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Ryan Foster


    I agree with Jason. I only really know my market.
    Based on the info provided it appears you are in a rural or semi rural area. Personally I would not be interested..but that’s just me. Does not mean it could not work for another operator.
    You are going to have to do some boots on the ground work. Go sit on the current open laundromat.
    What condition is it in? Is it a dump or well maintained?
    Thursday – Monday are ppl waiting for washers and dryers?
    Pull the water bill for the open laundromat..should be public record.
    If the answers are
    Yes it’s a dump
    Yes ppl are waiting on washers and dryers
    Yes there water bill is a good amount
    Then there is prob room for another laundromat to better serve the customer base.

    Sorry did you say your looking for property or just lease space?
    If it were me..I would approach current owner and attempt get a dialogue going about selling you the business. Never know they might be ready to walk. Either way if you do move fwd with another location near by they will find out. So why not give them a shot walk away. Always potential the area can not support 2 mats. Lil bit of a poker game.