120. How to Get 5x More Turns Per Day Than the Average Laundromat Owner with Following Keenan

On this episode of Laundromat Resource, host Jordan Berry is joined by special guest Keenan, a YouTuber and successful laundromat owner. Keenan shares his insights into the laundromat business and offers valuable tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. He also discusses his involvement in other investments and how he balances multiple ventures.

In this episode, Jordan and Keenan discuss:

00:00:00 Podcast episode featuring laundromat YouTuber Keenan.
00:09:09 Bought property with laundromat, first customer.
00:13:13 Creating crazy, fun lint videos
00:18:59 Lazy partner ruins friends’ real estate venture.
00:23:15 Advantages of touch screen machines: easy programming, integrated system, customer-friendly features.
00:31:47 Built a successful laundromat from scratch in 2016, not interested in doing it again.
00:33:05 Don’t build laundromats, buy existing ones.
00:41:48 Horizon washers cause major headaches, need replacement.
00:46:15 Dealers falsely offer tax credit for compliance.
00:51:06 Successful laundromat investment leads to big cash deposit.
00:58:27 Farming: storing, selling grain; launder mats:write-offs.
01:01:58 Filming farming and laundromats, sharing possibilities.
01:09:41 Buy niche equipment, unload old equipment strategically
01:14:49 Laundromats next to rundown businesses make money.
01:18:27 Farm without equipment, hire others, save money.
01:22:17 Keenan is a dynamic and down-to-earth farmer. He offers great advice on living a proactive life.

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Episode Transcript

Jordan Berry [00:00:00]:

Hey, hey. What’s up, guys? This is Jordan with the LaunchPad Resource podcast. This is show 120, and I am pumped here today because today, we have a fellow laundromat YouTuber following Keenan joining us on the podcast. I’m super excited. for you to get to listen in on this because Keenan is doing some incredible things, both in his laundromat, and also out side and other kinds of investments. We get into a little bit of that also. So very, very cool episode today. You’re gonna Love it. If you’re not following following Keenan on YouTube, you’re not subscribed to his channel, make sure you go Scribe the following Keenan. You get a little bit of the insights of what’s going on in his business, the link to that, and the link to everything else we talk about today will be in the show notes, atlondermatresourced.com/show120. So make sure you go subscribe to following keyed in, and you’re gonna want to after this episode. Anyways, it so incredible. And real quick before we jump into it with a following Keenan, I wanna get to today’s Fast Lane tip, which is this. Did you know that Lottermat Resource has the number one Lottermat community out there. There is So if you are interested in growing your business, if you’re interested in getting into this business, the best way that I recommend is get in a community, get around people who are doing the things that you wanna be doing, who are thinking about the things that you are thinking about in terms of growing your business and stuff. The best place in my humble opinion to do that is a lot of our resource pro community. And not only that, but, you know, on a recent podcast episode, we had Ernesto and Barbara join us with Calari and Mardell. Agency, and they do geo fencing. They were in retables, tons of great information. I know a lot of you guys reached out to them. After that, episode, but they offered a $300 discount on their services, which just about covers an entire year’s worth of the pro community as we speak right now. So make sure you head over there and join the pro community. Get that out, along with other discounts, I think we’re up over $3000 of potential discounts for pro community members there. If you wanna check those out, check out run my source.com/pro because you get access to those discounts, you get access to all the tools and resources, which we are about to explode on, by the way. There’s a lot more coming your way for the pro community members over there in a very short amount of time. I’m very excited about what’s happening over there. Beyond all of that, probably the biggest thing and the biggest key to your success, the biggest key to your growth, is getting around other like minded people, and that is where a bunch of us are gathering at the lawn maren resource pro community. So go check us out over there at lawn marenresource.com/pro, check out everything you get access to over there. Alright. With that said, let’s show me to do with following Keenan because we have an incredible discussion today

Following Keenan [00:03:05]:

with him. Let’s do it right now. Keenan from following Keenan, the man himself. Thank you for coming on the show. How are you doing, man? Good. How are you doing? Thanks for having me. Well, first of all, my pleasure, and thanks for, you know, reaching out and making sure we got this thing together because it’s been cool I’ve been watching you on YouTube for a long time. I know a lot of the industry has been watching you on your laundromat journey, so it’s pretty fun. Hopefully, we gotta talk about that a little bit. I’m doing good. Appreciate it. And I’m I’m here waiting for summer to show up. Sounds like it showed up there for you already. Yeah. It’s hot here already. Yeah. Still still cold here. It’s in the, like, sixties, which is, like, winter weather here. Yeah. But why don’t you give us a quick background on you? Who are you, and and how did you get into laundromats? Basically, I I

Following Keenan [00:03:56]:

had rental houses. And in college, when I was nineteen, I was buying rental houses while I lived in a fraternity house, and I got through the 1 got through all the rental houses, the that part of my life, and what happened was I got married, my wife and I, we just didn’t have enough time for rentals and very management intensive, especially single family, and we started looking for something else to buy. And so we were looking for commercial property, triple net, something we could rent, and sit back and collect rent, and now I have to do a lot of work. And basically, through our journey, We looked at mini storages, laundromats, car washes, strip malls, I mean, we big apartment buildings 130 unit stuff, we looked at all of it, and this one property came along that had 2 additional rental office space is like a 1000 square feet each, then you had the main square foot that was a laundromat. It was like 1200 square feet. And we both looked at each other. We said, don’t know anything about laundry mats. Let’s just buy the building. If it works, we’ll keep it. If it doesn’t work, we’ll rent it out. And so for 70,000 bucks, We bought this building. It appraised the day we bought it for 210, and that’s how kinda we got started. And We just we literally just turned the laundromat on, left the equipment was there, and all of a sudden we realized it made money. And then we dump more in, and here we are. Well — Freewater massacre and —

Following Keenan [00:05:27]:

Listen. I’ve seen your channel, and it’s a little ironic to me that you were looking for something passive and you ended up laundromats. Not that they’re not — They’re not they’re not they’re not true passive. Yeah. Yeah. But, yeah, But they are they are they do take less time than, you know, traditional business. So pretty cool. Okay. So you were you were basically looking for any kind of investment that you have found, and you sort of stumbled onto a property that had a laundromat, and that’s how you got into it. Yeah.

Following Keenan [00:05:57]:

Wow. And the funny thing was is we had passed up another laundromat a year earlier that I could have bought for 28,000, real estate, and everything, because it was in a gun and knife club district that I call it. Okay. And I was afraid of it getting broken into. And that’s where I But I wish I would’ve bought it now. You know what I mean? It’s really close to one of my other stores. I wish I would’ve bought it, but I just didn’t know. And I couldn’t even pronounce the equipment’s name. Like, it was equipment. Yeah. I’m sitting here trying to pronounce this to laundry concepts up in Chicago, and they’re like, oh, it’s hips. Yeah. And — Yeah. mean, just I have no idea what I was even looking at. Yeah. None.

Following Keenan [00:06:34]:

Yeah. Well, that is a funny thing about hip. She’s I’m all people are always trying to tell me, like, what equipment’s in. They’re stores or a store they’re looking at or whatever. And I always just assume it’s hips no matter what they’re trying to pronounce because these are just hips. That’s pretty funny. Okay. Yeah. Well, that’s kinda funny that, you know, you you passed one up that was you said 28,000 for the real estate and the laundromat and everything?

Following Keenan [00:06:58]:

Yep. So you gotta realize I was buying this stuff in 2010,

Jordan Berry [00:07:02]:


Following Keenan [00:07:03]:

So we’re coming out of the recession. Yeah. Right for the recession, I saw things come in, and I sold all my houses. So in 2006, 2007, just before it hit, I unloaded houses at four or five times what I even paid for them, even more than that type of truth. And so then all of a sudden we hit that recession, and everybody with a business had it for sale. Every car wash in our town was for sale, every mini store I mean, people were just scared. So these water mats, they really had and they were they needed to be retooled, so they were all run down, and so people weren’t making money, so they were scared. So yeah,

Following Keenan [00:07:39]:

Jeez. Wow. Nowadays, that’s, like, 2.60 machines or something like that. You know? $28.

Following Keenan [00:07:46]:

Big group. Yeah. I just put 12 machines in the water, man. It was a little over a $100,000.

Following Keenan [00:07:51]:

Yeah. Jeez. Insane. Yeah. The prices have really gone up, and you know, especially over the last couple of years, it’s been it’s been wild. Yeah. Okay. So you passed that one up, though. And you said it’s in a gun and knife district? That’s what you call it? Gun and Club gun and knife and gun and knife club districts is what I call it. Knife club district. Okay. So rough area. Is is that — Yes. Yeah. Okay. But you have one in that area now.

Following Keenan [00:08:17]:

Pretty close. Yep. Okay. Okay. I’d say I’m probably three Blocks away.

Following Keenan [00:08:22]:

Okay. I I mean, do you run into a lot of issues there?

Following Keenan [00:08:27]:

No. Not really. Okay. I do get some I’ve had some vandalism, but it’s mainly been, you know, drug addicts, you know, trying to break in a change machine, that kind of thing. Yeah. But maybe over 15 years, maybe, like, 4 incidents so far.

Following Keenan [00:08:40]:

Okay. That’s not too bad. Not too bad. No. Yeah. Well and that’s a good that’s a good at least to a good question is when did you buy that property with the laundromat? How long ago was that? That’s

Jordan Berry [00:08:51]:

2009, 2010.

Following Keenan [00:08:53]:


Following Keenan [00:08:54]:

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So you’ve been in it.

