124. How Michael Jones Doubled His Business (PLUS A FREE GIFT!)

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Welcome back to another episode of the Laundromat Resource podcast! In today’s episode, our host Jordan Berry is joined by special guest Michael Jones, who has a fascinating story to share. Michael, a former laundromat owner, started his journey from humble beginnings, even living in his own laundromat due to a lack of housing. But through determination and digital marketing skills, he turned his business around, now boasting a profit margin of 25 to 30% each month and a team of seven employees.

In this episode, Michael and Jordan dive deep into the world of digital marketing for laundromat owners. They discuss the importance of dominating the first page of Google, utilizing various web properties, and running effective marketing campaigns on platforms like Google Business, Facebook, and Instagram. Michael also shares valuable tips on creating engaging content, using AI tools to save time and generate ideas, and the power of visuals in attracting customers.

Whether you’re a seasoned laundromat owner looking for fresh marketing strategies or someone considering venturing into the industry, this episode is packed with insights and actionable advice. So grab your headphones and get ready to learn from Michael Jones as he shares his journey and expertise in driving business success through digital marketing. Let’s jump right into the Laundromat Resource podcast: Michael Jones Audio!

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Episode Transcript

Jordan Berry [00:00:00]:

Hey. Hey. What’s up, guys? It’s Jordan with the laundromat Resource podcast. This is show 124, and I’m pumped to hear today because today, We have back on the show, Michael Jones. And if you have not heard episode 114 with Michael Jones yet, you’ve got to go check that out. He is a living legend, and you will no matter where you’re at in your process, you will get something out of that So I highly recommend you go check it out on YouTube because he shares this screen and shows you exactly how he went from being homeless to having a laundromat that’s making $40,000 a month. And this week on the episode, again, he shares so many practical tips and, again, shares his screen, all of that stuff, so so good. In fact, if you are listening to this on the podcast, go to the show notes page, lawnormatresource.com/show124. and we’ll have clips of the parts where he shares his screen in case you wanna see what he’s actually doing on the screen there. So highly recommend you checking that out. I am super pumped that you’re gonna get to hear from Michael Jones again. And not only that, today’s fast lane tip, is, Michael Jones and I are doing a live q and a. It’s free. It’s for everybody. So go, sign up for that at dotcom slash events. that’ll be in September. So go check it out there. Sign up for that. It’s gonna be incredible. You’ll get to ask him. all the questions you have, and we’ll be hanging out there. And he is, I just I’m I couldn’t be a bigger fan. So super pumped about that. Can’t wait for that. And without further ado, let’s jump into it with Michael Jones.

Speaker B [00:01:45]:

Michael Jones, you are back on the show by popular demand. How’s it going?

Michael Jones [00:01:51]:

Awesome. It’s great. It’s going great here. It’s good to be back. How you doing, Jordan?

Speaker B [00:01:56]:

I am doing real good now because I’m sitting down chatting with you. after your last episode, I think it, really just rocked a lot of people was like, woah. I think it was really eye opening for a lot of owners just, you know, what you’re doing marketing wise and how you’re growing your business and the tenacity that you’re doing it with. I think it was obviously, it’s a it’s a very inspiring story. But even, you know, even on top of how inspiring your story is was just the the practical detail that you went into, you know, on on actually how you did it with screen shares and all of this stuff. So super duper, good episode. It’s, pretty much instantly going down as one of the legendary episodes, and I got a lot of requests to have you back on 1. And also to do a live q and a where, you know, people can just come and and pepper you with questions, which you’ve agreed to do. So, hopefully, in the intro to this, I will have told you when that Q and A is because we’re still nail nailing down the dates now. but I’m super excited about that. So thanks for coming back on the show. Thanks for agreeing to do a live q and a. Can’t wait for that. let’s jump into it. Well, let’s just bag it up a second. I’m sure there’s some people who are listening to this or watching this who don’t know who you are, you give us a quick intro into who you are and maybe a quick background of your story, and catch us up, basically, a summary of last last episode.

Michael Jones [00:03:24]:

Alright. That guys out there Mike Jones here. And I was the guy that used to have to live in his laundromat sleeping on the floor because I had nowhere else. And it really got myself into something that I didn’t I wasn’t fully prepared for because this location that I’ve got here, it has 5 competitors within one mile. And it’s like being thrown right into the deep end. If you don’t know how to swim you’re gonna quickly learn how to. And that’s how Jordan and I met was I was just so desperate and, so terrified of the seemingly insurmountable task that I had ahead of me. And I was like, man, probably ruined my life buying this laundromat and reached out to Jordan and say, man, you gotta help me out here. Give me some sort of hope that this place is gonna take off because, you know, the 1st 6 months of run this place were absolutely the worst 6 months of my life where I’m working a full time job. And then I’m coming here and doing more work. It’s a a second full time job. Sleeping it on the floor for like 4 hours a night. and getting up and doing it all over again the next day. Yeah. After that meeting that I had with Jordan, it was a quick little Zoom call that we did. He gave me some advice on how to run some promos to get people in the doors and everything. And it did work. It got people in the doors. It, hadn’t we hadn’t started making money yet, but at least, got me to believe in the business again that it was possible to make it something that would eventually be profitable. And as I was doing that and just not giving up continuing throughout the 1st 6 months, We learned a lot about digital marketing and marketing in general, which we’re going to get into a lot of that, here. and we’ve made a maybe had been able to scale the place. So status update on the where we are. So, like, in the last episode, we said that we went from, like, $4000 a month in the 1st month to 40,000 in our best month. Well, here’s where we’re at now. We’re at a point now where I have a staff member Here running the laundromat for about 16 hours. Each day, I have, staff coming in. We’ve got about 7 employees and they’re all working, full ships. They’re making, $17 an hour. We can afford to pay that wage, which is a very high out here in, the Florida market. And we’re still turning a profit Still got, profit margin going at a good 25 to 30% each month. That’s how, good we’re doing. with both self serve drop off. And, now we’re starting to tick up with the pickup and delivery. So It’s a huge improvement because last time we spoke, I said I was still working 8 to 12 hours a day in the laundromat. But now, really don’t have to be here if I don’t want to. I just do I gotta come in to do some things like take the money out the changer and occasional marketing to, chores here. It’s still it’s not it’s by no means passive. Don’t anybody ever think make you think that it’s passive? that’s still involved and everything, and it it never leaves your mind. You’re always thinking about it, but it’s such a huge improvement from it being a 18 hour a day job when it, when we first started, being what it is now where I can actually walk away and go live life.

Speaker B [00:06:55]:

Yeah. Yeah. And well, awesome. Number 1, congratulations that things still going well and, you know, still growing and you’re bringing people on and you’re, you know, clawing some life back, for yourself. through, you know, leveraging other people’s time to get some of yours back. so congrats on that. case in point, though, that it’s not passive and that they’re still things to do is we had to postpone this for an hour because the toilet back somebody flushed something down the toilet. Right? That’s right. Here’s a swapping toilet stores.

Michael Jones [00:07:27]:

A very important thing for somebody that already has 1, or is looking to get one? Is it when you got unattended laundromat, don’t have a bathroom? And if it is attended, make sure the bathroom’s always locked, and they have to ask an employee to unlock it for them so you can keep track of it because You just don’t wanna have a unlocked unattended bathroom all the time here because who knows all the things that they flush down it. We found a whole bunch of things that I never wanted to see when we, ran the plumbing auger on it, earlier today.

