Vendor Pricing Plans

Laundromat Resource and LaundryCon are dedicated to bringing the best products and services to laundromat owners. We want LaundryCon to be a place where you can share your value with the industry!

Your Vendor Booth

Each vendor will be provided a virtual booth in the Exhibit Hall that can be customized to help you maximize your interactions with customers. Brand it with your company’s name and logo, add product displays, clickable banners to take customers to sales pages, videos, and more!

Live Customer Interactions

Communicate directly with customers when they visit your booth through text chatting, audio conversations, and even video conferencing! You can have conversations publicly with all visitors to your booth, or have 1-on-1 conversations with customers. And there’s no limit to representatives you can have in your booth to help customers!

Do More With Your Booth!

At your booth, you’ll be able to interact with a targeted client base through text, audio, and/or video chat, present videos and presentations, have clickable billboards linking to web pages of your choice, offer downloadable documents to booth visitors, and much more at a fraction of the cost of an in-person conference!

Detailed Analytics

The best part of a virtual booth is that you will receive a report with detailed analytics at the conclusion of the conference. This will include everyone who has visited your booth and specific actions taken at your booth. You can use this information to follow up with warm leads, engage in targeted marketing, and convert more leads into customers! 

Main Room Sessions

Get maximum exposure for your brand through sponsoring a Main Room Session. This sponsorship includes a branded session name (ie- brought to you by [your company’s name], branded displays, 2 minutes of advertising time, official endorsement, prominent, linked display on the LaundryCon homepage, a dedicated promotional page on the website, and more!

Sponsored Seminar

This is an opportunity to educate laundry business owners about how they can use your product or service to help them start or grow their business with a sponsored seminar! All seminars will be featured on the seminar page, and presenters will be featured on the speakers page.


LaundryCon Conference Sponsor


Virtual Booth

Live text, audio, & video chats
Choose 1 of 20 booth templates
Virtual, clickable billboards & flyers
Show pre-recorded media
Offer promotional downloadables
Unlimited booth attendants
Detailed analytics reporting after the event

Main Room Sponsor

$2,500Only 4 Available
Branded Session Name
Branded logos displayed in virtual setting
2 minutes total media time
Can offer branded promotions
Session host endorsement

Sponsored Seminar

1 hour seminar
Education-based advertisement
Branded sponsorship
Appear on "Seminars" index
Appear on "Seminars" web page
Seminar presenter appears on "Speakers" webpage
Detailed analytics reporting after the event

Ad Placements

VariesInquire For More Info
Clickable virtual ads
Branded advertisements placed in common areas
Detailed analytics reporting after the event

Frequently asked questions

A virtual booth allows you to display your products or services to a targeted audience using a variety of modern, engaging platforms, including live text, audio, and video chats, pre-recorded videos, clickable display ads, as well as downloadable handouts for booth visitors. The biggest advantage of a virtual booth, even over an in-person booth, is the data that is collected and distributed to you at the conclusion of the conference. You can use that data to follow up with warm or hot leads, set up retargeting marketing campaigns, create look-alike audiences, and more!

Yes! You can create linked display ads or text links that will direct customers from your booth to a sales page hosted on your website!

You will have the ability to have as many representatives as you would like to serve in your booth to help customers who visit your booth. Each representative will have the ability to engage in public chat with all attendees visiting the booth, as well as private 1-on-1 chats via text, audio, or video! You can add video and still graphic promotional content to your booth. You can add links in your booth to direct customers to sales pages on your company’s website, informational pages, lead capture pages, and more. You can also offer downloadable content that attendees can collect in their digital briefcase.

Being a Main Room Session sponsor will give your brand the widest audience exposure. All other seminars will be paused and the exhibit hall will be closed during the Main Room Sessions, so all attendees will be present for the keynote speeches!

Your brand logo and slogan will be prominently displayed for the duration of the seminar, prominently on the home page of the website, as well as a dedicated page linked from the home page with images and copy of your choice.

A Main Room Session sponsor will also receive 2 minutes during the session for advertisement to a very captive and targeted audience.

This 2 minutes can be used in a single time slot or be split into two or four time slots spread throughout the session.

LaundryCon is committed to supporting companies that benefit the laundry industry, so a Main Room Session sponsor will receive endorsement by LaundryCon and it’s affiliated Laundromat Resource. 

Clickable display ads are strategically placed around the virtual conference center, including in the virtual lobby and in seminar rooms.

Display ads increase a brand’s visibility to attendees and encourage vendor booth visits. 

Clickable display ads also yield detailed analytics at the conclusion of the conference.

Some locations will be available for at a lower pricepoint than other sponsorship options.

Interested in a vendor package? Fill out the form below or contact us with your questions! We're excited to partner with companies as passionate about the laundry industry as we are!