Following Keenan [00:08:59]:

been in it a while here. I like that. Alright. So you bought that property. You basically you said you just opened the doors, and

Following Keenan [00:09:09]:

Yeah. We — Like, see what happens. — closing. We went to the closing the day before we bought a bag of quarters from the bank. Uh-huh. And We knew the old lady that it was a the situation was an old lady owned our older lady owned and her husband had died. He ran the laundromat. She didn’t know what to do, so she just wanna unload the property. They actually had it listed for a 130. We got it for 70. We walk in, that after the closing, she closed it that day, which pissed me off because I had all the utilities in my name. She closed it. She said, my lawyer says I have to close the business legally for a debt, whatever. So we walk in, take the tape off, put quarters in, lady walks in to use the laundromat, puts money in a change machine, gets money, walks out the door, and drives down the road. That was our first customer. So that was our experience. You know? That’s what we did. So

Following Keenan [00:09:58]:

Well, I gotta tell you, it’s better than my first experience because I walked in the very first time, and there was a lady completely naked. doing all of her laundry in the wash machine. I was I was like, what did I get myself into? So — Nice. Yeah. So that was my introduction there. Okay. So you you bought that thing. Okay. So the customer walked in, got changed left. which is pretty common. And pretty frustrating. Actually, pretty frustrating for a lot of laundromat owners, you know, especially when there was a quarter shortage and all that stuff. Holy cow. I got really frustrated for a lot of people. But, I mean, how did it do initially off the bat?

Following Keenan [00:10:39]:

awesome bad. It didn’t do too bad. I you know, I think we were making, you know, 7, 800 maybe a thousand bucks a week, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but that’s a small demographic area. Mhmm. Yeah. I mean, it it paid the bills and made some money. I mean, it would until we retooled it, it really did pretty good for being run down.

Following Keenan [00:10:58]:

Yeah. So did you have to do any, like, advertising to get people in there, or you just kinda ran it as it was?

Following Keenan [00:11:07]:

Ironically, I don’t do any advertising. And that that’s probably one of my downfalls. I just went in there, and I just gutted it real quick. floor, paint, ceiling, new machines, and just opened it back up and word-of-mouth took off and they came they came the people that left had come back, and the people were using kept using it. So — Yeah. That’s awesome. Well, dude, when the field of dreams method works, It works, man. I love that. Yeah. 2 aligner on busy streets, which help. And this one isn’t on a busy street. It’s if I was literally, like, a 100 closer to this road, I’d probably do order more business or 5%, 10% more. But

Following Keenan [00:11:48]:

yeah. Yeah. And that visibility is important.

Following Keenan [00:11:51]:

Yeah. How long was it before you retooled that store after you bought it? Well, we did it in several segments. When we retooled it, we we actually put new washers in the 1st week we owned it.

Following Keenan [00:12:05]:

and but we kept the old dryers. So

Following Keenan [00:12:08]:

Okay. And then the next time we did it was about 5 years later, we did all new dryers. And then just now we put all new washers in it again. So

Following Keenan [00:12:18]:

about about 4 or 5 years seems like we’ve been doing stuff to it. Yeah. Yeah. And just keep keeping it feeling fresh. How’s it doing these days?

Following Keenan [00:12:26]:

Good. That’s real good. Yeah. That’s real good.

Following Keenan [00:12:29]:

That’s awesome. Do you do you this is a little bit of a side note, but I was just curious. Do you highlight one of your laundromats more than the others in your channel, or do you try to get them all

Following Keenan [00:12:40]:

They’re all in there. Okay. Video footage you’re seeing is from all of them. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. The the short that’s, like, blowing right now that’s up over 3,000,000 views. That’s why my channel’s growing. There’s I it’s a dumb short. I’m cleaning out a lint tray. And literally, it’s I’m at 3.7 right now, million views in the last — — entry. Just in the last 3 days, 4 days maybe. Yeah. And that’s on my one I built. So yeah.

Following Keenan [00:13:08]:

What what are we doing wrong over here? I that on the phone.

Following Keenan [00:13:13]:

It’s crazy. That’s so fun. That’s what I gotta I gotta I actually have a guy that films, and I have an editor because I can’t do all this. So they’re coming in in 2 weeks. And when I told them, I said, we’re gonna make a whole bunch of Lint videos. Yeah. But all kinds of Lint videos. I wanna see, like, a big pile of lint. You should save all the lint between now and then and just do, like, a huge pile. Like, this is a week’s worth of lint, and then I wanna see, like, diving in it or something. Yeah. People find it more interesting the stuff we find in the Lint. That’s — Yeah. — that seems to be the big thing. But — Yeah. That’s so funny. It is.

Following Keenan [00:13:47]:

The Internet is a great wild, wild place, but that’s awesome. I love that. I love to hear that you’re, you know, cleaning out the lint and three million people are watching to do it. And — Oh. — you know, it’s it’s pretty funny. Yeah. Okay. So you bought this this property, head the laundromat. You just kinda flung it open. You did sort of a partial retool and remodel on this thing. And So after that, did you were you like, okay. I wanna go out and find or laundromats or, like, what was the what was the process after that?

Following Keenan [00:14:23]:

After we got the first laundromat, we ran it for a year. We knew we need to get another one, and my wife really wasn’t big on it. But I said, I’m gonna find another one. there happened to be another one that the people wanted out of, and so we’re it’s probably, what, 2012 about that time. So people are still pretty down on themselves, and we found one where these two guys just couldn’t work it out. We bought it right away. So yeah.

Following Keenan [00:14:48]:

How far is that away from your first one?

Following Keenan [00:14:51]:

I would say it’s about 10 miles. So we’re in a metropolitan area where there’s a big town and then you got like 4 or 5 little towns that Like, you can’t tell the difference, kinda like California, you can’t tell the difference when you leave one to the other. And so they’re kind of in each of those areas plus that. main area. So I think our total population here is a 120,000.

Following Keenan [00:15:12]:

Okay. I mean, that’s a good that’s a good area. Do you know how many longer mats are in the area? There’s 7 and I own 3.

Following Keenan [00:15:20]:

Nice. Are you trying to scoop them all up? I give as many as I can sometimes. Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about. I’ve passed up a few because they’re really they’re not worth even buying, and the people that did buy them are already losing their butt. but you gotta watch not buying them in certain areas. So like out of those 8, two of them are junked, nobody And then the other 22 of them are my dealer. So

Following Keenan [00:15:46]:

Okay. I’m assuming you mean your your machine dealer?

Following Keenan [00:15:49]:

Yeah. The the Speed Queen dealer. Okay. They own 2 of them in our town. I just didn’t want you getting trouble, you know, with ambiguity

Following Keenan [00:15:56]:

on kinda dealer you’re working with. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Distributor. Yeah. So well, can you talk about that for a second? I mean, you said 2 of them are just in a bad air. What what makes them a bad area? for them to be in that you knew, like, okay. These aren’t really gonna be worth it.

Following Keenan [00:16:15]:

Well, the problem the problem you have is if you how do I explain? What what I do in my business is I don’t go anywhere there’s not a McDonald’s. Dollar General Casey’s is a big gas station around us. I don’t go anywhere there is in those three things. Okay? And the reason I do that is because if you go into these neighborhoods like like a ghetto or a rough neighborhood, whatever you wanna call it, The reason there’s none of those businesses down there or in it is because they can’t make enough money to pay for all the crime and all the stuff that’s gonna happen to them, and it just isn’t worth your headache. Now, I have one that’s right on the edge of a bad part of town, does really well. doesn’t get doesn’t get burglarized or nothing, but it’s also a block away from a McDonald’s. You know? So that’s if you’re looking for, like, where to put them or why not to put them places, I go where the professionals go where your your demographic’s gonna come to you. They’re gonna drive out of that area to use you, but I don’t go in those, those laundromats are in bad areas. That makes any sense.

Following Keenan [00:17:25]:

Yeah. I know. I think that makes great sense. I mean, I think that’s a great technique as to hey. You know, these these bigger, you know, franchises and corporations and stuff, they put a lot of time, money, effort, you know, skill into finding the right places with their businesses. So you know, as a laundromat owner, you could do that too, or you could just see You use their people to work for you. Yeah. That’s basically what I’m doing. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Which is which is a great a great technique. And and you mentioned a lot of, like, really good ones, you know, the Dollar stores, you know, the fast food restaurants, McDonald’s. Yeah. You know, Walmarts are another kind of popular one. You know, stuff like that that it’s you know, number 1, you know it’s gonna be making money there. And number 2, it’s the right demographic of people. Those are similar demographics.

Following Keenan [00:18:17]:

Yeah. Near an auto parts store. If I can find a a fast, like a McDonald’s, an auto parts store and a Dollar General, that is the trifecta of the neighborhood you need to be in. because the people that go to those 3 stores are using your laundromat. So — I love that. I love that. And my best stores buy all three of those. So Dan tells you.

Following Keenan [00:18:38]:

Yeah. That’s that was great right there. I love that. That’s great. Okay. So you so you said about a year or 2 ish later, you went, and you you found this laundromat. These guys couldn’t make it work. What were they I mean, do you have any sense of, like, what what were they doing wrong that you were able to do correctly?

Following Keenan [00:18:59]:

The problem they had was they went into it. They were friends. They were realtors. and their front plan was one would be the money guy and would do all the bills and financing and all that part of it. The other one would do all the work. whether it was hiring person to clean, fixing the machines, fixing the building, that’s what they would do. What ended up happening was the one partner that didn’t wanna really get his hands dirty was so lazy. He didn’t even wanna manage the money right. And so the other guy, his name was Derek. It was Matt and Derek were their names, and the Derek guy, he got so frustrated because his buddy Matt didn’t ended up not doing anything. And so here he is carrying all the weight, and he and then what happened was he fell out of love with it. So then he quit repairing it. He quit fixing it. I mean, somewhere I’ve got pictures of this place. And, I mean, they’re ceiling tile falling in, and the floor’s all peeled up and the machine. They’re wascomats. They were, like, gen 2 wascomats. Square door ones or 3 or whatever they were, bunch of broke Maytag top loaders, I mean, it was bad. And so then they weren’t making any money, and then they were just

Following Keenan [00:20:08]:

I mean, obviously, they were done.

