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One of the most effective ways to grow personally and professionally is to spend time with people who are like-minded, giving and receiving feedback and advice on life, business, and investments. That is where the power of the Mastermind comes in. 

A Mastermind group is a collection of people who commit to themselves and to one another to gather together regularly, either in person or online, to discuss life, business, and investments. The goal of the Mastermind group is growth: Growth of the individual, growth of your businesses, and growth of your investments with the goal of achieving financial freedom and living a full life.

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Mastermind Values

We value men and women who do what they say they are going to do. Each member of a Mastermind must commit to fulfilling the assignments of their Mastermind, and must submit to accountability to their Mastermind group.

We value honesty, both in how we communicate our own stories, and how we give input into the stories of others in our Mastermind group. Trust is vital within your group and can only be upheld when members commit to being honest at all times.

The value of honesty leave group members vulnerable with one another. Couterintuitively, this vulnerability is a positive practice that expedites growth. But with this, a culture of kindness must be maintained for that honest vulnerability to be protected. 

Laundromat owners are particularly susceptible to thinking that there isn’t enough to go around. We tend to think that in order to succeed others need to fail. This mindset is not only incorrect, it also limits us. As such, our Mastermind groups value an abundance mindset; that we are better together. That there is plenty for everyone. That helping my fellow Mastermind group members does not harm me personally or professionally, rather, on the contrary, promotes my own growth and the growth of my businesses and investments.

In order to benefit from your Mastermind group, you must commit to participating consistently. In order for your businesses to thrive, you must commit to performing the crucial tasks consistently. Consistency is the secret of growth.

Many of us own laundromats because we don’t want to work hard. That is great! But true growth cannot happen without hard work. We believe that it is not hard work that we seek to minimize, rather, it is hard work on meaningless (to us) tasks and projects which we seek to minimize. Use the freedom laundromats can give you to work hard on something meaningful to you. And work hard on growing yourself and finding your true potential. Committing to taking your Mastermind seriously and the tasks assigned seriously is a great step in that direction.