Speaker B [00:07:57]:

That’s awesome. Yeah. And I’ve shared before how I spent a wonderful Christmas Eve digging a potato out of a toilet one time because the plumbing company wouldn’t do it for me. So Good times. Good times. real quick, before we, get too far down that rabbit hole, I just wanted to mention that and you know, sort of tease us a little bit, but Michael has put together, a free gift that he’s gonna give you. He’ll share how to get that gift at it’s it’s money in your pocket. So you’re definitely gonna wanna stay tuned to the end here when he tells you when the what the gift is. I just wanna tease that a little bit, because he has taking some time to kinda put that together to help people. And and that’s based off of, I think, in part, at least, your guys’ response to his last podcast, So it’s so — Yeah.

Michael Jones [00:08:44]:

And also, like, last time we spoke, it said that, like, we wanted to make it the best episode of the laundromat resource ever. I think, like, the only way we can top that with everything we did last time is to give away something for free. So if everybody if you wait till the end right here, you won’t regret it, you’re gonna get yourself something that’s gonna really help you out and not have the horrific 6 months that I had when I first started this place because it’s everything I wish I knew sick, in the 1st 6 months of running the business.

Speaker B [00:09:12]:

Yeah. That’s killer. And that’s, I mean, that that that story is sort of the origin story of loaner my resource too. Right? Like, hey. I had a horrific 18 months of my first go about it. So that’s kinda how this all started. So love that attitude. Love that spirit. Can’t wait to give that away. at the end, But let’s go back to, the laundromat real quick. Are you, have have you started doing the pickup and delivery stuff yet? Have you started ramping that up?

Michael Jones [00:09:40]:

Yes. Instead of just, like, one order per week, we’re getting probably about 5 of those orders per week. And just seems to be, like, kind of the nature of this area that people would rather just drop off than do pickup and delivery because Pickup and delivery is gonna be big in those metropolitan areas, cities like Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, but in a smaller town like, Daytona and a more touristy type town as well. Probably not gonna run into a lot of that just because the roads are not as clogged. It’s easier to drive around here. And it’s just cheaper as well. It’s ease it’s easier to turn a profit on the the drop off and you take a lot less risk as a business owner as well on a drop off. So always encourage customers to do that. I think that’s always a good idea, but we are noticing a pickup in, the pickup and delivery. and have gotten more of those orders in. The level of busyness that it has here is this here. It’s like this room that I’m in here This is our, new office inside the laundromat, and it used to be a bathroom. We used to have 2 bathrooms. We had to go down to one because what I was using for an office last time, we had to convert into a storage space because we just got so much in, drop offs and pick up and delivery coming in. that, we needed more room to store. So I had to move, desk in the accounting computer here into this, tiny little bathroom, take the toilet and sink out. And Here I am in this room that’s like the size of a phone booth or something, but it’s good. It’s good because, like, that’s just a sign that the business is great. And if, you are finding yourself needing more storage space, then you’re probably doing something right.

Speaker B [00:11:23]:

It’s a good problem. I mean, if it was me, I probably would just got a padded toilet seat and left that toilet right there, and pulled the desk up next to it, but, you know, That’s just me.

Michael Jones [00:11:33]:

I’d tell you, like, if you make it too comfortable in there, people never come out. Like, give me a give me a book. You know, I’m I could be in there for a very long time.

Speaker B [00:11:43]:

That’s right. Avoiding all the other things you should be doing. That’s what I — Yeah.

Michael Jones [00:11:46]:

I mean, the bathroom is the best room in the house because there’s no other room that you run to.

Speaker B [00:11:50]:

That’s right. That’s true. Alright. okay. Before we go too far down the toilet joke, because I they’re all popping in my head right now. I got a twelve year old son, and that’s pretty much how we communicate with each other just through bathroom, Joe. Yep. okay. So, listen, we got we got more to talk about. We got more, specific things to talk about and, you know, the direction I wanna take us just to kinda get started is a direction that I haven’t heard anybody else in our industry even talking about yet. which is, you know, AI, chat, GPT, automation in in those ways that You know, you wouldn’t normally associate with laundromats. Yep. And, you know, for a lot of people, it could be difficult to even think how can ai or chat GPT even helped me with my laundromat business. So, you know, you brought up, hey. That’d be a good thing to talk about. And I said, Hey. That would be a good thing to talk about. So let’s talk about that. Let’s have, as you called it, a meeting of the minds and just brainstorm, you know, share some things we’re doing and brainstorm together some other ways to, use these tools to help us build our businesses.

Michael Jones [00:13:08]:

So the first things that will come to mind here of, like, what do I need to use it for? What’s all the writing that a laundromat owner needs to do in marketing? I could think of, like, probably four things right off the top of my head that probably everybody else is doing is you gotta put posts up on your Google business profile. keep them coming. Probably gotta write something for those posts. You’ve got to post on Facebook, Instagram, And you’ve also got to do your Google ads and your Facebook ads. And it’s a lot of, copywriting that you gotta do, and it’s hard to use the words that sell and resonate with people, and it can get overwhelming when You were trying to bust it out, for a week’s worth of content in one day, or maybe now you’re doing it every day, and it’s getting really annoying. it’s time that you don’t have. Maybe you forget a day and you just think, oh god, that hurts me. But it’s all done on me. was, one time we had to be shut down because of a hurricane that was blowing through here. And I just I stayed here at the store just to watch it because I was afraid of, like, you know, what if it breaks the glass because the whole front half of the store is all it’s glass windows for a wall. So others are like, I’m gonna stay here just to, like, hold the place down in case anything happens. But the whole time there, I’m on my computer and I’m trying to get a bunch of posts for everything. done and scheduled, ready to go so that I don’t have to worry about it anymore. And still, even that, it took like a good 10 hours of work just trying to think of things to write. So anything that you can do to save yourself time mean, as it goes back to the principle of speed, if we could save time, do it. And that’s what we’re gonna we’re gonna show you today here is ways that you can save time. for writing these posts. And it doesn’t just have to be marketing. It could also be some customer service emails or that you need to send back and forth. or if you need to, hire people, you can use it to just write a job posting to let people know if it it is job opening that we have here. I mean, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’m just not human resources oriented as far as how to write that and make it sound like an attractive job. I would hope that, offering the wage that we offer would be enough, but now now you gotta, people want more information. I can understand that. When I was looking for a job, I always wanted more information, know what I’m getting into. And chat GBT can and AI in general can really help you with all these things. But even beyond that, I mean, if you need to create videos, it can help you, Tom, with that. If you need to creates the descriptions for those videos, the titles, but also web pages, landing pages, I mean, landing pages a big deal. Last time we spoke here and it’s still a big deal. Mhmm. And if you need to really power up the SEO on your website or just how easy it is for search engines to find it. A chat, GPT can help you with that as well. So as we get into it, here today here, I’ve lost screen share. I’ll show you some examples of all that. But I’m curious, For you, Jordan, you know, obviously, you’re you’re using, AI because you got really good writing on your website. for a laundromat resource. But here he’s like, how how were you using it for the laundromat businesses that you had before, that that with your primary business before a laundromat resource?