Following Keenan [00:20:11]:

Yeah. And so yeah. And, no, the one guy Derek once he saw I fixed it up, took me 30 days, We ripped everything out in 30 days, put a whole new laundry mat right back in. He couldn’t believe what it was like. It’s the same place. Yeah. Yeah. You know? because his his infrastructure was pretty good. He had some issues. Like, they had I’ll give you an example. Behind the dryer wall, the dryers were hooked up on power strips. So the electrician actually put boxes at every dryer, and he had 2 plugs So each dryer because there were stacks. Uh-huh. Each dryer had its own plug. But what they did is they decided not to use that, and they’d plug a power strip into 1, and they’d run 5 dryers off a power strip. And these power strips were all black from burning up, and he couldn’t figure out why the dryers weren’t working, why they were tripping breakers. I go, But that that’s what I ran into. You know?

Following Keenan [00:21:04]:

Yeah. So I mean, it sounds like it was just mismanaged in the partnership. sound like it turned out to be a very good one. Yeah. It was bad. So so you went in you put in all new machines. Did you did you do a total retool on that one, or what did you do for that? I, well, I got lucky, Speed Queen had repoed a laundromat on North Carolina

Following Keenan [00:21:23]:

in that time period 2012, and it was actually a showcase store. and one of these big housing developments, and I got all the machines that were like two years old, considered used, but they’re really new. They’d never even they’d never even really been run. So that’s where my washers came from. Dryers, I ended up keep in the dryers they had because they had good hip dryers, they just needed to be redone, and I redid them, got a few more years out, then we went and bought new dryers, so

Following Keenan [00:21:53]:

Did you find the the repoed

Following Keenan [00:21:57]:

washers through your distributor? How’d you find those? Oh, my distributor, he he is kind of a shark. Mark’s his name. He works for Hermes. I’m sure you’ve run into these guys. They he found them. The way the the way The equipment dealers work is Speed Queen, whoever repos the equipment gets first choice. And so if you don’t choose it, then they put it out on their server for all their other dealers to pick up that equipment. Well, my dealer knew that I was building a laundromat and another guy was, so he went out and grabbed all this equipment. It was basically, it was a laundromat in a truck. And so that that’s how we got all that. And then, obviously, he’s making money off it, and Speed Quinn’s getting some money back, but I got a hell of a deal I think. So — That’s all you care about.

Following Keenan [00:22:46]:

Yeah. As long as you get the deal.

Following Keenan [00:22:48]:

Yeah. I mean, the washers are still there, and they’re actually still running really well at this point. And that’s the one we’re actually considering because I’ve gone to touch screen on one of my laundry mats now, and I really wanna take that other laundry mat to those washers as well.

Following Keenan [00:23:05]:

So Yeah. So are are you I’m just kinda following rabbit trails here with you. I talking because you’re just so much good stuff. But are you are you loving the the touch screens?

Following Keenan [00:23:15]:

Yes. Yes. And there’s it’s it’s the dumb reason is those stupid overlays. The stupid sticker overlays. My customers, if they get a little crack in it, they start peeling that thing, here I got a 130 bucks and a sticker. And on the touch screen, you don’t have that. Yeah. And the only downfall with the touch screen screen I could see is somebody damaging that screen, and it costing you 2, $3000 to buy this thing, whatever it costs. I don’t even know. but as for the pluses, there’s just so much more to it. They’re so easy to program, they take a minute to program, you can do, which we’re going to is Speed Queen’s app pay. So we’re gonna do coin and app pay instead of cards because I think cards are a dinosaur. we’re gonna go to that. And I just you can look at them on the Internet. You can free Vendom from home, and it’s all integrated by the company that built the machine. I mean, That’s what I love about them. Yeah. And, I mean, what’s the response been from customers when you put those those Oh, they love them. They love them. And then the people that speak Spanish, you know, you could push a button, and it all turns it into into Spanish. So they can read it all. and then it defaults back to English if you want. I mean, it’s just amazing what they can do.

Following Keenan [00:24:36]:

Yeah. It definitely, like, unlocks a whole lot of things that we could do before, and it’s one of the, you know, one of one of the new technologies that has been introduced that, I think, will be a big deal starting to become a big deal. It will be a bigger and bigger deal as we’ve, you know, figured out more ways to utilize this stuff to help us run our businesses better. So yeah. One thing I did with it is it has a it has a lucky vent feature, which all the old machines had the lucky vent feature. Right. But the new ones, they’ll display a big star and say, you’re lucky. You get a free wash.

Following Keenan [00:25:08]:

So it’s kinda like a casino machine. Yeah. So I don’t I don’t tell my customers about this. Right? So they think This is psychology. Uh-huh. But I’m actually getting customers to think they’re ripping me off because this guy doesn’t know his machines are giving out free washes. So the word-of-mouth around town is if you go over there, you might get a free wash. They have no idea. The machine’s dishing them out. So I’m actually gaining people because of that And it’s all because of that touch screen because the old machines, you couldn’t do it real well. Yeah. Now it’s now it’s awesome.

Following Keenan [00:25:39]:

Yeah. I had that on my old machines, and I did the anything I didn’t tell people or anything like that. And every now and then, I’d be there when one went off. And, you know, sometimes I could see customers, like, you know, like, trying to, like, hide or you know, whatever. And sometimes, you know, there’d be customers who’d be like, hey. I think something’s wrong with your machine because it didn’t say Lucky Wash or anything. It just went from whatever the vent price was, and you put 1 quarter in, and then it just went all the way down to 0 and just started. Yep. And so they didn’t know what was going on. You know? with that. And they’re like, hey. I think something’s wrong with the machine. I’m like, no. You gotta look you wash. Like, you you won. But having that screen is awesome.

Following Keenan [00:26:17]:

Yeah. See, I’d love to add a light to it and then make it like a casino noise. Yeah. I think that would even drum up more. Yeah. People like that. It’s crazy.

Following Keenan [00:26:26]:

Yeah. Well, you know, there’s Las Vegas is built on that. So — Yeah. Yeah. It’s great. Okay. So you bought the second one. You retooled bunch of it. How how was that one after you retooled it? I mean, you said they weren’t making money before bought it. How long did it take you to start, you know, get to breakeven? Or

Following Keenan [00:26:47]:

About 3 weeks. About 3 weeks and we had it. It was just it it was crazy. The amount of turns we were doing and stuff in there. To give you an idea, that laundromat, we have horizon washers, brand new. They were 2012. Yeah. 2012. If you know much about the bearings on, the bearings are supposed the last about 5, 6 years. That laundromat was so busy. We were burning up bearings in those in a year, year and a half. Jeez. because and when the Speed Queen dealer came out, they said, you know, your warranty, technically, we’re supposed to look at the amount of turns as things add, and they looked at it and they go, the turns you’ve done in a year, we wouldn’t expect this machine to do in 5 years. but it was just people were just flocking to them. So it was and that was a great one. But it was a better location. It’s on a busy road. It’s next to those three things I told you I like. McDonald, the auto part, and it’s actually Family Dollar’s literally right Across the street. I mean, it’s you can’t get better than that location. So

Following Keenan [00:27:52]:

So well okay. I mean, is it all location? Like, what listen. You I mean, you gotta spill it into it. Like, there’s you’re you gotta you gotta Lautermatt that’s doing the number of turns that an average Lautermatt would be doing in 5 years, doing it 1 year. Like, is it all because of location? Is it because they’re just no competition? Is it because you’re so good looking? Do you have, like, a — It’s it’s combination. — posing on the machines and a Speedo Like, what did you do to get all these people coming to that laundromat?

Following Keenan [00:28:22]:

Well, what I did with some of it was is some of my price points were, like, maybe a quarter less per washer, something like that, but it was mainly location in the fact we fixed it up because the other two longer mets we were competing against You know, one was in a bad location, their machines they couldn’t count on their machines running. The other one the other one had nice equipment, but it was also off the beaten path. I mean, so and so it really is a lot of that location.

Following Keenan [00:28:52]:

So Man, gotta go back to that You gotta repeat. What’s the trifecta? You said auto parts store?

Following Keenan [00:28:58]:

You gotta McDonald’s Auto parts store and a family dollar or dollar general or There’s I think there’s another one, but I can’t think of the name of it. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Dollar Tree. That’s the other one. Dollar Tree. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. knows 3. Do you find those 3? Find a and this used to be a chicken restaurant. That’s the even funnier part. And so it was a chicken restaurant that had had gone defunct years ago. And restaurants are the best thing to put a laundromat in. Wow. That’s the other thing. because you have 3 phase. You have the big water lines. You have the big gas lines. I mean, it’s already set up for hard use. I mean, that’s that’s why I like them.

Following Keenan [00:29:42]:

Yeah. Okay. Well, no. I mean, I think that’s great. So, really, we have a quadfecta. We need the McDonald’s, the auto parts store, the dollar, whatever, and it needs to have used to be a chicken restaurant. So — Yeah. An old restaurant, some sort. That’s the magic

Following Keenan [00:29:57]:

magic formula. Yeah. I I look for 3 phase because, like, a lot of people, like, if you’re starting out, and you’re looking at used equipment, and this is a trick, and I got 2 machines sitting in a garage right now. I got 280 pounders I bought and they came out of California. and I think they’re 2010s, and I paid a thousand bucks a piece, but they’re 3 phase. and nobody nobody has 3 phase anymore. So if you buy old buildings or you get in an old building or old ornament that has 3 phase, you can get cheaper equipment right off the gate and get yourself going at a lower price point.

Following Keenan [00:30:32]:

So yeah. Hot tip right there. Hot tip. Yeah. Okay. So you bought this thing. You said it took about 3 weeks to get to get to that break even. That’s crazy. right there for a laundromat that wasn’t making money before. Yeah. That’s that’s pretty good. Okay. So that one took off. And how do you know how long you probably don’t even know this, but do you know how long it was until that one overtook your first one in terms of how it was performing?

