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Sherrie Myers

    Hi – In the middle of negotiation for a Zombimat. Landlord says CAM is .35 per sq foot. As I understand the NNN is the cost of the landlords ownership and maintenance of the building/property. This landlord does no repairs on the building/property. The Property Tax on the building/property. According to the Building / Treasure Internet resource.
    Property Tax is $6,252.81 – Building Sq ft is 5642 our lease space is 3000 Sq ft the equates to .093 per sq foot.
    I will find out about the cost of Insurance. In our county the Trash removal and the Sewer can lien on the property so most landlords pay that and this one does. Also there is little – or – no landscape maintenance on the property. I am going to ask for the bills so I can verify. Any suggestions?