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    I’ll go first with my early shopping experiences: I’ve looked at a shop that has almost all Maytags and almost all of them are busted: even the newer ones! Mechanics have been unable to get the machines fixed or to keep them running for very long a repair. The store isn’t profitable and it looks to me that the choice of Maytags might have been the thing that sunk this store! I asked a distributor for another brand and he said that since Maytag does not manufacture its equipment, and since it often switches manufacturers, it’s hard to find parts and expertise. Nobody knows how to work on them. And that you never know what you’re actually getting when you buy a Maytag.

    Then I went to look at a laundromat that has all Huebsch machines. All but four of them are well past their service life – some were bought in 2000! So I expected to walk in and find a bunch of busted machines but to my surprise, all but one machine was humming along nicely. Wow! Is this brand known for reliability and durability?