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    This is going to sound basic but I would make sure to evaluate the locations as laundry locations first. Make that determination first then you can decide which path if any to take. I am all for turn around stories and they happen, but more than anything I have learned it is pretty hard to screw up “A locations” (in most businesses ) with a bad operation to the degree many people want to promote.

    I mention this because at least for me sometimes I can get caught up in the hunt or chase of the structure of a deal and not step back and look at what is most important which is determining if it is a good location. ( I have been getting decent demographic reports from a place for $50 a report that have been very helpful. )

    If you decide to pursue a lease or a purchase on these closed mats you may want to make sure to get a good inspection on the electrical, plumbing, especially a video inspection of the main drain line. That may sound a bit like hand wringing worry but could also save you a big surprise.

    Jason Dodge or others may weigh in on a potential lease with an option to purchase strategy as well.

    But again I would first determine if the locations would make good locations for a mat then decide what to do next.