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Bryan, You are very unlikely to find a local laundromat owner that’d be willing to help you at all. Even if you’re a few hours away, most mat owners are very leary to share information with someone local or even semi local. I wish I had better news.

Often times you can find good advice from a reputable local equity distributor but that’s very hit and miss. Distributors automatically have a built in conflict in most cases. If you are a new customer, they likely have loyalty to existing customers rather than to you. Also they make money by selling you equipment. The best ones will only be interested in your profitability and success. They understand that your success equals their success. Those distributors are out there but are fairly rare so be cautious and careful until you get to know them.

Your best bet in learning the business is to watch and listen to podcasts like Jordan’s, American Coin Op Podcast, etc. Read everything you can get your hands on and be active in forums like this one and Facebook forums like “Laundromat Owners Only”.

Lastly I do have a YouTube channel under the name “Laundromat Millionaire” if you’re interested. It’s all free content and designed to help elevate our industry. Best wishes to you!