In Show 11 of the Laundromat Resource Podcast, host Jordan Berry reflects on 6 of the most impactful lessons learned from the first 10 episodes of the Laundromat Resource Podcast! There has been more wisdom shared in the featured interviews so far than could be compacted down into one review, but these 6 takeaways were some of the most life-changing for Jordan.

What have you learned from the first 10 episodes of the Laundromat Resource Podcast? Share your lessons learned on the forum so that we all benefit from each other’s perspectives!

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    Episode Transcript

    you’re listening to the laundromat
    podcast the show by laundromat owners
    for laundromat owners with your hosts
    jordan berry
    all right what’s up guys it’s jordan
    berry with the Laundromat resource
    podcast and i’ve taken off my shoe
    because it is
    show number 11 today
    show 11 we’re off the hands we’re onto
    the toes
    and i’m pumped about it uh today
    is a special episode because today
    i want to just do something that i don’t
    normally do
    and i want to do something that i think
    we as a
    human species don’t normally do a ton
    of and that’s just pause for a second
    i want to pause and just reflect on the
    last 10 episodes i just
    i was thinking about this and i was like
    there has been
    some incredible interviews that we’ve
    had so far
    and if you haven’t listened to them yet
    you need to go back
    and download every single one of them
    and listen to them because we have
    interviewed some incredible owners
    of laundromats over the last 10 episodes
    and i want to just pause for a second
    and i just want to tell you some of the
    things that i’ve been
    taking away from these episodes there’s
    ton that can be taken out and i’m sure
    that the things
    that have struck me the things that have
    impacted me and the things that have
    kind of shaped the way that i’ve been
    thinking lately
    are not going to be the same things that
    you take away from each of those
    interviews and
    the things that are shaping you and at
    the very end i’m going to tell you how
    you can kind of
    share the things that you’ve been taking
    away from these episodes because i think
    we would all
    hugely benefit if we could hear what
    everybody’s taking away from
    these interviews uh so i’ll tell you how
    to do that at the very
    end um and we’re gonna jump into that in
    a in a second but a couple things first
    first things i just want to pull out i
    pulled out like three
    uh three questions from the forum this
    and the reason is because these three
    questions i thought were just
    really good there’s a bunch of uh people
    over there who are asking questions
    leaving comments
    stuff like that i want to encourage you
    again go
    over laundromat resource dot com slash
    and uh click on the forums and and go in
    there and
    ask one question and answer one question
    again i firmly fully believe
    that we all will be more successful
    helping each other find financial
    freedom together through laundromat
    some of us are early on in the journey
    some of us are
    in the middle of our journey some of us
    are on the later end of our journey
    and if we all uh just went in there and
    kind of mixed it up ask questions answer
    i just i genuinely think that we’re all
    going to be way better off
    uh together so head over there
    forums and help chris out chris was
    asking a really great question
    he’s looking at buying a laundromat and
    he wants to know how do you
    how do you know you know how much
    uh cash versus financing
    you should use when you buy a laundromat
    and i thought that was a great question
    i know that the opinions run the gambit
    of only use cash to use as much leverage
    as possible but chris was kind of
    what you guys thought and how to kind of
    really think about that because i think
    that’s a really
    amazing question and i think that uh it
    could really depend
    based on what you’re buying and so uh
    man i
    i just think that there are people uh
    listening to this right now who could
    really help chris out with that question
    help him
    shape the way um that he should be
    thinking about that as he goes on to buy
    his first laundromat um
    also josh uh on the forums over there
    uh he lives in a high cost of living
    area he doesn’t think that
    his area would really be best suited for
    laundromat ownership but he wants to get
    into the
    get into the game he wants to do it um
    and so
    he’s curious can he
    do it remotely and if so you know how
    can it be a one hour drive is that okay
    can he
    can he manage that a two-hour drive
    a t even throughout a two-hour flight is
    that possible
    and i thought that was a great question
    uh because i think i’ve mentioned before
    but one of my goals
    is to own a laundromat in hawaii
    so if you know of any for sale there or
    you know any
    laundromat owners in hawaii connect me
    up and the main reason that i want to do
    that is so that my
    flights and trips over there are all
    taxed right off so i don’t know
    i’m not even sure if i can do that but
    that’s my goal in my head
    but anyways josh wants to know can he do
    it remotely
    you know if it doesn’t work where he’s
    at can he do it remotely
    and i think some of you guys could have
    some really great insights i know
    there’s some obstacles to that
    and it might be good to help josh think
    through some of those obstacles
    but i know there’s problem solvers out
    there too some of you guys are
    really problem solvers and might be able
    to help josh figure out
    how he can run these things remotely and