Following Keenan [00:31:04]:

Right off the bat. Oh. I mean, it it is the 1st month or 2 we already knew. This it was such a better location. It was doing one and a half to two times a money we’re doing at the other location, and it’s still that way. I mean —

Following Keenan [00:31:19]:

Yeah. Dang. Okay. That’s cool. So, dude, that trifecta. Write that down. If you’re listening to this, write down that trifecta, quadfecta, really. but try fixing it. Okay. So alright. So you got the second one. It went straight to the moon, basically, which is awesome. Doing crazy crazy turns. You have one other one. Right? Is that — I’ve got 3. Yep. You got 3. So okay. So when did that third one come into Existing.

Following Keenan [00:31:47]:

2016, I got the third 1. Okay. And what happened was is between 2012 and 2 well, 14, 2014, the economy started to take off, so you couldn’t find anything for sale now. And so in 2016, I got so impatient I go, I’ll just build a laundromat. And so I found another restaurant that had been closed for years. It was on a corner of Two Busy Streets across from a Stop and Rob, and it was near the Gun And Knife Club District, and we decided to build 1. And it turned out really well. probably wouldn’t build one again, just because I don’t like building them from scratch. I’m not If I would market it more, it’d be better, but Yeah. So that’s what happened. 2016, we ended up that one.

Following Keenan [00:32:36]:

Okay. So what made you decide to wanna build?

Following Keenan [00:32:39]:

I couldn’t find a name for sale, and I want another one real bad. And now I got impatient. And if I would’ve just waited, like, literally, like, a a year later, the one that I told you about earlier about that I could have bought for 28,000. It was near my other store. It came back up as a repo again. this time, they needed 50,000, and I should have bought that instead of building the other one. I would have been better off. But —

Following Keenan [00:33:03]:


Following Keenan [00:33:05]:

And the reason I say don’t build them is because if you’re gonna build a wonder man, like, if you’re like the Wilford Brothers where they go out and they just fucking spend god awful amount of money and they market and they love interacting with people all the time, you’ll be successful. But me, I’m an introvert. You know, I don’t Marketing is my Achilles’ heel, like I suck at it. And so if you build a story, you better be really good at marketing and get that because you’re you’re taking people out of a habit they used to have and trying to give them a new habit. Well, that’s hard to do. And so if you buy an existing laundromat, they’re in that habit. just like the Starbucks. There’s Starbucks every day, and they’re gonna go here every day and go here. And if they go outside that routine, they get upset. Well, if you buy an laundromat, they’re still going there. People are still going there even though it’s a dumb because they love something, or they love that routine, you can make it nicer and buy that place, you’ll have them and that’s kind of my, I guess if that’s a tip for people starting out, do not build water map. Do not go find a rental space and slap one in because I think you’ll fail more than you’ll exceed because you’re going to have to get people out of the routine. If you can find a zombie mat and retool it, I think you’re far better off than building.

Jordan Berry [00:34:22]:

So —

Following Keenan [00:34:23]:

Yeah. Yeah. And and, you know, we we talk about this a lot, but, you know, lawn laundry is a habitual chore. Right? arithmetic chore. And it’s kinda like driving. Right? Like, when you’re driving like, after you’ve driven for a while, a couple years or whatever, you can basically drive on autopilot. Right? You’re not thinking about, okay, I need to put on the blinker. Okay. I need to check over my shoulder. You know? All that stuff just happens automatically. Right? And that’s part of how our brains work to make things easier for us to to handle. Right? And laundry slips into that mode where people don’t think about anymore. Even if there’s a nicer laundromat sometimes that you just built, they’ll keep going to the other one because they don’t even really think about into another one. And so one of the things you gotta do in that situation is you’ve gotta do something dramatic to snap him awake. Right? Like, snap him out of that habit and get him doing something different, but easier said than done. And like you said, When you build new, everybody who’s gonna come do laundry or who you need to come do laundry at your laundromat is currently doing laundry somewhere else. So you’ve got to entice them to come to yours. So it is there is some there are some obstacles definitely to overcome. building versus buying.

Following Keenan [00:35:40]:


Following Keenan [00:35:41]:

That’s a good lesson learned. How what was the process like of actually getting it built out and everything? Like, what do you mean? Like, what what was it difficult? Do you hire contractors to do it? What was that? Oh, uh-oh. Okay. Oh,

Following Keenan [00:35:58]:

I’m old school. A lot of sweat equity. I pretty much me and another guy, we did it all. mean, I poured the parking lot in concrete, I did the sidewalks, I hired a glass company, I was my own general contractor, I guess you could say, But me and 2 other guys, we gutted it. I installed all my own machines and had another had another person paint, but I did hire like I said, I did hire the electrical workout and some of the plumbing workout, but I did a lot of the other stuff. I cut the floors open and dug the trenches from the pipes and yeah. That’s what I like to hear. Maybe get after — You really got it. I really get into it. It’s great. I got equipment, so I can do it. I got excavators and, you know, tractors and da dump truck and yeah.

Following Keenan [00:36:46]:

How long did it take you?

Following Keenan [00:36:48]:

Took us, I think, 3 months to get that one done.

Following Keenan [00:36:52]:

That’s pretty good. How big how big is the space?

Following Keenan [00:36:55]:

24100 Square Feet. That’s pretty good. That’s pretty good. And it’s cool because in the videos, my ceiling’s black in that one, and I probably shouldn’t have painted it black, but it’s actually a precast concrete deck above the building. It was a it was an old convenient convenient store. So it’s built like a like a vault. I mean, it’s just everything’s concrete in it, so people can’t tear it up. The ceiling, like I said, is probably like 12 feet up, maybe 15 feet, and it’s got steel beams holding it up. I mean, it’s just crazy. I love the building, if my my really good location, if I could take this building and put it in that location, I would be unstoppable because the way I built it out and the way it’s built.

Following Keenan [00:37:39]:

Well, you know what you did wrong on this one is that it used to be a convenience store, not a chicken restaurant.

Following Keenan [00:37:45]:

That’s — Right. You you missed.

Following Keenan [00:37:48]:

Yeah. — miss on that one. I did have 3 phase, though. Okay. Okay. Well, did you add the 3 phase or already had it?

Following Keenan [00:37:55]:

Already had it. Okay. Convenience stores. A lot of old convenience stores have 3 phase, so it had it. Okay. It had the 2 inch gas line. It had the 2 inch water line.

Following Keenan [00:38:05]:

So — Nice. Okay. Okay. And that one, you bought I mean, I’m assuming you bought the real estate and just built it out built it out from there. Okay. You know? And you bought it specifically to put the laundry bag in there? Yes. Nice. Okay.

Following Keenan [00:38:21]:

The whole build out the whole thing cost me this 2016 money. Cost me about a 198,000.

Following Keenan [00:38:30]:

you probably couldn’t even put machines in for that. No. Yeah.

Following Keenan [00:38:34]:

Jeez. But, I mean, I bought I bought used machines because it was in a rougher area. but then I just replaced all the known parts. Like, I replaced every drain valve, every sensor, I just replaced everything I knew would be a hiccup. and knock on wood, they’re still going pretty good. But — Yeah. Yes, man. And you can keep a lower vent price, so that was my marketing idea. not trying to be a low price leader as people call it, but you know, trying to entice people to go there.

Following Keenan [00:39:03]:

Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, I yeah. That’s that’s awesome. And

Jordan Berry [00:39:08]:

a 198,000

Following Keenan [00:39:08]:

for a whole build out, that’s that’s pretty Yeah. I don’t know. We don’t we don’t deal in numbers like that around here. I just — No. I know.

Following Keenan [00:39:17]:

You’re probably half 1000000 to a 1000000. Well,

Following Keenan [00:39:20]:

Yeah. At least. Probably. I I mean, I was looking at building out an ADU at one of my properties here. And the ADU that was gonna be, like, 600 square feet was gonna be a 2 100 $1000 build out. You know? So I was like — Wow. — man, that’s craziness. So I still might do it, actually. But Yeah. Okay. So you you built out that 1. I mean, how is it how’s it performing? Sounds like not as good as number 2.

Following Keenan [00:39:46]:

it does it it does good as number 1. It fluctuates. And so yeah. I think what would improve is if I bought new dryers, we’re put. What our plan right now is because that’s our store that’s kind of like our not a Redhead Stepchild, but it’s You’ll if you ever get multiple stores, you’ll have a store that never wanna put brand new stuff in because you just you just know it’s gonna be really beat on. And if you get a brand new machine and they beat on it, you’re upset. But if you take a machine that’s five, six years old from another store and you put in there, well, you’ve made money, paid it off, and now it’s making you money, and it’s not so bad. Well, that’s what we’re gonna do. So one of our laundromats, we’re probably gonna the one that has a touch screen washers, They they have 2018, 75 pound dryers in them, so we’re probably gonna take those and move them over to that store and then buy new touch screen dryers for the 1st longer map.

Following Keenan [00:40:42]:

So — Yeah. Well and that’s in part of the, I guess, perk of having multiple longer maps is you do have some flex ability where you can do some stuff like that where you can move equipment around if you need to and be a little strategic about how

Following Keenan [00:40:55]:

Yeah. Yeah. If you’re not real busy to store, like, say one store, you put a bunch of 80 pounders in and they’re just not doing well, you can move it to another spot. You know?