Speaker B [00:16:55]:

Yeah. So, I mean, a lot of the things that you mentioned I am using it for it. You know, it’s interesting. I heard, you know, I heard somebody say it this way one time when when we all envisioned automation and AI and taking over all our jobs and everything. Everybody thought it was gonna be you know, sort of the, like, data entry, you know, kind of the lower skill set level things and that humans would retain the creative things, you know, and and that would be the last thing that AI would take over. And it’s actually flipped Right? And AI is primarily being used in a lot of the creative stuff, like copywriting, you know, image, creation, art, you know, stuff like that, which is just kinda interesting. And so I’m using it a lot of those same ways, you know, for SEO for websites, for sure, you know, you know, and it’s it’s been shown that, you know, the words you use matter. Right? And the the words you use help shape people’s perception of you, of your business, of their ex with their they can anticipate their experience with your business will be. So they matter a lot, and so using AI to help, you know, anytime you’re putting words together. Right? So that’s you know, on your website. That’s, you know, like you mentioned, you know, titles and descriptions of videos you might be making, that is social posts, that you’re making, you know, all all even, you mentioned job postings, all of those things are important, but also I’ve been using, I’ve I’ve teetkered around with Mid Journey, which is an, AI art creation, which is incredible. Have you played with mid journey?

Michael Jones [00:18:41]:

Yes. I have.

Speaker B [00:18:43]:

It’s incredible what it can do. And so we’ve used that for, different social posts and things like that. And I know that there’s also I haven’t really played around with this too much, but there’s, there’s video AI too that can make video, you know, for you basically, you know, automate the video. It can you can have chat GPT write a script for you, you can have an AI voice generator, which are sounding more and more realistic every single day, almost indistinguishable now from human voices. that can actually read that script for you, and then you can have, AI actually create the video animations for you and make them as realistic or or not as you want them to be. So there’s there’s some incredible AI tools. going around right?

Michael Jones [00:19:29]:

Definitely. Definitely. And I think that, still a lot of struggle and learning curve for a lot of people in using AI because what, asks people about it. A lot of them say they’re not that impressed with it. And I think that probably the reason for that, like, why people are not so impressed with it is that they just don’t understand how much, hand holding it needs. yeah, you ever heard of, like, the the whole garbage in garbage out thing.

Speaker B [00:20:01]:


Michael Jones [00:20:02]:

It’s exactly the same thing with AI. It’s like, The more instruction you give it, well, the better it’s gonna be. You wanna treat it just like an employee. if you give your employee’s born instructions, then the better they understand what kind of job you want them to do. I noticed the same thing with AI is, like, the more detailed the instructions I give it. than the better of a job that it does. And that’s what, we wanna show you here. So

Speaker B [00:20:29]:

Yeah. And an AI language, that’s called prompts.

Michael Jones [00:20:31]:

Exactly. You call them prompts.

Speaker B [00:20:32]:

What you’re inputting is called a prompt.

Michael Jones [00:20:34]:

Yeah. So I’m I’m a I’ll show you first, like, the The hard way. And I’m gonna show you a really easy way. So let’s see. Let me share my screen here with you. And we’ll go to chat GBT.

Speaker B [00:20:50]:

And, again, while he’s pulling that up, similar to last episode, I’ll have clips of these screen recordings in the show notes that you can go. if you’re listening to this, you can go just watch just these clips of the screen shares so that, you don’t have to watch the whole episode all over again if you don’t want to. But you may want to because, you know, Michael’s a handsome dude, so I just

Michael Jones [00:21:12]:

wanna stare for like an hour. Maybe. Maybe. In there. but, what is say that’s probably something you definitely wanna keep your eyeballs on is just the way we play around here with this. let’s just suppose we we’re trying to create a piece of content that we’re gonna post online, but we wanna use it for a specific purpose. And that purpose is to Get more clicks, generate more eyeballs, and basically push our website higher up on the first page of Google. because that’s what we talked about last time here is we wanna dominate that, web page of Google and the more web properties that we have that we can put on there. If people type in laundromat near me and they see your website, they see your Google business profile, your Facebook page, your Instagram, and any other profiles that you can have, Well, that’s great because then they would really have to go out of their way to click on a competitor. And the great thing about it, this chat GPT is that it’s going to allow you to create content quickly to post on all of those profiles. So let’s just try doing this like the most lazy way I can here. I, use Wix for my websites, and Wix always allow you to have a blog. And we ran into a problem, that we discussed last time. What does a laundry mat have to blog about? I mean, who would even wanna read that? I mean, it’s true. Like, that’s a very strange thing here. I’m not gonna read the blog of a local laundromat. And if I just, typed a simple prompt in here like this where it says write a blog post for a laundromat’s website It’s really not gonna do anything all that great here. I mean, here’s all it says is a simplifying laundry day guide to our modern laundry mat. I mean, this is nice here because It’s more than I could come up with to just write off the top of my head. But this is probably not gonna be all that helpful. And Help in the website move up on, Google. I mean, yeah, it’s gonna help a little bit because we’re updating the website and updates. Things are frequently updated. They’re more favored by Google, but is this really all that useful? I don’t think so. mean, what what do you think is missing from here, Jordan? What would you, say is gonna be more helpful to us to make this look nicer and is going to help us as far as attracting new eyeballs and rising up in Google.

Speaker B [00:23:49]:

Yeah. Well, I mean, a few things that just kinda pop out, to me. Number

Jordan Berry [00:23:55]:


Speaker B [00:23:56]:

I mean, this seems actually written for a laundromat owner. as opposed to maybe a customer who might be searching. That’s how the prompt took it. It’s telling you how to kinda optimize your your laundromat there. and so, you know, when I think about the audience, I mean, audience is all always number 1, right, and Google’s even looking for, you know, who your audience is. And so if your audience is, you know, this this might be a decent article for, you know, decent basic basic article for a laundromat resource because my audience is a laundromat owners are people who wanna own laundromats. you’re trying to attract people who are searching about actually using laundromats. So they don’t really care if you’re, you know, if you’re optimizing machines and, you know, those the things that it says there. So that’s that’s one thing that stands out, right away. in in terms of that. I mean, other things that matter are, internal links to other pages of your site or to external authority sites, in your niche. Those things really help. it’s got some schema there, which is sort of the structure of the blog post. I think that could probably be improved. Mhmm.

Michael Jones [00:25:12]:

I don’t know what else. what’s, kind of, super critical when it comes to search engines is keywords. And what if we told Jet GPT that I need to write a post or an article, and I need it to include these keywords and I need it to attract this kind of customer. I need it to have a certain density of those keywords so that Google doesn’t think it’s spam. It’s actually capable of doing all of that. And the best way to do this here is we’re gonna start out just by saying, I chat. I want to write a blog post for my laundromat’s website. And we probably should also tell it the name My laundromat is called Daytona Londromat. and I need this blog post to rank in the search engine and contain attractive language to bring in new customers. this is nice here, but I’m not gonna end the prompt here. Here’s how I’m gonna end the prompt. I’m gonna say this here. Respond with yes if you understand. So I didn’t know this about chat GBT at first, is that it’s just like a person. And when you talk to it like this, it remembers, and it uses all of these things as rules that it’s gonna live by throughout the rest of this chat. So it says, okay. We need to be targeted for keywords and phrases in search engine optimization. So I say here is Great. I want this post to rank for the keywords See, we could do laundromatdaytona because that’s where we’re at here or longer matt in Daytona Beach. And

Jordan Berry [00:27:37]:


Michael Jones [00:27:37]:

hour laundromat in Daytona Beach. And also we could do, let’s see, laundry service daytona and then end it with Do you understand? And then Chad says, yep. I understand that that’s what you wanna rank for here. and I say, okay. Great.

