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    Kind of off the actual topic, but that’s quite a facility that you are building there, Jason! Nice!

    I have used FB to advertise my other business to seemingly good results, it’s hard to tell from FB’s stats. You can have 3000 people reached and 300 likes to the ad…but does that mean that they have been in my store? Don’t know. But I keep running several concurrent ads anyways.

    I am just getting into the laundry business and have started a very small campaign in about a 2-3 mile radius of the store as well. The previous owner did nothing…and although the laundromat is nothing to write home about yet,
    I am just testing the waters to see how effective FB might be for a laundromat as opposed to my retail business. Yelp is a good way to advertise a service business as well. Don’t forget Google.