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Stephen Dougherty


    Another great podcast with tons of interesting points raised. Thanks for potentially putting yourself in the hot seat to get discussions on these issues started.

    RE Hidden equipment prices:
    It will be interesting to hear how the manufacturers and distributors rationalize the fact that they keep new equipment pricing so well hidden. Distributors might be able to argue that they are forbidden from publishing prices by the manufacturers,, but it’s hard to imagine what excuse the manufacturers can come up with.

    I don’t think we can expect the manufacturers to publish prices unless they are forced to. It literally took an act of Congress to get car manufacturers to post their sticker prices.

    The CLA publishes surveys of all sorts of industry data. Where are the surveys of what owners are paying for new equipment in different parts of the country?

    Perhaps there should be a forum where laundromat owners can post the prices they are paying for new equipment. It would be very educational to see both “list prices” and more importantly, what sort of discount off of list price distributors are offering to laundromat owners.