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Jason Dodge

    I try not to concentrate on the negative and I simply do my best to focus on what I can control. So competition is a concern but I can’t control that. If you’re leasing, make sure you have a good lease, hire that attorney, get the advice and create a win/win. Spend more time finding the right people to work for you. Pay a little more and get good help. Utilities are a concern but I can’t control that. What I can control is having newer equipment that is efficient and will keep the utilities as low as possible. Demographics you will know before you buy. Spend time in the laundromat you are looking to buy or in other businesses that are very close to the laundromat. Your equipment distributor or the CLA (for a fee) can provide demo reports. Learn how to interpret those reports and project revenue from them.

    I don’t like to rate uncertainty, do your best at what you can control and everything else will fall into place. I like to be aware of what can go bad but I focus on what can make everything go really good. Buy or build in a good spot, hire great people, have newer and working equipment, and provide superior customer service.