Speaker B [00:28:04]:

Now And real quick, real quick, if you’re not really sure I mean, I think those are great keywords, but if you’re like, I don’t even know what keywords is think. You can actually ask Chad GBT to come up with keywords for you that you that Chad GBT thinks that you should rank for. So if you’re not even sure where to start, you can literally just ask chatgbt, what keywords should I rank for on my laundromat’s website to rank you know, to to rank high in Google, for SEO, and it’ll give you a list of keywords.

Michael Jones [00:28:36]:

Absolutely. Now the Next thing that we would want to look at here then is what if we knew what people in our area was searching, and we could blog about, we could do a blog that’s related to that. Alright. So suppose I want to piggyback off of something that is being heavily searched in my specific area in my city. That’s where I’m gonna go to Google Trends. I’m gonna go to trending now. And then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna change the location and localize it, which, so you think I have to do that here or no. Explore. That’s where we go to explore. And you see right here, it it says it’s looking at the entire United States. I don’t wanna look at the entire United States. I just wanna look at There’s one particular area here in so they don’t have Daytona Beach. I think I have to do, like, Yeah. There it is. Orlando, Daytona Beach on a beach. Alright. This shows me what was like the top searches here in the last 12 months. I’m looking for something a little bit more recent here. So if I just go past 7 days, see if everything got nothing there, but maybe past 30 days. There we go. Got people that are, looking for, they’re searching for things about the NBA finals, Johan’s Bramz. Barbara Cameron US teacher appreciation week. Now why don’t we include that in, our keywords here? Alright. We let Chad GPT know that we want that.

Speaker B [00:30:34]:

We’re still sharing Google trends over here.

Michael Jones [00:30:37]:

Oh, okay. Yeah. May I switch it over here. Back to, chat GPT. Alright. So I just told it that I wanted to cover teacher appreciation week also in the article. And then probably the last thing I’m gonna tell it here before I have it right, it is this here. Great. Can you make sure that the content of the article is relevant to someone searching for any of these keywords but also I want it to be an article that is let me pause here for a sec. Last time we spoke, so there was 3 kinds of content that I’m gonna post, and I’m gonna put up here on social media or on my website. It’s three kinds that, I know 2 at least everybody appreciates. That’s something funny, something helpful, and then something promotional. We always try to do those three things here so that we’re not spammy because we’re only promoting ourselves 33% of the time. That’s whenever I’m writing something here that I wanna post on my website, I’m gonna say that it’s gonna be something helpful. but I want it to be an article that is helpful, provides tips and advice on how to do laundry more. I’d say efficiently save time, save costs, and promote the laundromat. Do you understand? And of course, it will. So finish it off, I have to say great. Can you write that article for me. Let’s see what it comes up with. There we go. We got all of those keywords in there. So going in for a laundromat in Daytona. It’s going in for the teacher appreciation week, all those things. And the chat GPT app, it knows what it’s doing when it comes to optimizing for those specific keywords. It knows, like, what density is the right amount of density to include for Google. It knows how often to use them. and how to avoid the whole spam thing. another thing that, people are worried about is, you know, the Google has not come out and said that they are against AI generated content, and they’re gonna penalize it. But if you’re worried about that, there’s some ways that we can easily fix this here. We can just copy and paste this whole article and then take it over to another app called originality dot ai, and there it will tell us just how, easily detected it is of is it AI or not? Yeah. If we wanted to full search engines to have it believe that it’s not AI. We just take it over here to originality and it detects. Well, This seems like 90% of it was generated from chatgpt. And if that’s the case, to the point where we have to switch it up because, you know, that just looks too spammy or it looks too, much like we’re cheating. I’ll copy it from, here, and then I’ll go to quilbot who will rewrite it for us. his quilbot, when they rewrite it for you, they are, changing up the words and everything with the thesaurus and the synonyms and everything. And then whatever I paste in here, I can take that back to originality and it will grade it to see what kind of, score it has as far as, like, how much of that article do they think is AI generated? and you’d see it’d be a lower score there. So that just in case you’re somebody that is worried that the search engine will penalize you. I don’t think that they do, though. because I’ve been using it, and it’s not causing any trouble. So

Jordan Berry [00:35:25]:

Speaker B [00:35:25]:

I’m gonna be honest with you. I think a lot of the stuff that we’ve been reading online is AI generated and has been from before we everybody knew, you know, about AI blog writing. I think I think we’ve been reading AI content for a little while now. and and just, you know, as a irrelevant stamp of approval. Those are both services that I’ve also used to originality in Quobot to to spin spin the article, basically.

Michael Jones [00:35:56]:

Yeah. So here’s something that I can easily just, copy and paste and put onto my website. and I can produce these things by the bulk here, save them as drafts on my website, and schedule them to post automatically. Now, of course, there’s more things that, we should be doing to this. We should add in some pictures. We should also add in the, meta tags, which I can ask chat GBT to do, I could say. Okay. Good. Can you also write for me? a catchy headline title for this chat for the for this article. And then here we go. It gives me one right there. I can say, great. Can you write me A title tag for SEO. It gives me that. And then can you write me a meta description tag for this article. There we go. We got all of the things that we, need to have a search engine optimized article there. And if you’re going to include, pictures of it, Then I can also ask a chat to write, what’s called the description text or the alt text of those pictures so that they’re search engine friendly pictures, and it all just kind of helps ping Google to let it know, hey, when you search for this here, this is something that might be helpful. Now this is just one step is, putting up the blog article. But what else I can do with this here is I can share it to Facebook and I can have the chat right the post that I’m gonna put it on, Facebook, the text of the post to promote it to get people to read it. I could, say, maybe let’s just do it right here, let me see. Great. Can you also write for me a post on Facebook that will promote this article and get people to be interested enough in it to want to read it. And there we go. Post this, along with the

Speaker B [00:38:38]:

Certainly. course, I can do

Michael Jones [00:38:39]:

that. Yeah.

Speaker B [00:38:41]:

Like that confidence.

Michael Jones [00:38:43]:

Yeah. And there we go. So I’ve done two things here. I’ve updated my website, which, helps, ping to Google. And I’ve updated my Facebook page, which also helps ping it to Google. And those are two things in the entire ecosystem that I needed to update and keep up with in order to keep them relevant on the front page of a search engine. As long as I’m, doing this here, even if I match produce it in bulk, even if I schedule it ahead of time, because it can not just, schedule the release of the posting of this article on my website. I can also schedule the posting of it on Facebook. what I use is the scheduling app, planable and because I make sure we have the links to that in the description. I think they got a really good deal.

Jordan Berry [00:39:27]:

I use buffer, but same concept. I’ll I’ll send links

Speaker B [00:39:31]:

to all of these things that we’ve talked about chatgpt, Google trends, origin, originality, quilbot, mid journey, that I mentioned earlier, planable and buffer. And anything else we talk about, those will all be in the show notes.

Michael Jones [00:39:49]:

Yep. And I can, I basically just busted out something like this here in about 10 minutes of work. And I can continue busting more of this stuff out faster because as long as I’m staying within this chat over here, Well, in that case then, it’s gonna continue to abide by the rules. I don’t have to retell at the the rules that we started out with all the way up here. I can change these rules and everything. But as long as I’m staying within this chat here, we’re in good shape, and I can bust out maybe 30 of these things here. get them all, uploaded and scheduled. And there’s a lot of about about 30 days’ worth of marketing that’s done in probably just about an hour worth of time. So there’s one possibility for how you can use chatgbt for your business and, search engine optimization of it. But, main thing to take away from this is Take a look at what are the Google trends in your area. Let’s go back to that here because let’s see. You’re out in, California. What’s, like, the nearest metropolitan area to you there, Jordan?

