is
something that i think we fear i know i
fear it
all the time and i think in order to be
you just have to be okay with the fact
that you’re probably going to fail at
some things
and you might feel hard sometimes you
might feel hard multiple times
and yet every time you’re doing that
you’re learning
you’re growing and you’re setting
yourself up for success even more so i
love that he said that the other thing
that i really loved was his i think was
the secret song yeah
and he talked about brand recognition
and i
i just think that that’s awesome you
know that’s a it’s a tough thing to do
with laundromats but some of you guys
are doing it so well
and some of us i’ll throw myself in
there some of us could do a better job
of brand recognition so i love that i
thought it was a very kind of new school
way of thinking about laundromats and
i’m always looking for
for the new school ways of doing things
because life is always changing and our
world is changing so fast
we got to be able to change with it all
right i hope you loved this episode as
much as i did because i
loved it mason you rock man and i can’t
wait to have you
back on to hear all the cool things that
you’re doing um
all right we will see you guys next week
for show 29
until then peace

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Become a Laundromat Pro and Join the Pro Community!

Unlock the secrets of laundromat success! Join our Pro Community now to access expert insights, exclusive resources, a vibrant community, and more. Elevate your laundromat journey today!