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    Hi Brian, I think both are great. I have alot more experience with Clean Cloud. I find that it offers alot of value for $75 per month. They are constantly improving it and very few bugs. I briefly messed around with Curbside, and I found it to be very robust, but there was some difficulty in learning how to use it for both myself and definitely for some of my employees. That said, that is not terribly difficult to overcome and Matt is awesome. He is super friendly, helpful and very insightful. You do pay more with Curbside, but you basically also get a mentor/coach of sorts with Matt and his team, and they are highly knowledgeable. The Clean Cloud team is also great when I have dealt with them, but they dont have the same depth of knowledge about the laundry business that Matt has. Its going to come down to where you find yourself financially and what is most important to you. For me, Cash flow was important. I have made it a priority to run the businesses as lean as I can.

    If you do not have alot of experience though, joining Matt would be a great idea worth considering.