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    To accurately determine and verify how much money is going through the machines the money coming out of the coin boxes of the machines needs to be counted.

    The money going through the changer machine is not revenue.

    He is not even balancing or reconciling the changers. Maybe in his mind he is because the changer hopper holds a certain amount of quarters.

    Really the changer or change machine should have a set or par value exact amount of quarters.

    Collect and count money (quarters) from the machines (washers/dryers). Count this money, that is the sales or revenue of the washers and dryers, not the amount going through the change machine.

    Put the set amount of quarters back in the change machine and pull out the bills/ trade for the bills.

    Summary count the money coming out of the machines that is income, then you also better deduct the amount coming into the machines as WDF. Separate those.

    ————————-Also the ” spending cash” sounds like it is not being reported as revenue therefore I would not pay them for that revenue. Look at the tax records. —–

    Rent is very high and above national average as a % of income.

    Sorry I am typing as I am working on some work items as well and on phone.

    But that rent is high enough as a % of sales that you should be careful.

    Rule of thumb is to keep below 25% of sales.