Following Keenan [00:41:03]:

Yeah. Yeah. Especially if you know how to do it and have the equipment to do it. You know? I know a lot of people wouldn’t try to install their own machines or something. But if you have that capability. because the installations, man, they can they can get expensive on you real fast. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So you You built out that third one. It’s doing about as good as the as the first one fluctuating. You’ve got the call it a red stepchild, which I thought was funny. Yeah. Okay. And and that second one is killing it, which is awesome. Which one of the of the 3 gives you the most headache, or any or any of them, not maybe 9 of them. I would

Following Keenan [00:41:48]:

say the first one, but it’s more of a headache. None of them give me a lot of headache. Like I’ve gotten it to where I’ve I’ve really dialed out all the problems. My biggest problem early on was I had Horizon washers, and I am — Oh, god. I just I hate Verizon washers. I I don’t care what a dealer tells you how Speed Queen’s improved them, and I love Speed Queen equipment. I love hips. I love UniMac. I love the Speed Queen Yipso. I love it all, but I hate the horizon. They need to throw that machine away. and never ever talk about it again. And when I had those in two stores, every time I went on a vacation or I went to do something, this machine won’t lock. the it’s full of water. It didn’t ring out my clothes. And the problem with that is everybody wants to be compensated at that moment in an unattended store. That’s hard to do. The minute I threw them away and I put a few top loaders in one store and put some new washers that were hard mounts, problems went away, and that’s really that’s really been my biggest problem is those Verizon washers. If I had to own those any longer, I was done. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Following Keenan [00:42:57]:

I had the same issue. And in fact, my first store, I the the distributor, basically, when he laid out the store for me and I had no idea. I made so many mistakes. I had no idea. But the majority of the new machines I bought, I think I bought, like, 12. This is, like, a 17 100 1700 square foot store. Like, 12 of my new brand new machines were all the rising washers, which I thought was awesome. And, you know, it it’s just Like, people try to jam those things full, and they just don’t do well when they’re full. And the

Following Keenan [00:43:34]:

door latches and elastic — — all over? Yes. soap everywhere. They claw oh my god. They start rusting because of junk? Yeah. Yeah. They’re so bad. Door box? — so many problems. Yeah.

Following Keenan [00:43:46]:


Following Keenan [00:43:48]:

Just throw them all away into a landfill or — I think Speed Queen made. I I really think the engineers, and and I joke in my videos about Ed And Engineering at Speed Queen. I think he designed the horizon to make Maytag feel better. I really do because there’s nothing worse than a Maytag washer than a Horizon wash. I mean, it’s really it is the is bad. I hope there’s not really an ed in engineering. It’s speed queen. He’s gonna — I don’t know. But I joke about him. People give me a hard time in my videos, but I think they sat around in a conference room and said, hey. I know we’re doing it really well. figure out how to make a watch that’s completely crappy. In that way, we, you know, we have one bad machine. because every year, people buy them, and people are still buying them. And my dealer’s like, yeah, they’ve improved them, and I still hear the new ones. Same complaints. It’s like people can’t handle using, like you said, they they overload it. I have people that come to my laundry mat with sticks and they’ll take my hard mounts and they’ll take that stick and they’ll shove those clothes up and I have videos of this. Though you can handle it. Those things? No. You know?

Following Keenan [00:44:56]:

Well, yeah. And what I’ve found happens, like, people will try to, like, jam the stuff in there, and then they try to, like, jam the door closed. Those little plastic latches snap off. Yep. And, yeah, like, oh, gosh. There’s just so many.

Following Keenan [00:45:10]:

I had one one time. I couldn’t figure out why it was leaking. Like, I had changed the door gasket seal and everything, and it still leaked out the bottom. that piece of glass, you know how it has that weird shape to it. Yeah. Yeah. What had happened is they had loaded it so heavy that when it rotated, it took the glass and turned it at one point in the cycle. The bottom part was on the top pushing the door out, so it leaked all the time. and we didn’t even realize until we took it out to throw it away. We’re like, well that’s why it’s leaking. And you could actually still turn it because it had loosened it so much. That’s — Yeah. Yeah. Awesome.

Following Keenan [00:45:47]:

I think we should do a whole we should just do another whole episode just on trash and horizons. That would be a lot of fun for me. Yeah. I guess I don’t know why they make them. I haven’t figured down out. Yeah. Yeah. Well, And you know why people buy them is because they’re the cheapest option. You know? That’s the reason we buy them. And — My first ones were 1600 bucks a pop. Yeah. Mine too. Something like that in the 1600 buck range, 1800 bucks, something like that.

Following Keenan [00:46:15]:

Now did now did your dealer try to talk you into the tax thing? where you could get a $10,000 credit because you were 88 compliant. Yeah. Yeah. You know that’s completely wrong? I never saw a dime of that, but Well, you could take this credit. Basically, what the dealers were doing, and I think Speed Queen told people to do this. And they said, you know, there’s a then in the federal government, there’s a line item for a $10,000 credit if you have to bring your business up to ADA compliance. And so my dealer was telling me, he’s like, well, you bought these washers. You can $10,000 off of this $20,000 bill. So I did that on my taxes, and my CPA, he started questioning it, I got audited 2 years later, and I got to sit in front of the IRS agent and ask them about this, and they’re like, no, that’s not how that works. And I’m like, you son of a gun. I so I always wondered if other dealers told people that because I see it in the forums all the time. Oh, you can get a credit. It’s actually people need to know that’s actually not right. Because the way the credit works is if you have a business like in California and somebody comes along and says you’re not ADA compliant, and they file a notice that you have to become ADA and combine, that’s when you can take the credit. not just going out randomly buying some washers.

Following Keenan [00:47:31]:

Yeah. Well yeah. Yeah. So I’ve seen that because I had a parking lot in one of my properties that didn’t have you gotta have, like, the handicapped spot with the extra space on the side of it. And I didn’t it was a small parking lot. I didn’t have that, and I got a notice. And So I was able to use it for that. But, yeah, my tax guy was like, this is not

Following Keenan [00:47:52]:

this doesn’t qualify. I don’t know. So — Right. The dealers used to tell people that. So — Yeah.

Following Keenan [00:47:57]:

Yeah. Anyway — You can’t always believe what you read on the Internet. You can’t always believe the people who are trying to sell you something. Those are 2 great lessons that I have learned in my journey. Both are very expensive lessons for me. What what happened with the IRS? I mean, did they just make you pay tax on that? Or what — Yeah. Yeah. I

Following Keenan [00:48:18]:

Ironically, I made a video a while back about diarize. I actually get audited every couple of years now. I get audited a lot because between my wife and I and our laundromats and or farming and that. We generate a lot of money. And so we get we get dinged every year, every 2 years.

Following Keenan [00:48:34]:


Following Keenan [00:48:36]:

We we actually, last year, we just got out of one that was for 3 years. They’re auditing us on 3 different years, and there’s and then the I had the agent told us, he goes, hey, by the way, in 2023, we’re gonna go ahead and manually look at your taxes again just to make sure. So when you turn your taxes and nobody looks at them, a computer does stuff, When I turn mine in, people they actually pull it out and they look at it. They physically go through mine. It is crazy.

Following Keenan [00:49:02]:

IRS knows shady people when they see them. So — Yeah. Well, you see what it is is that these laundromats.

Following Keenan [00:49:08]:

Yeah. When you start depositing the kind of money that I’d hate to see some of these bigger guys at 30 stores. You know, to give you an idea, I mean, I can generate 8 to $10,000 a week gross. pretty easy. So you start doing some math, and you get $10,000, 40,000 a month, $480,000. You think about it as an individual, I’m touching in my hands before the government ever sees it, $480,000 in a given year. And then you try to tell them you got write off, and then the money starts disappearing on their end. You know? Yep. Then that’s what happens. So that’s not a life lesson for these young people or people getting into it. You know? There’s three things. My parents my parents were in real estate. They build homes and all this fun stuff, and told me when I was a kid, they said there’s 3 businesses. If you ever buy, you will get audited relentlessly. Car washes, mini storages, and laundromats. because those are the 3 that are known for laundering money. They’re the 3 big. So

Following Keenan [00:50:11]:

Yeah. Well and, you know, no shortage of money laundering jokes in our industry. Mostly from people outside of our industry talking about industry. Right. Like, we’ve never heard that before. Yeah. But, yeah, I mean, I think that’s that is I mean, that’s real. Right? It’s You know, the because it’s, you know, cash, you know, the government wants to keep track of that and make sure that you’re not doing anything shady. Now it’s easier said than done a lot of times. But, you know, when once you start making deposits, cash deposits,

Jordan Berry [00:50:46]:


Following Keenan [00:50:48]:

or more, they’re you know, the bank is required to even you know, record that manually at the bank there too and report that from their end also, and and they need to verify identity, all that stuff. So, you know, they they take their money pretty seriously

Following Keenan [00:51:06]:

over there at the IRS. So — Yeah. That’s that’s a good story too is, like, my first year on and my first laundromat, like, my first laundromat had the 2 rental places. So we made money on that, and we only paid 70,000 bucks for this property, right? And the 2 rental places were each bringing in 6, 700 a month. So I was what little loan I had on this thing, I was able to pay it plus my bills, and I would I would save mistakenly, instead of depositing every week, I would save the money from the one round and take it in, like, every so many months and I remember one time I walked in with $24,000 in cash. And the bank got big eyes, and they go, okay, we’ll take 9, you’re gonna have to come back later. Like, you’re not doing that today. And then they explained that, like, I have no idea. I just thought it’s my money. I can deposit it. So we have to break up weeks. We have to break weeks up into every couple of days because with all that red tape they go through.

Following Keenan [00:52:06]:

Yeah. And it’s it’s so funny that this that’s how this works. Right? It’s like, it’s your money, and it’s the bank. It can’t like, you’re supposed to be putting stuff in the bank, and and the bank won’t even take money. You know? It’s so crazy, but that’s, you know, that’s the reality of of dealing with cash and that much cash. Right? You try to deposit a $200,000 check? No problem. You can do that. Right? You try to bring in $20 cash? It’s a problem. They they get the big eyes, and sometimes they won’t take it. Right? Yeah. Which is just wild. just wild. Alright. So you bought these 2 laundromats. You built out a third one. What’s the plan going forward? Are you are you done? Are you calling it quits here? Are you gonna look for more? Are you gonna try to take over your town? What’s the deal?

Following Keenan [00:52:58]:

I think my plan right now is because I’m in the three corners of this area, like my theory is I’m trying to do like a Walmart thing. You know Walmart isn’t necessarily in every part of your town, but Walmart is so well known everybody goes there. So my plan now is to take my laundromats and make them like people wanna go there, like they’ll pass another one to get to me. and make it like a Walmart. So make it so that there’s a lot of value for them to be there. Like one laundromat we’re gonna put an arcade in, but it’s gonna be practically for free, just to draw customers in. We had another one they were gonna try to put a bar in at one time, but that’s kinda fizzled out. But That’s kind of my plan is to make them so that people wanna be there, kinda like a Bucis or a Walmart. That’s my plan.

