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Dan Wood

    This is an old thread, but I’m very interested in the topic…

    I am also attracted to the laundry business due to its (potential) simplicity. I would be looking for a way to keep the WDF revenue, but simplify.

    What if you could take WDF orders from customers and outsource the labor to another operator or commercial laundry? Similar to the relationship with a dry cleaners, you would be a drop store for WDF. You could market, acquire new customers, and maintain the customer relationships. But not necessarily take on the task of doing the laundry.

    Your operation is simpler than it was before.
    You could keep the WDF customer base.
    You would still get to keep a portion of the revenue.
    You could even scale up your WDF business without having to make many operational changes.
    You could always do the laundry in the future if you wanted to keep more profit.

    You are giving up some profit.
    You are giving up some control over the the WDF operation.

    My question to someone more familiar with operating WDF…
    Is this happening in the real world?
    Would a commercial laundry ever take somebody like us as a client?
    Will there be enough spread between the price the customer pays and the price we pay the commercial laundry to make being a middle-man worth the effort?