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joshua fraiser

    Howdy Mark,

    Heard about you guys on the podcast, checked out your site and watched a few The Folde youtube videos. For what its worth, I am super impressed with what yall have accomplished. Seems like you really have things figured out. Congratulations on your success so far! I am currently in the process of buying a mat. It will be a complete refit so I am still a 4-6 months out and going through the financing stages.

    My Business plan centers around PUD, Think there are Huge opportunities in this space, especially in FL. No one in my market is doing it on a large or even small scale, so I have a TON of questions. I live in a fairly small community (500,000 residents). Im sure most of these would probably be better explained over the phone, but figured others may benefit from these questions as well.

    Here goes;

    1) How does Starched UP compare to other POS systems like Cents. do they offer an app-based option that allows easier consumer-provider interaction, vice just a website-based application? or is that something you have to build separately?

    2) I plan to start PUD prior to opening my store by using local retail assets to figure out the process on a small scale and start establishing a customer base. Aside from low to no margin, what were some of the challenges you faced early on with this strategy? Marketing, processes, quality control, customer communication, etc? I plan to control 100% of the product cycle from start to finish.

    3) Were you guys a flat rate bag price from day one, or did you start with LB pricing then pivot? What are the benefits of flat-rate pricing compared to LB?

    4) Can you think of a couple of bottlenecks during the operational cycle, something you guys didn’t see or even think about early on when you first got started? For example, In my research, I’ve heard having storage space is a big part of it..

    5) What type of onsite product management system do you use to keep orders organized? Do you have barcodes on bags with a scanner that tracks everything, or do you somehow print out tickets and attach them to each bag?

    Understand if you don’t want to go in-depth here, I am grateful for any direction and guidance your willing to share.

    Would love to connect further if you’re up for it.

    [email protected]