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Matt Silverstone

    William, Great episode #57! My background is in marketing and data for large fortune 500 brands so I live and breath by telling “stories” through big data. I’m excited to apply this knowledge to laundromats like you’ve done already on yours.

    1st Party Data is HUGE for both the reporting of a laundromat on the machine usage but also owning your customer data – William, you said it best in episode #57. There’s so many ways to capture customer data so it’s important to pick wisely and not inundate your customer being intrusive. 3rd Party Data is also key and can be used in combination of 1st party data to pack a 1-2 punch!

    Searching for my first laundromat in SoCal that fits my criteria, but excited to jump into the biz!

    PS – no animosity but BEARDOWN… from a fellow U of A alum… 🙂