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Ronald Morris

    Hey Bryan,
    Here are a few tips on finding a mentor.

    Try not to ask easily googleable questions right off the bat. Whoever you’re speaking with won’t want to help you unless you’ve taken the time to learn at least some of the basics.

    Don’t ask right away “Can you be my mentor?” this stuff needs to happen organically.

    Be consistent and come ready to work. This means be ready to clean their laundromats if they ask or do what you can within your skillset, bring value. Offer your services to make their lives easier even if its basic stuff the worst that can happen is, they decline.

    Be ok with paying. If you’re serious be ok with paying them for their services until you’ve built up a relationship, then ask if they’ve ever thought of taking on a mentor roll and be ok with a no answer.

    These people have specialized skills in a place people are really getting interested in. Many won’t have the time or patients to deal with whoever comes along off the internet. They probably get hundreds to thousands of e mails asking for advice, so you need to differentiate yourself.

    For more practical tips look into your local SBA office. Many offer free sessions with local business owners. You sign up, fill out basic info on what you’re looking for and they match you with someone. If the first meeting goes well, ask for their e mail address AND FOLLOW UP. Tell them thank you so much for their time and mention something you learned from them. End by asking if they would be ok with you e mailing them periodically with questions or general updates. The biggest thing is not to appear desperate and needy, let it grow organically and be helpful.