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Tom Maricle

    Not sure if it translates, but I owned a bar/restaurant years ago in an area where the amount of business varied greatly as it was nestled by a few large event buildings. We opted to be open regular hours even though some days were losses but we wanted to insure consistency so any “regulars” would see us as closed and never come back.

    I guess in a laundromat I would calculate what the true cost of being open on a slow day is and use that to make your decision. To do this you have to calculate the daily costs by only using Variable Cost since your fixed costs won’t change if you’re closed. So count things like additional utilities, labor and any other cost specific to having the doors open but disregard items like Rent, Debt Servicing, natural utility costs that will occur minus customers like cost to keep the building warm or cool etc.

    If you are making enough to cover the Variable Costs you should stay open on those days. If you aren’t then you have to decide if you’re willing to lose that amount in order to build/sustain business.