Speaker B [00:41:00]:

I mean, Los Angeles.

Michael Jones [00:41:03]:

Los Angeles? Alright. That’s see. Maybe we could look at, though, what’s happened the past day, what people have been searching out there.

Speaker B [00:41:12]:

Alright. This could be scary.

Michael Jones [00:41:14]:

I don’t know if I can

Speaker B [00:41:15]:

get you to this.

Michael Jones [00:41:17]:

let’s see. It probably only goes 7 days here. Yeah. Okay. Rising and top query topics. Okay. It’s gotta be older in 7 days. I gotcha. go past 30 days. Yeah. Teacher appreciation week out there. Legend of Zelda. That’s interesting. That ones that I’ve been. Yep. and see what else can we do here with it? We can narrow it down by category and everything. think that, going with, the past 30 days would be in good shape there. Just using those. oh, real time search trends like those, we can also use that. My problem is I don’t think we can narrow this down to just, your area. but over here can always localize it. So we go back to, Los Angeles, California. Let’s see what’s been popular the past 30 days. And then it doesn’t necessarily even have to be a blog. It’d just be a Facebook post or something. that is related to this because it just shows that people in your area have interest in that. Yeah. Another thing that I think we could do with this here is, you know, suppose that, there’s keywords that we wanna rank like this, we could say, well, please include this in the meta tags, like, the meta description when we have chat GBT write that for us. and that will help. And I think that, if you’re uploading anywhere else, you know, Facebook is just one area, but, suppose if you’re uploading to Instagram, well, you gotta put a description for the pictures anyway so you can put it there as well. But we’re thinking that, this is really gonna help you out here. It’s in those Facebook groups. because in those Facebook groups, people are likely already talking about the these things that are probably popular in the area.

Speaker B [00:43:22]:

one of the big takeaways from your last episode that I really took away, and I think a lot of people I heard, actually, a lot of people told me that they had never thought of it like this is, you know, when it comes to ranking, SEO wise, you know, a lot of people didn’t associate having a Facebook presence and Instagram presence, a Twitter presence, you know, YouTube even. All of those things, they didn’t associate that with taking up space on the homepage when people are searching for your keywords. And one of I I like this flow that you have here, and here’s here’s the flow takeaway for me, from what what you’re just talking about right now. Right? Step 1 is check out Google Trends and see what people are searching for. Step 2 is create your prompts and create your your article content, your, sort of, your main idea here in chat GPT and let it write it all out. And then you can spin that. You showed how you could do that on Facebook. You mentioned how you could do that on Instagram. You could do that on YouTube also. You could say, hey, write me a you know, a 2 minute YouTube script for this article so that I can record it and you can record it or you can have an AI voice record it for you or whatever. And all of a sudden, not only have you, you know, created a blog post that’s gonna live there, but you’ve created social. You and you can even say, hey. You know, write me 5 tweets based off of this article, information from this article. So now even if you don’t have a huge presence on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, on YouTube, on even on your website. You can create all that stuff really quickly. And then so you’ve got your your trends that are going in there. You’ve included them in your main content, which now you’re able to spin off into a whole bunch of different platforms with relative ease and and very quickly. and then you put that into a scheduler, like, planable or, like, buffer. And now it’s all just there, and you don’t have to think about it until month when you can just spend a few hours to do it all over again and you reap huge benefits from that because you have a lot of content a lot of visibility out there. and now, you know, people start bumping into your stuff on different platforms. And all of a sudden, you start sticking in their minds, and they’re like, well, hey. I feel like I know these people now. And I feel like I know this business. I’m gonna go do business with them. Super effective.

Michael Jones [00:45:58]:

That’s right. Mhmm. So what I showed you was the hard way or the long way. Let me show you a shortcut because I got a feeling that, like, maybe a lot of people watch that and think, man, you gotta know how to talk to it, and it can get pretty annoying to have to make it a guessing game. What if there’s an easier way around this? Good news is there is. As long as you’re using Chrome, make sure you’re using Chrome when you do this because I only know of the Chrome extension for it. You wanna install this extension here, aipramforchatgpt. That’s aipramforchatgpt when you install this ex extension on your Chrome, what that’s gonna do is it will change up how your chat GPT looks. Now you got all these things here. of different prompts. And here’s the cool thing about it.

Jordan Berry [00:46:59]:


Michael Jones [00:47:00]:

different prompts. Now, that’s a lot. I don’t wanna be just scrolling through it here one by one. But what if we look for the thing that we’re struggling with finding a prompt for right off the bat. We got a search engine up here we could use. So let’s just say we put in keyword. Here we go. There’s a keyword generator prompt and a keyword strategy prompt. Start with keyword strategy. Let’s just say, I want my keyword to be laundromat in Daytona Beach. Lookie here. giving us all of these things here as far as different pages of our website. how we can use those keywords. Like, say I got a, location page. It says here’s the keyword you wanna rank for. The search user’s intent is commercial. Here’s the title tag. Here’s the meta description that you wanna put on that page. for the amenities. Here’s the keyword, the intent, title, and meta description. It goes through for different kinds of pages I can use on the website. Like, services for a washing fold, services for commercial laundry, a pricing page. Everybody should have a pricing page so people know what they’re gonna pay before they come. And that I didn’t really have to tell it anything to do that. I just needed to have that prompt already programmed in. Let’s take a look at another one here. let’s see. Let’s find one really, like, related to Writing and producing contents. Like, you know, just put the blog post. I’m gonna search that here. Look at here. So it’s got title generator for us. You can do title and meta description and 10 headline tags. Let’s see. I’m gonna find something very here we go. This one looks pretty nice here. It says SEO optimized 99% unique human written. detailed article structure for blog posts. Sounds like everything we want. Now we don’t have to Yeah. We don’t have to waste time with, original the originality website or the quilbot because this thing’s already ahead of us. So it says, write your headline with targeted keywords. Okay. So I have a headline and say, why you should use Daytona laundromat in Daytona Beach. Florida for all your laundry needs. And Let’s see if the keywords put in laundromat in Daytona Beach and also laundry service in Daytona Beach. Alright. So it starts out with a table of contents. and then it gets into writing it. And it has the headlines and everything that all sectioned off Looks like somebody put a lot of work into this here. It doesn’t look like, it was something that I just did so half heartedly in a rush just because I needed to have something to write about. That’s another thing that we could Ask, at the TELUSIS. What should we even write about? Cause maybe I need, need things to fill that prompt with as I gotta have a headline to do that prompt, and I gotta have keywords to have that prompt. We know that the chat can tell us what keywords to use, but It can also tell us what are the best prompts to use to get the most out of that prompt. what I could just say here is I’ll just start a new one is could you tell me 10 ideas for blog posts that I could use for my laundromat’s website’s blog. There we go. 10 tips for efficiently doing laundry. That’s good. Benefits of using professional laundry services. about every every launch mat probably has some, use for just about any of the things on here. no matter what number you tell it, if I tell it, hey, give me a 100 ideas. It will give you a 100 ideas. Might be some repetitions in there. But it will give you exactly what you tell it.

