Help Me Sell My Laundromat

We want to help you sell your laundromat.  This is Jordan, the founder of Laundromat Resource, and I want to explain to you what we do for you (FOR FREE!) and why we do it.

As you may have seen elsewhere on this site or on one of our social channels, my entry into the laundromat industry was a difficult one. I had two separate brokers sell me laundromats through outright deceiving me with one, and withholding critical, known information on the second. These experiences with these brokers cost me literally tens of thousands of dollars and literally years of stress and distress.

Over the years of being in the industry, I have come to learn that my story is not unique. Many first-time laundromat owners have similar experiences. Knowing the pain it caused my family and me, it angers me that this kind of thing is still happening to other people. The pain from my experiences and the many similar stories from others in the industry caused me to develop a different kind of business model.

What Will You Do To Help Me Sell My Laundromat?

You might be wondering, “Well, what can you do to help me sell my laundromat?” Another great question!

We have 3 ways to help you sell your laundromat!

  1. We might buy it from you! We partner with investors in our investment fund to purchase laundromats and/or commercial real estate. For more information on our fund, see our website.
  2. If you live in California, we can list it for you. We have an extensive buyers list as well as strong relationships with other California brokers and can help you sell your laundromat fast!
  3. If you live outside of California, we can help you find and vet great laundromat and small business brokers to list your laundromat and/or commercial property for FREE!

As a multi-store owner, commercial real estate owner, business and real estate agent, and student of the industry, I am committed to helping laundromat sellers find knowledgeable, trustworthy laundromat and small business brokers to sell their laundromat with. We are glad to represent you if you live in California, but if not, we have a growing network of great laundromat and small business brokers that we can refer you to.

I use my knowledge, experience, and network to find, vet, and present knowledgeable and trustworthy brokers to sellers. The decision of who to list with is your decision. We just help you weed out the brokers who don’t have your best interests in mind. The decision on who to list with is 100% up to you. We are just here to help.

Why Don’t You Charge to Help Me Find a Broker to Sell My Laundromat?

You’re on fire! Three great questions in a row!

We work on a referral basis. So if you do decide to go with a broker that we recommend, the broker gives us a portion of the commission they earn for selling your laundromat. It costs brokers money to advertise to find businesses to sell, so this referral fee replaces that advertising cost. But to be clear, there is absolutely no obligation to go with a broker we recommend. We’ll still like you even if you find someone better to list with!

In addition, we negotiate the same referral fee with every broker so we will never promote one broker over another based on receiving a higher referral fee. We will disclose to you in writing any agreement we have with potential brokers. Your trust is far more valuable to us than a few extra bucks.

Who We Can Help

We have a vast network of trusted small business and laundromat brokers across the United States that we can connect you with. We will also advertise your laundromat to our ever growing list of qualified buyers to increase your chances of getting your laundromat or property sold quickly for the best price! Fill out the form above (or below) and tell us a little bit about you and your laundromat(s) and/or property(ies) and we will contact you within one business day to see if we can match you with a trusted broker in our network.

If you happen to be in a market that we don’t currently have connections in, we can help you, too! We know the laundromat and commercial real estate industries and know what it takes to be a great broker. We can help you find a knowledgeable, trustworthy broker to help you sell your laundromat. We will also advertise your laundromat to our growing list of qualified buyers to increase your chances of getting your laundromat sold quickly for the best price! Fill out the form below and tell us a little bit about you and your laundromat(s) and we will contact you within one business day to get to know you so we can begin interviewing brokers in your market on your behalf to find someone knowledgeable and trustworthy to represent you.

What We Provide

When you decide to utilize our expertise, you get all of us.

  • We will make you an offer on your business and/or property if it fits the criteria of our fund. It’s no obligation and no pressure. Just one of three options.
  • We will offer to represent you as a broker if your laundromat is in California.
  • We will present you with at least two knowledgeable, trustworthy brokers who will get your laundromat sold quickly and for the best price.
  • You will also receive free resources to help you maximize your net operating income, and thereby maximize the value of your laundromat. 
  • We will be available for free phone consultations and email communications throughout your transaction should you need or want advice, input, or assistance.
  • Your laundromat will be sent to our ever growing list of qualified buyers, thus maximizing your chances of getting your laundromat sold quickly for the best price!

Sell My LaundromatWith Laundromat Resource you will get a knowledgeable and trustworthy fiduciary agent who will put your best interests first. As I mentioned above, we have personal experience with agents who put their own interests ahead of our own as laundromat buyers. A knowledgeable and trustworthy agent will be worth their weight in gold and will save you a lot of money. We are committed to connecting you with that knowledgeable and trustworthy agent.

Selling a business or property can be complicated and a hassle. We strive to make it as simple as possible. There will still be information to be gathered and organized, and paperwork to be signed, but we are constantly streamlining our systems to make your experience as a seller as smooth and simple as possible. There is no “easy” button, but we’re continually trying to get as close to that “easy” button as possible. We’ve created flow charts, checklists, and templates that simplify the whole process from preparation to the close of the transaction.

I’m Not Sure If I Want To Sell

We hear a lot that laundromat owners are conflicted as to whether they should sell or hold their laundromat. It can be a difficult decision. If you’re in that situation, let us know! We offer consulting services, as well, including a FREE initial coaching call. If you need help deciding whether to invest back into your business or sell it, we may be able to help! And, of course, we NEVER charge you if we don’t provide you more value than our consulting rate. There’s no risk to you.

I’m Already Selling With Someone Else

LaundromatOften we hear from people who find our site and our services after they have already committed to selling with someone else. While we insist that you honor any contracts that you have signed with a broker or agent, we also offer a third party opinion to help you ensure that you’re getting maximum value for your laundromat. Use our FREE coaching call to get a second opinion on value or to ensure you’ve prepared your laundromat or commercial property properly to maximize your profit. You can also use our consulting service at any point in a transaction that you might need it.

Some sellers that we have connected with great brokers come to us frustrated because they listed their laundromat with a residential real estate agent. Their listing contracts expire with no quality offers and their agent hasn’t done much to sell it. If you find yourself in that position, give us a call and we’ll get you connected with a quality broker who knows how to get your laundromat sold quickly for a great price.

We’re Here For You

The educational content we create, the FREE resources that we offer, the professional input we offer for FREE, and our company values all align to ensure that you are finding success with laundromats and commercial real estate. We want to help put you on your path to financial freedom.

If you would like to talk more about selling your laundromat or commercial property with us, fill out the form below and we will give you a call to talk through that process with you. 

Sell My Laundromat (or Real Estate)