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    To Jason’s point about having a bathroom and it being a code, it is also a code in the area I described. However, operators have found ways to keep them closed or temporarily closed (out of order etc).

    Good on you for dealing with that chaos you described but still managing to keep them open for customers. I do think you win in the end with that approach.

    I was trying to think through the use of a code lock on the door and how you could give that code to customers.

    I bet a store with a card system the card could be used to activate the lock but I get it the use of card systems in mat business is not that common yet.

    Robert that is an interesting approach and sounds like you have had enough time and interaction with your customers that they “understand” or “get the why” that program is in place.

    None of these are perfect but sounds like it manages the “bad” or the risks just enough to allow you to still provide nice clean restrooms for customers.