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Brent Miranda

    Interesting thought and I appreciate “outside the box” thinking.

    I think your biggest hurdle would be logistics. Think of this and I’m sure you see it everyday at your local Dunkin/Starbucks…

    Grandma drives up to the window and instead of being within arms reach of the window she 4′ away and has to open her car door and lean out to exchange the currency for the items bought before nearly dropping it all over the ground.

    Now add in a large bag of laundry that weighs 30, 40, 50 lbs or more that the driver needs to either squeeze through the window or open his or her car door, get out and hand it to the person.

    At this point, you should just consider a at home pickup service that many mats offer now.

    Maybe a drop off bin outside with a tag on the bag that has the consumers account info with credit card on file for identification and charging purposes if you’re looking to limit p2p contact.