What would you do if you lost your first business 5 days after owning it? That’s the situation that Ross Dodds found himself in after a full year of preparation leading up to purchasing his first laundromat. Listen to his riveting story from triumph over obstacles to devastating disaster, and clawing his way back to prosperity.

Ross is an open book who freely shares his hard-earned wisdom on how to run successful laundromats, give back to the community, and grow a small business empire! Beyond the buckets of wisdom he shares, pay close attention to the way that Ross thinks. It is his relentless mindset that has paved his way through the turmoil and will continue to lead him well past his goals.

Every second of this interview is stuffed with practical insight, enlightening mindset shifts, and joy! It was an honor to have Ross on the podcast and I bet you’ll feel the same way after hearing his story!

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