    build his business that way
    um daniel also uh he’s a he’s an
    existing laundromat owner and he wants
    expand into a pickup and delivery
    and he you know he was just asking like
    are there
    you know resources to help me get
    started in that to help that get rolling
    to get running
    and i know some of you guys are killing
    it in pickup and delivery
    and you guys could be a huge resource to
    daniel to just go in there and say hey
    here’s a couple of things to think about
    point them in directions of some great
    resources that could help him
    really get off on the right foot with a
    pickup and delivery service so
    that was just a few of the questions
    that i pulled out there’s other
    questions going on over there
    there’s other conversations happening
    over there come be a part of it
    again when we mix it up like this stuff
    happens opportunities present themselves
    not only for the people that you’re
    helping but they’ll present themselves
    for you
    too so go over there show your expertise
    if you have expertise
    you know again i think that we are all
    so much better off when we’re working
    all right now i want to get into
    recapping the last or the first 10
    episodes of the laundromat resource
    telling you what i pulled out of these
    things and how they’re transforming the
    way that i’m thinking about
    not just my laundromat businesses but
    also this
    uh laundromat resource podcast
    the blog the youtube channel all this
    stuff that’s going on here i want to
    tell you kind of a little bit about how
    the first 10 episodes have shaped uh the
    way that i’ve been thinking about what
    i’m doing here too
    so before we get into it though let’s
    have a
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    visit laundromat resource dot com
    slash get online today for more
    information that’s laundromat resource
    dot com
    slash get online or click on the link in
    the description
    all right as i was thinking about this
    episode i was thinking okay how do i go
    back and kind of reflect on this and i
    was like well maybe i’ll go through
    and i’ll go through each episode and
    i’ll take out one to three
    key points that i took out of each
    episode so i kind of started going
    and started pulling stuff out but then
    pretty quickly i started realizing that
    so many of these points were
    overlapping with each other that it
    didn’t really make sense to do it that
    and it started to uh it started to
    just make sense to me that these
    uh successful people who are
    you know laundromat owners who are doing
    well in their businesses
    there’s a lot of common threads into
    what they’re doing
    how they’re thinking the ways they’re
    running their businesses
    and so i thought that instead of going
    episode by episode and pulling out some
    of the main points
    takeaways for myself that i would just
    highlight maybe like five or six of the
    threads that i saw kind of you know
    weaving their way through all of the
    different interviews and uh and i would
    just start pulling on these threads a
    little bit
    and and uh examining them a little bit
    and uh and then again at the very end i
    want to hear
    um you know how you know what you’ve
    been taking away
    and how that’s been affecting the way
    that you’ve been thinking about your
    or businesses and i’ll tell you how to
    do that at the very end
    so let’s jump into it i want to start
    kind of at the end
    uh last the last show uh showed number
    10 lotterymartresource.comshowten
    in fact i’ll put all the links down
    in the description or in the show notes
    so if you haven’t listened to these yet
    go listen to them or go find us on
    all of them are posted up on youtube or
    just go to your favorite podcast player
    and search laundromat resource podcast
    and you’ll find us we’re in
    any apple podcast google play stitcher
    we’re there so go do that but
    show number 10 was with luke williford
    he at one point he pulled uh he was
    sitting at his desk and he pulled a
    piece of paper from his desk that he
    keeps sitting there
    and uh had a quote on it that i just
    love love it spoke right to me and it
    spoke right to
    a lot of uh big changes that i’ve been
    making in my life
    over the last maybe year or so um
    and so it just really drove it home for
    me and hit me and i’m gonna butcher the
    quote but it was
    essentially like
    uh the biggest gap in the world
    is the gap between knowing and doing and
    maybe that was exactly the quote
    i don’t know but you know but the
    biggest gap in the world
    is the gap between knowing and doing and
    i thought that that was just
    profound and he keeps that right there
    on his desk to look at that all the time
    and i think you know i think there’s a
    lot of people out there that are like me
    and that can get
    really caught up in uh in just
    learning about stuff and researching
    stuff and watching youtube videos and
    reading blog posts and listening to
    and talking to to people even and in
    fact sometimes i procrastinate the doing
    by doing more
    learning and i don’t know if you can
    relate to that at all but
    i’ve definitely done that plenty of
    times um
    and just having that quote there right
    in front of him at all times it just
    reminds him
    you know you can know everything you
    know the smartest person in the whole
    you know isn’t necessarily going to be
    if they don’t put into action
    the things that they know you know it
    makes me think back to my childhood
    uh when i used to watch gi joe you know
    the real american hero and it would
