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  • I Own Multiple Laundromats, I Own Investment Real Estate

117. Building the Business & Body of Your Dreams with “Shirtless” Cory

Building the Business and Body of Your Dreams When he offered to come on the podcast, "Shirtless" Cory, as he's known on Facebook, offered to...

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116. Full Time Job and 4 Laundromats with Lauren Berkoski

FULL TIME JOB AND FOUR LAUNDROMATS Lauren Berkoski owns 4 laundromats while working a full-time job! She has a growing laundromat empire and in today's...

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115. 👀 = 💲💲 with Brittany Centers

👀 = 💲💲 (Views Make Your Laundromat Money) In this week's episode of the  Laundromat Resource Podcast, Brittany Centers of Centers Social joins us to...

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114. Homeless to $40,000 Per Month with Michael Jones

Homeless to $40,000 Per Month This episode of the Laundromat Resource Podcast is probably the most incredible episode you'll ever listen to. Michael's story of...

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113. Buying Real Estate for Cash Flow is Dumb

Buying Real Estate for Cash Flow is Dumb If your goal is to achieve financial freedom, then you've come to the right spot! There's no...

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Jordan Berry

Laundromat Owner

Hi, I’m Jordan. I own a couple of laundromats in the Los Angeles area and I run Laundromat Resource. I would love to connect with you!



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