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Jordan Berry

    Hey Stanley! I’ll take a crack at your questions.
    1. Both coin and card work in 2020. The new coin shortage has definitely been challenging for many coin store owners, however. Card stores can be great as they are easier to manage, track lots of data, and make it easy to offer promotions to customers. The downside to them is that they can be expensive to put in. But it’s probably still worth it if you can do it.
    2. You can get a laundromat for free. Kind of. You definitely still will need money to operate and to have as a backup. Any laundromat you get for “free” you will likely be building back up. It will probably be closed down or very run down in order for you to get it for free. That means it will take time for you to get new customers, so you will need capital to keep your business growing until you get enough customers to cover your costs.

    Keep saving! You can do it!