    end with like and now you know and
    knowing is half the battle
    and you know it’s always pushing the you
    know know
    you know educate yourself get knowing
    and i think that’s so good
    but it never really told me what the
    other half of the battle was i don’t
    remember at least i don’t remember it
    maybe it did
    um but the other half of the battle is
    doing you have to like graduate from
    that knowing phase to that
    doing phase at some point because it’s
    really the doing that is
    what is going to lead to your success
    and in fact
    i think it’s probably the case that the
    is also going to lead to the majority of
    your learning
    you know and as we absorb information i
    think there is a base amount of
    information we need to learn about
    whatever it is that we
    endeavor to do but the reality of it is
    is that it’s
    usually smaller than a lot of us
    you know think we want to be as prepared
    as possible which is
    understandable but at some point you got
    to leave some point you got to jump
    and in fact that’s gonna lead to more
    learning and
    even more practical learning so i loved
    that quote it was a huge takeaway for me
    and i gotta
    you know it made me think i gotta figure
    out ways to keep that in front of me
    to keep me doing you know um
    you know whether that’s here with you
    know one of my laundromats
    or you know or it’s here on laundromat
    resource dot com laundromat resource
    um you know keep doing because it’s the
    doing that leads to
    opportunities um huge takeaway right
    uh another takeaway that i just saw
    permeate throughout and it was a little
    subtle actually but i just saw it
    popping up all throughout almost all the
    and you know real quick to give you a
    little background on me
    whenever i have like a problem to solve
    whenever i see
    like an opportunity something i want to
    implement something like that
    my my initial thought is okay how do i
    do that how do i make that happen how do
    i solve that problem
    and when i started reflecting on these
    you know first 10 episodes
    and just other like podcasts that i’ve
    heard of successful people
    and videos i’ve watched and stuff like
    that people i’ve talked to
    i started to really realize that
    a better question is not how do i make
    this happen but is who can help me make
    this happen
    who’s the best person to make this
    a reality who’s the best person to get
    this thing rolling and
    it’s a huge mindset shift for me because
    you know my natural tendency i’ve been
    fighting it for a really long time but
    my natural tendency
    is kind of a lone wolf tendency
    you know i tend to do things on my own i
    tend to want to just
    get them done and i’ve been working
    really really difficult to think
    more of this like who not how i heard
    that somewhere
    along the way i think maybe it was from
    uh dan sullivan
    and strategic coach i think he says who
    not how
    all the time so think about who can help
    implement things and not always
    necessarily how
    so whether you’re looking to get into
    the laundromat industry
    you’re trying to figure out how to do
    that a better question might be
    who can help me figure out how to do
    that how can you shortcut your learning
    how can you
    shortcut you know the obstacles
    that might be in your way by finding the
    right who to help you and maybe that’s
    booking a coaching call with us to kind
    of get you rolling or maybe that’s
    reaching out to
    uh you know one of the podcast guests
    that we’ve had on there and just saying
    hey here’s where i’m at my journey i
    you know that you had a lot of wisdom
    and you know maybe you could help me out
    a little bit
    whatever the case may be you know
    thinking who not how or maybe you’re
    already an
    owner and you’re thinking about you know
    how can i you know
    take my business to the next level how
    do i improve business how you know
    and instead of maybe doing that maybe
    thinking about
    who can help me you know build my
    website who can help me
    you know figure out a marketing and
    promotion who can help me repair my
    machines you know that’s always a big
    question for me
    uh you know who can help me repair my
    machines you know all of that so
    who not how was huge for me
    uh just you know and you know david and
    donna stark
    they talked about their great employees
    that they have
    that helped them really run their
    business and you know dave talked about
    his right-hand woman who’s helping him
    run his businesses and
    you know their pickup and delivery and
    their multiple locations
    and brandon understand he was talking
    about it too luke
    i mean rossi i mean everybody was
    talking about
    the people around them that are really
    helping them
    run their businesses and i just you know
    i that’s a huge mindset shift for me i
    never thought that way until semi
    and it really you know was just driven
    home in
    in these podcast interviews for me and
    again it wasn’t like an outright thing
    it was just kind of there in the
    background it was one of those threads
    that just wove its way through each and
    every podcast episode
    and uh and i thought it was great uh
    great input so um
    take away number three i don’t i did
    wasn’t inter
    i wasn’t counting them yeah i think it
    was three um
    uh takeaway number three is this is
    in order to be successful you are going
    to hit
    obstacles and the key
    is you have to find ways to persevere
    you know and obviously if you’ve
    listened to the previous episodes
    then this is gonna jump right to your
    right away and if you haven’t yet you
