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Sherrie Myers

    My numbers are correct. Here in Las Vegas Nevada. We lease by the sq Foot per month. The Landlord set the monthly lease rate. $3300.00 per month. He doesn’t know the actual sq footage of the space and does not care. He said he thinks the NNN adds $0.35 so that would be additional $1,050.00.
    Net rent $1.45 per Sq ft. or $4,350.00 a month. In Las Vegas this is average. Not a great deal, but is consistent with the area. I am trying to negotiate the NNN down to $.25 but he says it is what ever it is based on his expenses. He is out of state and has not been at the property for more than 4 years – he says. He will not be responsible for any Tenant Improvement or repairs. The laundry is about 1500 sq ft. The building department plans says that there are 27 washers permitted and 12 – double stack dryers (24 total). It is cramped.