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Leah Montoya

    Hi Sam!

    Thanks so much for the welcome! I have multiple sclerosis, and am in a wheelchair… but I do have a very strong support system— to include my able-bodied brothers, and my able-bodied children 😄

    I received my diagnosis in 2008, so unfortunately, my kids have had to grow up witnessing my health decline. But I believe that it is for this reason, that they’re willing to help me with these endeavors. They see that I’m trying to establish generational wealth, and they like that my vision allows us to remain close knit (I have four children—two adults, one teenager, and one tween… I homeschool my younger two, to accommodate my busy schedule of specialist appointments, without sacrificing their education.)

    We were all living together, even before Covid happened, so our living arrangement has remained unchanged… which is super convenient, considering we’ve got quite a few vending machines in our possession, already! 😃 so yeah, we’re certainly no strangers to taking risks! 😆

    I’ve been hooked on Jordan’s podcasts! I listen every chance I get! So I’m quite excited to get involved!