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Shawn Norcross

    Sure. When Ray Krok (owner of McDonald’s restaurants) was still alive he once said that he was in the real estate business because McDonald’s corporate owned the real estate every restaurant was on.
    Why not with laundromat’s? I think of it this way: I can pay rent and CAMs in a strip mall or I can pay a business mortgage and taxes for property.
    Both are quite viable options and there are plenty of people owning mats using both methods. It comes down to how you are most comfortable running your business.
    I have even heard of the possibility of having two separate businesses where business A owns the property and rents the laundromat to business B. Both businesses are owned by the same person but has set up separate business entities. I would assume this works best if the property has multiple units.
    IMHO there must be myriad ways to handle these types of businesses, I strongly suggest that you first decide what type of mat you want and go from there.
    Good luck!!!