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Tom Maricle

    The “almost no work at all” is more of a reflection of my availability. My wife and I both have full time, career-type jobs and so can’t/won’t be able to spend our days at the site but answering e-mails, texts, making appointments etc is totally anticipated. So most of our focused attention will be nights and weekends.

    SIde note, I’m sort of hoping my son will jump in and learn the business and possibly take over the management of the Laundromat(s) after we get them settled in.

    You did hit on one of my concerns on buying an existing laundromat, which is the motivation to sell a successful business right as the equipment is getting ready to fail or otherwise need replaced. I would hate to buy a $200k laundromat only to have to buy another $150k in machines over the next few years.

    Odd side question, is there a resource that could teach you how to fix the Washers/dryers? All I’ve seen so far on videos is to shadow the repairman when you call them out and just learn from them.