Speaker B [00:51:53]:

Yeah. Absolutely. And this is, I mean, this is just powerful stuff. I hope if you’re if you’re watching this or even just listening to it, If you’re listening to it, you probably just need to go watch the videos. Go to the show notes page and watch these videos because, you know, this thing is generating all this stuff in real time. And these are, pretty easy to just throw up on your website. You could do it yourself, put up on your website, and you will start benefiting. That will translate over time as you begin to rank for the keywords that you’re putting in there, that will translate into money into your pocket, into the bottom line there. So man, this is, this I I mean, I think the AI AI revolution here is powerful in a whole lot of arenas, but even just for us, little old laundromat owners here, we should and could be using this through our businesses.

Michael Jones [00:52:47]:

Absolutely. I mean, here it says it’s got a 102 prompts just related to the word blog post. let’s just say if I did, Facebook. It’s got 41 prompts for us there. Like, create high converting Facebook ad copy. all I gotta do is just put in the target audience, the campaign, goals, the product, and service. Or if you wanna make it do a content planner for us, I can do that. post generator for all social media platforms, Instagram, tiktok, Facebook description, probably, for a video. or Facebook ads primary text. It writes it all for you. You don’t necessarily have to be good at talking to chat GBT. You just gotta find the prompt that speaks to you the most. And this is with that extension a I PRM. So definitely a a very beneficial time saving thing where it helps you save time using the time saving tool here of chat GPT. couldn’t recommend this enough here. It’s using AIPR.

Speaker B [00:53:49]:

I I was not aware of that tool. It’s a very cool, very cool tool. Like, you know, it’s funny is, like, the whole point of chat GPT is that it collapses time frames. Right? It’s like, makes things so much quicker. And we, you know, hasn’t been out that long, and we’re already like, okay. It’s too slow. How do we make it faster? And so we have these tools now that just shortcut stuff even more for us And so now we’re able to just crank stuff out and spin it into various content ideas and benefit you know, in our in our area, at our local areas, in getting our businesses in front of people. And I had another, had Britney centers on and we talked about, you know, how eyeballs equals money. Like, I’ve you know, people seeing your business and knowing about your business and knowing about you know, what services you offer and what you do will translate to money. And this is a great way to get in front of a whole bunch of people. And the best part about it is just about everything we talked about here today is a free tool that you can use. And this is the kind of stuff that, you know, especially for, you know, for people who don’t wanna hire out their marketing or even people who do wanna hire out their marketing, but still wanna you know, contribute, you know, to their social platforms and stuff like that. The these tools, and I know it can feel a little bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not in you know, sort of this AI space. You haven’t really been paying attention to any of that. but these just note. I mean, these tools are being designed for ease of use and for speed. Right? And so there’s not a a massive learning curve. And, you know, YouTube is the best You can learn to do anything on YouTube. Right? Watch a YouTube. I mean, master class right here in, you know, in just how to use this specifically for laundromat. So just know, go through this a couple of times. But if you need more, YouTube is your source to go find information on how to do any of this stuff. There’s tons of videos out there. people, you know, showing how to do this stuff. But, you know, at the very least, go play around with chat GPT. practice writing some prompts, maybe even use, you know, the prompts that Michael, was inputting or something similar to those and play around with those for your laundromat and see what chat gpt comes up with. And a lot of times, you know, you can even just use the stuff that chat GPT comes up with as a as a base. Right? And you can go in. You know, I know one of the big criticisms is as well, you know, bots are using it. It’s not gonna feel personalized or, you know, it’s it’s bots. Like, it’s not a, you know, and if that’s fine, if you if you feel that way, it’s not a big deal, but utilize it to help you build the base layer and instead of writing everything from scratch, edit, right, and and put it into your own words and make it your own, in that you know, in in there, and you don’t have to start from scratch, and it saves you a ton of time, a ton of effort and and a lot of money too, you know, to get this thing done. So

Michael Jones [00:56:53]:

Yeah. Got one more tool here I wanna show you because

Jordan Berry [00:56:56]:

Speaker B [00:56:57]:

I love it.

Michael Jones [00:56:58]:

Mid journey. Like, how easy would — That’s

Speaker B [00:57:00]:

what I’m talking about. I love mid journey, dude. It’s crazy.

Michael Jones [00:57:03]:

Yeah. But how easy would you say it is to use bid journey for the average person?

Speaker B [00:57:10]:

I mean so Fairly easy, but I I do think there’s a little bit of a learning curve, but the stuff you can create with with total ease. Like, you can create things that you would never be able to create, or I guess I would never be able to create on my own with mid journey. And, you know, And I do I mean, you can you I I don’t know if you can try mid journey out for free anymore.

Michael Jones [00:57:35]:

Exactly. That’s too crowded up. Yeah.

Speaker B [00:57:38]:

I think you got crowded up because it’s so incredible. so there’s a small fee. And when you pay the fee, though, it’s significantly easier in my opinion to use mid journey than the free version was, last time I tried the free version.

Michael Jones [00:57:52]:

so this one here, it’s a runway ml.com. is the name of this app here. It’s mid journey. Sort of like mid journey, but it’s a little bit easier to use here. because you don’t have to go through Discord like you do with, mid journey. So all I gotta do is just Let’s see. We can come over here to generate images. I can do text to image. or I can feed it some images here and it can, like, redo them. Try mode generator or, expand an image. Like, if you say I got a picture where it’s it’s cut off or something, I wanna see, like, what was cut off. We can put that picture in here, and it will draw the rest of it out. But just for, like, the text image, I’ll run one here for you really quick.

Speaker B [00:58:42]:

Just — Real quick on that one. I just saw actually some people who put in some, like, famous memes, like, there’s that one girl meme. She’s, like, the little girl with the she’s given that kinda creepy look in there. the house is burning in the background or whatever. There’s a few images like meme images like that, and they ran it through this, to fill out the rest of the image. And some of it’s pretty accurate. Some was pretty funny, and some was pretty creepy. So — Mhmm. pretty fun little tool to play

Michael Jones [00:59:11]:

around with. Absolutely.

Speaker B [00:59:11]:

Yeah. Go ahead. Sorry.

Michael Jones [00:59:13]:

is he thing when you’re looking for pictures, I mean, yeah, pexels.com is a great website to get, pictures for free. The thing with it though is that sometimes you could be, going through it and looking and looking and looking and not finding what he wants. By the way, if you could just tell a tool what you want, and it makes it for you. Well, that’s what this one does here. I just put in the prompt to, hey. Give me a folded laundry. Give me 4 different, examples of it. Let’s see. I could do a square orientation or anything else here. change the size of a picture and everything generated, and then here’s what it’s gonna show me. There we go. I got some pictures I can use on the website now of folded laundry. And of course, we can get more detailed with it over here where it says train your own model and get it to do other things and see if things could probably open it up into a new window, but you get the picture that I can’t find the picture I want. I can use AI to create it.

