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      Jeff Marner

        I figured this is the best location for such a question but it’s not about repairs.

        I’d like to setup a dedicated washer to handle horse blankets and pet bedding. Is there a particular brand/model of washer best suited for this? Or perhaps there is a modification to be made or a different maintenance requirement?

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        Jordan Berry

          Hey Jeff,
          I don’t know that there is a particular brand or model of washer that is best suited for horse blankets and pet betting, however, having large washers (I would say 60lb+) would be important. In terms of maintenance or modifications, the only thing I’m aware of is that the drums can have residual hair/fun in them. Having either a staff person cleaning out the drums after each use, or having materials to let customers wipe out and spray down the drums before use would be helpful. Also, the drains should be inspected and cleaned more often.

          Someone else might have more insight but just thought I’d add my 2 cents.

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          Dan Arnett

            The smart aleck part of me wants to respond “pressure washer” but that is mostly as I just want to follow this discussion. We have an older Hebsch 50 lb. lb hard mount that we bought just for this purpose. We plan to install it right inside our rear entrance (still easy to get to from the parking lot) to try to minimize collateral damage from dragging the larger items the entire way through the store.

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            Shawn Norcross

              I don’t know about any particular brand machine that is better for these items but bigger is usually better. Recommend the customer use liquid softener (helps release hair/fur from material).
              1 downside is the occasional pet bed explosion due to high g-force spin.

              Good luck!!

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              Scott Buchle

                Not sure if this is a good option or not but they make washing machines designed specifically for fire fighters “turn out gear” (coats and pants). I’m sure they are expensive but they are heavy-duty and designed to clean the chemicals and debris out of firefighting gear.

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                  I would surmise that it is region related. But this is a fair question as we come across this issue from time to time. Only solution is to clean out the washer as much and whenever possible. it works for the most part but there will be occasions where we’re unable to get to the washers in time.

                  Only mitigation we have is the fact that we are at or check on our mat several times per day. Then again the area is not so rural that the animal blankets or animal beds are a regular issue.

                  You idea relative to a dedicated machine has merit. I would assume that you would be considering a good reliable used machine. Purchasing a new 60 lb machine specifically for that is in most cases countierintuitive.

                  Good luck

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