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Robert Anderson

    My example requires about 10 hours per week. But the first year was more like 30 per week in getting the place fixed up and remodeled. You only want to hire techs for the hard to do jobs. You should be able to fix a clogged washer drain yourself. Does getting down on your hands and knees for a good hour, getting wet with all the stuff that accumulates in a washer drain, often with a crowd of people asking you to help them with something else, sound like fun? Then you find out the bolts are rusted out and you can’t put it back together until you go to home depot?

    Getting called to the store for an emergency? Kicking sleeping vagrants out. Vagrants refusing to leave the restroom. Vagrants taking all of your paper towels? Vagrants using up all the hand soap you provide for customers.

    It’s a numbers game. If you have 60 washers and dryers, and they break once per year, that means you are fixing at least one per week. Even if you have newer machines stuff still goes wrong. I have a competitor with new machines and he still has at least 2 or 3 out of service at any given time.