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Atmosphere TV Review 2022

Atmosphere TV Review 2022

Streaming TV for Businesses

Looking for a great TV streaming service to improve your laundromat business and engage your customers? Atmosphere TV is the leading provider of audio-optional TV programming for businesses.

Atmosphere TV is used in a wide variety of businesses including:

  • Laundromats
  • Medical waiting rooms
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms & Health Clubs
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Break Rooms
  • Casinos

With Atmosphere TV, your customers can watch TV in your business and stay engaged. Atmosphere offers an expansive channel lineup, including news, sports, and entertainment channels. With all the atmosphere channels available, there is a channel that will fit any customer base.

In this blog post, we will discuss Atmosphere TV and how it can benefit your business. If you are looking for a great way to entertain or engage your customers, installing Atmosphere TV in your laundromat or business is a great idea!

Atmosphere TV

Atmosphere TV is the leading provider of audio-optional TV programming made specifically for businesses.

With Atmosphere TV, the doctors office waiting room, the laundromat, or restaurants with sometimes long waiting periods will no longer be something that customers dread waiting for.

Customers love Atmosphere TV and according to Atmosphere’s website, customers are more likely to return to your business with Atmosphere TV available compared to businesses without it.

Atmosphere claims a 14% increase in new business and 19% increase in repeat guests. Those are compelling numbers for a completely free leading streaming tv service.

Implementing Atmosphere TV into your business is also simple and doesn’t require any advanced installation knowledge. Each customer gets an enterprise-grade Apple TV which has a simple setup and you can be up and running in very little time.

Atmosphere TV Features

If you don’t currently have a TV provider or do pay for cable for your business, Atmosphere TV gives you many reasons for switching.

Price and Plans

The Atmosphere TV basic plan is FREE with a one-time activation fee of $19.99. There are no monthly payments for this plan. Atmosphere TV does not charge business owners but instead makes its money on commercial advertisements. You can have the one-time activation fee waived and receive Atmosphere TV ABSOLUTELY FREE when you let them know that you are friends of Laundromat Resource by signing up here.

The Atmosphere TV Pro Plan is $38/month. With the Pro Plan, you get everything in the basic plan including, a dedicated account rep and access to Digital Signage Manager.  We will cover the Digital Signage Manger in more detail below. You can receive a FREE year of Atmosphere TV Pro Plan, a $600 value, when you join the Laundromat Resource Pro Community.


With over 60+ family-friendly channels, there is something for every business with Atmosphere’s programming. A few channels offered by Atmosphere TV include:

  • Chive TV
  • TikTok Channel
  • Atmosphere News
  • Red Bull TV
  • AFV TV / AFV Kids
  • Atmosphere Sports
  • World Poker Tour

With all the different channels Atmosphere TV offers, you can set up your TVs to the desired mood you want and that fits your business to keep your customers happy.

Digital Signage Manager

With the Pro Plan, you gain access to the Digital Signage Manager, a powerful way to reach your customers.

The Digital Signage Manager allows you to create and manage digital signage content from a web-based interface. You can control what is shown on your Atmosphere TVs and when it is shown.

You can also upload custom images and videos, create slideshows, and schedule content to play at specific times.

Atmosphere TV Digital Signage Manager puts your ads and promotional material in front of engaged customers and provides the flexibility to change promotional material when you need to. You can create ads to promote your own business, promotions, and services, or you can even sell ad space to other businesses and make money with your digital signage. And when you join the Pro Community here at Laundromat Resource, you can use that digital signage to grow your business and make a side income for free for the first year!

This is a great tool for engaging with customers and educating them on all your business has to offer.

Atmosphere TV for Laundromats

Many self-service laundromats have long wait times for customers and providing engaging content with Atmosphere TV can be a great way to boost customer satisfaction. Customers are also more likely to leave better reviews for your laundromat store with perks like Atmosphere TV.

On top of boosting customer satisfaction, standing out from your competition with top-quality content to offer your customers can be a big differentiator between you and your local competitors.

If you can stand out and win a customer by offering better service, a cleaner store, competitive prices, and amenities such as Atmosphere TV, that only will help your bottom line! Check out this article here on how much an average laundromat makes in a day and decide if Atmosphere TV can help drive those numbers higher.

Pro Plan for Laundromats

The pro plan for laundromats gives the laundromat owner the ability to promote your own business directly to your customers while being surrounded by engaging content.

You can inform your customers of promotions being run, store hours, community events, or even a reminder to leave a 5-star review for your store.

There are a ton of benefits to this feature that can help drive your business forward.

Webinar Replay- All About AtmosphereTV!

Recap for laundromat owners

The biggest perk for laundromat owners is that through Laundromat Resource Atmosphere TV is absolutely free. And when you join the Pro Community, you get the AtmosphereTV Pro Plan absolutely free for a year (a $600 value!)! Atmosphere TV can offer you a number of benefits, including:

  • Engaging content to keep customers entertained while they wait for their laundry
  • A powerful digital signage features to promote your business and reach customers
  • Content tailored to your laundromat and its audience
  • Cut your cable bill and save big money every month
  • No monthly fees for the Atmosphere TV service

Reviews from laundromat owners on Atmosphere’s website, Atmosphere TV reviews show how much laundromat customers enjoy and engage with their content.

If you are looking for a way to improve your laundromat business and keep your customer happy, choosing Atmosphere TV is definitely worth considering!


Overall, Atmosphere TV is a great way to keep customers entertained and informed while they wait. The Basic Plan is a completely free tool to increase customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the Pro Plan gives businesses the ability to directly promote their business to customers through Atmosphere TV.

With no monthly fees and great reviews from Atmosphere TV users, it is definitely worth considering Atmosphere TV for your business.

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