Speaker B [01:00:10]:

Yeah. And and you can use those on you know, for social posts, you can use those, you know, backgrounds of the, you know, the the Canva images you just were showing us. You can use images for that. You use images for your websites, you know, if you’re doing printed flyers, I mean, this this kind of stuff can you know, you can use to replace, a lot of, you know, instead of hiring a expensive photographer sometimes. I mean, there’s there’s benefit in that too. not trying to say don’t do that anymore. but, I mean, there’s benefits in certain contexts of, you know, you’re looking for a specific image or specific kind of image or a specific style of image, and you can tell it all those different things. And it will create an image, you know, in the style of picasso or hyper realistic or sci fi or, you know, whatever, you know, if you’re into that steampunk thing or, you know, what I mean? Like, however you want it to look, and again, you know, all of these things kind of come together to paint a picture of your business and your laundry service and your customer’s mind. So having the ability to use your words to craft images that will create a specific, picture of your business and in an association of feeling in your, potential customers and your customers is that’s really powerful to have that ability to do that. And a lot of these AI tools are putting those tools in your hands where, you know, you can you can have images and art that you could never create on your own and maybe never could even afford if somebody else was painting it or shooting it. And and now you can have it for your own stuff, and and AI can make it for you. So it’s pretty incredible. to be able to leverage these tools to help these small little businesses like laundromats.

Michael Jones [01:02:04]:

Yep. A few quick hits left here for you on this subject on since now we’re generating tons and tons of content, here’s what we want to do. We need to find a way to track how useful that content is how successful it is for you and your business. Now I had to little debate with some of the laundromat owners and, the the laundromat owner of Facebook groups about is this stuff even trackable? I’m gonna argue that it is even though some will say, well, you really have no idea. I think, like, one guest you had on, the, what she said was that You know, it’s trackable in the sense, or you know that your marketing is working if people are coming into the store. Well, I don’t really want to be in the store every day counting heads. So that’s not, that’s not really a good enough explanation. So me ask you, like, what would you, say is a great way to track the, what what’s a good way to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts?

Speaker B [01:03:07]:

well, I mean, I think one of the traditional ways is to, like, include, like, a promotion code and track it through, you know, how many people use this code. you know, for a service or something like that. yeah, that I mean, that’s there’s not There’s not a lot of ways that we’ve done that traditionally in our business is tracking effectiveness of marketing.

Michael Jones [01:03:29]:

I’m gonna give you I’m gonna give you the cheat code here. Absolutely cheat code.

Speaker B [01:03:33]:

Fuck that.

Michael Jones [01:03:33]:

First, every single thing that you post on social media or anywhere that is not your website. he needs to have a link to your website. If you’re doing a post that’s a, joke and you say, hey, for more laughs, Head on over to my website dotcom. Doing tips, a helpful, like, laundry hacks post and say, hey, for more of these laundry hacks, head on over to mylaundromat.com. And if you’re promoting, you say, well, for more information on this, head on over to our website. And what needs to be visible on every page of your website is one little thing here. Now if they the whatever analytics program you’re using, whether it’s Google analytics or if it’s the one that’s built into Wix or If you run a WordPress website, there’s plugins you can install to have analytics. It will tell you where your traffic is coming from. So but that’s only half the battle is getting them off of social media and onto your website. The next thing is, well, now that they’re on your website, What do you want them to do? There’s a couple of things. So there’s 3 buttons that you wanna have. Probably just 2, actually. And you want them visible on every web page of your website. First one is a button at the top of the page. It says get directions. And when they click that, you need to have it set in the analytics of your website. to track how many times that’s clicked and see how that corresponds with the traffic that you get from a particular source. And then, you know, we’ve get directions. when they click that button, it should take them to, either a page of your Google Maps or it should take you to the Google business profile with the map on there as well that, get takes them to the directions. Another one that you could do. we have this on our website as schedule pickup. if you’re doing pickup and delivery. You can have that button there, schedule pickup. Or I think, there’s a guy I had. I heard you you had him on a couple episodes ago, and what he said was he does appointments for a drop off service. It’s another one you can do is, reserve time for a drop off or schedule drop off. or it could be a button that says something like check availability for drop off. And as long as the analytics your website, whatever program you’re using for the analytics has a way to track how often these buttons are clicked. You can use that to see how does that correspond with the incoming traffic and what source it was coming from. So if I got a 100 visitors from Facebook, but then I’ve got,

Jordan Berry [01:06:25]:


Michael Jones [01:06:25]:

and some clicks on that button. And I can I think it’s safe to say that the Facebook is working. Whatever I’m putting up, whatever I’m posting on there is working. if, say, not getting that kind of traffic from Facebook. Maybe maybe it’s my traffic source with the least amounts of, people coming from it. then either what I’m posting is not good enough, or it’s just not a good source to try to get traffic from. And then if I’m getting a lot of traffic from these sources, well, the button is not getting clicked, then what that would mean is that there’s something getting lost in translation in between where either what I’m posting is not matching with that customer’s intent for why they clicked on it or what I’m post as misleading them, or when they get to the website, the website is just not convincing enough with images of how nice and clean your laundromat is or just, the landing pages are not convincing enough to get that customer to wanna come visit the store and find direct And for most parts, only gonna be new customers and prospects that are gonna be visiting your website. I don’t think a regular customer is gonna be visiting your website regularly. because it’s not like it’s not like the a news website. Like, oh, I gotta see what’s on, gotta gotta see what’s on the the daily wire or the CNN or whatever. So you’ll know that your marketing efforts are working from those metrics is the traffic sources to your website and then how often the button is being clicked.

Speaker B [01:08:09]:

Yeah. Yeah. Which is killer. the killer advice, in order to track the effectiveness because you know, like you said, you know, your your CTA, your call to action needs to be very clear whether that’s get directions and or you know, place an order or or now or check availability or, you know, whatever, whatever your button says, your copy, I would ask you what the most effective copy for your button is there. you know, and and being able to track that tells you exactly where your problem lies, right, and you you broke it down beautifully. If people aren’t going to your you know, to your website from specific content, then there’s something going on with the content, or there’s something that’s not mentioned with the traffic source. If it’s Facebook, maybe that’s not the right place or you’re not the right place in Facebook, to to do that. And if they’re going there and they’re not clicking, then the the problem is on the page somehow. and, you know, if they’re going there and they’re clicking and you’re not seeing any uptick in your business, then there may be a problem with your business offline. Yeah. So

Jordan Berry [01:09:15]:

Michael Jones [01:09:16]:

That should probably — Yeah. So

Jordan Berry [01:09:17]:

Michael Jones [01:09:17]:

We should probably give this away here too. I wasn’t gonna do it, but I’m gonna do it.

Speaker B [01:09:22]:

That’s what I’m talking about.

Michael Jones [01:09:23]:

You guys want an extra thing here. This website is called clicky. So if you’re not very good with the Google analytics. So I tell you, I keep getting these annoying emails from Google about them switching to a version 4, and it says I need to be worried about it, but it doesn’t say what supposed to do or anything. So I’m not not gonna be using Google Analytics, because I got this tool right here. This one’s called clicky. And what it does is it will show you the traffic sources where they came from. not just g not just geographically, but also what website did where they on before they came to yours, but here’s the really useful one is heat maps. This shows you where on your website People are clicking and also where are their eyeballs most likely directed? Don’t know how they determine it, but they have a way to determine that. So it shows where is their attention most directed? But you see, like, what’s most useful real estate on that web page.

Speaker B [01:10:21]:

Right. Yeah. Exactly. And it shows what’s drawing the attention. And if people aren’t even looking or their mouse isn’t even hovering over the, over the button, then, you know, like you said, get lost in translation somewhere. If they’re not scrolling down on your page, then you know and you probably should know, anyways, all your most important stuff needs to be a it’s called above the fold. That’s where you you know, the thing you can see when you first click on the on the page before you have to scroll, that page at all. so you that’s an awesome heat maps are super effective ways to see how people are using your website so that you can, number 1, improve it. And number 2, make sure the important things are in the important spots. That’s an awesome tip. You got a lot of links that are going in the show notes page today. to for tools that people can go check out and play around with.