    have to go listen
    to ross dodd’s interview show number
    with ross dodd and you know i’m not
    going to tell you
    what happened but i’ll just say that
    five days into owning his first
    after uh just a ton of
    effort to finally get it five days into
    owning it disaster struck
    and it could have very easily been the
    end of
    ross dodd’s laundromat career but
    ross is thriving right now he owns i
    think three laundromats he’s building
    i think three more in fact just this
    week this past week
    i got to go out to uh meet ross for the
    first time in person
    at one of his locations that he’s
    building out right now and it looks
    incredible i’m super excited that he’s
    building it out it’s amazing
    and you know he just is killing it right
    and i just it made me think the
    opportunities that he would miss out on
    if he would have hit that obstacle five
    days in and this was a
    significant obstacle i mean it probably
    would have
    broken most people um and and ross was
    able to persevere
    uh dave mends in show two is a similar
    story uh
    not of a disaster but of you know he
    found his
    laundromat kind of by accident on
    craigslist and had to do
    big renovations and get started you know
    really small and he put in tons of
    hours and tons of effort and tons of
    work and just
    overcame obstacle after obstacle after
    and shortly after his interview with us
    he was on
    a couple other podcasts and you know got
    dubbed the laundromat millionaire
    because he’s killing it right now
    and go check him out you find him on
    facebook and
    i think youtube now even uh laundromat
    millionaire with dave men’s mends
    an amazing guy and an incredible
    show if you didn’t listen to that one a
    lot of resource dot com show two
    you can’t miss it um with dave and
    again another story of just perseverance
    overcoming those obstacles
    and i hear this time after time after
    time but what i appreciated about so
    many of these guests
    is they came on and they shared the raw
    the real
    uh obstacles that they had to overcome
    and so many times we see
    like the laundromat millionaire or we
    you know ross who’s you know opening his
    you know soon-to-be sixth laundromat
    and like you know just thinking wow
    these guys are so
    successful but a lot of times we don’t
    these guys overcame some serious serious
    obstacles to get to where they’re at and
    it was because they were able to
    so i i mean that was a huge takeaway for
    you know as you know as someone who’s
    hit my fair share of obstacles in this
    you know just the the perseverance is
    just key and i think it’s the key to
    success in anything really
    um you gotta stick with it you can’t
    give up at the first sign of
    of trouble um so that was a huge
    takeaway i don’t know which one we’re on
    now i think we’re on number four
    um but throughout every single
    one of these interviews every single one
    of them
    there was this laser focus on providing
    value to uh to
    customers that i mean every single one
    of the
    guests really were like laser focused on
    how do i provide
    value to my customers and that was the
    key to their success
    they weren’t there to just kind of run a
    business they weren’t there to just kind
    of come collect coins
    and be gone they were there to provide
    value they were looking for ways
    to provide value for their customers and
    that really struck me
    and and really it kind of actually you
    know i’m a little bit bitter about
    it but it challenged me a little bit to
    look for more ways to provide
    value to my customers at my laundromats
    and not just that
    but here with laundromat resource
    podcast and
    looking for ways like hey what what
    value am i providing and how can i
    even more value to you guys and you know
    it’s really got the wheels turned in for
    me and i’m excited about some of the
    things that are
    i hope are coming up here pretty soon
    that i think are going to be super
    valuable for all of us
    uh to you know succeed with laundromats
    at a greater and greater level
    um but again that laser focus on value
    uh was it was just it was i mean it was
    heavy throughout every single
    uh interview it’s just everywhere
    and you know if you own a laundromat
    that should be top of your mind you know
    if it’s the one thing that
    you know i took away from you know from
    all these guests is that
    they’re all super focused on providing
    value for the customer provide value for
    the customer
    and that was a huge key to all of their
    and so yeah providing value for the
    number five or whatever number we’re on
    nine seven i don’t know
    five we’ll just call it five uh number
    five takeaway for me
    from these first ten episodes of the
    are all of these guests just by virtue
    if nothing else by virtue of being on
    this podcast
    sharing their stories sharing details
    about their business
    that frankly the laundromat industry has
    uh has explicitly
    uh dissuaded owners from sharing
    specific information about their
    businesses and these guys did it anyways
    and kudos
    to them uh you know for just sharing
    about how their businesses are doing
    because i think that’s so valuable
    for for everybody to just kind of have
    benchmarks to have
    things to shoot for to have different
    ways to succeed
    and and it doesn’t hurt anybody to share
    that information so
    just by virtue of being on this podcast
    um all of them demonstrated that they
    have an abundance mentality
    and that is uh you know i just
    here’s what i mean by an abundance
    mentality an abundance mentality is