Following Keenan [00:53:47]:

I don’t know what a Buckey’s is, but I do know what a Walmart is. You can’t — Okay. Well, Buckey’s

Following Keenan [00:53:52]:

Buckey’s is a gas station chain down in Texas and Arkansas, and it’s it it has It’s known it’s it’s marketing philosophy as the cleanest bathrooms in a world. Okay. And they have attendance in their bathrooms. Okay? But Buckey’s is like a big store. It’s like a Walmart. You can buy a grill there. You can buy pickled eggs. You can buy a boat. I mean, you can buy all this stuff, but it’s a gas station. It has a 100 gas pumps out front. I mean, it’s if you ever get down south, you you gotta stop You won’t leave a bucket without spending a hundred bucks. I mean, it’s great. Maybe I won’t stop at a bucket. But people are drawn to it. People are drawn to it, though. Yeah. Yeah. It’s crazy. So like Walmart. You know? People are drawn to it for a reason. They know that name. Bass Pro Shop. Another similar type.

Following Keenan [00:54:41]:

Yeah. Yeah. Well yeah. And I like the I like the idea of making it a destination place. Right? You know, whether that’s like, hey. Putting in an arcade in or putting a bar in or a coffee shop in, know, I I’m seeing more, like, juice shops, like, that kind of stuff, you know, making it making it a destination, making it a place that you you think about. And it kinda goes back to that discussion we were having earlier about, you know, when you when you build a brand new store, you gotta do something to snap people out of their habit and stuff. and and get in front of them. And it’s the same thing, like making a destination and and just being in front of mind when people are like, I gotta do laundry. Well, yeah, of course, I’m gonna go, you know, to your laundromat because it’s got a bar there. You know? It’s got an arcade there that’s free. And the kids are gonna be able to do that stuff. and I’m gonna be able to do my laundry and peace. You know? Like — Right. — making it the place to go. I like that. Okay. I like that. It’s probably a great a great way to take over the town too. Right? And

Following Keenan [00:55:43]:

you know, just kinda — — plan. We’ll see. Yeah. That’s awesome.

Following Keenan [00:55:47]:

Have you been investing in other stuff along the way also, or are you mostly just focusing on your laundromats?

Following Keenan [00:55:55]:

I do I do a lot of other stuff. I buy stocks, and the other thing where we we do, we farm I farm a a little over right around 200 acres now. I close in 2 weeks on 2 different farms I just bought, So if it all goes well, there’ll be a third one, so I’ll have another 150 acres, but I buy farm ground. And I flip far ground. I do some neat stuff with it that one of the properties. So

Following Keenan [00:56:23]:

How are you okay. So when you say you’re far I mean, I I don’t think you’re actually out there with a hoe and a rake and a tractor. Or or are you are you

Following Keenan [00:56:32]:

— I’m buying tractor. Yeah. Plan I planted this spring, and I have some videos on my channel. I don’t post a lot of them because it’s kind of a mix in the channel up. But, yeah, I do farm it. I haul stuff to the elevator, and I have companies that spray for man.

Following Keenan [00:56:48]:

Okay. How are you how are you how are you farming, like,

Following Keenan [00:56:53]:

200 acres. Farmers’s pretty easy. Once you get it down pat, farming’s like I’m gonna be what they call a 2 by 2 farmer. 2 weeks in the spring, 2 weeks in the fall. And the rest of the year, you really don’t do anything.

Following Keenan [00:57:04]:


Following Keenan [00:57:05]:

And so farm if if there was passive income, farmland is real passive. and then farming is semi passive because of how it works. So if

Following Keenan [00:57:18]:

This is this is probably a bad conversation for me to have because I get very, like, shiny object over here. But if I go let’s say I go out and buy some farmland, once I kinda get it figured out, I could I could, like, mark off, like, 3 weeks, twice a year, and and just say, okay. I’m gonna go farm these 3 weeks, and then the rest, like, the waters on automation, sprains.

Following Keenan [00:57:43]:

I it out. Yeah. There’s no water here. We don’t irrigate. But, yeah, I mean, it’s pretty much on on autopilot from there. Well, we don’t have — And so right now, I’m on autopilot till I hit October.

Following Keenan [00:57:52]:

Okay. And then you go and harvest. What are you farming?

Following Keenan [00:57:56]:

Corn and soybeans. This year, we’re gonna plant some pumpkins for I’ve got a couple different pumpkin stands that are gonna take pumpkins from me. So in our off ground, like stuff we don’t use for corn, soybeans like near her pasture and woods in that. We’re gonna plant some pumpkins for, like, decoration.

Following Keenan [00:58:15]:

So — Okay. Well, okay. I don’t wanna go too far down this because What’s fun? But I I’m so curious. Okay. So you harvest your corn corn. You harvest your soybeans.

Following Keenan [00:58:27]:

What do you do with them? Well, on one farm, I have a grain bin so I can store them. The rest I can’t store, I take to an elevator. a place where they I sell them to. Kinda like you sell Popcans to a scrap yard, there’s there’s a place you sell this commodity to, and then they give you a check, and then put that in the bank. Wow. But, see, the beauty of farming and laundromats. See, this is another thing, and I’ve told my wife, I said, like, we have a grain bin. We can fit 10,000 bushels and there’s grain 10,000 bushels of corn could be anywhere from 60, 50 to $60,000. Well, if you have your launder mats, You’re paying yourself, and you’re able to pay your inputs, I can leave that corn and have been. I’m not paying tax on it. And whenever I need a little money, I just take a load out, take it to the place and sell it. So see, that’s kinda what we’re doing. our laundromats don’t have enough write offs. Right? But I can go buy a 20, $30,000. I buy used equipment, so my combine will only cost $24. But That’s a beautiful write off in my taxes for my laundromat income. Okay. Okay. Not having to buy more laundromat equipment I don’t need. See, I’m buying something else I do need.

Following Keenan [00:59:40]:

Yeah. No. I love that. I love that. So that’s what we’re doing. How how long does how long can you just put corn in a —

Following Keenan [00:59:47]:

You can store it for probably 5, 6 years pretty easily. As long as you keep it dry, and you keep the outside temperature the same as the inside temperature that bend, and there’s fans that run, they’re automatic, they all work off WiFi now. But okay. In, like, 1 year, I dried down beans, and I make money. Because if you take beans that are too wet to the elevator, you get docked. Well, I could put them in my bin, drive them down and make an extra, I don’t know, 3, 4 grand just by a couple hours worth of work. It didn’t cost me probably four hundred bucks. So it it’s kinda cool how farming works once you — What do they do with dry corn? Is that for, like, feed for animals? Or — cattle feed? That all our corn is yellow corn, it’s going for cattle feed for out west somewhere. Our soybeans are heading either to China or Brazil or wherever.

Following Keenan [01:00:37]:

Oh my gosh. Okay. Yeah. Well, now you just gave me something to do for the rest of the day after we finish up here, so I’m gonna go — When you think about 2, I don’t realize I got the water mats. then I farm. Right? Uh-huh. I work a regular 9 to 5 job.

Following Keenan [01:00:52]:

What? Any of the YouTube? I work for the government. So I I work in the government, and I have a regular 95 job on top of all this. My gosh. What do you I love I love this. This is I’m like — See, I got the wonder maps, so they’re pretty passive. Like, I have a person that cleans and checks on them during the day, and I have another person that changes them out. So we’ve got that covered. And

Following Keenan [01:01:15]:

yeah. So I’m so inspired right now. I’m feeling like I’m feeling amped up. Like, I’m not doing enough with my life. I need to do some more. Okay. — crazy. Alright. Well, before we have a couple segments of the show. I wanna get you in a second. Before we get to that, I I wanna ask a little bit about your YouTube channel. And for anybody listening, you gotta go I’ll put a link in the show notes or in the description if you’re already on YouTube down below to following Keenan because he’s documenting his experience with the laundromats. And like we’ve already talked about, he’s got some videos that have got some crazy views. So definitely go give him a follow. But What made you decide to start filming about your laundromat

Following Keenan [01:01:58]:

laundromat? Well, I I I actually started filming my farm and stuff real early on in 2009. because I figured figured people would find it interesting that, you know, I I didn’t even know how to farm. I just started doing it. And I didn’t really do it a real well, so I kinda dropped out of that. And then then I said, well, I’m gonna show people my laundromats and my rental property I got left. And see, see what they think of this. And it was doing okay, and then Brandon’s video took off. And when Brandon’s video took off — — investment. joy for anybody he doesn’t know. Investment Joy. When his video took off, then all of a sudden, the next day I had 2000 subscribers. I had 3000 then it just blew up because people were binge watching him, running out of stuff, and then they were jumping on to me, and then all of a sudden I took off, And I was like, perfect. And I kinda my my channel’s main goal is is it’s a little all over the place at the moment. We’re working on getting it dialed down, but my niche basically is just trying to show people this is possible. Like I told you, I work 3 different things going on here. Anybody can do this stuff. You know, when I grew up, I wasn’t taught to work for a 9 to 5 place. I was taught to work for yourself, and that’s how you get ahead. And so I’ve just tried to kinda take everybody along And some people find it entertaining to watch the daily activities. That’s fine, but kinda just give people an idea. And then and then also paint a picture too because some videos, in my opinion, some channels out there are telling people, like you said, it’s passive. You don’t have to do nothing. It’s so easy. It’s easy money. it can be, but it’s it’s it is a lot to it. You know? There’s work. There’s bad days, you know, then there’s the good days. You know? But That’s kinda what I’m trying to do.

