LaundryCon 2021 Speakers

LaundryCon is a conference by laundromat owners, for laundromat owners. We’re committed to bringing you people, ideas, and resources that will help you succeed in your laundromat business! In the first annual LaundryCon, we’re bringing top industry voices to teach us and guide us into the future!


Dave Menz

Laundromat Millionaire, multi-store owner

Edward is a pioneer of web development business. He startes his carrier in 80s and in 2005 established his first company. Now he is one of the best top managers in the USA.

Jake is an extremely talented and highly skilled guy! His animation is always astonishing and professionaly performed. You will never forget his projects if you see them once!

Jordan Berry

Founder- Laundromat Resource, Multi-Laundromat Owner

Jordan is a multi-laundromat owner turned Laundromat Resource founder who is on a mission to help elevate the laundromat industry by providing a platform that educates, provides resources, and gives a voice to owners and industry leaders.


Jon Berry

Head of Marketing- Laundromat Resource Marketing

Seminar Information

Jon is Head of Marketing at Business Marketing Resource and Laundromat Resource Marketing. With over a decade of experience in web design and marketing, he has been serving the laundromat industry through helping owners with their marketing and web design efforts and through creating educational marketing content.

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