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Jason Dodge

    The Coin Laundry Assoc I believe has information on wash & fold process. We would always sort, lights, darks and whites. Wash whites on hot, everything else on cold. Drying on medium is helpful but I would always sort out items that need to be dried on low like sweaters or some athletic wear. The folding process needs to be uniform and every employee needs to fold the exact same way. If I fold a customers laundry or an employee folds it needs to have the same end result. We would use a shirt folding block and had a had a process for sheets, blankets, towels and all clothing. Polo’s, button down shirts and blouses would all get hung on hangers. Then items would be folded in an organized manor. Men’s shirts go in one pile, women’s in another pile, each child we would take our best guess and stack together if possible. If one child is 4 and one 6, you can usually see the size difference and we would stack and bag items appropriately. Its all about making it easier for the customer. When they receive their bags of laundry back and its sorted by person and perfectly folded it gives a nice touch.