Following Keenan [01:03:45]:

Yeah. That well, it’s and it’s pretty cool because, you know, we were talking about this know, before we jumped on. But, like, whoever would have thought that, you know, film in yourself just doing your thing at the laundromat and, you know, like, cleaning lint out of the lint rat, whoever would have thought that people would wanna sit it on their couch and or on the toilet or wherever they are and watch. Watch you do that stuff, but they do. Right? It’s pretty cool.

Following Keenan [01:04:11]:

Yeah. One of the one of the biggest things I can get for comments is people over in Europe They’re amazed that there’s laundromats in the United States because you’re such a rich country and they got so much money People can’t afford washers, dryers, and then no. They can’t. Or they don’t want to, or they they live in an apartment and they work remotely or they’re or their traveler workers, you know,

Following Keenan [01:04:34]:

they just don’t that it’s it blows their minds. It’s almost that’s entertaining to them. Yeah. Yeah. Well, and I know they’re set up a little differently there. They have, like, much smaller washers a lot of times that fit, like, in their bathrooms or under the sinks. And, you know, we don’t really have a whole lot of that. There are some of those, but, you know, we don’t really have a whole lot of those over here. Same some kind of setup. So it is that would be kinda interesting. for some it you know, cultural cultural thing. But, yeah, that’s that’s cool, man. Well, that’s cool. And mean, I’m assuming you’re having some fun with it too. Is that you enjoy that part of it?

Following Keenan [01:05:11]:

Yeah. I I love it. I I really like I said, you have the bad days, but there’s a lot of good days. And — Yeah. — once you get it dialed in, it can be really a lot of fun.

Following Keenan [01:05:21]:

do do people at your 9 to 5 job? Like, do they know all these different

Following Keenan [01:05:27]:

things that you’re doing, the farming, the laundromats, the channel. Do they know about that stuff? They know about 2 of them. I’ve never I’ve never told any of my family or friends that I do YouTube. And the reason I never did that is because a lot of mistakes a lot of YouTubers make is, hey, I’m gonna go get my friends family to subscribe. They’re never gonna watch these videos. They don’t help my algorithm, and I figured once I hit a 100,000 subscribers, then I’ll tell my family. You know what I mean? But until then, I don’t tell nobody. So at work, nobody knows and yeah. But they know about the other 2.

Following Keenan [01:06:02]:

Nobody’s found you yet?

Following Keenan [01:06:04]:


Following Keenan [01:06:05]:

It’s amazing. No. That that is amazing. because, I mean, maybe it’s just because I’m in the same niche as you, but, you know, you pop up on my stuff.

Following Keenan [01:06:14]:

Yeah. It’s hard for people to find you if they don’t know you’re out there. Yeah. It really is.

Following Keenan [01:06:19]:

Yeah. And you’re do you know how many subscribers you’re at right now?

Following Keenan [01:06:23]:

I think I’m at 13,000

Following Keenan [01:06:25]:

right now. Okay. Maybe 135 or something. Yeah. So we’re in the same same neighborhood. But you’re you’re gonna pass me because you’re You’ll bypass me. Maybe even by the time this thing comes out because I’m boring. Like, I’m aside from these conversations, like, I’m not doing anything. I’m not appealing to a wider populate. And I know this. Right? Like, that’s which is fine. But, I mean, you’ll pass me for sure, and it’ll it’ll be awesome. I mean, I I’m rooting for you to hit that 100,000

Following Keenan [01:06:56]:

in the next year. But if you’ll get there, podcast surprisingly, podcasts, they say podcast is a better niche to be in than any of the others. because there’s a small amount of people doing it, and there’s more of a demand for people to watch them.

Following Keenan [01:07:11]:

Yeah. Well and I know YouTube right now just just is our they’re pushing podcast. They just started their own podcasting platform.

Following Keenan [01:07:21]:

Yeah. It’s a big trend.

Following Keenan [01:07:23]:

Yeah. So but this is cool, man. I I mean, it’s cool to, you know, beat, I guess, a fellow YouTuber. I I don’t know that I’m, like, pure YouTuber, but And, obviously, you’re not a pure YouTuber either. You got a lot going on. But, you know, if somebody’s doing something similar and finding success and growing growing pretty fast, 2, which is very, very cool. Okay. We’ve got a couple segments on the podcast here, and one of them is called secret sauce, and secret sauce is this, what’s your number one tip for somebody who already owns the laundromat to help them improve their business or make things run smoother or make more money or, you know, anything along those lines.

Following Keenan [01:08:08]:

I would I would not be afraid to have new equipment. That’d that’d probably be the best thing if someone already owned a laundromat and you’re already setting a location is is new washers, new dryers if you don’t have them.

Following Keenan [01:08:22]:

Do you okay. I’m gonna I’m gonna push a little on that because First of all, I agree with you. But we’ll play a little not devil’s advocate, but I wanna hear you expound on that a little bit. Right now, as we’re doing this interview, equipments more expensive significantly than it was 2 years ago, and interest rates are higher. Yeah. Do you still think it’s a good idea to get new equipment if you have to get a loan?

Following Keenan [01:08:50]:

If you had to get a loan depending on what your old equipment is. Here’s here’s here’s a trick that I use, and it’s called trading up. So if you have really nice used equipment in that market, you said it’s so pent up in demand. Well, if new equipment’s got a pent up demand, then you used equipment has a pent up demand. So I would suggest to somebody, see what amount of money you can get for your old stuff. and that’ll help you pay down the cost of that new stuff. And 2, evaluate your laundromat. Like me, I found back when I bought dryers a few years ago in 2018, I priced a £50 55 pounder £45 stacks and £75 dryers, and I found that you could buy a £75 dryer

Jordan Berry [01:09:40]:


Following Keenan [01:09:41]:

cheaper than you could buy either 2 because nobody was buying those. Now my dealer thought I was nuts, but I put them in. My customers love them because they’re huge, and you can load them all day long, and they they do great. So there’s niche equipment out there too to find, you know, like Like who in the industry tells you to buy a thirty pound hard mount washer? Probably nobody. You know, they all push the sixties, the eighties, the 120s, you know, That would be my trick if you’re gonna buy this new equipment. It’s find a machine that’s not too much smaller or whatever, but it’s it may not be as like, they’re gonna sell it to you cheaper, and then 2, find out what you can do to unload your equipment you got. because even my junk that I was taking out my horizons, I was telling him in the scrap yard because I didn’t wanna give them to anybody, and I had people begging me to sell them to them. And I go, this is nuts. And people were paying, you know, 5, 6, 800 bucks for these pieces of junk. You know? And like we talked about, there was 1600 to start. Let’s have the cost of buying a new one. You know? But people see that big dollar and that little one, they’ll go, I hope I’m saving, but they don’t see the headache, the work, the maintenance. So that’s kinda what I would do as a trick. You know? That that’s

Following Keenan [01:11:00]:

some savvy wisdom right there. I love, number 1, the trading up idea, and then number 2, the actual niche equipment idea. Those are that’s 2 that’s 2 secret sauces. for the price of one right there, which is good. Awesome awesome secret sauce. I actually wanna just for funsies, do secret sauce number 2, but in farming, let’s say I wanna go out and buy some farmland. What’s some good secret sauce for getting started in farming?

Following Keenan [01:11:31]:

Okay. Let’s say let’s say I One of the pieces of ground that I’m buying next week that I’m closing on, it’s 53 Acres. Okay? Yeah. Now when this deal’s done, I’m going to get the farmland for free. Okay? So this is instead of getting a free laundromat. Alright. Let me talk about that here. What what do you mean? Yeah. So what I’m doing is is it’s it’s and I wish I had a picture of it, but it basically, it’s got 24, 25 acres of woods that’s buildable. It’s buildable land. Well, this piece of land, I drove by. I literally made an offer the day the realtor was putting the sign up. and I had him be my agent, so we had the dual agency, which was perfect because any fight for me also and basically, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna sell off that 24 acres that I don’t want. But he had this land at such a price point. It was 87.50 an acre. I paid 462,000 for this 53 acres. There’s 23 acres tillable that I’m gonna get to keep. I’m actually gonna get to keep 38 of this land, so about 54, it’s the total. And what’s gonna happen is these two chunks, these two twelve whatever acre chunks, I’m gonna get 210,

Jordan Berry [01:12:46]:


Following Keenan [01:12:47]:

maybe if I’m lucky, 230 for them. because the market is so hot. And once again, this is how people don’t think is nobody can go out there well, nobody can, but people will go out there, they’ll look at that 53 acres, and they’ll say, I can’t afford that $462,000 price point. Like you said, interest is high. Right? Well, I’ve got lines of credit that are higher than that, so I can go out and get it. They’ll look at that $200,000 or that 225 or that 230 for 12 acres and go, that’s a deal. I can afford 230, and they’ll buy these off me. Well, then I got 460 there. I’m paying 4.62 and you’re probably saying, well that’s not completely paid off. Well, the neat part of this was this farm was planted already. So there’s 23 acres of soybeans sitting out there that I now I’m gonna own because I worked it out in the deal that I get the crop. So that’s gonna bring me $14,000 in income. Mhmm. So by the time you take the 14 and my surveyor cost off, I’m basically coming out. ahead. My dog’s gonna bark now in the background, but — That’s alright. Yeah. Well — Yeah. So that’s a trick. That’s a trick to it’s basically flipping farmland, and then I’m gonna end up with 30 acres for free. Yeah. And and maybe even getting

Following Keenan [01:14:04]:

paid to take that thirty acre — Yeah. And I make a few bucks. Yeah. So yeah. Which is awesome. That yeah. I’m so glad I did farming secret sauce. This is this is gonna be, like, a new segment. I’m gonna ask everybody what’s your farming secret sauce? I’m gonna be like, I don’t know. I don’t farm. I’m like, come up with something. Alright? because interested in farming now. Okay. We have another segment. First of all, thank you for sharing that. We have another segment called Protips, And this is what’s your number one tip for somebody trying to buy? We’ll we’ll stick with buy their first laundromat since you said don’t build for your first one. So what’s your number one tip for somebody trying to buy their first laundromat?