Michael Jones [01:11:11]:

Yeah. I think we got one important link left here that, we wanna give away to the users here. So suppose that you’re a laundromat owner, whether it is new or you just bought a store, but you’re struggling. And the struggling that you’re enduring here is that people are just not coming into the store. you’re, like, doing all you can here to try to get people in, you know, in your wondering what is it that you’re not doing right? What are you doing wrong here? Maybe you’re watching cars pass by. you’re wondering why are they not coming into my store? And you hear all these things that you could be doing. It was all the social media marketing and search engine optimization. Google ads and everything. And it’s all just overwhelming, and you need clarity on what it is that you need to do. I’ve put something together here that’s gonna help you with that here. This will provide you that, clarity. I’m gonna share my screen one more time here. There’s a little free giveaway that you can download. This guide is called from clicks to cash, and it’ll show you how to make digital marketing for how to use digital marketing to drive in store sales. because this is like the most clarity driven thing here that I can give you. The most clear thing I could say about it is that any marketing tactic you do it needs to, in some way, be directed towards getting more paying customers into your store. And that goes for social media or even, like, how insignificant the platform seems like me. Some people that maybe even using Snapchat or something, but You don’t wanna be doing these things just to do them or doing it because you feel like it’s an obligation or it’s part of some unwritten social contract that all of those businesses are doing we just have to. We don’t want to be on social media unless we can use social media to make more sales. If I can’t convert web traffic into foot traffic. It’s all pointless. So that is what this guide is gonna show you is how you can make each avenue of marketing, digital marketing matter and, meaningful how it all plays into, like, the same ecosystem when done correctly. And what you need to focus on from the very beginning And as long as you are focused on that and you have those things in mind when you’re approaching things like your, Facebook and your Instagram posts or if I with a Google business profile, if long as what you are posting has that in mind, and it has these other objectives and strategies that we have listed out here in this guide, and you’re gonna be alright here. I think this is really gonna help you out. And would wish that I had this when I first started my laundromat. I wish I had it in the 1st 6 months here because I was overwhelmed. I had no idea where to start, where to begin. And if I had this kind of guide me on what marketing avenues I should pursue and which ones I should not, then It would have saved me a ton of time and a ton of money because, yeah, I paid a lot of third party services to manage it for me just because I didn’t have the time to deal with it and everything. and I spent close to a $1000 a month on them. But the best results I got was from a when I when I stopped using them, the best results that I got was from just having the clarity of every little marketing tactic that I do needs to be sales focus and generating sales. And this guy is gonna show you how to or what tactics specifically, what things you can do on the different avenues that are going to lead to you generating more sales. You’re not just posting to waste time or do it out of obligation. You’re doing it for a very specific purpose that’s beneficial to your business.

Speaker B [01:15:12]:

That is awesome. And we’ll have, again, we’ll have a link to that in the show notes page found on YouTube that will be down below where you can go and get that guide, right there. And that’s a free download. Right?

Michael Jones [01:15:24]:

a free download. All you gotta do is just give me a first name and an email address, and that’s all. I mean, I’m not gonna email you, like, a a newsletter or anything like that. I’m not gonna send you anything and Noya that says, we we do that there so that I know how many people are downloading it and find it useful. And then also, in order to, give the other thing, I gotta email the PDF file to you.

Speaker B [01:15:50]:

Yeah. All all about the tracking there too, which is awesome. And I I love this, because you know what? It number 1, it’s really easy to lose track of that fact that the whole point of all this is to drive sales. Right? It’s that’s that’s the bottom line. It’s really easy to lose track of that, along the way in the midst of creating content, posting on things, trying to keep up with stuff. so number 1, I love that. Number 2, it’s also very easy to either become overwhelmed or discourage because things don’t work right away. or to not really even know what to do. So having a game plan, on, okay, here’s what you need to do and and, here’s how you do it is incredible. And, I mean, obviously, just this entire episode, most of the last episode aside from your background story is just jam packed full of very, very usable, practical, and profitable tips, for laundromat owners specifically. And you can use these obviously with other businesses and other areas of your life, but specifically in the context of laundromat ownership, incredible stuff, man, as as always. And I gotta be honest, you’re a tough act to follow, but you followed yourself Amazingly. I’m pleasantly surprised.

Michael Jones [01:17:13]:

Yeah. Sure. Hope so, because, yeah, we really want to help, the other guys out there that are struggling because I know what that struggle is like to be sitting all alone in your store and you’re seeing very little traffic coming through on your website or you’re posting things on social media and nothing’s coming up, but you’re not getting any engagement and it’s certainly not translating any sales and you’re wondering just what is the point? So we really do hope that we’re helping people and providing value out there. And, also, if if you download this guide here and you say, well, I still need some more help it will also show you how to get in contact with me to where I can give you some more help and ensure that you’re transforming your marketing to do it, what you need it to do.

Speaker B [01:17:59]:

I love that. Alright. So if you go get that guide and Go grab all that information. Go play around with chat GPT and a bunch of these tools that we mentioned here. Again, we’ll put links all of them. I’ve been writing them down diligently as we’ve been bringing them up. So those are all there in the show notes or down below if you’re on YouTube and, also, there will be a link to our live q and a that we’re gonna go, and you can just come and Pepper Michael with your questions about his story and about what would it what it was like to be working full time job and then be working in full time at a failing laundromat. you can ask him about how he turned that around more. You can ask him specifics about marketing stuff we talked about last episode. You can talk to him about marketing stuff and other stuff we talked about this episode, there’s a whole lot to talk about. So and if nothing else, Come hang out with Michael and I. We’re gonna be having a good time talking laundromats, and hanging out with you guys. So come hang out with us and and learn From one of the legends here.

Michael Jones [01:19:02]:

Yeah. Nope. New legends of the industry. No. No question is off limits there since I’m no longer in corporate America. I don’t have to censored myself anymore.

Speaker B [01:19:12]:

Oh, that’s that’s a dangerous thing to say though.

Michael Jones [01:19:14]:

I’m making a list of

Speaker B [01:19:16]:

of questions now between now and then. So Well, Michael, incredible. As always, thank you so much for taking the time to go through and literally share your screen and walk us. step by step on exactly how to do so much of this stuff. just mind blowing, incredible that you’re willing to do that. And thank you also for being willing to come and do a live q and a. Can’t wait to hang out with you again, doing that q and a. Having a good time. rest of the industry.

Michael Jones [01:19:41]:

Looking forward to it. Hope we help a lot of people out.

Speaker B [01:19:45]:

I agree, and I’m sure that we will. Appreciate it.

Michael Jones [01:19:48]:


Jordan Berry [01:19:51]:

Alright. I hope you loved, loved, loved that interview with Michael. again, Dude, so much good stuff. So all of that, though, means nothing unless you put it into action So again, as always, take one thing. Put it into action from this week’s podcast episode. When we start stacking those actions, on top of each other. That is where we make huge compounding progress in our lives. So take something, put it into action, bigger small. It doesn’t matter. And then maybe go share it on the forums, lawnresource.com/forums. Alright. We’ll see you guys on the next episode. Peace.

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