    hey there’s enough for everybody you
    know if if i give
    something to someone else that doesn’t
    hurt me if i help someone else it
    doesn’t hurt me
    uh that’s what i mean by an abundance
    mentality and
    you know so much of the time our
    industry has had a scarcity mentality
    which you know says i can’t help you
    because if i help you
    you’re my competition and that is going
    to hurt me it’s going to hurt my
    whereas abundance mentality says there’s
    plenty for all of us
    we can all succeed and in fact we’re all
    going to succeed to a greater level
    when we work together and we talk about
    that all the time here a lot of my
    i really truly believe that and so do
    these guests
    that have been on so far and so
    you know that is just a huge takeaway
    for me
    and just a uh just a reaffirmation of
    something that i
    firmly believe something that i’m
    striving for here at laundromat resource
    something that i hope
    that you are striving for is this
    abundance mentality there’s more than
    enough for all of us
    to to thrive and to find financial
    freedom through laundromat
    ownership if that’s something that you
    want to do and
    uh man again that was permeated all
    throughout kind of was just like the
    uh theme of the first 10 episodes of the
    podcast so
    um those are my five main or however
    main takeaways uh but i do have a bonus
    one so we’ll call this one
    uh takeaway number 11 just because why
    not we can we can just do it
    because we run this show right right um
    and this is one that has really affected
    because most of these guests have really
    this um this mindset and it was just
    they were expanding their visions of
    what they wanted to do
    you know so many of them were like i
    want to own 50 laundromats or you know i
    you know i want to do like don and david
    stark who’ve built
    800 laundromats right they’re they’re
    doing stuff you know they’re still you
    know expanding their
    their vision and their you know buying
    investments and they’re you know i mean
    it just doesn’t stop you know expanding
    your vision so i want to encourage you
    wherever you’re at right now if you’re
    looking to buy maybe your first
    then buying that first laundromat is an
    expansion of your vision it’s an
    expansion of where you’re at right now
    so get that first one
    but don’t get complacent and just be
    content with that
    doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy
    more laundromats but
    think about how your life can be fuller
    how you can contribute
    more expand your vision you know you can
    help more people
    you know that’s that’s huge and if you
    own laundromats right now
    or a laundromat right now think of how
    you can expand your vision don’t be
    content with
    just you know running your laundromats
    day to day
    look for ways to help more people look
    for ways to contribute more look for
    ways for your life to be fuller for you
    to be more fulfilled
    and you know expand your vision and that
    for me was a huge takeaway
    not just for my laundromats and you know
    it’s kind of
    led me down a path uh towards pickup and
    delivery which i
    was never really intending doing but it
    helped me kind of expand my vision just
    talking to some of these
    uh these successful owners and what
    they’re doing and
    and um you know just trying to emulate
    uh like heroes of the laundromat
    industry is what they are and
    um so that’s one way but it also made me
    think about laundromat resource and what
    we’re doing here and how can i expand my
    uh for what we’re doing here and there’s
    the gears have been turning there’s been
    some like crazy stuff that’s been
    going on even in you know even in terms
    of maybe
    uh doing some cool stuff with some of
    the the people who we’ve
    been interviewed so far on the podcast
    there’s some cool opportunities there so
    uh you know the visions you expand your
    vision don’t be
    content just kind of doing what you’re
    all the time for you know indefinitely
    like that’s okay to do for a while but
    then look for ways
    to you know leave your mark on this
    earth look for ways to
    you know build your legacy here look for
    ways to help more people here
    look for ways to have a fuller life and
    just expand your vision so
    i mean those are some of my key
    takeaways and i
    i want to take a second to just say a
    huge thank you to
    dave mintz who was on show two toby
    donkbarr who’s on show
    three to david and donna stark on
    shows like five and six i think to
    uh brandon understall who i believe was
    seven ross dodds who i think was show
    and luke williford who was show ten man
    huge thank you to you guys and i just
    have loved getting to know you talking
    to you guys
    becoming friends with you guys it’s been
    i’ve enjoyed every single second of it
    and i just want to drop a quick little
    message if you’re interested if you own
    or or more than one laundromat you want
    to come on the podcast
    check it out at laundromat resource dot
    com slash podcast guest
    one word podcast guest i’ll leave a link
    again and uh
    man i would love to just get to know you
    to talk to you to hear
    your story to hear your wisdom it
    doesn’t matter if you
    own one or a bunch it doesn’t matter if
    you’ve owned them for
    a day or if you’ve owned them for 50
    years it doesn’t matter anywhere in
    we’d love to hear your story we’d love
    to talk to you this is jordan for the
    resource podcast show number 11 and we
    will catch you
    next tuesday on show number 12


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