Following Keenan [01:14:49]:

After after my first laundromat, realizing that there’s people out there that own these things that are just beside even my second one, that people are beside themselves. what I would do is I would go look for a rundown laundromat. I know it sounds crazy, but I would go look for a rundown laundromat that’s that is in those areas with McDonald’s and the Dollar General in that, that they fall out of love with. And if you can’t get them to some people go to the landlords if it’s a rented space, but it may be that situation if they’ve completely vacated and it’s just empty. There’s some in our town that are just boarded up. You can go to that landlord and say, hey. Look. I’m gonna make you some money. It’s a very good tip. I know there’s people out on the Internet that teach this, and there’s — Yeah. — the DVDs and all that stuff. And but that’s that’s what I would do. I because there are so many people that fall out of love with real estate and they’re just desperate to get rid of it. Houses is one right now. A lot of people wanna get rid of the single family houses. They’re tired of renting the tenants, they’re tired of them getting tore up, Well, what’s gonna happen is down the road, this cycle, this cyclical cycle is gonna come back again, and then they’re gonna be worth a fortune. You know, it might take you a little while, but that’ll come back just like the laundromats. When I bought these things, you couldn’t give them away.

Jordan Berry [01:16:05]:

in 2012, 2010,

Following Keenan [01:16:07]:

2009. Now I’m getting people calling me all the time going, will you sell your laundromat? You know? I mean, it’s crazy. And then when I tell them a price, they don’t even right now, I had one the other day. I was willing to sell 2 of them for 600,000. And they’re like, They didn’t even block at it. They’re like, okay. I’m like, that’s insane. I didn’t even pay that for all that. But the you know, so that’s come around. Now it’ll go back the other way. We’ll dip back down. So

Following Keenan [01:16:35]:

Yeah. No. That that I think that’s great.

Following Keenan [01:16:38]:

a great pro tip for people is go go out and find, you know, something rundown and and make something of sure. — there before the realtor gets there even. I mean, because the realtor The realtor’s job is gonna really be to dial that property value up by them. Then so if you get there, that’s what Brandon from Investment Joyce talks about. if you get there before the realtor, you know, you cut out that commission and —

Following Keenan [01:16:59]:

Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. And, you know, just for anybody who’s interested in that, we have a a free letter that you can go download basically make it your own as a template if you want to either mail that to laundromats or take it with you when you go talk to an owner and see if they’re interested in selling. We found it to be super effective there. Awesome pro tip. I mean, can we do a can we do a farming pro tip?

Following Keenan [01:17:29]:


Following Keenan [01:17:30]:

see. Like, let’s say I wanna get in I I do now. I’m I’m excited about it. I wanna become a farmer. I wanna go buy some farmland. How do I learn about farming?

Following Keenan [01:17:42]:

I if a pro tip if you want to be a farmer, I would go work for a farmer. And I would and I would I would go work for him a couple weeks here and there, and then that would that would get you kinda your foot in the door to understand what you’re getting yourself into. I love that. If if you were trying to get into farming. I love that. I grew up on a farm. — go back I’d go back to the secret sauce and tell them I want to own farmland to get started, you wanna find something you can flip and do. You know? You get to that point. What do I let’s say let’s say I was doing the deal that you’re doing. Okay? But I know nothing about farming, really, and I don’t have

Following Keenan [01:18:21]:

like, what equipment do I knee even need to get started in that specific deal? The soybean?

Following Keenan [01:18:27]:

yield deal. You did a combine and a bean head, or, honestly, you could actually hire other people to pick it for you. I mean, you could you could literally be a share crop farmer where, you know, you’re you we call it custom farming. You can hire somebody to plant it. You can hire somebody to pick it. You just lose a little bit of the income. So, you know, you might pay 30, 40 bucks an acre and have it planted, you’ll pay 130, 140 bucks to have it picked and taken to the elevator. So as long as you figure that in in your business model and your income, you wouldn’t even technically need to own equipment. seems pretty reasonable too. Yeah. And some people do that. Some that’s what a lot of guys do. Some guys will actually work for another farm or borrow their equipment. You know? I mean, that goes on too, and they get paid a little bit of help on them. So there’s there’s a lot of different avenues in that. Alright. My wife’s gonna be mad at you. Oh, I got started. Oh, I got started. Was I basically just my my mom had passed away and had some land, and I always wanted to farm. My grandfather farmed, and he retired before I was the youngest grandchild. He retired and was gone before I could ever get into it. And I had this land, and I had some money, and I go, you know what? Screw it. I’m not gonna live much you know, I’m not gonna live forever. I’m gonna do this. And if I fail, I keep the land and I rent it back out like I was doing. And what I did is I took $30. I went and bought a tractor, a planner combine, the the head that goes on at a wagon. and that’s how I started, and then I paid for itself and, you know, land I already had, Yes.

Following Keenan [01:20:01]:

That’s awesome.

Following Keenan [01:20:02]:

Yeah. Yeah. I just figured you only live for you only live forever, so you gotta you gotta get off the pod eventually and just do stuff. I mean, What what’s the worst gonna happen? You fail? Well, you’ve already failed if you haven’t even tried.

Following Keenan [01:20:15]:

Alright. I need a second because I gotta write that down. gonna live forever. She gotta get off the pot and do something. I love that. That’s awesome. Yeah. And, yeah, such a cool story. I am don’t know. I’m so pumped up. I you know, my wife is gonna be mad at you. I just need to warn you because now I’m gonna be looking at farmland. She’s gonna be like, now you’re looking at farmland. What’s your deal? But, you know, small places stay for being on the podcast. Well, I’ll give you another weird one.

Following Keenan [01:20:43]:

You said your wife was a teacher. Right? Mhmm. Yep. Well, my wife was a teacher. Before she quit, now my wife is a indie author. She’s the self published author.

Following Keenan [01:20:54]:

That’s what I’m talking about. And she loves it. And so — How’s she how’s she doing with her her

Following Keenan [01:21:01]:

does she sell books? Oh, yeah. She’s she’s been on the Wall Street Journal top seller USA Today. Yeah.

Following Keenan [01:21:10]:

And what kind of books does she write?

Following Keenan [01:21:13]:

She writes adult romance motorcycle club books. The one book is called Rabbageme, her pen name’s Ryan Michelle. That’s awesome. She she got tired of teaching, and and she and there’s a funny story. She got tired of teaching, and she asked me one day. She goes, you love everything you do. everything you do, you love. Like you don’t hate any of your jobs. I wanna do that and I said, well you gotta find something you love and just do it and you’ll be the most successful person in the world. or to you, you’ll be very successful. And so she started writing and it took off. And now she’s like, I love it. And so Yeah. She basically she’s like she learned from watching me, and like she said, like I told you before, you know, a lot of people are taught to work 9 to 5 and then retire and then you have Social Security, but I wasn’t taught that. So I was taught to go out and accomplish something and have it generate this income for you. That’s this unsubstantiated debt income that just generates over and over.

Following Keenan [01:22:17]:

So good. You’ll have to you’ll have to send me a link to her her best book or something, and we’ll include it. In case anybody wants to pick it up, that’d be fun. k. A fun little thing there. That’s that’s cool. Yeah. And and my wife is — — sending you a lot of things. Yeah. You guys are all you guys are all over the map. I love it. You’re you’re you’re online. You’re, like, as down to earth as it comes when it comes to farming. You know? You’ve got longer mat thing going? You’ve got your right, you know, author in the family. I love this. I had no idea that you guys were just so dynamic. It’s so good. Yeah. And my wife has been, you know, kicking around the idea of of not teaching anymore, and she was gonna take a year off this year, and she ended up deciding not to, you know, to try to figure out. because I was like, well, what do you love? Like, what do you wanna do? And she’s, you know, she’s struggling to pin that down and and figure that out. So I think that’s the case with a lot of people who are trying to figure out, you know, what do I want my life to look like, and what do I wanna do? What do I spend my time doing? Right. That is a challenge. to overcome. But it’s something to worth putting some time into thinking about if you don’t know what it is rather than giving him that habitual mindless. This is just what I do. Yeah. You know? And I’m a big fan of, you know, be proactive about making life what you want it to be and not just letting life happen to you. Like, go out and find out what you love to do, and then just start doing it. Like I said, I love that. Great advice. This has been incredible, informative, inspiring. I am, like, so pumped up right now. that I’m gonna be going to look at farmland. And I I don’t know. I got really excited about that. But And, Keenan, thank you for coming on the show. If you guys are not yet subscribed to following Keenan on YouTube, go to YouTube type in following Keenan, or check the link down in the description if you’re on YouTube now or if you are listening to the podcast, go to the show notes, and click the link. But following Keenan on YouTube, showing you the inside scoop of his laundromats doing an awesome job of it. and very entertaining, very fun, and very informative too. You know, there’s it’s one thing to talk about owning lautermats, and it’s one thing to talk about strategies. But when you actually get to be in there in the loner mat seeing it, it’s you learn you learn in a different way. and it’s — Right. — it’s very helpful. So appreciate you putting the time and effort and investment into making that YouTube channel. for, you know, for yourself, but also for the rest of us. And really, really appreciate you coming on the show and sharing your experience with us. Well, thanks for having me. I really appreciate it. Anytime, anytime. And, you know, we’ll have to do some more stuff together. It’d be a lot of fun to do some stuff on. on YouTube. You have to get, like, several people together. You need to get all kinds of stuff going on. That’s what I’m talking about. I love that. I love that. They already get Brandon on. Yeah. I I well, I just met Brandon a couple weeks ago, and so we we kinda kicked around the idea. So we we need to do some stuff Brandon. Maybe you, me, and Brandon could all come on and get — Sure. — get the YouTube result together and and do something live or do something fun. That’d be good. Cool. Alright, man. Appreciate it. Coming on the show, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing from you again one way or another. over here, and obviously, if you’re on following Keenan, you’ll be seeing him over there.

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