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    I took this advice, actually! Last weekend I started to search for local laundromat mechanics. I had a much harder time finding any than I expected. So if anyone has search term tips for me, I’m open to that. And thanks for the suggestion.

    My search led me to an article about a local laundromat owner who is a mechanic, (instead of a laundromat mechanic), and I called him right up just to see if he would chat with me. He did and we had a good conversation. He seemed pretty burned on the laundromat industry and told me it’s actually not a high profit margin industry. So I told him about this resource.

    He was pretty open about some things and tight-lipped about others, but it was never what I expected. Like, he wouldn’t tell me why he said he didn’t trust a particular distributor, nor how many people are in his one-mile radius: both things I thought were pretty benign, but I guess not.